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Smart, Sexy, Strong. My favorite ladies of Trek

  • Jul 30, 2010

Trek has lots of characters, be they one hit wonders or series long characters.  The women are no exception.  Whether they use brain power to overcome an obstacle or have some physical means or darn it if they just look good.  Here are some of my favorites from the series and the movies
Commander Charvanek
Whether it is in fact her name she is one of the reasons the"The Enterprise Incident" is one of my favorites with it's cool Battle Cruisers and undercover story. Rocking her mini skirt and gogo boots of the 60's and later a slinky dress to have spend time with Spock.  She commanded the three battle cruisers with the cloaking device, she comes close to capturing the Enterprise oh and that voice. Damn shes cool.

See the full review, "If my cloaking device doesn't defeat Kirk, my evening dress will!".
Two actresses played the part, I liked them both and it would have been great to see the character make a return in ST VI to have a real character arc throughout the movies that she appears in. If I had to make a second pick, Saavik-whether it's Kirstie Alley or Robin Curtis is a winner for me.

See the full review, ""So how did you do it, what tricks did you need? Illogical."".
Valeris is the character of Saavik, but since neither of the original actresses could come back and Kim Cattrall didn't want to play the character two other actreeses had already played, a re-write made Saavik Valeris. She gets a lot of screen time and if you just imagine her character as the Saavik, then it really helps make the movie better, even though Star Trek VI is pretty awesome on it's own.

See the full review, "Because "Saavik MK II" would be a stupid name.".
Another one episode wonder from the original series who not only had the distinction for being in a cool episode, but being a damn sexy beast. Played by Batgirl Yvonne Craig, Marta cavorted and hung off of Kirk and Spock while trapped in an insane asylum. Getting some great lines and being a cool character besides, Marta was awesome.

See the full review, ""Everyone remembers the stripper"".
Kira Nerys
I really loved how Kira hated Starfleet's presanse on Deep Space Nine and did grow to appreciate their participation in Bajoran politics. She had plenty of episodes for her character and being linked (so to speak) with Odo, one of my favorite characters on Deep Space Nine made her a great character.

See the full review, "On the dry and dirt trail, make sure you respect the women folk. Especially the one in red.".
The first true lady of Trek gets on the list for breaking down some major racial and sex barriers of the 60s. Whats sad is that she ended up being an extra in some episodes with the same lines in almost every episode she did appear in. She did occasionally sing and thankfully she did get a little more to do in the movies.

See the full review, "Uhura's singing voice broke the glass that was the standards of yesterday.".
Jadzia Dax
I'd really like to have put Dax higher on the list but after Worf joined the show, she turned into a Trill who would be Klingon who would but her nose into anything Klingon related since a previous host was involved with the Klingons. You have a sexy young actress playing a character with an already interesting history who was a fan favorite and they have to throw her into Klingon stories. Please. Shes still a nice character.

See the full review, "The Trill Who Would be Klingon".
Beverly Crusher
I really wanted to put this fair maiden on the list a little higher but when you have maybe 4 episodes devoted to your character and have nothing of note to do in any of the four TNG movies, it does go to show how little your character mattered. She did get a lot of screen time in episodes and had a backstory but rarely did they do anything with her character.

See the full review, ""I think I saw her on deck 8, I could be wrong"".
Sorry, I must put a character on here for pure reasons of attraction. Chase Masterson always looked good on the show and had some good comedic skills to work her ditz character to the limit. The fact that she dug Rom, no matter if it was before he was smart or not does show her taste in men.

See the full review, "Pleasures of the flesh muddy the thinking. I must have a dirty brain.".
Deanna Troi
A controversial choice to be sure, picking the character who some people dub "Ms Buttinski" and having a role on the ship that dates TNG for it's 80's therapy days Troi did get some of my favorite episodes and one of TNG's best episodes "Face of the Enemy".

See the full review, ""I sense that the man with a snarl on his face and holding a gun has hostile intent Captain!"".

What did you think of this list?

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October 02, 2010
Where is T'Pring from Amok Time? She gave Spock what he deserved and with style. LOL
October 02, 2010
Sorry no T'Pring but Vulcans were not forgotten about.
October 02, 2010
Hey, don't worry it's all good. Tastes vary from person to person.
September 10, 2010
Excellent list! My personal favorite is Leeta for three reasons 1) Her beauty cannot be denied 2) She was a forgettable character that became essential as she developed and 3) Chase Masterson is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet.
August 13, 2010
Fantastic list, John! I must admit, I've only ever seen clips of Star Trek, so I've never seen the full scope of the smart, sexy and strong women on it, but I like what I see here! Thanks for adding those visuals. I watched all of them and WOW at the last two -- I had no idea there was so much sexual tension on Trek! :P
August 13, 2010
Your welcome. I'll try and get the final two written about soon.
July 31, 2010
A couple more I might have considered adding ... Kes from Voyager and Minuet, the holographic love interest from TNG. Great list.
July 30, 2010
Loved this list! I am a sucker for the original series and would have added Joan Collins (Edith) in the City on the Edge of Forever, the woman with Kirk's mind, Sally Kellerman, and the woman in The Cage (is she not worth a man's soul?)
July 31, 2010
Sally Kellerman I did include in a poll here on the community. Vina (from The Cage) and Edith are both good ones but I ultimately didn't put them on. It's bad enough I forgot Torres from Voyager and had to adjust all the badges and Poll but to add more, I don't know. Maybe one day.
July 30, 2010
Thing with Chase Masterson is she made her character real among a bevy of perfect women. Leeta was flawed, and so human.
July 30, 2010
Maybe thats why shes liked Rom. That is a good point.
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