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Fallout 3 Box Art Playstation 3 Little Big Planet cover art Valkyria Chronicles Boxart Boxart
posted a Quick Tip about Dual Shock 3 Controller for the PlayS.... February 28
posted in The Gaming Hub
Sony Dual Shock 3 Sixaxis
Ya know Lunchers I'm going to share something with you, I wasn't always a Nintendo gamer; in fact my first console ever.....................was actually a Sega Genesis. After the Sega came PS1, it was a great little console that thing, I had a good library of games and everything was good. Then i made he transition to Nintendo and I have been there ever since.      What …
reviewed Dante's Inferno. November 19, 2013
posted in The Gaming Hub
Dante's Inferno
This pumped up "reimagining" of one of the world's best known literary works sees Italian poet Dante Dante Alighieri remade as a hardened, scythe wielding crusader descending into the depths of hell to rescue his wife Beatrice, who has been transformed from divine savior into a more typical damsel in distress. Literary purists will scream "Blasphemy!"; video game fans will chuckle. If you think about …
reviewed Bioshock 2. September 22, 2013
posted in The Gaming Hub
Bioshock 2
Thanks for the heads up on Bioshock. Keep this video in mind when you go shopping for the kids.
reviewed Video Games. February 25, 2013
Game Systems
Four words: I LOVE VIDEO GAMES!!!!! I thank you, world for having video games in our lives, because that is the greatest invention ever. I hope you all reading this feel the same and agree with me. :)
reviewed Demon's Souls. August 19, 2012
posted in The Gaming Hub
Demon's Souls w/ Artbook & Soundtrack CD
With Dark Souls releasing on the PC next week and that versions bonus content hitting consoles later this year, I thought I'd talk about Demon's Souls, the game which Dark Souls is the spiritual successor to.      The kingdom of Boletaria is engulfed in a colourless fog after the current ruler, King Allant uses souls to perform dark arts, raising the eldritch abomination …
posted a Quick Tip about Killzone 3. January 14, 2012
posted in Siliconera Bounce
Killzone 3
Personally, I think this is the best game in the Killzone series thus far.  Unlike Killzone 2, you have three weapon slots as opposed to two, so you can easily dish out more pain against the Helghast.  The graphics are top-notch and the "Brutal Melee" system is a blast.  If you can disorient the Helghast after shooting them, you can kill them off in such savage ways like …
posted a Quick Tip about Disgaea 4. January 01, 2012
posted in Siliconera Bounce
Disgaea 4
Much like any Disgaea game, the best Grinding spot in Disgaea 4 is the last the final Cave of ordeals stage. (Dual Giant magichange can have you leveling 5 characters at once here.)
reviewed Batman: Arkham Asylum. October 26, 2011
posted in The Gaming Hub
Batman: Arkham Asylum
In general, superhero video games are bad adaptations of the comics on which they are based. Usually, at best they are just an average game (the only exception to this being when a superhero game has a great co-player mode, such as JUSTICE LEAGUE HEROES from a few years ago). That changed with the release of BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM. I didn't have an opportunity to play the game until earlier this …
reviewed Blazblue: Calamity Trigger. September 21, 2011
posted in The Gaming Hub
Blazblue: Calamity Trigger
2008 was definitely the year of the fighter.  With games such as Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Street Fighter IV and Soul Calibur IV (among others) hitting the shelves it was going to be a great year for fighting fans.  At one point during the time, however, a small game called BlazBlue came around.  For the most part it was familiar to how the fighting genre used to be, while also having …
reviewed Catherine. August 09, 2011
posted in The Gaming Hub
Catherine has been a game that several fans of ATLUS have been waiting for... and nervous about for some time.  It is quite a unique experience in the sense of its narrative because there's nothing quite like it out there.  And it shows, of all of Atlus's releases, Catherine had the biggest debut of all of their releases.  And truth be told, it's well deserved.  Simply …
reviewed Sony Playstation 3. July 15, 2011
posted in Siliconera Bounce
Playstation 3
  When it comes to Sony's latest gaming console, I've had a really funny history with it. At the time the PlayStation 3 was released (November of 2006), I just got an Xbox 360 and whenever I saw commercials for the PS3, I would laugh and say “Whose gonna spend $600 on that?!!” As the months went by, I noticed many gamers weren't satisfied with the PS3, and in sales, …
posted a Quick Tip about Disgaea 3 Absence of Justice. April 26, 2011
posted in Siliconera Bounce
Disgaea 3 Absence of Justice
Lengthy, the most refined of the battle systems and map format, amazing cast of characters (Almaz FTW), memorable, and huge post game (PTA and the Diez Gentlemen). Great for fans of statistics focused RPGs. My favorite RPG.
posted a Quick Tip about Disgaea Infinite. April 26, 2011
posted in Siliconera Bounce
Disgaea Infinite
A fantastic and wonderful romp uniting us with fan favorites from the 3 mainline Disgaea series. Multiple branching story paths, our favorite voice actors, in a nice visual novel format, fun!
answered a question about Homefront. April 12, 2011
Even with all the issues, Kaos has sent the latest patch to Sony that should fix a lot of the issues. With all the issues who is still playing it?
posted a question about Homefront    April 12, 2011
reviewed NASCAR The Game: 2011. April 12, 2011
NASCAR The Game 2011
My final call on NASCAR 2011: The Game is that it’s a solid first try from Eutechnyx and Activision. If you are a racing fan, you won’t mind the limited career mode and slightly weak multiplayer. The actual racing action is what you come for, and you won’t be disappointed. The game’s default difficulty might be a bit easy for your seasoned veterans, so consider amping up the …
reviewed Batman: Arkham Asylum. April 08, 2011
Batman: Arkham Asylum
This is another game that has been reviewed over and over again. There isn't much more I can say that hasn't already been said. This game is as awesome as everybody says. A definite must play. It is another one of those games where you are really able to suspend your disbelief. When you play this game, you don't just feel like Batman, you ARE Batman!      As if the …
answered a question about Madden 12. April 03, 2011
I'm sure the game will be good but if there isn't a season it just won't be the same.
posted a Quick Tip about Batman: Arkham Asylum. March 30, 2011
posted in Siliconera Bounce
Batman: Arkham Asylum
I'm pretty late on this one. Arkham Asylum is one of the rare games that is universally praised by everyone, and for damn good reason. I stayed away from it cuz, well, superheroes are kinda lame, but finally Doomrider talked me into playing it, and I'm glad he did. It's damn sweet, and even if you think superheroes are completely lame and for dorks, you should still play it.   …
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