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What I'm trying to get at here is that although my gaming roots sort of started with Sony the PlayStation controller was one that always felt a little strange to me. When i was a kid it felt big in my hands and some of the buttons i couldn't reach. I kinda have that same feeling with the Dual Shock 3. The controller feels floaty to me, its a little light and those triggers,Oh how I hate those triggers; it feels like my fingers are going to slip off and any moment especially when I'm playing Need for Speed. (its happened while playing Call of Duty) While I have become reacquainted with the Dual Shock series of controllers, nothing will ever beat the hand filling, comfortable grip and heft of the GameCube controller. ]]>
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<![CDATA[ "I have waited an eternity for this emancipation!!"]]>
The same goes for its gameplay, which is highly derivative of, yet again, GOD OF WAR. Despite being so large, the scythe Dante wields is a pretty fast weapon and easily capable of chalking up hundred hit combos. But unfortunately this is the only weapon you have for the whole game, and using it gets monotonous eventually. Wait a minute...that's not true. You also can use the Crucifix, which fires outs spectral emanations of the cross as projectiles. The sight of Dante "machine-gunning" down monsters with Crucifix projectiles is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the game. However this doesn't stop the combat from getting monotonous by the end. It also feels strangely limiting too...not as smooth as GOD OF WAR's. Enemy diversity is also a little too limited. Practically all the enemy monsters in the final circles of Hell are recycled from the earlier levels of the game. Most likely this game was rushed and the developers didn't have time to create new enemies for the later stages. Unfortunately that makes these final stages far less memorable than the earlier ones. Fortunately the game doesn't last too long (about 6-8 hours), meaning it ends before it gets truly tedious.

Still, this is a fun game when taken in pieces. Some of the level designs are really imaginative and horrific. The production values are fairly high. Graphics are fairly detailed. Voice acting is fairly entertaining (although some of the dialogue seems intentionally comical). The soundtrack is percussion heavy and thundering, but feels almost identical to GOD OF WAR's.

I mean...how do you rate DANTE'S INFERNO? It's a lot of fun, but it just doesn't really break any new ground in the video game world. Action game completionists should pick it up by all means. Other players won't get much more out of it though than many other modern action adventure dark fantasy game would deliver.]]>
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<![CDATA[ Thank you, world.]]> Four words: I LOVE VIDEO GAMES!!!!! I thank you, world for having video games in our lives, because that is the greatest invention ever. I hope you all reading this feel the same and agree with me. :)

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<![CDATA[ Bring more souls, Slayer of Demons! and so I did, for hours...]]>
The kingdom of Boletaria is engulfed in a colourless fog after the current ruler, King Allant uses souls to perform dark arts, raising the eldritch abomination the "Old One" from it's slumber. your character is one of many adventurers that enters the fog to save Boletaria, or to harness the souls for your own ends.

The prominent feature of this game and it's successor is the difficulty level. Not paying attention during the game can be fatal, simple enemies can be devastating in packs and stronger enemies will pose a challenge. this is not however fake difficulty that you find in games like "I Wanna be The Guy" as combat is simple to learn but deep, enemies can be defeated with simple strategy and different equipment sets can provide you an advantage over certain foes.

The game world is separated into different areas linked via a hub, all the levels following a dark fantasy theme: a ruined castle, a prison filled with deranged prisoners and stocked with torture devices, a swamp occupied with crazed lost souls... The areas perfectly depict a ruined, besieged world. In-game actions can affect the "tendency" of an area, allowing access to new sections of a level and affecting the toughness of enemies and their drop rate.

Like Dark Souls, the levelling-up system is flexible and you can create a multitude of character builds, along with them using different styles of play: you can have a character utilizing sheer brute force, a magic heavy user that kills from a difference, etc.

The online component will be familiar to players of Dark Souls. players can leave helpful or deceitful notes for other players to read, and they can be recommended.

A few things I disliked compared to Dark Souls: the character animation has very little weight to it, the weapon upgrading system is more complicated compared to the other game, and I thought the boss battles were not as good compared to the Dark Souls bosses.

I would heartily recommend this PS3 exclusive to fans of Action-RPG's and those seeking a challenge.]]>
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<![CDATA[Killzone 3 Quick Tip by RabidChihuahua]]> Personally, I think this is the best game in the Killzone series thus far.  Unlike Killzone 2, you have three weapon slots as opposed to two, so you can easily dish out more pain against the Helghast.  The graphics are top-notch and the "Brutal Melee" system is a blast.  If you can disorient the Helghast after shooting them, you can kill them off in such savage ways like stabbing their eyes out and cutting their throats.  If you have a PS3 and love the FPS genre, you have to get this game.

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Taking a cue from the graphic novel of the same name, players get to play the game as Batman. The gameplay is great. Just like Batman, you have to use certain weapons to complete certain tasks and defeat different villains. There's a good mix between platform games, puzzle games, and action games. A key to making it through to the next level is using stealth; you can't just jump out of nowhere and beat up everyone in sight. To be successful, you have to stay in the shadows and sometimes wait for the right moment to strike. There's a lot of free range in the game and there are all sorts of collectibles that a person can get as you explore the asylum.

As far as the story goes, Batman is at Arkham dropping off a prisoner when the Joker sets forth his greatest plan to date: Batman is trapped in Arkham during a lockdown where all the inmates are set free. Batman battles one foe after another, including Bane, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, and Poison Ivy. Along the way you save workers who are trapped, solve riddles, and unravel the Joker's master plan. The climactic battle finds Batman facing off against the Joker that is much a battle of brawns as it is brains.

BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM is a must-play game for gamers and anyone who is a Batman fan. It's also highly recommended for anyone who likes superhero games or just enjoys a great single player game.]]>
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<![CDATA[ Intensely Interesting]]>
For a fighting game, BlazBlue certainly offers one hell of a story.  The fighting genre is not particularly known for telling stories.  It has some that have characters and a world worth learning about (Soul Calibur and Mortal Kombat come to mind) but for the most part I've always thought people who buy a fighting game for the story are suffering from a bad case of brain damage because most fighters just aren't big on storytelling.  BlazBlue, on the other hand, has a strong narrative.  Each character adds a part to the story and playing through every characters scenario helps to unearth the ENTIRE story.  And it's complete with giving characters back story, development and relationships with other characters.  And it has its own themes and plot twists.  But more than that the story is actually not so bad.  It is, however, extremely wordy at times.  Very much so.  There are passive moments where you'll read characters internal thoughts or prose as though it should've been comprised in a novel.  Whenever characters speak, however there is actual spoken dialog. 

For the most part much of the story is actually well written.  Though not always natural, the dialog isn't too hokey or cheesy.  Most of it holds up rather well.  The only big thing is... there's just so much of it.  When doing certain parts of the story it's easy to wonder when you'll finally get to the fighting. 

If there's one thing BlazBlue has going for it... it's that there is A LOT of content in it.  Tons of galleries to view.  Not only is the story mode deep and exhaustive but the Arcade Mode is just as fun.  So is the Score Attack mode, which can be strangely addictive.  There is also an extensive online mode that is actually a lot of fun to play because you can customize it to your liking better than most other games.  It's odd but BlazBlue is actually a beast in the amount of content it offers.  In this day and age it's important to have a lot to keep the player coming back and it's perhaps the one thing that the fighting genre has had troubles in.  That is, providing a decent single player experience.  Fighters are mostly multiplayer affairs where if you don't have someone to play with or a group of friends to get together... why on earth are you playing it?  BlazBlue isn't quite like that.  That's not to say it isn't fun without someone to play against, however.

