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reviewed The Suspect. 24 hours ago
posted in Movie Hype
The Suspect
Are you listening, Hollywood?  Those of us who live somewhere trapped within the Left and Right Coast, requiring little more than four walls and a roof over our heads on these amber waves of grain …
reviewed Trap for Cinderella. Yesterday
posted in Movie Hype
Trap for Cinderella
Who doesn’t appreciate a good whodunit?  Furthermore, who doesn’t appreciate a good whodunit that grants two up’n’coming actresses a chance to showcase their acting potential?  …
reviewed Locker 13. Yesterday
posted in Movie Hype
Locker 13
The anthology format has been around probably as long as mankind has been telling stories.  Granted, the types of tales that have been spun have differed, but the basic premise – several yarns …
reviewed M: A Married Woman. Monday
posted in Movie Hype
M: A Married Woman
You know what?  In some ways, we’ve all been scarred.  It doesn’t necessarily always stem from our family upbringing, though there’s certainly fingers worth pointing back there.  …
Saving General Yang (2013 Chinese film)
Sometimes I need to pause to reflect on one honest fact for those who stumble across my reviews: I’ve seen scads and scads of foreign releases, and this sometimes means that – because of that …
Rogue: The Complete First Season
As I’ve argued before, there are two ways to approach reviewing an ongoing television series.  Critically, the best way to gleam all the good, bad, and ugly for any program is to follow each …
reviewed Scream Park. Sunday
posted in Movie Hype
Scream Park
Though it isn’t accurate to say that I came of age in the 80’s, it’s certainly applicable to say that I lived through it.  While I’d never consider myself an expert on all …
reviewed OXA 7800mAh Juice Box. Sunday
OXA 7800mAh Juice Box
As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not an electronics junkie like most men and/or young men my age.  I think I’m very adept with the products – its uses and advantages – …
OXA 3000mAh Ultrathin External Battery Charger Portable Power Bank
As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not an electronics junkie like most men and/or young men my age.  I think I’m very adept with the products – its uses and advantages – …
reviewed Wrong Cops. April 09
posted in Movie Hype
Wrong Cops
I think each of us has an age wherein we delight in the fundamentally absurd.  I’d imagine that, for most of us, it’s in our early teen years.  We find practically anything funny.  …
reviewed Daddy's Little Girl. April 09
posted in Movie Hype
Daddy's Little Girl
DADDY’S LITTLE GIRL is one of those films that’s hard to talk about without spoiling certain significant elements of it.  Suffice it to say, I’m going to give it an honest try, …
Star Wars: Han Solo In Carbonite Bank
If you’re anything like me, then you grew up loving the original STAR WARS Trilogy.  Sure, you sat through that Prequel Trilogy mostly because you only really wanted to know how it would all …
reviewed V Wars. April 08
V Wars
I’ve read a book by Jonathan Maberry.  I don’t remember being all that thrilled with it, but I certainly enjoyed it enough to stick the name in my brain with a tickler in case I came …
reviewed 95ers: Time Runners. April 08
posted in Movie Hype
95ers: Time Runners
Like so many viewers, time travel fascinates me … so I’m naturally drawn to science fiction films that explore similar themes.  There have been many, many great ones over the years; …
reviewed Confession of Murder. April 08
posted in ASIANatomy
Confession of Murder
I’ve been enjoying films out of South Korean for going on two decades now.  That isn’t to say that I’ve enjoyed everything that’s come out of that great nation; it is to say, …
reviewed Holy Ghost People. April 03
posted in Movie Hype
Holy Ghost People
Erm … it’s been my experience that the “Macabre” series of films released by XLrator Media have usually been accessible horror flicks.  Am I wrong?  Sure, there have …
reviewed Camp Dread. April 03
posted in Movie Hype
Camp Dread
Imagine – if you will – that you and your fellow yucksters from the Class of ’85 got together at a reunion to talk about the good ol’ days.  Imagine that one of the things …
reviewed Blood Moons. April 01
posted in Movie Hype
Blood Moons
I know my Sunday School teachings well enough to know that, one day, mankind is due for the ultimate Biblical comeuppance.  We’re sinners, and, as a consequence of that and our failure to find …
reviewed Galaxina. April 01
posted in Movie Hype
BARBARELLA.  FLESH GORDON.  CHERRY 2000.  HELL COMES TO FROGTOWN.  The more pulpy sci-fi films never shy away from taking advantage of female attributes.  Heck, George Lucas threw …
reviewed Hurricane 360 Spin Mop. April 01
Hurricane 360 Spin Mop
As one who dabbles in serious product testing, I’m willing to give practically anything a reasonable try.  All I ask is that it (A) appear a reasonable investment, (B) only require modest (if …
Robinson Crusoe on Mars - Criterion Collection
This is no joke: as a huge fan of science fiction films, I’d heard plenty about ROBINSON CRUSOE ON MARS throughout the years.  The simple truth of the matter is that I’d just never gotten …
