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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

A movie directed by Timur Bekmambetov

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'Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter' History + Vampires = A Winner (Video)

  • Jun 22, 2012
By Joan Alperin Schwartz
Most of the time, when you see a film, after you've read the book, you feel let down. The movie usually pales in comparison to the novel.

I am happy to report this isn't the case with 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter'

The film, shot in 3D and directed by Timur Bekmambetov (I've never heard of him either) is entertaining, exciting, clever and total fun. 

We meet Abe Lincoln as a boy...a happy carefree boy, until one dark and stormy night, his mother is bitten by a vampire and dies. Years later, the same fate takes his dad.

Lincoln is pissed...All he wants his vengence...Translation: To kill every single vampire on planet earth...give or take one or two.

Now this proves problematic, since vampires are stronger, and faster than us humans...Plus they can fly, as well as disappear, which makes them really, really difficult to destroy. 

But that doesn't stop our young Abe. He practices and practices and eventually it pays off. Let's just say, this is one dude that knows what to do with an ax. 

We follow him into adulthood. Abe gets a job as a clerk in a General Store and then one day...

He meets a mysterious man, named Henry Sturges (Dominic Cooper) Henry hates vampires as much as Lincoln does and agrees to train him. Soon, Abe kick-ass vampire hunter. 

Because of his hatred of slavery, Lincoln gets into politics to abolish it and in case one or two of you weren't paying attention in history class...becomes the 16th President of the U.S.

Lincoln also falls in love and marries the beautiful Mary Todd (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and for a while, gives up hunting. You can't blame him, running a country does take up a lot of ones time.

Of course, due to various circumstances, Abe's need for vengence come back stronger than ever. And this time, he has the whole Northern army behind him.

'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' was written by Seth Grahame-Smith, who also wrote the novel. The film has the feel of a comic book/graphic novel...with Lincoln as a Super-Hero. 

By the way, these vampires are nothing like the hot, sexy dudes in 'True Blood' or 'The Vampire Dairies'. These bloodsuckers have long, sharp, pointy teeth and when they opened their big mouths, I jumped out of my seat more than once. 

I gave 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter', which opens in theatres, Friday June 22, 2012, 4 bagels out of 5 because I thoroughly enjoyed this twist on history.

Check out our video to see John's rating and his throughts...The guy actually liked it.

  • 'Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter' History + Vampires = A Winne (Video) 'Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter' History + Vampires = A Winne (Video)

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    June 25, 2012
    I liked this one but I wanted to love it; but I don't know--there was something missing. It is like, I liked what it wanted to do, but the way it did the tempo with a straight face disconnected it with me. It was fun, so perhaps I'll take a look again.
    June 25, 2012
    The book was really, really good. I'm so surprised John liked this film LOL. Seeing 'Spider Guy' Tuesday.
    June 25, 2012
    I will keep an eye out for your review!
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    review by . June 24, 2012
    posted in Movie Hype
    ** out of ****    Honest Abe himself tells us early on in "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" that one very significant portion of his life will not be remembered throughout American history. The premise for the film is that he lived a double life as a slayer of vamps; a side-job that started at an early age when his mother's life was taken by one named Jack Barts. This was mere inspiration. Lincoln did not learn that you could properly dispose of vampires for good until he tried …
    review by . June 23, 2012
    posted in Movie Hype
    Presidential Proclamation: Vampire Hunter!
    When I review a film, comic book or a book, I usually try to find a way to relate to the material to find a common point as to find the things I usually look for in its story. I really wasn’t certain how I was going to approach “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” since it is a fantasy action horror movie that is based on the mashup novel with the same name. I am at a slight disadvantage since I haven’t read the novel as of yet (then again it may be a good idea to see a movie …
    review by . June 25, 2012
    posted in Movie Hype
    Near the end of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, there is a scene that explains for me the ultimate message of Abraham Lincoln:  offered the tainted immortality of vampirism to use to fight for good for eternity, Lincoln deflects the suggestion with his legendary wisdom and humor without giving a second thought to the offer.  For those who may be horrified by a generation of young people learning about Lincoln from this movie (and the mashup fiction that it is based on), I would offer the …
    review by . February 12, 2013
    posted in Movie Hype
                ABRAHAM LINCOLN   VAMPIRE HUNTER      Abraham Lincoln, what can be said about this man that hasn't already been said before? Wait I know, he has battled Vampires and Zombies for most of his life, its fact. I guess you dear reader had no idea about that did you? No you didn't, because it is one of the many government cover ups that are out there. Why did they never tell you about this? Well almost all of you …
    Quick Tip by . February 12, 2013
    posted in Movie Hype
    The Blu-Ray is excellent coming with all kinds of special features. My favorite being the making of which goes into great detail about everything involving the film. Then of course the commentary by the writer is very interesting. There is much more that only make this release a must have for film buffs who enjoy the behind the scenes stuff.
    review by . December 11, 2012
    posted in Movie Hype
    Well-made gore fest
    When young Abraham Lincoln angers a man (who happens to a vampire), the man takes his revenge by killing the boy's mother. Lincoln then dedicates his life to finding vampires and killing them with his silver-tipped ax.      I really enjoyed this movie. Yes, it's horrifically gory at times, but the clever mix of fantasy and true events is very well done and I couldn't wait to see what would happen next. We follow Lincoln from store clerk to the White House. …
    review by . June 25, 2012
    posted in Movie Hype
    The summer movie season can be home to plenty of whimsical, often ridiculous premises for movies. We’ve seen movies based on comic books, toy lines, and most recently, board games. “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” continues the trend with one of the most laughable titles I’ve ever read, let alone the absurd premise of the film that pits our 16th president against a horde of blood-sucking night dwellers in an alternate-history romp. That being said, I was just as surprised …
    review by . June 23, 2012
    posted in Movie Hype
    Star Rating:         Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Don’t you just love a title that plainly spells it all out for you? Say it to yourself, and you’re instantly reminded of the sci-fi/horror B-movies that sounded as if they were christened before an actual screenplay was written, like Attack of the 50 Foot Woman or Creature from the Black Lagoon or Attack of the Crab Monsters. It matters not that the film plays fast and loose with American history. If …
    Quick Tip by . July 05, 2012
    Nothing so intrinsically silly ought be presented in as humorless a manner as that of Timor Bekmambetov's latest waste of film, an adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith's amusing revisionist novel. Scarcely any of the author's droll wit is preserved in transition; this movie is exciting as an extravaganza of stylized combat, yet divested of its source material's facetious character, ultimately nothing more than inadvertently vacuous. At present, Mary Elizabeth Winstead is a rarity among …
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    Joan & John Schwartz ()
    My husband (creator of the cult classic films FACES OF DEATH) andmyself (actress/screenwriter) are ex New Yorkers, see alot of films and usually disagree. So our friends decided that we need a review … more
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