The actual fighting is impressive because each character behaves in their own unique manner.  There are no clones here and mastering one character will certainly not help you get the hang of another.   Every character has weak, strong and medium attacks, but they all also have drives which are their special attacks.  Utilizing drives is what will ulimately help you master the characters.  There are tons of different combos and moves you can pull off through this as well.  On the surface it doesn't seem like much (when viewing the moves list) but the action is quite intense on screen.  Button mashing will only get you so far in BlazBlue.  If you're playing against someone who knows the in and outs of the fighting mechanics... then button mashing is about as useful as a piece of sheet metal in a lightning storm.  And BlazBlue will throw you right in.  There is (thankfully) a practice mode, but even on the easier difficulty settings newcomers will have to take a few battles to find their footing.

Using the various drives and combos there are tons of meters as well.  There's the barrier gauge which you can block attacks with and there is also your Heat Gauge which, when it has enough can allow you to perform distortion attacks.  Usually using 50% of the gauge.  Or, you can fill it all the way (by causing and taking damage) and use an Astral Attack to perform Astral finishes. 

It's a surprisingly addictive game.  One where you can you lose yourself.  There might also be fights that last longer than one might expect.  The only thing holding BlazBlue back is that it doesn't have a very diverse cast of fighters.  There are only about twelve characters to play as.  Each are unique with their own fighting style but you can't help but notice that it's a tiny roster compared to other fighting games.  The various modes, addictive gameplay and diversity among the characters makes up for this... but after a while you'll wish you had more than just twelve fighters to choose between.  Looking at the glass half full, though, it means you're more likely to find a character to get attached to because BlazBlue is big on developing its entire cast.

Visually BlazBlue is astonishing because it's so detailed.  2D fighters are going the way of the Arcade but when you see a game with detailed 2D sprites it's hard NOT to get a little excited.  BlazBlue's characters are all hand drawn and have an absurd amount of moves and over the top animations.  BlazBlue is pretty in your face with it's style.  If you're not one to fall in love with anime or the over the top nature that some animes can have then BlazBlue is definitely not for you.  The good news is that it's so in your face you'll know within minutes whether or not you'll enjoy it.  It's high energy, flashy animations and addictive combat will keep you coming back for more over and over again if you're into this. 

One of the best aspects is without a doubt the soundtrack.  The music really gives it an arcade feel and, like the visuals, make no bones about what it's supposed to be.  The music compliments the art style beautifully and is strangely addictive to listen to.  The voice acting is another thing.  Sometimes it's good.  They've got the right voices but haven't always the right tone to match.  The English dub isn't too hard on the ears.  You CAN listen to it in Japanese if you wish or turn them off completely.  The only thing that is likely to drive you insane is the number of times you'll hear the game announce: "Counter!" in each match. 

On the whole, if you're a fighting enthusiast then BlazBlue is a must to check out.  It goes so far as to give games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Tekken a run for their money.  It's a fantastic game in its own right.  If they had only thrown in more characters it would be perfect.]]>
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<![CDATA[ Surviving a Nightmare]]>
Catherine follows the tale of Vincent.  A man in his early 30's who is dating a woman named Katherine (with a "K").  They've been together for five years now and she wants to take the relationship to the next level.  Something Vincent isn't quite ready for.  One night while out with friends he has a couple of drinks and meets a mysterious young woman named Catherine (with a "C") and this begins an affair.  This is how the story begins and ultimately (as you'd expect) there's a lot more to the story than this.  Narrative is at the forefront in Catherine, however and it shows.  The production values are excellent.  Watching the various cut scenes actually draws you into the story because it's so well presented.  The characters can also draw you in.  From Katherine's somewhat dominating nature to Catherine's seductive overtones... it's hard not to latch on to some of these characters.  In particular the gamer actually feels for Vincent in his moment of confusion.  Here is a man who is in a current relationship that is on the rocks... has cheated, knows he's done wrong but is conflicted over what he wants.  Is he ready to sit down and take responsibility in his life or is there still some fun to be had?  The point of Catherine on the whole is to decide what Vincent wants.

This is where some of the game's most interesting moments come into play.  As you play through Vincent's day you'll receive texts, talk to various characters at the bar.  There are moments where you have a chance to respond.  And yes, these have an impact on how Vincent will react in certain cut scenes.  Likewise, you can answer text messages and depending on how you answer them is quite important to how things unfold as well.  When you make these decisions, a meter appears in the corner showing which way you're tilting.  Is it toward the fun-loving and chaotic nature of freedom, or is it toward the laid back more toned down path?  Freedom or responsibility?

What makes this mechanic brilliant is that there is no "good" or "bad".  There's no "Lawful or Chaotic" and there is no, "Good or Evil."  All choices have an effect but the game is constantly pushing you to be honest with your choices.  And in some instances there will be choices you THOUGHT were more leaning toward the "responsible" side actually lead more toward that "chaotic" side.  So you might as well be honest because unlike most games there just isn't a right or wrong answer.  There is no upside to picking Katherine over Catherine or vice versa.  As I've said: Vincent is conflicted and in a state where you, the player, have to figure out what is best for him.  It is the rare instance where the game's main protagonist is truly projected through the player.  Very few games add that layer of complexity with their "good/bad" "Evil/Good" kind of bars.  In most games it is usually obvious what would do what and what path you'll go down.  Here the story still unfolds as it should, the difference is that there is no good and evil here... just Vincent battling his own inner demons.  And no area showcases this more fantastically than the gameplay.

During the day we see Vincent struggle to come to terms with what he wants.  During the night when he goes to be, however, he has nightmare dreams unlike any other.  Someone put him there because some wants him dead.  So every night when he dreams he has to survive the nightmare or be killed in real life.  This is where gameplay takes center stage.  Vincent's nightmares are not for the feint of heart, however.  In each nightmare he must scale a large tower by moving blocks out and climbing.  It begins simple at first, but as time goes on he'll come across crumbling blocks or sheep that are scaling the tower that will knock him off.  There are also spike traps, ice blocks etc.  All these are progressively introduced.  At best Catherine is a puzzle based game.  But you can't just take your sweet little time.  The lower floors of the tower keep falling away as you climb.

The game seems simple in premise but it's actually quite hard.  The helpful tutorials at the beginning of the game help immensely, but you'll get no where if you don't talk to others trapped in the nightmare during the interludes between stages.  Here some characters will swap techniques with you (which you'll see a video to show what they're saying) or others who might sell you useful items you can use.

There are also "boss" towers to scale where Vincent is haunted by his biggest fears.  As much as I'd love to talk about these they'd spoil some of the fun surprises the game has in store.  As you reach the top of each tower you'll be ranked based on how fast you got there and how many piles of gold coins you picked up along the way. 

It's a game that's easy to learn but incredibly difficult to master.  If there is one thing an ATLUS game will rarely do, it's skimp on the difficulty.  Catherine is no exception.  Some of the puzzles can be challenging.  Especially because luck won't get you by here.  It's all skill.  And while there are various difficulty levels (including a hidden "Very Easy" mode) your best bet is to start on the standard otherwise you'll lose out on the experience of some of the game's unique puzzles.

On the other hand this is also what has the potential to turn off gamers.  In a gaming world that is slowly shunning the idea of failure, those who are more used to current generation games won't like being punished by Catherine time and time again.  It goes back to certain old school methods such as having a limited number of tries and, above all, being designed in such a way that losing isn't a big deal... but it's costly to the player.  A lot of games now tend to have you starting directly where you died at or just paces behind, but Catherine goes back to the old school method of, "You screwed up... do it again."  No amount of luck is going to get you through Catherine.  There are checkpoints in each level thankfully but many gamers are likely to be too frustrated with Catherine in certain regards. 

