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Top 20 Biggest Video Game Boss Pushovers ever.

  • Oct 10, 2011
  • by

The game may be great with great levels and hard challenges and loads of memorable levels or castles to explore, but often after all is said and done, what should be your final challenge ends up being a pushover and almost in some cases a slap in the face for the hard efforts for having gotten as far as you have.  WIth only a few exceptions, the entries on this list will consist mainly of final boss battles.  In order from slightly difficult to mind numingly easy.
Super Empire Strikes Back (Snes/Wii) Review
Darth Vader meets you in the bowels of Cloud City for a duel and........he's stunningly easy. Slide under him as he approaches and slash away at him, heal if neccessary. Wash, rinse and repeat. Not even Hayden Christensen made Vader this wussy.
Dhoulmagus was a bastard to fight, but Rhapthorne........not so much. Just keep the health high and hope he keeps wasting turns to make it easier.
The Maze Island Palace boss is only a pushover is you came into the palace with a certain spell. If you didn't, the boss is unwinable, but if you do, the fight is over in a heartbeat. The final boss is either super tough, or super easy if you exploit a tactic against him.
There are harder missions to get through in this space sim but once in Venice system, not only is the final target no harder then any of the other enemy carriers, not only do you fight it almost identically but you can actually eject from all 4 missions in Venice and STILL win the game. But who wants to win that way, Starpost is easy to destroy.
X Men vs Street Fighter (arcade)
Apocalypse, the final boss only has one attack you need to watch for, his drill. Dodging everything else and you'd think you just beat someone as lame as Shocker from Spiderman, and not someone as mighty as Apocalypse.
gameplay img
Wrexsoul only appears if your party is near knockout status. But not if you have X-Zone and a halfway decent magic user. Just keep casting the spell till you hear the victory music. No challenge at all, and even if you take him on the respectable way by letting your health get low, he's still a wimp.
River City Ransom
After fighting your way past Randy and Andy, you'd expect some guy who will own you all on his own considering how tough the twins were. No. The final foe is no tougher then any other boss in the game, if not easier considering how amped up you are by now.
See the full review, ""What do you want to do tonight? Watch Ralph and Barry BARF!?"".
Mega Man 3
Dr Wily in almost all the other Mega Man games would take innumerable tries to beat or figure out what weapon to beat. Here, it's almost obvious especially if you played through Mega Man 2 where you fight the final boss with the most incompatible weapon to fight him with-use that logic here.
See the full review, "Second time was the charm, but the third makes it better yet.".
Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony
The final mobster is guarded by a couple of mooks. Use your AA-12 to cap his ass. After defending the club against an army of goons with only one health pack, this is a cake walk, by comparison or no.
See the full review, "This game is FABULOUS!!".
You don't actually fight Judge Death so much as survive him while rescuing your captive Psi Judges so that they can get together and defeat Judge Death FOR YOU. Dredd's most deadly foe, and he doesn't even get to fight him.........lame.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Getting through the Technodrome is the hard part. Shredder is the wimp. If Donatello isn't available to keep Shredder away, your throwing weapons will and even better, Shredder winces back when he takes damage.
See the full review, "Bogus dudes! Our game is a kids game isn't it?".
Bloody Malth brags about how awesome he is. He isn't.
As long as you pay attention to the clues given, the Behemoth is your bitch. Another game of figuring out puzzles and trial and error being tougher then the finale.
Mother Brain isn't that hard to fight in her first form, second form and is a pushover when you get amped up. Too bad, Super Metroid rocks otherwise.
See the full review, "Eat hot plasma you slimy suckers".
Doom 3
The mighty Cyberdemon who was the scourge of the earlier Doom games sure looks intimidating in this game, and hearing that only one weapon hurts him might make him even more imposing but the weapon that hurts him, heals you and it only takes 5 hits or so to off this puss from his steel hooves.
See the full review, "Don't turn out the lights. SERIOUSLY".
Red Dead Redemption
Tracking down, challenging and winning a duel against the final foe is harder then figuring out what to do after the final mission, and even THAT isn't too tough.
See the full review, "Them tender feet won't be so tender after life on the dusty trail, green horn.".
Faxanadu (NES)
This is another one of those games where the game is tougher to get through then it's final guardian. I have never once lost to this skull on stilts final boss.
See the full review, "Mythical roller-skating not in this game.".
Dracula's castle has no monsters in it to fight, and normally a boss has to start moving or perform some action to become substational to attack him. Not Dracula. You can score some major hits on him and kill him outright if you are fast enough.
Breaking open all the hubs and warehouses was the tough part and getting around town to whack the heads of the families was tricky, but once you are up against Don Barzini....he stands there while he lets you kill him, any way you feel. Fahgetabout'im.
The final battle goes like this: Fly towards enemy ship, watch cut scene......what could be easier?
See the full review, "A great cast of actors doesn't do programming or playtesting.".

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October 12, 2011
Great idea for a list, John! I had a great time reading this one ;p
October 11, 2011
There's also Bowser. I did manage to beat him as a little kid :D Awesome list, John!
October 11, 2011
I lost to Bowser many times as a kid, more then anyone on this list anyway.
October 10, 2011
Heh. Nice list, John....you should make a list on the cheapest bosses ever...(as in so ridiculously hard to beat since the computer cheats)
October 13, 2011
I'm working on it, but I don't think it will be as long.
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