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reviewed Rigor Mortis (2013). 5 hours ago
posted in Movie Hype
Rigor Mortis (2013)
Someone far wiser than I said it best: the truest horror films are the ones that scare you with the strength of their ideas.  They scare you with what they don’t show you as much as what they …
reviewed I'll Follow You Down (2013). 5 hours ago
posted in Movie Hype
I'll Follow You Down (2013)
Like most folks, I love time travel flicks.  I’ve seen many of the classics which explored the idea of moving through time, and I’ve even suffered my way through a handful of very dry …
Star Wars: Dark Empire II
Erm … it’s a bit difficult to figure what to make of Dark Horse’s DARK EMPIRE II.  Rarely does a title seem so entirely unnecessary much less a crass attempt to cash in on a middling …
Bitten: The Complete First Season
Seriously, when did monsters get all hunky and emo 24/7?  Don’t get me wrong: I’m all for a psychological examination that goes hand-in-hand with being one of the Undead or a bloodsucker …
reviewed Dragonwolf (2013). Wednesday
posted in Movie Hype
Dragonwolf (2013)
Crime dramas get great mileage out of allying their stories with the themes of William Shakespeare.  And why not?  Has there been an author who so strongly aligns the themes of man and culture …
reviewed Ironclad: Battle for Blood (2014). Wednesday
posted in Movie Hype
Ironclad: Battle for Blood (2014)
I have to confess that I didn’t know that there was this whole IRONCLAD franchise.  Well, maybe “franchise” is too strong a word yet ‘cause IRONCLAD came out in only 2011.  …
reviewed Varsity Blood (2014). Wednesday
posted in Movie Hype
Varsity Blood (2014)
Now, let me be blunt: just because I may not have enjoyed a particular film isn’t necessarily any reason for me to suggest that you may not enjoy the same.  Granted, I like horror films, and …
The Shadow: Midnight In Moscow (Issue #1 of 6)
As I’ve mentioned before, I consider myself to have grown up on The Shadow.  Naturally, there were other influences – thanks to the comic books provided to me by a very generous distributor …
Han Solo and the Hollow Moon of Khorya
I grew up as part of that generation that had its hearts stolen by George Lucas’s original STAR WARS flick.  You know the one?  Luke, Han, Leia, Chewbacca?  1977?  Long before …
The City of the Edge of Forever (Issue #1 of 5)
I’ve had some experience with IDW Publishing, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I don’t much care for them as a company.  Oh, this isn’t to say that I dislike their properties; …
If you’re anything like me, then you like to know that wherever you are you have choices available to keep your mind busy.  Because of the work that I do – largely reading, writing, watching, …
Airtight Cellular 6.5 Feet USB Data Sync and Charge Cables 30-Pin
I’m a long term hold-out of my electronics.  I like what I like, and – for that reason alone – I tend to hold out on upgrading to the latest, greatest model of darn near anything …
reviewed Vic + Flo Saw A Bear. July 25
posted in Movie Hype
Vic + Flo Saw A Bear
I suppose I like to think about film as much as the next critic.  This doesn’t mean that I require a heavy, meaty subject matter every time I sit before the silver screen or my television set; …
Elton John: The Million Dollar Piano
I once made the mistake of saying to a group of friends who consider themselves “music aficionados” that I didn’t think Sir Elton John was a very good vocalist.  After they handed …
To Hell You Ride
I’ve always admired the work of actor Lance Henriksen.  He’s been in some great movies and television … and – as tends to happens in the world of Hollyweird – he’s …
Dream Thief: Escape (#2 of 4)
An awful lot of fiction has drawn from one’s search for revenge to fuel the narrative.  Heck, even Bruce Wayne himself capitalized psychologically on the loss of his parents by using that seminal …
Dream Thief: Escape (#1 of 4)
So long as there have been ghosts there have been questions of what purposes these spirits ultimately serve.  While a handful of theories exist, it’s generally been accepted that those who …
reviewed It's Best To Shoot In The Head. July 24
It's Best To Shoot In The Head
Hardboiled fiction is in my wheelhouse.  In fact, I’ve often said, “The harder the prose, the better.”  I prefer my heroes and antiheroes with as much attitude as they have …
reviewed Wet Behind the Ears (2013). July 23
posted in Movie Hype
Wet Behind the Ears (2013)
Though others have told me that I’m crazy, I’ve often said that the period of somewhat extended adolescence that is everyone’s trip through their twenties (in age) is an era ripe for …
reviewed Propaganda (2012). July 22
posted in Movie Hype
Propaganda (2012)
Freedom is great, isn’t it?  In America, you’re basically free to do what you want (so they say), say what you want (so they say), be what you want (so they say), think what you want …