Some of it isn't made any easier by the game itself.  The controls can be, at times, finnicky.  It's a little too easy to shove a block where you didn't want it to or to move Vincent in the wrong direction when he tries to shimmy along the blocks he's hanging off of.  Luckily the game lets you rewind back moves.  And you'll probably have to do this a lot of the time.  Catherine is fun if you're a gamer that likes to be challenged but it definitely isn't for the feint of heart or easily frustrated gamer.

In between the stages you'll also sit and answer questions to a mysterious voice.  Much like the choices you make in Vincent's real life, there are no right or wrong answers here.  But it's also the moment where you should be the most honest.  You'll be asked questions where the decision isn't really so cut and dry.  They make a difference.  And much like in Vincent's real life you'll come into moments where the answer just might have the opposite effect of what you expect.  But also like the real game there is no right or wrong answer. 

As interesting as the gameplay is, it is no where near as interesting as the narrative scope, which is where the heart of the game is anyway.  The story in and of itself is very interesting and the idea that you are not just exploring Vincent's desires, but perhaps even your own (if you're being honest) is amusing.  Where so many games make their choices obviously good or bad, Catherine opts for ambiguity in most of its instances.  It's engaging.  Where replay is concerned, however, is a different story.  If you didn't find yourself too frustrated, you might want to attempt the game again.  There are multiple endings to behold and you can always try and take yourself through each level as fast as possible for better scores.  The reason to experience the game, however, is definitely the narrative.  It's bold and refreshing in a market that is constantly filled with one sequel after the next and games that usually involve you roaming down corridors shooting aliens or gunning down enemy soldiers.  Catherine may just feel like a bit of fresh air only because it's so different from everything else on the market right now.  It's maturity doesn't come from it's violence (which is very tame and mostly occurs when you or one of the other sheep climbing die) but rather form the situations in which the characters are actually in.  And Catherine handles much of it quite beautifully.  This is saying A LOT for a medium that has defined "maturity" as being about how much blood splatters on screen rather than watching actual human situations carry out. 

The point is that Catherine reaches higher--and farther--than most games before it.  It may not do it on a gameplay level very much, but from a narrative scope it does more than just hand you a situation and paint it in black or white.  Vincent isn't just, "A jerk who cheated on his girlfriend," and Katherine isn't just "the ball and chain to Vincent" and Catherine isn't just "The whore."  The characters have depth that makes some of them more complex than what the beginning moments of the game let on.  And it ultimately helps them become interesting characters.  Catherine isn't just diving into the mind of Vincent, it seems to strive (very hard at times) to show us a part of ourselves... or at the very least bring attention to it.  For a video game that's a BIG deal.  Catherine isn't a mindless romp, there's actually quite a bit of depth here.

For those who enjoy storytelling and narrative, Catherine is a game worth playing because it does that particular aspect so well.  The characters have life and are particularly amusing.  It can be challenging at times but for the story alone (for those who can make it past the challenging puzzles) it's worth it.]]>
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<![CDATA[ Certainly the finest gaming console in this current generation. 92%]]>  

When it comes to Sony's latest gaming console, I've had a really funny history with it. At the time the PlayStation 3 was released (November of 2006), I just got an Xbox 360 and whenever I saw commercials for the PS3, I would laugh and say “Whose gonna spend $600 on that?!!” As the months went by, I noticed many gamers weren't satisfied with the PS3, and in sales, it was last in place behind the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. However, after Sony remodeled the console so that they could sell it for a much cheaper price (remodeled as the PS3 Slim), the console has made a giant leap in sales and garnered much praise from gamers, not to mention that the PS3's library of quality exclusive games is steadily growing, making the console much more valuable. Even after buying an Alienware gaming PC last June (these computers are beasts), I found myself buying a 120 GB PS3 slim last August because it looked so great, and I don't regret buying it at all.




One of the selling points for the PS3 is the amazing graphics it supports, and as someone whose played with all three of this current generation's gaming consoles and a really beefed-up gaming PC, I can say the graphics match the hype, thanks to the console being built around the Blu-ray disk. I have my PS3 connected to a 720p TV through an HDMI cable, and even though my TV isn't “full HD,” I was still impressed by the amazing visuals generated by games like God of War 3 and Uncharted 2, as they're nearly as good as Crysis with all the graphics settings maxed out on a potent gaming PC (Crysis is a benchmark in graphical quality in videogames). Aside from excellent details in image quality, the game also supports high-resolution textures, lighting, and shading to make “realistic” games look even better. The Xbox 360 can support some great graphics, but the PS3 beats it out overall, and the Nintendo Wii doesn't even come close in this area.




What good is a game console's robust graphics if it doesn't have any great games to play on it? Thankfully, the PS3 out of all the three current consoles, has the largest library of quality exclusive titles, and unlike Nintendo, has adult gamers like myself in mind when making games. Some of the most notable and best exclusive games are the Uncharted series, Killzone series, Resistance series, God of War series, and the Infamous series. It also has support for many fantastic multi-platform titles like the Dead Space series, Crysis 2, Alice: Madness Returns, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Red Faction: Guerrilla, Portal 2, and Borderlands. I know there's people out there who are into different types of games than this, so your opinions may change on what “great games” are available on the PS3. The only really great game that gamers who only have a PS3 will miss out on is Metro 2033, as that one is only available on the PC and the Xbox 360. There's some decent 360 games like the Halo and Gears of War that PS3 gamers may miss out on, but the exclusives the PS3 offers in return offsets this, and there's really nothing exclusive to the Wii you're missing out on if you choose to only have a PS3 (except possibly the newest Zelda and Metroid titles).




For a console made primarily for gaming, the PS3 is the most versatile of the three as you can play PS3 games, DVDs, Blu-ray disks, MP3s, and you can store and share video and image files with your friends through the PlayStation Network (PSN). While I'm on the subject of the PSN, if you hated the fact that Microsoft charges you for Xbox Live, you'll be glad to know that PSN is free for everyone with a PSN account to use. Some people have complained that the newer PS3 Slims don't support PS2 games, I was originally irritated by this, but since some games like the first two God of War games and Shadow of the Colossus games are getting reissued for the PS3, that problem is getting partially remedied. The PS3's tagline is “It only does everything,” and the reality of the console's functionality isn't too far off the mark.




As much fun as I had with the Xbox 360, I hated it whenever I'd get a “red ring” error (I thankfully never had the dreaded “Red Ring of Death,” as my console hasn't died on me to this day), where I'd have to turn off the console and turn it back on again. Sometimes I'd have to repeat this two or three times until the device decides to function properly. I've gotten some good mileage on the PS3 and I haven't gotten a single “yellow light” error as of writing, In short, from my own experience, the PS3 (the Slim model) has been working like a charm, and is a pretty quiet machine.




If you're in the market for a current generation gaming console for the most bang for your buck and don't feel like investing in a gaming PC (these can be very expensive), then the PS3 will be a purchase you won't regret.

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Read our full review of NASCAR 2011: The Game here:
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<![CDATA[Batman: Arkham Asylum Quick Tip by SolidusSnake]]>
It's got some of the best beat-em up gameplay I've seen this gen, jumping into a crowd of thugs and beating the crap out of them never failed to put a smile on my face. It's got amazing stealth missions. You sneak up on guards, swing from gargoyles with your grappling hook, glide down towards unsuspecting mooks, and jump out from floor grates to kick ass in these segments. All the while your enemies are freaking out and Joker is mercilessly taunting his own henchmen. It's got exploration. There are tons of secrets on Arkham Island, and Batman has all the tools he needs to find them. The grappling hook, in particular, is a great feature and adds so much flexibility to your movement and to your offensive and defensive strategies.

