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Pure Bar Organic Bars 12 ea

17 Ratings: 1.4
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Our Cherry Cashew Bar contains dried, unsweetened, organic tart cherries. Cherries are undoubtedly one of the most antioxidant-rich foods, with powerful phytonutrients and a good dose of Vitamin C, to promote healthy aging and a strong immune system. … see full wiki

15 reviews about Pure Bar Organic Bars 12 ea
review by . April 30, 2010
Every few years there is always a new fad, ruse and/or gimmick for food. Some of these "marketing schemes" are, but not limited to, food being "light", "fat free", "100 calorie serving", "low carb", "sugar free" and in this case "organic". I must admit, I like to be very aware about what kind of food I am eating. Cognizance and cuisine should be a given when making a wise choice about not only eating food, but what type of food.     This is an organic raw fruit and nut bar by …
review by . May 13, 2010
This is the 2nd Pure bar I've tried, and I found this to be another tasty raw treat. Made with whole food components like nuts and dates, this bar has strawberry giving it extra flavor. If you're look for a nutritious energy boost try one of these bars - they are suitable for most vegans, though the wrapper lets you know that these are made in a facility that also makes non-vegan foods, so those with certain allergies and people who want to be ultra-pure in their vegan ways might have to pass. Pure …
review by . May 03, 2010
I loved the flavor of this cherry cashew bar. It has a nice zing-- full of a sweet/tart combination. The texture is mostly smooth with just a little crunch from the nuts-- which I don't normally like much, but in this case, it worked for me. I also sampled the blueberry bar, and preferred this one. It had much more of a "punch." I went seeking it out the next day at the grocery store but was unable to find it locally.    This is a snack I'd be happy to share with my young daughter-- …
review by . May 02, 2010
Yes, it may claim to be all organic and such...but, yuck! This is the worst bar I have ever had. I am always looking for a good, healthy, organic AND tasty bar, but this...tasted like cardboard, with a nut here and there. I have eaten two of these, and the first one was so bad that the second one made me gag. I love the Clif Zbar and Kashi. They are tasty, this is not.    Although the list of ingredients sounds good (health wise) and the flavor says cherry chashew, it asll tasted …
review by . May 02, 2010
Fruit and nut concoction that is both delicious and nutritious with large pieces of nuts and an overall cherry flavor throughout a bar that is nicely tangy. I also think the decent protein and fiber content (7 and 3 or 4 respectively) made it a nice stick-to-your-ribs snack. I have tried the Pure Wild Blueberry Fruit and Nut bar, too, and I think I like the Cherry better due to the cherry flavor throughout the bar. The texture is very much Larabarish if you've had those before. (If not think thick …
review by . May 02, 2010
My family takes a lot of fruit and granola bars for snacks. My husband is a teacher and carries a couple in his briefcase for when he needs a quick pick me up and both kids take one for a morning snack. We all like chewy bars so this seemed right up our alley.    The flavor was pretty good. If you are looking for a chewy snack though, this might not be your thing. The fruit bits were chewy enough but the rest of the bar was like a soft cookie.     What turns …
review by . April 30, 2010
As a new mom, I'm often left 'snacking' my meals away throughout the day. This usually means a lot of food in 'bar' form. Given that fact, I prefer eating things that are as tasty as they are healthy.    In comparing the Cherry Cashew bar to its Wild Blueberry cousin, it's hands down tastier. I also found the consistency more appealing.    At 190 calories for this bar with its mix of nutrient percentages, I'd still say that Cliff bars have an advantage from …
review by . April 28, 2010
I liked this bar, but found the blueberry version of it to taste better. While the cherry is pretty good for many of the same reasons as the blueberry (fresh taste, just the right sweetness level) I found it somewhat bland. The cherry taste does not come through very well - I'd have a hard time saying this was cherry without looking at the wrapper. Thus, while I thought the blueberry was a five-star product, this really only rates a 4.5 or 4.    Still, an enjoyable snack, and …
review by . April 28, 2010
This is a great-tasting bar. Tangy cherry + nuts really reminds me of a fruit cake. I has 190 calories and nutritional content similar to Zone bars. However, I felt a bit more full while chewing on a Zone Bar. Oddly enough I think its because Zone bars require more chewing and Pure Bars are very soft and delicate and you can finish them rather quickly. Obviously the more chewing you do, the longer it takes you to finish the bar and by the time you ate one, your brain already told your stomach that …
review by . April 27, 2010
I am not going to argue the fact that these bars are 100% natural and a healthy alternative to snacking. However I am only willing to sacrifice so much to cut a few calories. To be totally honest these bars are the worst tasting snack that I have ever tried. They are so bad in fact that I could only finish about 1/2 of the bar. All I taste while eating them are dates with a hint of cashews and walnuts. I don't really taste the cherry in them at all. I have tried a few other similar bars that tasted …
review by . April 23, 2010
This is one of the most satisfying energy/snack bars that I have come across. The pure nut and fruit flavor is very light and does not make you feel like you are eating processed food at all. Unlike many other sports bars, there is also no discernable aftertaste, nor does this bar leave you feeling bloated or otherwise uncomfortable. This is probably one of the healthiest on-the-go snacks or meal replacements that you'll find.
review by . April 22, 2010
I wasn't sure what to expect after oping the Pure Organic Cherry/Cashew Fruit & Nut Bar. It looked really dense, sticky and a bit darker than I expected. But even for my trepidation it tasted pretty darn good. It certainly has the tart tang of dried cherries, but the overall taste is rather mild. There were also plenty of nuts though I was expecting the bar to be a little more crunchy. Also, the bar contains more fruit and nuts than described on the front including dates, almonds, and walnuts which …
review by . April 21, 2010
It's sweet enough, but not overly sweet with a strong tart cherry flavor.    It is more like a dried fruit bar with only a few nuts. I thought it would be more of a nut bar with dried cherries, but if you are looking for a fruit bar, it's good.    Whether or not you want to eat a 200 calorie bar is your own choice, but this tastes good, so I gave it 4 stars.
review by . April 20, 2010
I'll admit I'm not generally a healthy eater and don't have too many organic fruit bars, so I'm not sure what to compare this with. However, I thought it was pretty good. It's a bit like a soft granola bar - you can taste the grains, without the crunch. However, for me at least, the cherry flavor wasn't very strong. I love anything cherry (I drink cherry-flavored seltzer regularly), and thought this bar had more of a strawberry-cashew flavor. Still tasty nonetheless.
review by . April 20, 2010
I love that this bar is made from raw foods!! I've been trying to incorporate raw foods into half of my diet. For this, the bar earns 5 stars.    The taste takes some of this away. I've prepared raw foods. I've sampled many raw foods prepared by others. I know they can taste awesome. The taste of this bar was just meh. Not offensive. Not drool-worthy. Just meh.     Otherwise an excellent source of nutrients. Maybe I'd buy it if it were on sale & I was in immediate …
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