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My Favorite TV Shows

  • Jan 19, 2010
  • by
In no particular order is a list of my favorite shows
Reno 911!
The stupidest cops in the world are followed around by a documentary crew to make a COPS style show and run into problems everywhere from bad prostitution stings, Renaissance Faire troublemakers, Guys dressed as milkshakes and the cops own racism and hostility towards each other. Lost some steam in season 6 but remains great and heres hoping season 7 will pick up.
See the full review, "COPS riding the short bus 'round town".
Lock N' Load With R. Lee Ermey
LISTEN UP!! Ever wonder how big a round is that goes into a Smith and Wesson 500W? Did you know that the French gave the world it's first practical tank? R Lee Ermey, everyone's favorite marine is our charismatic host as he takes us through the history or artillery, rifles, machine guns, bunker busting and more. Almost as much fun is when The Gunny gets his hands on a nice Browning or M1 Garand to destroy some plates, watermellons or beer bottles. OOORAHH!
See the full review, "Sound off like you gotta pair of Browning 50 cals armed with explosive tipped bullets".
The Three Stooges
Slapstick has rarely been done better and short of the James Bond movies has the example of doing something the same, but different been done better. Moe, Larry, Curly, sometimes Shemp, hopefully not Joe and finally Curly Joe gave us years of eye pokes, hammers to the head and hair pulling for decades.
See the full review, ""Why you.....POKE! Come here you!! BONK!"".
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Proof that there was life for the Star Trek universe after Kirk with Patrick Stewart leading a great ensemble cast across the galaxy in his new and advanced Starship Enterprise. Had a real clunky first season but it was smooth sailing afterword.
See the full review, "To Boldly do the Biggest Reverse Shark Jump That no Series Has Done Before.".
The Sopranos
For all it's pop culture refferences and mob familiarities aside, the story of a Maria Boss keeping his personal life together with his gangster family and a psychiatrist to help him balance everything out made for some great and dramatic stories. Started to flounder in season 4 with a little too much talk but did manage to pull itself together by the end for a satisfying conclusion-odd final scene included.
The Shield
Harsh, gritty, dirty, hard hitting. The Shield rarely pulled a punch and often left it's audiences bruised emotionally at the end or in baited breath wanting more and more. Like Hill Street Blues and NYPD Blue with blood stained fangs with it's Strike Force police team often causing more harm then good and often getting into trouble. Watching Vic and company try to keep everything together like one of those sideshow acts where you have to keep all the plates spinning on poles is edgy and fun but some episodes will leave you drained.
Penn & Teller: Bulls...!
Penn and Teller bring their wacky and violent magic/comedy act to Showtime and bring to light some truths to big time fads or frauds like New Age Medicine, PETA, Communicating With The Dead, Walmart Hate, Gun Control, Dolphins, The End of the World and more. It'll be hard to find an episode that doesn't irk somebody but even those episodes provide some food for thought for the opposing sides to make for an interesting watch.
See the full review, ""Now watch as I make the people who stick magnets on consumers heads to heal them, dissapear!"".
The X-Files
It "jumped the shark" in the middle of it's run in season 6 and barely recovered and it's continuity was a mess most of the time but the earliar seasons were fantastic fun and can be watched over and over again where the "Spooky" Fox Mulder a brilliant but alienated FBI agent gets paired with a lovely Doctor, Dana Scully to solve paranormal activites with Mulder out to prove the unexplainable and Scully ever the skeptic to prove it. Monster mashes, icky medical procedures and more.
See the full review, "The future is a timeframe and time is an abstract concept and thus cannot be fought".
South Park
A show that is full of peaks and valleys in terms of it's humor, stories and more. Moves away from it's weak preachy message episodes to go into them again but in between are some truly memorable adventures or some biting and close to the mark satire. The kids may look cute but are bratty and have mouths dirtier then a marines, but stick with it for something special and different and don't be surprised if it does sometimes have a heart.
See the full review, "Oh my God, it can still be fresh after all these years-when it wants to be".
Young Ones
Classic "Britcom" has a family of students with destructive punk Vyvian, hippy Neil, smooth operator Mike and sociologist pest Ric sharing a rundown house in London and act like a family that is getting on each others nerves half the time and having weird adventures the next and all the time never attending their college: Scumbag University. Dated a bit but the humor hasn't.
See the full review, "Not for stupid bastards".
Bottom (TV show)
Slightly better then The Young Ones has two similar characters running into similar misadventures while eking out a crap-sack world in Hammersmith England. Irresposible Drunk, Eddie Hitler is the husband and Obnoxious Richard Richard is the wife of sorts in a show where scamming your best friend and no good deeds is the name of the game.
See the full review, "Definetely not for Stupid Bastards".

What did you think of this list?

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January 19, 2010
Reno 911! Based on this list, I can see the kind of humor that you like and it's very similar to mine. Love this list, John!
January 19, 2010
At first I wanted nothing to do with the show since Comedy Central hyped the hell out of it, but when I sat down and watched it, especially the first season it was hysterical. I vaugely remember The State from way back and Viva Variety which are other shows the main characters have done.
January 19, 2010
The Stooges definately make my list. The Sopranos first season was the only one that was up there, South Park is hilariously and brilliantly conceived. Fun list!
January 19, 2010
For me, The Sopranos was great up until season 3, season 4 and 5 were good season 6 slowly but surely was as good as the early seasons. Thank you.
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