But the best thing about the game is that it captures everything that's entertaining about the Batman mythos. The story knows when to be serious, and it knows when to invoke the comic book campyness that Batman is famous for. Joker's trollishness is hilarious, and how can you not laugh when a thug asks Batman why he isn't busy getting a cat down from a tree? Several of the big supervillains from the Batman universe show up as enemies, but even if a villain doesn't show up in the flesh, you can count on them appearing at least as a character bios. It gives you the impression that, while the game is great and full of surprises, there is still a vast world and a huge number of colorful characters left untapped. Best of all, you get Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill as the Joker. These guys played the same role in the fantastic Batman animated series from the early 90s, and they are PERFECT for their respective roles. Mark Hamill in particular completely owns the character of the Joker. Anyway, this was a great game, and now I'm so fired up for Arkham City I can't even believe it.]]>
http://www.lunch.com/reviews/video_game/UserReview-Batman_Arkham_Asylum-663-1409484-204929.html http://www.lunch.com/reviews/video_game/UserReview-Batman_Arkham_Asylum-663-1409484-204929.html Wed, 30 Mar 2011 17:07:00 +0000
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<![CDATA[ One of the Most Creatively Designed Games Ever]]> Brutal Legend, were very high. The overall premise of the game's story, gameplay, and colorful character designs gave me the urge to want to buy this game on the first. Unfortunately, one other game swayed me from buying Brutal Legend, which I will talk about for another time. Having played this awesomely creative after all this time, one thing is clear: I regretted not buying Brutal Legend sooner.

Double Fine Productions, the makers of Psychonaughts and Costume Quest, along with director Tim Shafer, outdid themselves by creating a video game of many flavors: a well done storyline, an open world with creative and chaotic environments, a musical experience, and a cast of characters with favorable personalities; all of these dedicated to the heavy metal genre and its fans. Without further ado, it's time to sound the Battle Cry with Brutal Legend.


Brutal Legend gives us an opening of Jack Black taking you (the player) to a music record store and showing you the rarest of all records in history, which is called, of course, Brutal Legend. This brings up the menu for choosing the single-player campaign, multiplayer, extras, and vise versa.

The story follows the adventures of Eddie Riggs, the greatest roadie of all time. A roadie does all of the grunt work from behind the scenes. From building the stage to sweeping the floors. The opening kicks it up in modern times, when metal has deteriorated into the crappy tween metal you hear every now and then, such is the cameo of the band Kabbage Boy. After an unexpected turn of events, Eddie gets sent into a whole new world ruled by the evil Doviculus. Eddie must gather an army big enough to defeat Doviculus and his demonic sons of bitches.

The story is as engaging as it sounds, presenting you with a mix of mythology and pre-modern history; meaning that the characters in this world have no idea what an engineer is. As a matter of fact, this dark and cartoony world is one of the things that make Brutal Legend one of the most heavily licensed games of 2009. For example, much of the sites are influenced by the CD covers of several metal bands. The overall story is great through my entire experience. It's filled with comedy, tension, and many fun antics that remind me of the Jak & Daxter series. The humor eventually gets watered down, which could bore some people, but that's not to say the story is still not awe-inspiring.

The characters are also great with many diverse personalities that the western audience can relate to. For example, Ophelia, Eddie's love-at-first-sight interest, is more of a badass than she is a damsel. Eddie, as a roadie, has the makings of an inspiring leader and is a enthusiastic go-getter. With this well done presentation, Brutal Legend's single-player campaign is an enjoyable experience for the players.


Despite the story being great, it's the gameplay that makes Brutal Legend a mixed bag for certain gamers. The game has an open world environment that you can explore as you ride The Deuce (a.k.a. The Druid Plow). You have an axe and a guitar that shoots lightning, which can be upgraded as you pay "Fire Tributes" to the Metal Forge (hosted by Ozzy Osbourne). At the beginning of game, players can assume that this is a hack-and-slash game, but at the core, Brutal Legend is both an action and real-time strategy game. This is revealed once you partake in war battles in the form of a rock concert. You conquer these Fan Geysers which can give you points to spend to summon units at your favor. The goal is to destroy the opponent's stage before he or she can destroy yours. You also have an arsenal of guitar solos to shift the battlefield, such as the Battle Cry, which increases the strength of your units, and the Facemelter, which, of course, melts faces. There's also the Double Attacks you can use with each different unit.

This mixture of the action and RTS genre is pretty good chemistry in my opinion, despite the fact that I don't like RTS games. It makes the single-player campaign all the more fun. These elements can be used fully in the multiplayer modes as well, but unfortunately, nobody seems to be playing this mode anymore. Either that or my internet connection still sucks. And one small note: Eddie can't jump.

There are also side missions, but the lack of variety is what makes this game capable of being repetitive. They range from ambushes, mortar strikes, to racing. It wasn't the biggest gripe for me, but I wish the race missions were more challenging and that they were included in the multiplayer.


The sound department is also what makes Brutal Legend one of the most heavily licensed games. Double Fine has put a lot of time and effort to add many icons of the metal genre in this game, from the soundtrack, name references, to the voice actors. There's friendly neighborhood Jack Black as Eddie Riggs, who does an outstanding job being true to the character. We also have the likes of Lemmy Kilmister (from Motorhead), Rob Halford (from Judas Priest), Jennifer Hale, and, more notably, Tim Curry as the evil Doviculus. The dialogue consist of many fun antics that contain the following.

Lars: "I wish I could help them, but I mean...what do you do with a bunch of kids who don't know how to do anything but bang their heads all day long?"

Eddie: "You start a revolution, Lars. Right now! It's time to sound the battle cry!"

Lars: "Have you been...looking at my sword?"

Eddie: "...(looks down and up)"

The soundtrack, besides the in-game compositions, consists of over a hundred songs from many artists: Motorhead, Ozzy Osbourne, 3 Inches of Blood, Megadeth, Tenacious D; just to name a few. These tracks are played consistently while you ride The Deuce or partake in missions.

Final Verdict:

The side missions can be a pain and there may not be many people playing the multiplayer modes anymore, but Brutal Legend is a very fun game throughout. Whether or not you're a fan of heavy metal, the single-player campaign has enough eye-candy for you to enjoy. I highly recommend getting this game now that it's cheap. After all, every first step to buying a good game begins with an epic mosh pit.]]>
http://www.lunch.com/ZoKnowsGaming/reviews/video_game/UserReview-Brutal_Legend_PlayStation_3_-764-1424566-204198-One_of_the_Most_Creatively_Designed_Games_Ever.html http://www.lunch.com/ZoKnowsGaming/reviews/video_game/UserReview-Brutal_Legend_PlayStation_3_-764-1424566-204198-One_of_the_Most_Creatively_Designed_Games_Ever.html Sat, 19 Mar 2011 07:14:02 +0000
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Killzone 3 plays really well. Its style of shooter is different than Call of Duty and really sets itself up uniquely. The missions are still very linear, but they allow you a couple different ways of doing things. For example, there is one level where you are in a sort of trench and you can just run through it, clearing out the enemies within, or take the high ground and wreak havoc with a flamethrower. These different strategies in the levels are what really give you replay value. 

The guns have been made less "bulky" than they were in Killzone 2, and I think this is a very good thing. Killzone 3 doesn't give you the speed that call of duty does, and that is fantastic, but it's also not so slow to the point of being a hassle (the second one in my opinion failed to do this). 

