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I Am Omega

1 rating: 1.0
A movie

The last man on earth (Mark Dacasos) must battle the undead horde that rules Earth, in this low budget post-apocalyptic thriller that bears more than a passing resemblance to I AM LEGEND.

Release Date: 2007
MPAA Rating: Unrated
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I Am Omega - 2007

  • May 17, 2009
Pros: fairly decent acting, zombies were tiresome

Cons: minor

The Bottom Line:
I am the beginning and the end of time
I am the Alpha I am the Omega
My whole creation stands before me tonight
~Tolkki, Timo

Hello? Feel like we’ve been here before … and recently? And can you believe this actually came from The Asylum? Well, once you realize there are zombies, The Asylum just comes to mind. Apparently they have no shortage of zombie-wannabes on their payroll. This time around the movie is called I Am Omega [read: Last Man on Earth, 1964; Omega Man, 1971; I Am Legend, 2007]. If you see a connection between the projects it is because they were all based on the novel, I Am Legend, by Richard Matheson, circa 1954. So, certainly not an original movie but who would have ever thought Asylum would consider such a leap … and pull it off?

Of course, each release has their differences, according to the times it was released. They all, however, revolve around the same problem: basically the hero wakes to find themselves alone on the planet. Of course, we know that is never the case because there are always survivors and the goal is to find them and, hell, start all over again. In addition to ‘good’ survivors, there are always ‘bad’ survivors, like verdant cockroaches that never seem to die but evolve into new beings.

I Am Omega has one poor guy, Renchard, that has set bombs all over the city to eradicate the vermin … uh … it’s zombies this time around. He must also find a young lady he has been communicating with via computer, Brianna, who seems to have a cure for the plague … her blood. Naturally, along the way he runs into a score of zombies as well as some bad guys disguised as good guys. Whether he makes it out, whether Brianna has the cure, all of this can only be discovered by watching the film.

My first, among so many questions, is when the frig did zombies start acting like they do now? In old zombie movies they just staggered about with those bug eyes, generally fetching a virgin for the tribe. Well, one, where would you find a virgin these days? I guess they started evolving around the time of Night of the Living Dead, when they became flesh eating nasties.

Two, computer communication? Come on … nothing else is working why would computers?

Three, why is it always the guy that is the hero and the gal has the supposed cure? Why can’t it be the other way around once in a while. You KNOW we are the superior species, right?

Four, Renchard gets shot. Not once, not twice, but three times. One to each shoulder joint, whatever that is called, and the other to his kneecap. From a really, really big gun too. Not exit wound on his shirt, just for starters. And the real capper, pardon the pun, he manages to not only walk but also run AND push a car to get it started and drive it. I may not be Einstein but, come on, I’m not totally stupid either.

Despite these little sniggly things, overall the production wasn’t that bad. I’ve certainly seen worse, especially from Asylum, so I was vaguely surprised with this one. It is low budget though but they strive to never give that impression. The acting by the main characters was decent. Mark Dacascos as Renchard likes an action packed movie and he got his fill here. Jennifer Lee Wiggins as Brianna, I recognized her from the rather lackluster Shapeshifter, also offered by Asylum, but the chemistry and interaction between the two of them made the film more enjoyable.

I Am Omega was adapted by Geoff Meed from Matheson’s novel and directed by Griff Furst, who is often in front of the camera as, save us, Brick Firestone, which sounds like his porn name but isn’t.



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