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My favorite Star Trek Ship Classes.

  • Nov 2, 2011
I love Star Trek and the ships of the various series. Here is a list of some of the my favorite ships from the show.
Constitution (refit) class Cruiser
A ship that was shown in all of the original 6 Star Trek movies. A beautiful "Modern Day" look at the 60's styled Enterprise which this model takes it's look from. Sharp angles, well proportioned and a sense where things are like torpedo launchers, phasers and docks which unlike the television show version, were left up to the imagination.
Klingon K'T'inga Class Battle Cruiser
Ever since I saw The Motion Picture, I fell in love with this ship and it's look. More bolbous and detailed then it's own 60's counterpart the D-7 that every little rivet, divet and panel looks like the ship was literally built by a construction crew. The fact that the mighty Klingons, vikings of space have these ships makes them even cooler.
Klingon Bird of Prey
One of the most iconic sci fi vehicles EVER. An awesome and intimidating look with it's wing mounted guns, single emmission thruster, the "eye" around the ship with it's torpedo launcher mouth, this ship not only looks intimidating, but it is a sure sign to people that Star Trek is cool.
One of the most stylish types of vessels Star Trek ever made and a direct opposite to what the The Next Generation's Enterprise was. TNG's Enterprise was happier, cozier and more plush looking whereas the movies had this version and when the Star Trek world started going to war, toughening up and acting more like a military, this version came out as a lean and mean a$$ kicking machine.
D'Deridex Class
The Romulans in the original series had dinky little scouts and borrowed ships from the Klingons but come the TNG era, they had these goliaths that easily dwarfed the Enterprise and could easily out gun the Federation flagship.....it's called "trading up."
The Federation never believed in Warships until the Borg and Dominion came along. But this little ship about the 1/8th the size of other ships in the universe had rapid fire phasers that could cut through any ship and torpedoes that could level the surface of planets. No luxaries, no frills at all. This thing is an engine with guns on it.
In the movies, the Enterprise was starting to get old and a new ship was in order and this big beauty was a great replacement in terms of what would look like a logical evolution of starship design and how the ships of later series could be modeled after.
The science vessels of Star Trek were dopey looking and squat things but not this one. Featured mostly in a two parter Voyager episode, the Nova Class is a little Squat but doesn't look stupid and actually looks like something the Federation built.
Borg Cube
You just need to see this thing once to know something isn't right and you'd be right. This simple looking juggernaut once started doesn't stop and can not only conquor planets single handedly but on more then one occasion has cut a swath of destruction through fleets of enemy vessels.
Miranda Class
The first new type of ship the Federation had going into the movies and it's a design that has lasted well into the DS9 era. Whether it's a light Starship, or a supply vessel or an escort, it's a cool and classic look that spun off into Nebula and Akira classes that Starfleet had. The fact that it's the model of ship Khan had makes it all the better.

What did you think of this list?

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November 03, 2011
Cool list! Anything Klingon is cool, even when Christopher Lloyd is involved!
November 03, 2011
ESPECAILLY when Christopher Lloyd is involved, even though he had the BOP (the first Klingon with a BOP) and I like the Cruiser more.
November 02, 2011
Great list! You really are into this stuff. I couldn't remember half of them.
November 02, 2011
Awesome. Id encourage every member to try doing a list like this. Im intrested to see everyone elses fav ships. Great list dude. Im glad to see the Excelsior made it to yours.
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