The guns are as always quite diverse. The boltgun returns (a big favorite of mine) and you get a gun that looks like something straight out of District 9, just imploding the Higs. The problem I found with the guns though is that no matter what gun your using, your "heavy" weapon will always be best. Rarely did I even use my assault rifle weapon because the heavy weapons were so much better, and the game has so many ammo points that it is easy to just resupply and continue using it.


What can you say here? Flawless. Best graphics of any first person shooter out there. The cutscenes look great, the in game action looks great, and this transfers to online beautifully. 

The sounds in the game are exactly how they should be. Whether your in an exoskeleton and the machine is beeping at you for low health or RPGs are blowing up in the background, it feels just about like your really in the action. 

There are a few hiccups at times when playing co-op however. 


There are four difficulties in Killzone 3: Recruit, Trooper, Veteran, and Elite. My first playthrough was on veteran difficulty and it felt pretty fair. All fire fights and true FPS action seemed about right, but when they tried to mix the game up, that's where the problems came in. 

On a couple different missions, you are in vehicles, I won't spoil anything, but the difficulty when in these vehicles is downright unfair in many of the missions. Two in particular are unforgiving, the snow mission where you drive a futuristic snowmobile-tank hybrid, and the mission where you are in a space vehicle. I found myself dieing in these missions after no fault of my own... Frustratingly restarting at checkpoints only to have it happen again. Eventually you'll figure out how to do it just right, but it's a little tedious. 

As I said before, I have gotten the Platinum trophy for the game. To do this, you must also beat the game on elite. My gripe is this, after having beat the game the first time on veteran, beating it on elite was actually easier and faster for me. The enemies took more shots and did more damage but it didn't seem like they were really any "smarter". 

*Side note: on all difficulties that I played, the Higs can through grenades with 110% accuracy, forcing you out of cover. 


Killzone 3's online still has a lot of work to be done which is sad. While day 1 patch 1.03 and newer patch 1.04 helped fix a lot of the bugs and connectivity problems, there is still a balance problem that I fear won't be addressed. Frankly there's just no point in not being invisible. You can kill people with the marksman's fully upgraded secondary weapon and still remain invisible. Fun to do, very annoying to be killed by. 

The classes are diverse though, and if there were no marksman or sniping, it would be much more balanced and stress more team play. The Operations game mode is incredible and adds a lot more fun to traditional online play. The only problem is, it's found on only 3 maps and they have no plans on making more. 

Another online drawback is the lack of squads. A great feature in Killzone 2 is now gone and frankly it makes playing with a friend a little less of a team experience. It's a pretty frustrating thing to have taken out. 

The best part of the online though is how it is true to Killzone. They made the guns a little less "bulky" but that's about the only difference. It still plays how it feels it should and the graphics are amazing. 

The clan system is also much improved from the valor point system. Unfortunately in order to get a good rank you basically just camp in one part of a map invisible and destroy the other team when they walk by. A simple fix that would stop this would be to make every clan have to have 1 of each type of class before they can have repeats. This would make matches much more competitive and fun. Unfortunately I doubt we'll see such a fix. 


In the end of it all, Killzone 3 is a great experience. Campaign is fun and a good thing to come back to especially with co-op and online offers a lot more hours to play. I just hope custom rooms with no snipers start to pop up because frankly it's just unfair.


Apart from a few distractions with co-op, they are perfect.

SOUND:  10.0

Very realistic and seem to fit in just right.


Good overall, but I find myself going back to the heavy gun and just restocking all the time.


Great campaign, great online, but a few more patches and maybe some custom settings are needed.

ONLINE:  8.3

There's still some work to be done here.


GraphicsApart from a few distractions with co-op, they are perfect.
http://www.lunch.com/ZoKnowsGaming/reviews/video_game/UserReview-Killzone_3-764-1683381-203812-Killzone_3_graphical_beast_but_anything_more_.html http://www.lunch.com/ZoKnowsGaming/reviews/video_game/UserReview-Killzone_3-764-1683381-203812-Killzone_3_graphical_beast_but_anything_more_.html Sun, 13 Mar 2011 03:04:53 +0000
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<![CDATA[ Grand Theft Auto IV Review]]> Kane and Lynch: Dead Men, no good deed goes unpunished. With alternate endings depending on your final choice the game displays a depth and insight not often seen in a video game. The game is brilliantly designed and a success on so many levels. I commend Rockstar for breaking away from the molds of Vice City and San Andreas and doing a game that is unique in the franchise. One thing people will not say is that this is either over those games done over.

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<![CDATA[ Metal Gear Solid IV Guns Of The Patriots Review- Is This The End Of The Age of Heroes?]]> Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare were the gold standard as far as the PS3 console was concerned, they were. After playing through MGS 4, I have to say that this is not only the greatest PS3 title to date, this may quite be the greatest game I have ever played on any console and yes I understand the implications of what I just said. This is more than a video game, its a piece of art, a movie and just a saga of the biggest proportions.

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<![CDATA[ Fight Night: Champion Review]]> reviewed Fight Night: Round 4 back in 2009 I, remember thinking to myself, how are they going to top this. Of all the sports I can think of, boxing has actually changed the least and when developers build a game around something that hasn’t really changed, they are challenged to make a somewhat static experience seem new and fresh again. How do you take a game based on a sport who’s main goal is to beat the crap out of someone and make it compelling? That’s easy – write one hell of a compelling story.

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<![CDATA[ The Crowned Multiplayer FPS]]>
Before the release of the first Battlefield: Bad Company in 2008, EA Digital Illusions CE (or DICE) released what could be a preview of the evolution of the Battlefield series. Not only did they attempt to emphasis a lot of humor with the characters and posting parody trailers, but also adding something new for the first-person shooter experience, blowing stuff up! This new incentive gave birth to more dynamics for the players, allowing to create a number of solutions while changing the shape of the battlefield, especially in the multiplayer. Even the campaign itself was a comedy galore, presenting interesting characters as well as a not-so-serious, but still great plot.

During the development of Bad Company 2, Infinity Ward's "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" became the talk of the town. It was the first to claim the crown of the best online multiplayer game. Everyone knows it; Everyone plays it. That alone is reason enough for more people to experience it's greatness. In spite of this, there are just some things that Modern Warfare can't do that Bad Company can. And it starts this year with the next FPS that could be next in line to claim the thrown, Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

Presentation/Story: The game starts off pretty well with some simple options. You can choose the story campaign or the multiplayer. On multiplayer you can join a random game, while choosing which modes to play in. You can also choose to play with your friends and create clans of your own. EA also presented an in-game store for the VIP players, or so it seems. When you input a certain code given by EA, you have access new content for the multiplayer experience, such as new maps, skins, and weapons.

Overall, the story of the game is good, but not as good as it was from the first game. If you're like me and you laughed your ass off while the characters in the game do some crazy shit, you'd expect to see that in the next game. Unfortunately, you won't. The plot seemed interesting from the beginning, the Japanese create a secret and destructive weapon. The beginning happens to be a prologue from the past until it transitions itself towards the present time with Marlowe, Haggard, Sweetwater, and Redford...or Sarge. Even if you might be taken into the story, it's certainly a fail that EA didn't bring back the humor it once had. It was what made Bad Company special in the first place. Still, the characters are funny as hell, and even if you don't see much humor in the cutscenes, there's always the special conversations mid-game. What adds even more flavor is that DICE has the guts to makes Modern Warfare 2 references. One note to add is the variety of weapons you can find and collect as well as gold crates to blow up.

Gameplay: Controls are the same as any other FPS, along with the D-pad for the use of gears from the classes you play as and the Select(PS3) or Back(XBOX) button to spot enemies for your squads. Those buttons are also used when pointing at your teammates whenever you need some ammo or health. Bad Company 2 presents an amazing range of weapons and perks, all stacked in a unique unlock tree. The types of weapons range form sub-machine guns, light machine guns that have the most bullets, and sniper rifles. There are four classes in all: Assault, Engineer, Medic, and Recon.

