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The Hobbit film...

After years of legal troubles, changes in directors, studios lacking funds, huge script changes, and controversy, The Hobbit film is finally being made. However, as more news and rumors are leaked out onto the net, there's been some very legitimate concern as to whether the people involved in bring the classic story to life have J.R.R. Tolkien's fans' best interests at heart.

I will be posting links, photos, articles, and video clips exploring the production and development of the film and fan reaction. Stay tuned for updates...

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by    Posted january 07, 2011
For those of you who are familiar with The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, you may be aware that the story was written and published before The Lord of the Rings was either written or conceived in any depth. The Hobbit was not a prequel. However, since filmmaker Peter Jackson directed his film trilogy adaptation of The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit film has become a prequel. What's interesting here is that the film isn't be approached as a stand-alone film, but rather as a prequel that will foreshadow the LotR films. Many fans have been upset about this. As evidenced by the Star Wars prequels, foreshadowing events in prequels often takes away the dramatic power of the original films. In addition, many of the ideas that are going into making The Hobbit film drastically alter the story. The main character in LotR was the hobbit Frodo Baggins, who wasn't born until after the events of The Hobbit. He does not appear in the novel whatsoever, as Tolkien hadn't even created him as a character yet. But it appears that Frodo will appear in the new film, as before played by actor Elijah Wood. How does this make you feel?
Follow this link for further information.
by    Posted january 09, 2011
all I can say is that I am not making a comment until I see the final product. I can excuse the prequel approach as long as the film is made with the same heart and care as the LOTR franchise.
by    Posted january 10, 2011
Other characters from LotR that did not appear in The Hobbit, who will now be appearing in Jackson's film...
Frodo Baggins
Galadriel (read more here)
Legolas (read more here)

Oh, yes, and despite the fact that Radagast the Brown doesn't appear in The Hobbit (he's merely mentioned in the dialogue) and his brief appearance in The Lord of the Rings wasn't even deemed worthy for the film, he is going to have an appearance as well.

Now for the clincher... hot dwarves? Yes, Jackson seems eager to cast as many attractive people to play dwarves despite the fact that dwarves are short, squat, and typically considered traditionally unattractive. Why is Jackson doing this? Apparently, he's doing it because he felt that the casting of Orlando Bloom was so successful that having more aesthetically pleasing characters would be a commercial advantage.

Oh, I do hope that he manages to get Justin Timberlake to play Gandalf!
by    Posted january 13, 2011
Ta-da! Here's one addition to the film that I don't mind... Read this article!
by    Posted february 15, 2011
Well, this time Jackson may have gone too far. As many of you likely know already, one of the major complaints about the "LotR" film trilogy was that emphasis on the Arwen character and her romance with Aragorn. Now, many die-hard Tolkien fans are cringing at the rumored inclusion of a love story that will feature prominently in The Hobbit film that features a character created by Jackson and not Tolkien. The controversy surrounds the addition of an elf-maiden named Itaril who does not exist in any of Tolkien's books. Fans have become so outraged by this latest development that there is a petition to try to get Jackson to change his mind and not deviate from the novel by including this character or sub-plot. There's even a Facebook page entitled "Don't put Itaril into The Hobbit". How do you all feel about this drastic departure from the source material?
by    Posted february 22, 2011
Interesting discussion, Sean. 

I've always believed that when a director takes a work that was originally a novel, graphic novel, or other printed material (not originally written as a screenplay) to adapt to the big screen, the film does better when it follows the source material. It is a very rare scenario where the film can ever surpass or even be on par with the novel when it deviates too far.

I feel like the real question is whether Peter Jackson is talented enough to take another classic of Tolkien's and change it as much as it sounds like he's planning to. My answer is no, especially when reading all the new inclusions he's considering. I don't see the need for a lot of these changes (sexy dwarves? Come on!), and I think it will flop. The only thing we can hope is that, as James said, the film will at least inspire more people to read these classic tales. How it's supposed to do that with some of these new ideas is a bit befuddling to me. It sounds like Jackson is selling out to the public, at least what he thinks the public will want.

On a side note, people won't understand that The Hobbit is not a prequel. Just look at all the confusion the new Star Trek film caused (that was not a prequel either!). Will this misinformation harm the way people view the Lord of the Rings series? Maybe. Only time will tell.
by    Posted february 27, 2011
More bad news... Apparently, due to prior contractual obligations, costume designer Ngila Dickson will not be returning to work with Peter Jackson on "The Hobbit". Read more here:
by    Posted march 02, 2011
That does suck.
by    Posted april 29, 2011
Okay, here's some new news. Ian Holm has reportedly signed on to play an older version of Bilbo, who will serve the film in the role of a storyteller relaying the tale of The Hobbit... to Frodo and other young hobbits. Also, actor Hugo Weaving, who played Elrond in LotR, has been seen in Wellington, New Zealand. Does this mean that he has finally been confirmed as part of the cast and is prepping to shoot scenes? One can only hope!

In other casting news, almost all of the major roles have been announced, but there has already been a departure.  Robert Kazinsky has abruptly left the project. He had been cast as the role of Fili, one of the dwarves, but has somewhat mysteriously left the film while shooting had already commenced. Some have suggested it was for personal reasons while it's been hinted that Jackson wasn't happy with this choice. In the past Jackson has fired two fairly big actors from his films while the shooting was happening. Originally Stuart Townsend was going to play Aragorn, but Jackson felt he was too young and then recast the role with Viggo Mortensen while the film was shooting. Then when Jackson was shooting The Lovely Bones, which was panned by critics and most audiences as being shallow and over-saturated with effects, he replaced  Ryan Gosling with Mark Wahlberg. Could this be another case of Jackson deciding that he cast the role too young?

An interesting tidbit... Jackson will be shooting the film using a new frame rate per second system. The film will be shot at 48fps (frames per second) rather than the usual 24fps. This has been a somewhat an unexpected source of controversy from some critics and fans. The reason being that at a frame rate that high, the camera will lose motion blurs, and there will be less artificial contrast (caused by lower frame rate cameras and brighter lighting). What this will ultimately for the film's look is hard to tell at this point, but it likely has to do with the fact that the film is being shown in 3D.
by    Posted june 20, 2011
by    Posted july 12, 2011
So, the first images of the dwarves have been revealed and they look... ridiculous!

Here are the dwarves as seen in the LotR films along with production designer Richard Taylor (the one without a beard). The dwarves in LotR are based very much on Tolkien's description and are inspired by the depiction of dwarfs in Finnish and Norse mythology.
And here's John Rhys-Davies as Gimli, the quintessential dwarf in LotR.

All in all, faithful to Tolkien's description and faithful to the description of dwarves throughout European myths.
And here are the new dwarves from The Hobbit...

Again, let's compare.

Dwarves the way Tolkien envisioned them, the way Jackson portrayed them originally, and they way they should be.

And dwarves as they appear in The Hobbit.

by    Posted july 12, 2011
Interesting change that Jackson made. I guess he wanted to make the dwarves sexier or something.
by    Posted july 15, 2011

Balin and Dwalin.
by    Posted july 17, 2011
Thanks to the good folks at and the people at New Line Cinema, MGM, Wingnut Films, and Weta Workshop, we now have the first image showing all the dwarves as they will appear in The Hobbit. Please weigh in.
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