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Tokens Top Seven Games

  • Feb 21, 2011
This is my personal top seven list of favorite games. Why only seven games, because it's my favorite number.
I could easily recommend all the games on this list to anyone who hasn't played them yet. They're all very enjoyable for just about any type of gamer.

Edit: Fixed grammatical errors and changed the description (a tiny bit) on a few of the games.
Pokemon Blue
Why is Pokemon number one? Simple. It was the first game I ever played. This is what got me into gaming. Any gamer can remember the first game they played. We can tell you how it felt to grasp the controller (or hand-held system in my case) for the first time or to hear the sounds of the game system come to life as we hit the power switch to experience a new adventure. With it's simple layout and controls, my mind grasped the concept of Pokemon in 10 seconds flat. This square blue cartridge quickly opened my eyes to the world of gaming. From that point on, I just had to keep playing video games. I would beg my mom for quarters so I could go play games at the arcade. I was lifting the cushions on the couch in an attempt at finding loose change too put in my piggy bank. All in hopes that I could save up enough for a new game that grabbed my attention like Pokemon did. Luckily, I found a lot more games that fueled this love (some of them are even on this list).
Even to this day, I still find myself captivated by the series. I just have to play every game released in North America. For me, Pokemon will always hold a special place in my heart built on gaming.
game cover
Now before you move on to the next game just hear me out. Yes, the ever famous Final Fantasy VII is my #2, but not without good reason. Final Fantasy VII was the first Final Fantasy game I ever played. This game started my love for Final Fantasy series. The games awesome music and stunning visuals for its time (the summons especially) just had my eyes glued to the T.V for weeks on end. The materia/magic system was a great gimmick. However, what really got my blood pumping for this game, was the beautiful yet mysterious story. You dealt with love, death, sacrifice and some psychological issues among other things; those there are all the trimmings to make a mesmerizing story. Any game can have a good soundtrack, but this game had an amazing soundtrack. I always got pumped when I heard the boss battle theme begin playing or get a certain calming nature to me when I heard Tifas theme. I just couldn't help but smile every time I heard this games music. This game changed how I saw RPGs. I just had to experience what else the RPG world had to offer.
See the full review, "Easily the most famous Final Fantasy.".
With it's dark story and beautiful animation I can't help but love this game. Almost all the characters are lovable beyond belief, the dungeons are just plain fun and the music is just fantastic. The art design in this game was amazing as well. Each character and persona was unique in some way or another. You also never played the same game twice since the dungeons would change randomly. You also held the lives of many people in your hands. If you talked to certain people enough, you would learn about their troubles. You would start to connect to them and understand the decisions that they made in life. If you maxed out your social link (virtually how close you are to that person emotionally) you would change their life in someway. At times I felt like Dr. Phil. Besides whats better than a game that lets you influence the main characters personality and relationships to your liking.
Final Fantasy XIII
It's a well deserved game for my #4 spot. The character development was great; I felt like I understood what drove each character to take the actions they took in the story. The graphics were just amazing. You could look out and see for what seemed like miles. The sun was bright and vibrant and the areas had character to them. No one area looked the same. The audio was gorgeous. This game had one of the best soundtracks in the entire Final Fantasy franchise. The songs were done beautifully. Each song fit into whatever situation it was played in. I would find myself listening to some songs multiple times on repeat with my Ipod. They flowed so well. Finally the story had great writing. Simple as that. I found myself completely drawn in by the story about 1/4 of the way through the game.
See the full review, "Don't Let Bad Reviews Deter You From Playing This Gem.".
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
After playing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, I was looking for another Tactical RPG to play, and Disgaea was the answer. After being introduced to the series by a friend, I decided to give the game a chance. I was instantly drawn in with its over the top attacks, catchy music, character design and brilliant writing. The characters were simply great. I found something I liked in all of them. The level designs were sometimes simple and then insanely difficult (stupid geo-symbols). With the addition of new classes every time I passed a certain level; I just had to acquire all the classes. I couldn't put the controller down. I would sit in my room playing the game for what seemed like minutes only to look at the time and realize it was 4 in the morning. Time just flew by when I was playing this game. I always find myself thinking of this game when I want to compare T-RPGs. It also introduced me to one of my favorite game developers (Nippon Ichi Software).
Metal Gear Solid
When I first played this game I honestly couldn't find any joy in the concept of sneaking from point A to point B. It was a simply a new game-play style I couldn't grasp. After a hour or two of getting game overs and seeing that iconic game over screen, I simply gave up. I soon learned from my brother that sneaking wasn't the only option. After picking up the controller once more, I found myself sneaking up on unsuspecting guards, pointing the gun at them, and pulling the trigger. Often I would miss and I would just run away and hide as they searched for me. But now what really gets me are the graphics and audio. They  were simply great. Everything actually had life to me. Graphics wise they were great for their time. I could see the snow falling or my footprints on the floor or after I had stepped in a puddle. The audio was fantastic. I could hear almost everything; from Snakes heavy breathing, to the crunching of snow under my feet as I stalked my next prey. Sure the game was so confusing that I had to play it multiple times, but playing it multiple times showed me how enjoyable it truly was.
Imagine you are a pink haired, green shorts wearing wild child. After some pigs steal your grandfathers bracelet; you're out for blood. Somehow you get dragged into this whole ordeal and now must save the world from being taken over by pigs. That's "Tomba!" in a nutshell. I don't know what it is about this game that makes me love it. Maybe it's the fact that I can jump on a pig and send him flying forward and watch him hit a wall seconds later. Or maybe it's the colorful graphics and cheerful/fun sounds of the open world I can explore. You would explore forest filled with flowers which had faces or a very windy mountain with plants that ate you and spat you back out at a different point in the level. No matter where you were though, the music always fits perfectly with the level design. If you were at a haunted mansion it would play eerie music with wind and thunder sounds in the background. You played this game at your own pace and weren't' punished for it. A true platformer/adventure title if I've ever played one.

What did you think of this list?

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February 24, 2011
Great list, Devin! I didn't think it was shoddy at all! I really enjoyed your explanations as to why each of these games are on the list.
February 24, 2011
Thanks a lot!
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