The Assaults are your standard attackers. They always move to the front lines with everything they have in their arsenal, equipped with sub-machine guns and grenade launchers. They are also equipped with ammo boxes for your squadmates. Engineers fix up vehicles and destroy enemy vehicles with their RPG's and anti-tank mines. Medics are the healers, of course. Their light machine guns have the most capacity, but they're hard to handle (it depends on how you use them). They are equipped with med-packs that heal nearby units and the defibrillators that revive them. And lastly, the Recons, or rather the snipers. They shoot at long distances and are equipped with motion sensors, C4 Explosives, and mortars.

The main faction of the gameplay is DICE's revamped version of blowing shit up: Destruction 2.0. The aesthetic that allows players to use anything at their disposal to blow up every part of a building, forcing it to tumble down to the ground. Use a knife to break fences and doors; use grenade launchers to destroy heavy machines guns. Get a squad to use C4 explosive all over a building and watch the fireworks. These aren't even half of the number solutions you can come up with. As for the guns, there's no scope drifting.

Like every Battlefield game, vehicles are a necessity. From Bradleys to UAVS, they are another way to wreak havoc across the battlefield. Players would complain that these vehicles are overpowered, but alas, this is WAR!

Sound: The sound quality is also top notch. It reflects the realism of what explosions, gunshots, and the whiffs of rifle rounds sound like. The voice acting is more true to what soldiers at war are supposed to sound like. "How so," you ask? In war, men cuss. Get ready to hear a motherload of F-bombs all over the battlefield. This also makes the multiplayer experience feel more alive.

Multiplayer: This is the main focus of Bad Company 2, and it expands more and more through EA's involvement. If you had just bought and played this game after becoming a master in Modern Warfare 2 and whatnot, you must have felt like a raging, AIDS-infected, adolescent fool. The multiplayer experience is way different and it requires a lot more thinking and skill. For instance, always spot your enemies with the back or select button. It the best way for your entire team to find your enemies and go on a kill spree. You will earn points for being a good sport about it. I use this a lot no matter which class I use, giving my squad ammo whenever they need it and just spreading med-packs around.

There are 4 modes of multiplayer: Conquest, dominating 4 points with your native flag while defending them from enemies; Rush, setting charges on M-COMS or defending them from enemies "trying" to disarm them; Squad Team Rush, the 4 vs 4 version of Rush; and Squad Deathmatch, 4 squads taking each other out until they've reached 50 kills. My favorite was Rush and Squad Deathmatch in Arica Harbor. I'm more familiar with the environment and it has good shortcuts and sniping spots.

Speaking of points, you will unlock more weapons and perks for gaining experience for your classes. Your total experience adds up to how much it takes for you to rank up. If you play an Assault class killing enemies with it, you will earn EXP for it. You will earn a lot more for playing your role, like giving your teammates some ammo. This is the same for all classes, especially the vehicle experience you get. Learn how to utilize them all and dominate the opposing team.

You're in a squad, so act like you are. One of the best mechanics in the online multiplayer is the squad spawning system. This allows you to respawn either on your home base or on top of your teammates. This is the best use of strategy, much like real warfare itself. I went as far as to spawn near my squadmmate whenever he's near an M-COM. What I love most about being in a squad is communication. You listen to your own squad this time. You may not communicate with anyone else, but it's better than hearing one whiny 12-year old in the team.

As far as my enjoyment was on multiplayer, I knew I was going to have a great time ever since I played the demo. Being honest here, first-person shooters were never my preference. I thought it was a waste of time if you just lose more than you win and the fact that games such as this can drive you insane. But when I first saw the first Bad Company, with it's hilarious singleplayer campaign, I knew maybe there's hope for me to like FPS's, if only a little. Bad Company 2 managed to fill me with interest, using so many ways to win and having fun with my teammates. Not only that, I love killing tanks with C4's.

Final Verdict: DICE had no intention of coming in second place with this marvelous sequel. In truth, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has risen above the fame of Modern Warefare 2. Why, you ask? The fact that many people are transitioning from MW2 to BC2 is proof that they are getting tired of the boredom and glitchiness of it all. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is declared the new king of online multiplayer shooters. You will not be disappointed when you buy this game. This could last you for more than half a year, if not longer.]]>
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<![CDATA[ A Worthy Expansion of Ninja Gaiden 2]]>
After their groundbreaking success with Ninja Gaiden 2 for the XBox 360, Tecmo and the Team Ninja development team decided to reprise their plans for an adaptive PS3 exclusive version, just as they did with the exclusive Ninja Gaiden Sigma early 2007. Thus, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 was born. Team Ninja added more tweaks than usual in order for this game to be extreme, stylish, and superb as always. One of the best additions that peaked to their fans' interest is that they have included 3 more characters to play as during the story campaign: the kunoichi and fan favorite Ayane (Dead or Alive), the fiend hunter Rachel (Ninja Gaiden Sigma), and ex-ninja plus shrine maiden Momiji (Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword). Let's hurry on with the review.

Presentation: Everyone knows that loading screens during installments are boring as hell. Tecmo managed to make this worthwhile by creating a "prologue" of the game in manga artstyle. It works pretty nicely if you ask me. Thankfully you won't need to see it twice because by the time you're finished with the prologue, the installment is already complete. The menu screen consists of a bunch of modes to play (that is, should you finish the game first). At first, you will have Story Mode and Team Mission Mode. Team Mission is where the online multiplayer kicks in, but I'll explain that later.

The overall of the story is that you play as the descendant of the holy Dragon Lineage, Ryu Hayabusa. He's very much a super ninja, when his mission is clear, he won't stop, period. The Dragon Lineage is a bloodline a celestial warriors created to destroy the Fiends that continue to lurk on the planet even to this present day. At the starting point, one character named Sonia, a CIA agent, has information for Ryu concerning the Fiends' attempt to resurrect the legendary Archfiend. You play as him throughout the entire story. At certain points, you will play as one of the 3 additional characters, each with their own chapter. Playing the game, you'll notice that the story is very linear and there's no plot twist because there's no plot to twist. If you think about it this way, it's more like a superhero's story in which you consistently take on a lot of interesting and rather giant bad guys in order to save the world. Ryu is a super ninja after all. Still, it makes you wonder "why can't there be any exposure to make the experience more entertaining?" In fact, that exposure is written in the scrolls that you find during the campaign, which explains the entire history for you. Believe me, when you read them, you'll be wondering why Tecmo didn't utilize the history for this story.

Gameplay: As said before, extreme, stylish, superb. One of the most fast paced battle systems that will keep you focused on the fight until it's over. Enemy A.I. is really on par with the game's overall difficulty. You will always be fighting ninjas, fiends, werewolves, machines, even ninjas with.......machine guns and missiles. None of them will hold back against you; always getting the chance to grab you and rip you to shreds. Boss Battles are just as intense, but their grabs can be a pain if you don't see them coming (fyi, one grab is Instant Kill on Master Ninja difficulty). 5 new bosses are added to the Sigma title, replacing any repetitive encounters. As you damage these enemies, you'll see their body parts severed. Once you see that, move in quickly and press the triangle to decapitate them with a one-hit kill. Always use this while getting rid of one enemy after another. I'm very much expressing my hatred for how difficult it could be fighting enemies on harder difficulties. You have to try very hard not to get damaged, or grabbed for that matter. However, since I was a very patient man, I've manged to barely make it through each playthrough until I've beaten Master Ninja.

