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Top 11 best fight scenes in movies

  • Jan 8, 2011
Action movies are great, and those scenes when our hero takes on some bad dude one on one, is even better. The better the hero or villian, the better the fight. Big and sick hits help and novelty makes them better yet. By the way, the first 5 choices are all sequels. Kill Bill 2 does at least have a "2" in it though.
From Russia Movie Poster
From Russia With Love is not only one of the best Bond movies, it tops my list for best fist fight. The movie slowly builds to the eventual showdown with Sean Connery's James Bond and Robert Shaw's Donald Grant. Aboard the Orient Express, in a cramped compartment the tension builds as Bond is held at gunpoint. Bond is able to exploit a weakness that catches his foe offguard and with the 2 seconds he has, Bond springs into action and what follows is a bloody and fierce brawl for survival in the two train cars. Catch a look on Bond's face as he has Grant in a headlock between the door of the train door. Thats a look of determination to win a fight. There is a reason people call him the best Bond.
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Poster for the film.
It's come down to the last moments of the film. The Super Vampire Nomak is carrying a toxic virus that is transforming his victims into monsters, only one man can stop him, Blade. As it turns out though, Blade needs help as Nomak has NO problem throwing Blades behind all over the room they fight in. Mixing wrestling in with martial arts and bone snapping brutality, this is an ugly fight, but a rewarding one to see if our hero can pull through.
The Legend of Drunken Master
Jackie Chan in this sequel to his infamous Drunken Master has fought his way through smugglers and security guards in the towns steel mill. He's already beat the hell out of several guys including the leader's lackey, but the real fight begins when Jackie's Wong Fei Hung takes on Ken Lo's John. It's drunken boxing vs kick boxing and both men will have some bruises and even burns to show after this one is over.
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Kill Bill Vol. 2
Great for the same reasons as the number 1 spot. It's two people fighting for survival in tight quarters as viciously as they can. Tarantino isn't known for fist fights in his movies, but if this was an indication of what he is capable of getting in the film, then he should have some more in his next film. Uma and Darryl rip up Budd's trailer REAL good.
DVD front
Everyone remembers the clocktower fight that led to the L Train and while that is a nice one, the bank fight that leads UP to the skyscraper takes the cake. Doc Ock and Spidey rip up a bank throwing bags of gold coins at each other leading to a car being torn up and Aunt May being taken away. How can a middle aged and pudgy scientist with some metal arms give us a better battle then the amped up flying man from the first movie? I don't know. But it is.
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Rocky III
Bullies suck. The loud and obnoxious ones are even worse. Rocky has some feet of clay here. He's shaken up by a lot and ready to give up but is urged to go on and even if he does fail, he at least tried. He picks his head up, coming back looking more awesome then ever, tells the bully to his face to just try and knock him on his ass if he can and proceeds to humiliate the jerk on TV. Sure it isn't that smooth and there is some hard knocks to be had but when you see Rocky take those big swings and start to put Clubber Lang on the ropes, you must cheer.
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
This one doesn't have much going for it. It's beaten down Arnie taking on bright and shiny new Kristiana Loken in a building that goes all over the place including a bathroom where Arnold learns how to use a urinal as a weapon. Maybe it was for us to see that the old model in Arnold can stand up against the new model which was a kind of metaphor at the time since Arnold's era of action heroes had come to an end, it was also saying that these old movies were awesome.
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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon DVD
The young woman has possession of a powerful sword which gives her limitless fighting prowess. An older fighter has challenged her and they fight and fight. One who has experience under her belt goes through racks of different weapons but is bested each time by the younger woman with an edge. "You would be NOTHING without that sword!" says the seasonsed vetern. "Then come take it" taunts the younger foe. Great stuff.
Arnold just shot his way past all of Arius's men who couldn't hit the broadside of a barn. Now it's time for Arnold to save his little girl but Arnold's old subordinate attacks him. The subordinate, Bennet is ecstatic with the prospect of shooting down Arnie, but turns almost orgasmic with the idea of sticking a knife in Arnold and twisting it around. Homoeroticism aside, seeing Arnold, sweaty and sculpted like an adonis fighting a bloated, mustached dude in a silly chainmail vest is awesome for so many reasons.
See the full review, "Lacking 30% less nutrition then other action movies but has lots of high fructose syrup and sugar.".
DVD front
Neo has been told that an Agent is a death machine that no one can hope to face, except maybe Neo, one day. When Agent Smith, the baddest Agent of them all takes on Neo and Neo starts to believe that he is the one that the human resistance has been looking for to fight back against the machines and starts to fight Smith. This part of Neo's arc as he and Smith fight in the subway tunnel is great and important to Neo's character.
They Live
An honorable mention, that I would get hollered at if I didn't put it on here. It's more "good" cause it's long and it's almost too long. Nada has to convince his friend that aliens are amongst them and to just put on the magic glasses and see the proof is in the dog poo. But both guys end up eating dog poo in a drag out, knock out tooth breaker of a fight that needs to be seen to be believed.

What did you think of this list?

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January 11, 2011
Fun list. I remember also the fight between Brad Pitt and Eric Bana (I can't remember the movie title) in Troy and the battle between Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris in Return of the Dragon.
January 11, 2011
Oh yeah. Haven't seen any of those I'm afraid but I'm sure they are good. Thanks for reading.
January 08, 2011
Nice list! I especially dug your #'s 2-8. Commando is sick because of the dialogue LOL! Hey, in the early days of the site when lists weren't possible, I came up with this list. Give it a look (hopefully the vids are still working)
January 08, 2011
Oh yeah. Maybe I need to do a shoot out list too.
January 08, 2011
that's a great idea! I am working on a list of my fave battle scenes...
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