The Chronicles of Conan Volume 27: Sands Upon the Earth
If you’re anything like me and you grew up reading comic books through the 70’s and 80’s, then you might feel as I do: while graphic storytelling has indeed come a long way, it occasionally …
reviewed Cell 213. July 21
posted in Movie Hype
Cell 213
Every few years a motion picture comes along that tries to say something relevant about the whole incarceration system that hasn’t been said before.  You know what I mean?  The picture …
Exploring Space 1999: An Episode Guide and Complete History of the Mid-1970s Science Fiction Television Series
As I’ve mentioned in another review recently, I missed the whole SPACE: 1999 phenomenon of the late 70’s.  Basically, I grew up in a small town in a time unlike today that one didn’t …
The Chronicles of King Conan, Volume 8: The Road to Empire and Other Stores
As I’ve mentioned in review many times before, I’ve been actively reading comic books since the early 1970’s.  Unlike others with my experience, I don’t necessarily believe …
reviewed The Suspect. July 21
posted in Movie Hype
The Suspect
In the past two decades, there have been some truly great pictures to come out of South Korea that have explored dramatically the political situation between the North and the South.  In many of …
Star Wars: Darth Maul - Son of Dathomir (#3)
I know that Darth Maul was all the rage when THE PHANTOM MENACE hit the multiplex, but there were more than a handful of us who felt short-changed by his rather simple theatrical introduction and his …
reviewed All Cheerleaders Die. July 17
posted in Movie Hype
All Cheerleaders Die
I’ve found that words like “rebellious” and “subversive” get thrown around an awful lot by people whom I don’t believe know the meaning of words like “rebellious” …
reviewed Fairy In A Cage. July 17
posted in Movie Hype
Fairy In A Cage
To be honest, I haven’t watched all that much S&M.  I’ve seen a good handful of features exploring what I’ve called ‘the darkest of the carnal fruits,’ but I’m …
reviewed Boredom. July 16
posted in Movie Hype
One of the constants in the universe is that each of us – every single one of us – at one time or another has been bored.  Whether it’s been bored at school or bored at work or …
reviewed The Human Race. July 13
posted in Movie Hype
The Human Race
Mankind is forever wrapped up in a race to survive.  Survive the elements.  Survive the day.  Survive a marriage.  You get where this is going.  Several great film stories have …
reviewed The Last Days. July 13
posted in Movie Hype
The Last Days
I do so love a good Apocalypse.  No, it isn’t only the visuals.  No, it isn’t only the inevitable fall of man.  What makes an Apocalypse worth viewing – so far as I’m …
reviewed Derma Roller. July 13
Derma Roller
Every now and then, I’m contacted as a reviewer to try out a product that at first blush doesn’t appear all that interested to me.  It isn’t that the offered product lacks any appeal; …
Space: 1999 - Aftershock and Awe
Maybe eighteen months or so ago, I saw a copy of SPACE: 1999 – AFTERSHOCK AND AWE on the shelves at my local Barnes & Noble.  It was sealed up in plastic so I couldn’t exactly flip …
The Strain: Volume 1 (Hardcover)
Don’t you just know it but there’s always some ancient evil secret at the heart of any good horror-based conspiracy, no?  Sure, there is!  And most of the times those ancient evil …
reviewed SX_Tape (2013). July 07
posted in Movie Hype
SX_Tape (2013)
Again, I’ll start with this for the uninitiated: I tend to like found-footage-format films … so, if you don’t, then you might want to already head out to explore someone else’s …
reviewed Killervision (2014). July 07
posted in Movie Hype
Killervision (2014)
I suspect that it’s truly difficult to find anything that would register as ‘revolutionary’ with today’s horror audiences, and that’s mostly because they’ve seen it …
Star Wars: Darth Maul - Son of Dathomir (#2)
If you ask around, you’re likely to get a good handful of reasons why folks enjoyed Timothy Zahn’s Heir to the Empire trilogy so much.  For one, Zahn demonstrated precisely how adept …
Dark Empire I (Star Wars)
Now that Dark Horse Comic’s tenure with the Star Wars license is starting to wind down, I wanted to take some time to go back and reread some of the bigger, bolder titles that have seen release …
reviewed Lucky Bastard (2014). June 30
posted in Movie Hype
Lucky Bastard (2014)
Full disclosure: I tend to enjoy found-footage-films – so let me state categorically that if you’re really no fan of them then quite a bit of LUCKY BASTARD is going to mean absolutely nothing …
reviewed Female Teacher: Dirty Afternoon. June 27
posted in ASIANatomy
Female Teacher: Dirty Afternoon
Sex and sexual awakening (of a sort) have always been near the heart of what I think most filmmakers tried to explore by way of Japanese pink films.  Yes, some of the experiences were traumatic – …
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