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Star Wars movies from best to worst

  • Sep 26, 2009
The Star Wars films can be great fun to watch with lots of imagination, action and memorable characters put into each and ALMOST all of them. I have not seen Clone Wars yet but will surely comment on it one day after I've seen it. Special Editions will not be commented on.
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
Takes plenty of elements from the first film and expands upon them with more heart, drama, melodrama and action to make a landmark film and one of the best sequels ever. While some argue the original stands on it's own and didn't need a sequel, the built on themes and strengthening the story arcs focusing on Darth Vader's quest for Vengeance and capturing Luke Skywalker who is learning the Jedi arts to make this film great.
See the full review, ""Your ruining my movie!"".
Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope DVD
Nothing wrong with this movie and it's impact in the late 70's is still felt today by people who watch it. Good vs Evil, fantastic visuals and memorable characters takes elements from comics, old serials and more to make a fantastic film. The darker tone and built upon stories that Empire had to offer simply has me put it ahead of this one is all.
See the full review, "It's hard to repeat things that have been said a million times, but I'll try".
Star Wars - Episode III, Revenge of the Sith
The best of the prequel trilogy (which isn't saying a whole lot) gives the diehards and the more casual fans what they want with Anakin taking the plunge into evil and the galaxy into turmoil. The acting is less wooden, the visuals are more striking and the action is top notch and peppered into the movie at more intervals. The prequels really could have ended much worse.
See the full review, "I hereby find the Defendant George Lucas not guilty of creating a sub par Star Wars movie".
Return of the Jedi
Disjointed as hell at times with plenty of reused threads and storylines, bad exposition and those stupid Ewoks but still holds up compared to it's contemporaries with plenty of cool new vehicles and aliens, the Emporor and most of the action scenes are still awesome and hey, Leia looks great in her dancers costume.
See the full review, "I have a quarter for you to call the WAHmbulance with, the number is 9 WAH WAH!!!".
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
Hitting with a boom in 1999 but some would say a whimper. The special effects are nice but shaky story lines and the obnoxious Jar Jar Binks and too many characters that don't gel the way they should and it also suffers from Return of the Jedis' problems of slow exposition in the middle. Darth Sidious and Maul are sinister, the podrace is awesome fun and the final three part battle is staged wonderfully.
See the full review, "Lucas The Menace".
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
The fact that I almost didn't care if another Star Wars movie got made speaks volumes of how wretched this is. A whiny and unlikeable lead, boring and unoriginal action scenes, unromantic and wooden dialogue and acting and it just goes on and never ends. If there was a bright center to the universe your on the movie that it's the farthest from. Goes out into left field to please the hardcore fans and thats the only people it will please.
See the full review, "So when Obi Wan said "He was a good friend" he COULDN'T have meant the guy in this movie.".

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October 10, 2010
I have no idea how I missed this list before but it is just so cool and I featured it! thanks, John!
October 10, 2010
No problem. I wish George would give us proper original trilogy releases that aren't special editions or culled from a laser disc. Blu Ray will be Special Edition cause "it's too expensive" but the movies will be tweaked for 3D release in theaters in the next couple of years. Please.
November 12, 2010
That version of the movie is culled from an old Laserdisc and shows what care Lucas has for his old movie. He can't remaster his old movie but sure can rework his lame special edition.
September 09, 2010
I agree with your list for the most part, but I've got to say "Return of the Jedi" was a lot better than "Revenge of the Sith." Also, for some weird reason, I like "Attack of the Clones" more than any of the other prequels. Still, a great list!
September 09, 2010
ROTJ when I saw it left me with a funny feeling when I saw it thanks in no small part to the teddy bears picnic defeating the baddest Stromtroopers in the galaxy. A third of the movie is devoted to the loose end of rescuing Han Solo and some parts honestly do get a little boring. ROTS didn't have these problems and I thought was just made better even though I am now aware of how much things don'[t make sense in it. Thank you for reading.
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