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reviewed The Stars My Destination. October 09, 2014
The Stars My Destination
As I’ve mentioned before, I nurture an on-and-off again love affair with written science fiction.  I started out reading some when I was young – some of it probably a bit meatier than …
reviewed Nightcap. October 08, 2014
posted in Movie Hype
In many respects, Hollywood has murdered the conventional murder mystery.  In their attempt to keep the masses focused, they’ve manufactured one clever whodunit after another – both on …
reviewed Werewolf Rising. October 08, 2014
posted in Movie Hype
Werewolf Rising
Like most men of a certain age, I have a definite soft spot for monster movies.  I’ve discussed before why I think that is, so let me summarize: men have attachments with those who can’t …
reviewed Prison Girl. October 07, 2014
posted in Movie Hype
Prison Girl
Every now and then there’s an adult film that comes along and actually tries to do something a bit different with the subject matter.  Unfortunately, that novelty ends up usually getting lost …
reviewed Milk The Maid. October 07, 2014
posted in Movie Hype
Milk The Maid
One of the things I’ve always found a bit surprising about skin-related and/or adult-style films is that there are storytellers working in the industry who won’t stop at nothing to try something …
reviewed Star Wars: Rebels - Spark of Rebellion. October 07, 2014
posted in Pass The Remote!
Star Wars: Rebels - Spark of Rebellion
I was one of the few and the proud who championed the entire run of STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS animated program every opportunity I got.  Knowing full well that this Prequel Trilogy era didn’t …
reviewed The Scribbler. October 06, 2014
posted in Movie Hype
The Scribbler
Here’s the thing about flawed characters: we already know they’re flawed at the outset if that’s all you – as a storyteller – really give us.  Such is the case with …
reviewed The Devil Incarnate. October 06, 2014
posted in Movie Hype
The Devil Incarnate
I know what you’re thinking: another horror release?  Come now!  That’s not such a bad thing!  With as broad and complex as the various worlds of the natural and supernatural …
reviewed Starship Troopers. October 06, 2014
Starship Troopers
I would never ever suggest that my take on any particular novel should be considered either (A) definitive or (B) set in stone.  Why?  Well, in my fifty odds years on this big blue marble, I’ve …
reviewed Loverboys. October 01, 2014
Confession time: one of the experiences I’ve found frustrating about being an online critic (of sorts) is the fact that – sometimes when we’re told by organizations, institutions, and …
reviewed "You've Been A Friend To Me," The Tra.... September 30, 2014
posted in Music Matters
Honestly, I hate it when performers re-release something they’ve already released to the masses at large UNLESS (and here’s the kicker) it’s actually a re-recorded version with something …
reviewed "God Only Knows," The Tracks of My Ye.... September 30, 2014
posted in Music Matters
Truth be told, there probably doesn’t exist a version of “God Only Knows” that I don’t appreciate on some level.  Lyrically, it’s one of those songs that’s probably …
reviewed "Down on the Corner," The Tracks of M.... September 30, 2014
posted in Music Matters
One of the difficult things about one professional artist covering another professional artist’s top tunes is that most folks end up viewing it as little more than what I’ve often called “professional …
reviewed "Help Me Make It Through The Night," .... September 30, 2014
posted in Music Matters
A song originally penned by Kris Kristofferson that has enjoyed some great interpretations by some of the industry’s best vocalists now gets one more compliments of Canada’s own working legend …
reviewed From Dusk Till Dawn: Season One. September 25, 2014
posted in Pass The Remote!
