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My Top Ten Favorite NES Games

  • May 30, 2010
Super Mario Bros. 3
This game was what was great about the series and more. The game featured 8 stunning overworld maps packed tight with levels, castles, and mini-games to get 1-ups. It featured a "save the power-up" system, so you could pick a power-up on the overworld map to use that would help you beat the level, instead of always having to rely on getting it in the level you needed it. The music score is one of the best I have ever heard. The boss fights were fun and challenging. This was and still is arguably the best Mario game to date.
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Legend of Zelda
The first Zelda game ever released. This game was like no other. It was the first game to include directions to move, other than side scrolling, you could move up and down as well. It was also one of the biggest adventure games of it's time. With nine action-packed dungeons to explore, each with a boss at the end (the final boss being Ganon). There were swords and items to find, and princesses to save. Time to get to it, Hero of Hyrule.
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Final Fantasy I
The Final Fantasy series was always my number one RPG quick fix, and the first is no exception. This game is just marvelous. A huge open 2-D world full of dungeons and monsters, what more could one ask for?
Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros. kick-started the overweight Italian plumber's success. The game was revolutionary and brought Nintendo it's "Claim to Fame". The game featured eight worlds, each world consisting of four levels. The fourth level of each world was a fight with the notorious Bowser or "King Koopa". All of the castles consisting of a Toad telling Mario that Peach was "In another castle". World 8-4 was the final fight with Bowser. After the fight Mario saves peach, who in return kisses Mario, ending the game. If i could describe my early childhood in three words, they would be "Super Mario Brothers"
Challenging and compelling, Megaman is everything a classic game should be, run-and-gun action and tons of enemies. The game mixes things up by obtaining powers from bosses that can be used against other bosses and enemies that are specifically weak against those particular powers. A must try.
A futuristic game about a bounty hunter named Samus Aran. Samus comes in contact with X-parasites and gets infected. She has to be cured with the antidote called the Metroid Vaccine, which doesn't work 100% they way it should have. She in turn, can absorb the parasites for power and energy. She has to destroy the infestation and destroy Mother Brain. Then it shows Samus without her helmet, yeah I said her. Everyone thought Samus was a buff dude, but nope, she was a girl. The plot graphics (for the NES) were amazing.
Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse
I love vampires, and this game delivers. Tons of bosses and enemies, this is the most difficult Castlevania game for the NES.
same as above, but it is less challenging, making it higher on my list
Kirby's Adventure
At first, this game looked too young for me. But cute little Kirby isn't what he looks like. He is secretly a powerhouse of pain. He can punch enemies, swallow em, spit them out at other enemies, and absorb their powers to, in turn, use against them. A cool game to come across.
Marble Madness
I spent hours playing Marble Madness: The Arcade Game by Milton Bradley. I loved getting the marble to the bottom of the course. It always gave me a since of pride and accomplishment as a kid. addictive and crazy fun. Download a NES emulator and download this one-of-a-kind platformer.

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June 07, 2010
Awesome list! I'm a huge Super Mario's fan! Thanks for sharing:)
May 31, 2010
Love this list.  Loved all those games (although I was a much bigger fan of Mega Man 2 and 3).  I actually just recently played through Kirby's Adventure again and have set my sights on replaying Metroid at the moment.
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