Ryu Hayabusa has a large moveset and a sweet array of weapons. You also have have your Ninjutsu magic and long ranged weapons. Your close ranged weapons have a lot (and I mean A LOT) of combos. About the ranged weapons, changes were made from the first Ninja Gaiden 2. You still have the Fiend's Bane Bow, now with unlimited arrows, and the Howling Cannon, which replaces all the other previous weapons. Let's not forget your close ranged weapons. You have your standard Dragon Sword, along with unique weapons like a Bo Staff and even a sickle with a chain. Combos can be important in this game, even though there's a lot, so know these combos well in case you have a favorite weapon. Some weapons have their own moves as well. One in particular is Ninja Gaiden's best move, the Izuna Drop. In Ninja Gaiden 2, you can only use the Izuna Drop with the Dragon Sword, but in Sigma 2, you can use the same move with all your weapons. One new addition to your collection is the Emma's Fang, a large sword which is great for sweeping enemies down.

Next is your movements, as well as Ultimate Techniques. Dodging and guarding is very, very important in this game. Holding down the L1 button allows you to guard and pressing square or triangle will let you use counter attacks. Moving while holding L1 will allow you to dodge any enemy attack in an instant. Use this only when you have an opportunity to dodge or get away from enemies. Jumping is important too. Ultimate Techniques are used with any close ranged weapon by holding the triangle button, unleashing a devastating combo that will put your enemies to shame. All enemies drop theme karma orbs as you kill them. Collect those for money or absorb them holding the triangle button to shorten the time for your Ultimate Techniques.

The tools used for the item system is a bit sophisticated in this game. You can find healing items, health upgrades, or spell upgrades in treasure chests (some contain fiends inside). You can also buy these healing items whenever you've come across any one of Muramasa's shops. The prices are expensive for a reason, because this enforces you to use items sparingly while honing your skills. You'll come across these crystal skulls that help to decrease those prices. When the lamp next to the shop is blue, that means you get to choose any weapon to upgrade once. Upgrade your weapons once every time you come across these blue lamps and make them stronger and gain access to more intense combos.

Sound: On the sound department, the score is always intense with orchestral instruments that pump up the action, even during the cutscenes. It's a shame that there's not much variety because of that, especially when all I've been hearing are slashes and the screams of dying enemies. The English voice track is good overall, whereas the voices of the Greater Fiends pretty much stole the game.

Multiplayer: The multiplayer experience wasn't that bad for me. An online co-op is always better than relying on a useless partner A.I. In Team Mission Mode, you are given a lot of missions, each are categorized by difficulty. You and your partner have to take down every swarm of enemies while working together. You can both use your Ninpo at the same time to unleash an Ultimate Ninpo, destroying all enemies at once. Complete each mission and earn Karma Points and a medal. One good cause for the multiplayer experience is that after a mission, you get to see the percentage of how much work you've done less or more than your partner. I've had a hell of a time with one player I've come across and we attempted to beat this hard ass mission, no matter how many times we failed.

In a way, the multiplayer is just...okay. Considering that some players have using the multiplayer by now, you would wonder why there was no split-screen multiplayer.

Final Verdict:

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is an excellent game and far better than its Xbox 360 predecessor, redesigned to be much easier for the PS3 audience while adding more content. The difficulty is high depending on which setting you play, but hardcore gamers will love the fast-paced experience. Story Mode is linear, but that's minor compared to everything else. If you're a patient man (or woman) like myself, get this game and try it out. Hopefully you'll beat this game on the hardest mode, just as I have.]]>
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<![CDATA[ One Bullet Hell of a Rollercoaster Ride]]> Gears of War or otherwise. Of course, such a conception is left for debate. However, Platinum Games of  MadWorld and Bayonetta fame took this TPS genre and developed a game with a flare that was never displayed in any third-person shooter: Vanquish.


Vanquish presents to you pretty lightly with a good looking menu screen with simple options. You can only start off playing the single-player campaign and, as you progress, unlock the Challenge mode to test your skills. The options menu provide the usual button mapping, sensitivity and language of choice.

The overall beginning of the story is that in the distant future, mankind has reached the evolutionary stage that resulted in a massive global recession with governmental superpowers fighting for new resources. As a temporary solution, the United States has created a satellite used to absorb energy from the sun. The antagonistic militia known as the "Russian Star" have taken over this satellite and used its solar power to destroy San Fransisco. I can say that the destruction was rather bloody.

This is where you play as a researcher of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Sam Gideon, trained to utilize the facility's new series of military weaponry known as the Augmented Reaction Suit (ARS). You are on a secret mission, along with a very fond female operator, to rescue a scientist from DARPA who's about to be used by Russian Star as a subject of an unknown plan. You are also grouped with the walking, war-hero archetype, Robert Burns and his Bravo squad, to help stop the Russians and their army of robots from using the solar-powered satellite to destroy New York City.

I may have made the story sound interesting, but that is indeed how the story plays out. Because the usual playthrough of Vanquish is about seven to eight hours, the story is very lackluster with only short moments of character development, corny dialogue, plot-holes that should've been filled, and an ending that merits a sequel. At times it takes itself seriously. Other times it attempts to be funny. As you play the game, however, the only thing you need to know is that there are a lot of Russian robots that could use a major ass-whooping.

What truly gives Vanquish a name for itself is that it is fast-paced, breathtaking, and out of control. Players will be in awe as they partake in battlefields filled with bullets, suspenseful action sequences, and giant robot boss battles. This is what people would refer to as "eye candy," and Vanquish is full of it.


Given that this is a third-person shooter, Vanquish has the usual cover-and-shoot mechanics. However, you are required to do much more with Sam's ARS Suit. For example, replace the sprint mechanic with the ARS' boosters that help you slide across the battlefield. Since the suit is made for increasing the timing of your reactions, it allows you to engage "Bullet Time" after dodging or jumping over cover. Using these unique gameplay mechanics, you can change the shape of the battlefield however you wish. The ARS is not perfect. There's a meter that tells you how much of the suit you can use, whether it's these said mechanics, unleashing a flurry of melee attacks, or as you health is reaching a critical state.

Another example is, instead of carrying three weapons at a time, collect their data and forge them into a single weapon. You wield Sam's Battlefield Logic ADaptable Electronic Weapons System (BLADE), which scans existing weapons so you can use those weapons yourself. There's not too much variety of weaponry, but it's more than enough for your experience with Vanquish.

I should note that Vanquish has a very strict learning curve. It does not go easy you, even if you play on Easy Mode (lolirony). Even the normal enemies can be very strict if you don't know what you're doing. This only implies that Vanquish is meant for the hardcore crowd, those who want a real challenge and wish to use strategy to win, much like the new Ninja Gaiden games.

You are not alone in the battlefield since you are siding with the Bravo squad soldiers. Their A.I. aren't exactly incompetent, but they don't do much damage to enemies. You can use them as distractions if you want to, but you can also heal these soldiers so they can give you extra ammo.

Vanquish also provides many quick-time events that display a lot of badass sequences and "HOLY S***" moments followed by anime-style punches, flips, and anything Japanese game developers usually come up with as seen in this video.


The graphics are what help Vanquish's presentation stand out. The production budget that Platinum Games put into this game must have been very high if you can see the slick details of Sam Gideon's ARS Suit, the facial expression on Burn's face, and even watching the bullets slowing passing you by as you use Bullet Time. The environments, except for the forest stages, truly compliment the mix of Western sci-fi elements from movies and other video games such as the popular Halo franchise. Vanquish is also complete with no screen tearing and few (but easily forgivable) bit-rate losses so that the insane action can never stop.