reviewed Things to Come (1936). April 01
posted in Movie Hype
Things to Come (1936)
In all seriousness, I hold classic films in very high regard.  I’ve always been fascinated by what storytellers have been able to accomplish in cinema, and it’s even more captivating …
Brian May & Kerry Ellis: The Candlelight Concerts - Live at Montreux 2013
I love acoustic-style performances.  I always have.  I think there’s honestly nothing as magnificently sublime as pairing the human voice with either a single instrument (or very few) …
reviewed A Man from Rio. March 31
A Man from Rio
Those who’ve had the courtesy to follow even a small measure of items I give my most favorable scores to know (and probably appreciate) my love of hard-boiled prose.  As I’ve mentioned …
Broadchurch: The Complete First Season
It’s not always easy to review an entire run of one program’s season.  For starters, some U.S. shows can be well over twenty individual hourly episodes, and that’s a daunting investment …
reviewed War of the Worlds: Goliath. March 28
posted in Movie Hype
War of the Worlds: Goliath
For a while now, I’ve argued with friends that Hollywood has been really missing a terrific opportunity to capture some of the magic belonging to vintage science fiction stories.  For example, …
reviewed Knights of Badassdom. March 28
posted in Movie Hype
Knights of Badassdom
Although I like to privately imagine myself still of that age group acceptably dubbed ‘fanboys,’ I’m probably a bit older than most to be a true card-carrying variety.  I’ve …
reviewed Gone With The Woman. March 25
posted in Movie Hype
Gone With The Woman
One of the reasons I tend to struggle with romantic comedies is that, despite perhaps the best intentions of the involved creative types, the uniqueness of the male perspective just gets lost in the translation.  …
reviewed Cyxork 7. March 25
posted in Movie Hype
Cyxork 7
Erm … well, as I pride myself on being perfectly honest, I made it thirty minutes into CYXORK 7 before I reached for the remote and began fast-forwarding.  That’s because so very little …
reviewed Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox. March 25
posted in Movie Hype
Jusitce League: Flashpoint Paradox
With as long as many of these DC characters have been around, I would imagine that some writers and illustrators certainly have their work cut out for themselves when it comes to crafting a tale that’s …
reviewed Justice League: War. March 25
posted in Movie Hype
Justice League: War
I grew up reading DC Comics.  Batman, Robin, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Green Lantern were always on my bookshelves, and, as I grew more and more familiar with them, I was even happier …
OXA Mini Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Rechargeable Battery
Technology amazes me.  When I was growing up, you practically had to have the largest boom box on the planet in order to experience the rich, full sound of music in the comfort of an expansive living …
OXA 350 Lumen Cree Q5 Black UltraBright LED Flashlight with 5 Modes, Charger and Rechargeable Battery
Like most guys I know, I consider myself a bit of a gadget junkie.  If there’s anything somewhat mechanical and/or technical in nature that can be manufactured AND fits in my pocket in any …
reviewed Forgetting the Girl (2012). March 19
posted in Movie Hype
Forgetting the Girl (2012)
We’ve been spoiled.  No, I’m not talking about plot details; rather, I’m talking about whodunits.  Those of us who truly enjoy whodunits have been inundated for decades with …
reviewed The Truth About Emanuel (2013). March 19
posted in Movie Hype
The Truth About Emanuel (2013)
As a viewer, I personally feel I can only asked to suspend disbelief through so many layers of the narrative.  I’m OK with quirky characters.  I’m OK with pretentious teenagers.  …
Devil's Due: The Cards in the Deck I
The boomtown that is so much of electronic publishing continues to churn out one new adventure after another in every genre conceivable.  Despite there being a glut of good, bad, and ugly fiction …
Red Sonja #4 (Ongoing)
It’s been said many times before – and by those far more eloquent than I – that what matters most in life is not how many times you’re knocked down but that you get back up.  …
Star Wars Legacy II: Volume 1: Prisoner of the Floating World
Occasionally, I have a minor disagreement with others I know who do what I do and pen criticism online.  Their opinion is that, as writers, we always have to maintain the ability to dissect a work …
reviewed 300 Rise of an Empire. March 17
posted in Movie Hype
300 Rise of an Empire
Sometimes the best that can honestly be said about a motion picture is that it knew precisely what it wanted to deliver and, in the final sum, it did so.  300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE falls into that category, …
reviewed Headhunters (film). March 17
posted in Movie Hype
Headhunters (film)
HEADHUNTERS is an extremely well-produced black comedy that borrows liberally from the cat-and-mouse white-collar caper flicks of many nations.  Executive headhunter Roger Brown is played by Aksel …
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