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I am retired military.  I served 6 years of Navy, nearly 6 years of Air Force, and just over 22 years of Air National Guard.  I also was a full time technician for the Air Guard for just over 21 years.  Since I have retired, I have had one horror novelette published on Lulu.com, I have released two solo fingerstyle guitar CDs, also … more

reviewed 2012 (movie). November 22, 2009
2012 (movie)
You don't have to believe in UFOs to enjoy watching CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND.  You don't have to believe in the whole global warming package to enjoy watching THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW.  …
reviewed Soupy Sales. October 23, 2009
Soupy Sales
Those of you younger folks will probably not remember Soupy Sales, but us old farts will.  He was a very funny man with an elastic face and a weird voice.  He had a kids' show that was sometimes …
reviewed John King Obituary. October 20, 2009
John King Obituary
Some of you may recall the review I wrote some time ago praising the wonderful CD of Bach played on unaccompanied ukulele.  The ukulele master of that CD was John King.  I learned yesterday …
reviewed Socialism and Wealth Distribution. October 16, 2009
Socialism and Wealth Distribution
An economics professor at a local college made a statement that he had never failed a single student before,   but had once failed an entire class.   --------------------------------------------  …
reviewed Government Run Health Care. October 15, 2009
Government Run Health Care
To the Congress:      The USPS. (Postal Service) was established in 1775 - you have had 234 years to get it right; it is broke.      Social Security was established …
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posted a Quick Tip about A Terrifying statement. October 16, 2009
"I'm from the government, and I'm here to help". Just ask Katrina victims how terrified they were when they heard this sentence
posted a Quick Tip about The Democratic economic plan. October 16, 2009
posted a Quick Tip about Nipsey Russell. September 10, 2009
Nipsey Russell
Pro is the opposite of con The truth is plainly seen If progress means going forward Then what does Congress mean?
posted a Quick Tip about Jesus Camp. September 08, 2009
Jesus Camp
This is really really creepy. Especially since the Christian Right is neither.
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created a list. October 14, 2009
There Will Come Soft Rains The Call of Cthulhu Mimsy Were the Borogoves The Opener of the Way The Cairn on the Headland
created a list. October 12, 2009
Dead Like Me Primeval Strange Thriller Nightmare Cafe
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January 31, 2010
So where have you been lately?
October 23, 2009
If you're at all interested in vampires or myths, you might want to check out my latest review.
October 20, 2009
I just learned today that John King died of a heart attack at the age of 65 in April 2009. I wrote a review of King's CD playing Bach on unaccompanied ukulele. John King was a master musician who simply chose the lowly ukulele as his main instrument. When a master musician plays, it doesn't matter what instrument it is, the music will be wonderful. Most of you have probably never heard of him, but I know that I will miss him terribly. A great and wonderful talent. Both of his CDs are available on cdbaby.com for $15 each. Believe me, that is cheap for the wonderful music you get.
June 29, 2009
Christmas came yesterday, as did your book! Its such a cute little thing! I read it all yesterday in two sittings. (I had to give me eyes a rest.) Liked it a lot.
June 29, 2009
I'm glad it got there. I am very happy to hear that you liked it. Not everyone has. Merry Christmas
June 29, 2009
What problems did others have with it?
June 29, 2009
Not enough action. Not enough monsters. Nothing like today's horror.
June 29, 2009
I can see that I suppose. The only thing I might have wanted to do was punch it up a bit here and there but once an editor, always an editor. I missed the ol' Lovecraftian sense of foreboding that a sentence here and there could have helped.
June 29, 2009
I have found that people either liked it or hated it. Once it was published, even with the horrible editing, I did find all kinds of things that I would have changed. Most young people think my stuff is too slow. They want sex, death and mayhem in the first two pages, and forget all about background.
June 29, 2009
That's why we get all the crappy movies we get too. Everything is geared towards that age group with their looow attention span!
June 29, 2009
I'm working on the sequel, and I'm hoping to correct some of what was wrong with the first one. It will be similar in style, though.
June 29, 2009
Cool! I've always wanted to co-write something but we never got beyond plotting. It was always fun though. We'd come up with these ridiculous plotlines and laugh ourselves silly.
June 29, 2009
Now I know you should read Christopher Moore. He comes up with ridiculous plotlines and makes them work
June 29, 2009
I love 'em. Still have to get that library card from my daughter. Now that I started reading a little bit my eyes think they can handle a little more.
June 29, 2009
I am glad you liked my writing, though. Gives me a little more confidence for the sequel.
June 29, 2009
The basic story premise was very solid. The sequel should be better because of what you learned from the first book. We all learn from doing after all.
June 29, 2009
I do sincerely hope so. You would be amazed to find out how long it took me to finally finish and submit that little book.
June 29, 2009
It wouldn't surprise me at all. I think I've finished 2 short stories in my life. One of them was only 1 page long and that took me a week.
June 29, 2009
My son in law finally just took the book and submitted it. I started it in 1965 and then kept "improving" it instead of finishing it. That's why Jim's name is on it. He was the one who finally pushed for publication. I did learn one thing. When it's finished, it's finished. No matter how many "improvements" you think you should make
June 29, 2009
I guess you do have to know when you've reached the end.
June 29, 2009
I "improved" that little book at least 50 times. I wasn't "satisfied" with it when Jim took it. Eventually, you do have to just let it go. It's actually not a horrible read. I can see where I still would have improved it, but if I had, then it NEVER would be published.
June 26, 2009
great new pic! and just noticed you're from springfield - what a trip, I grew up outside of cleveland, and went to kent state. small world : )
June 26, 2009
Thanks. I appreciate your writing.
June 28, 2009
I like that photo too, John in action...
June 28, 2009
Thanks, Emama. You always make me smile. Does your husband know how great you are?
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