From Dusk Till Dawn: Season One
It’s a tricky thing, it is, taking what was essentially a two-hour film and expanding it into a near-10-hour maxi-series.  Clearly, there has to be more depth of character.  There has …
Aliens: Fire and Stone (1 of 4)
I rarely dream, but – when I do – they tend to be very vivid.  And particular.  I notice very specific things.  Colors.  Names.  Very fine details from the experience …
reviewed That Girl In Yellow Boots (2010). September 11, 2014
posted in Movie Hype
That Girl In Yellow Boots (2010)
Issues of abuse – sexual or otherwise – have been the subject of many films of many nations of the film.  While some might take this to mean that such violence is some macabre form of …
reviewed Prometheus: Fire and Stone (#1 of 4). September 11, 2014
Prometheus: Fire and Stone (#1 of 4)
Let me say this without equivocation: methinks the knuckleheads who function as the press-hounds for Twentieth Century Fox should've been round up and dispatched given the way they pretty much mismanaged …
reviewed Armored Attack! (1957). September 10, 2014
posted in Movie Hype
Armored Attack! (1957)
I do so love a great war picture.  As I get older, methinks they’re grower a bit harder and harder to find in any current studio’s release schedule; and – for that reason – …
reviewed Last Passenger (2013). September 09, 2014
posted in Movie Hype
Last Passenger (2013)
Let it be known that it’s very difficult to achieve the good action movie these days.  I suspect that there are probably hundreds upon hundreds of reasons for said difficulty, and those reasons …
reviewed God's Pocket (2014). September 09, 2014
posted in Movie Hype
God's Pocket (2014)
(NOTE: The following review will contain minor spoilers necessary solely for the discussion of plot and/or characters.  If you’re the type of reader who prefers a review entirely spoiler-free, …
reviewed Queen: Live at The Rainbow '74. September 09, 2014
posted in Movie Hype
Queen: Live at The Rainbow '74
I have to admit that I kinda/sorta missed the whole Queen bandwagon in my youth.  Oh, I knew who they were at the time; while I can appreciate the obvious theatricality of the music, I tended to …
The Terminator: 2029-1984
So far as I’m concerned, THE TERMINATOR has always been a great franchise that has suffered from lackluster treatment in the comic books.  Now, I’m not picking on Dark Horse here; they’ve …
reviewed Brainquake (2014). September 04, 2014
Brainquake (2014)
I don’t know what it is.  Maybe I was born too late.  I’ve mentioned before how much I love vintage crime, the type of thing that was being written for the dime novels of the late …
reviewed Willow Creek (2013). September 03, 2014
posted in Movie Hype
Willow Creek (2013)
Do I believe there’s something in reality that we call Bigfoot?  Well, let me answer by saying I don’t disbelieve.  I’m of the variety – much like WILLOW CREEK’s …
reviewed Aftermath (2012). September 03, 2014
posted in Movie Hype
Aftermath (2012)
For those of you who haven’t thought about it, there are a couple of ways to capture the Apocalypse on film.  One way is the road followed by the usual studio big budget blockbusters: you render …
reviewed Blood Soaked (2014). September 02, 2014
posted in Movie Hype
Blood Soaked (2014)
Look: with the advent of low-cost digital filmmaking, practically anyone with a couple of bucks and a good cell phone can write, produce, and shoot a film these days.  However, that doesn’t …
reviewed Monika (2012). September 02, 2014
posted in Movie Hype
Monika (2012)
Like others, I tend to believe that life is best lived with a little mystery.  A little fantasy.  It’s hard enough getting through however many years we’re each blessed with on this …
reviewed Cabin Fever: Patient Zero (2014). September 02, 2014
posted in Movie Hype
Cabin Fever: Patient Zero (2014)
Before this film, I can say with no shame that I knew absolutely nothing about the CABIN FEVER franchise.  Oh, I knew it existed, and – while that’s all well and good – I suspect …
reviewed Young & Beautiful (2013). August 21, 2014
posted in Movie Hype
Young & Beautiful (2013)
I’ve written about my fascination with French films before.  It isn’t as if I believe they have any particular ‘hold’ on any particular genre that other nations can’t …
reviewed Blood Glacier (2013). August 21, 2014
posted in Movie Hype
Blood Glacier (2013)
Of all the various sub-genres within the pantheon of horror films, my personal favorite has been and will probably always be the classic monster movie.  This isn’t to say that I’m only …
reviewed A Promise. August 21, 2014
posted in Movie Hype
A Promise
Love is an emotion that defies all explanation or understanding.  While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, love remains something that can be seen by those around you, but often times the how …
reviewed Best Bikram Yoga Towel. August 21, 2014
Best Bikram Yoga Towel
Now, purists and/or web-based haters are gonna say I’m not the best person to provide a review of the Bikram Yoga Towel.  Why?  Well, that’s because I’m ready, willing, and …
King Conan - The Conqueror (Part 2 of 6)
What can be said about a second issue in a multi-chapter miniseries?  Well, unlike the first installment (which basically serves to ‘set the stage’), the second usually is where the writer …
reviewed The Possession of Michael King. August 19, 2014
posted in Movie Hype
The Possession of Michael King
I have a long, happy relationship with horror films.  As one who firmly believes there could possibly be ‘something’ to that thing called the Occult, every now and then I find myself …
reviewed The Captain's Peril. August 19, 2014
The Captain's Peril
To be perfectly honest, I didn’t expect much going into William Shatner’s CAPTAIN’S PERIL, but it might not be for the obvious reason.  Bill gets a lot of negative press about how …
reviewed Home Is Where The Heart Is (2013). August 19, 2014
posted in Movie Hype
Home Is Where The Heart Is (2013)
I grew up in a small town.  Granted, it might not be as small as the one depicted in HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS, but it was still pretty small.  In many respects, it had the same kind of attitude …
King Conan: The Conqueror (Part 1 of 6)
As I’ve often said (and kinda/sorta been derided for), telling a first issue can be a treacherous, treacherous thing.  There’s a balance I think every writer seeks to create, one that …
The Star Wars (Hardcover)
Behind every great story is obvious a story about that which never got told: namely the original tale.  From the script to the screen is one thing, but what about from the writer’s head on …
Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Cry of Shadows
One of the most significant and personal reasons I read comic books is for the inherent escapism.  I love to find myself lost in the pages of a good graphic read, being whisked away from reality …
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