The score of Vanquish is not extraordinary, but the slick, techno music sets the mood in every situation. Even the boss battles provide a different vibe of music; from fighting a giant robot to destroying an 10-story jamming machine with giant lasers.

An interesting note on the sound department is the amount of voicetracks, providing you with voice tracks in English, Japanese, and German (just to name a few). The English track is not entirely great considering the unessecary tone of Sam's voice and what could possibly be the most uncanny performance by Steve Blum (Burns). I've tried each language and they each have their own negatives, but my personal favorites were German or Italian.

Final Verdict:

Vanquish is an exillerating single-player experience of it's own right. The jaw-dropping action and difficulty, as well as its stunning visuals, shows that Platinum Games has created a third-person shooter like no other. Despite that there's no multiplayer mode, this game is made to fill your heart with joy as you plummet the living hell out of the Russian robots. If you're a hardcore gamer who would like to earn the success of beating a video game at the hardest difficulty or if you're a shooter fan who wants to try something new, Vanquish should not be missed.]]>
http://www.lunch.com/ZoKnowsGaming/reviews/video_game/UserReview-Vanquish-764-1686347-202935-One_Bullet_Hell_of_a_Rollercoaster_Ride.html http://www.lunch.com/ZoKnowsGaming/reviews/video_game/UserReview-Vanquish-764-1686347-202935-One_Bullet_Hell_of_a_Rollercoaster_Ride.html Tue, 1 Mar 2011 20:49:44 +0000
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EDIT: Playing it on my friend's 360, I was unable to complete it any further after several stop and goes that accumulated well over 30 hours.]]>
http://www.lunch.com/reviews/video_game/UserReview-Final_Fantasy_XIII-663-1439336-202049.html http://www.lunch.com/reviews/video_game/UserReview-Final_Fantasy_XIII-663-1439336-202049.html Tue, 22 Feb 2011 05:22:20 +0000
<![CDATA[Final Fantasy XIII Quick Tip by Yusaku_Matsuda70s]]>
EDIT: Playing it on my friend's 360, I was unable to complete it any further after several stop and goes that accumulated well over 30 hours.]]>
http://www.lunch.com/reviews/video_game/UserReview-Final_Fantasy_XIII-663-1439336-202049.html http://www.lunch.com/reviews/video_game/UserReview-Final_Fantasy_XIII-663-1439336-202049.html Tue, 22 Feb 2011 05:22:20 +0000
<![CDATA[ Don't Let Bad Reviews Deter You From Playing This Gem.]]> What starts the story in this game?
You are in control of Lightning. She's on a personal mission to save her younger sister Serah from the grasp of the evil Fal'Cie. With your partner Sazh you make your way to where the Fal'Cie lie in wait. The story quickly shifts you to the story of Snow. This young man is Serahs fiancee. While working on a mission with NORA (his resistance group), tragedy strikes and an innocent mother is lost. This lose of an important figure quickly wrecks a young child named Hopes life. He and Vanille begin to pursue Snow, who went after Serah as well, in hopes of getting revenge. The five soon get entangled in a tough decision: they can fight against a destined fate or destroy the world they live in. This soon spirals into a long and fantastic story that any fan of a RPG can enjoy.

What was the most challenging part of this game?
The final boss of this game is complete bollocks. If the party leader your controlling in the battle dies, it's game over for you. Adding the fact that the boss has a One-Hit Kill move, it makes this fight a real pain. I often found myself getting closer and closer to finally beating the boss and *Shazam* it uses the insta-kill move on my party leader. I would usually die right on the spot. I can't tell you how frustrating it was to have this happen countless times. But after not giving up for several hours I finally beat it. All my hard work had come to fruition and I was on my way to a what I thought was a happy ending.

Was the story good?
Absolutely! The whole story was great. Picking out a single point from the 60+ hours of story and saying it is my favorite part is down right impossible. I loved every aspect of this story. The love in relationships between certain characters was the genuine article. The story of trust and friendship was phenomenal. Protecting what you loved was a major part in the story, every character was driven to do just that. The story flowed so smoothly. I'll never forget how heartwarming and depressing the ending was to me. I had loved the entire story and didn't want it to end. Yet sadly all great things must come to an end.

*Luckily it goes on in the next installment being developed by SE called "Final Fantasy XIII-2".*


Share the most innovative gameplay mechanic.

The Eidolons were this games answer to summons. Every main character had one. Acquiring them was no walk in the park either. Once you summoned them your other party members would disappear and your Eidolon would swoop in too save the day. Each Eidolon had two forms. The first being what they were summoned to the field as, which is best described as a humanoid form. While in this form they would fight along side you and act as another party member.
     The other form was a vehicle form (only one didn't even relate to a vehicle, I'm looking at you Alexander) called gestalt mode. You would transform them into this form before their SP gauge was full. The final attack was always a the big hitter of all. It would almost always kill the random enemy you were fighting; while only doing a good chunk of damage to the bosses.
The Eidolons were such a great addition to the game. I found myself using them any chance I got.

What ice cream flavor describes this game?
This was a simple choice: Rocky Road. Just as the name implies, it's a bumpy road at first, but as you go along it evens out and turns into a very nice and smooth ride for anyone to enjoy. All the bumps are simply the cons of this game.
-First, linearity of the dungeons is a big issue to a lot of people when it comes to this game. I felt the dungeons were all done extremely well. No two hallways looked the same and I found myself walking through each corridor slowly taking in the great design.
-Second, others say the characters are boring or dull with the exception of a few characters. I had no issue with this. The characters to me were some of the best in the series. They each had some part of their personality I could relate to.
-Lastly, It is said you can just mash the confirm button when your in battle since there is a auto command, and you don't have to put in any effort towards the fight. I feel this is said by people who simply played only the first part of the game and quit out of influence from judging the game too early or they read a bad review. As the game progresses your forced to change classes and fight certain types of enemies in different ways. Every enemy can't be killed by simple physical attacks or the cast of the spell ruin. If you don't change classes or strategies, your in for a very tough fight.
     The rocks of this road are quickly turned to pebbles and hardly ever  noticed again once you overlook them. The wonderful road this game lays out after its "short comings" is a beautiful story, wonderful characters, well designed dungeons and an addictive battle system. So give this game a shot if your searching for any of these from a RPG.

Thanks you for reading my review. Criticism and comments are very welcomed.

http://www.lunch.com/ZoKnowsGaming/reviews/video_game/UserReview-Final_Fantasy_XIII-764-1439336-202027-Don_t_Let_Bad_Reviews_Deter_You_From_Playing_This.html http://www.lunch.com/ZoKnowsGaming/reviews/video_game/UserReview-Final_Fantasy_XIII-764-1439336-202027-Don_t_Let_Bad_Reviews_Deter_You_From_Playing_This.html Mon, 21 Feb 2011 23:37:26 +0000
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 Please excuse the numerous adjectives. :D]]>
http://www.lunch.com/reviews/video_game/UserReview-Final_Fantasy_XIII-663-1439336-202000.html http://www.lunch.com/reviews/video_game/UserReview-Final_Fantasy_XIII-663-1439336-202000.html Mon, 21 Feb 2011 19:15:53 +0000
<![CDATA[Final Fantasy XIII Quick Tip by Alhazardous]]>
 Please excuse the numerous adjectives. :D]]>
http://www.lunch.com/reviews/video_game/UserReview-Final_Fantasy_XIII-663-1439336-202000.html http://www.lunch.com/reviews/video_game/UserReview-Final_Fantasy_XIII-663-1439336-202000.html Mon, 21 Feb 2011 19:15:53 +0000