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Twenty Chickens for a Saddle: The Story of an African Childhood
Pros: Great stories are related in a humane and engaging manner.     Cons: It's only a con if you don't read this. That would be a tragedy.     The Bottom Line: …
Be Careful What You Wish for
Pros: Fast moving plot, engaging story, interesting plot twist.     Cons: Maybe creepier than I would want for a young child.     The Bottom Line: I would recommend …
reviewed Breakfast Club (1985 movie). July 09, 2008
posted in Movie Hype
Breakfast Club
Pros: Great cast, script, directing     Cons: explicit drug use (marijuana)     The Bottom Line: This movie is a great example of ensemble casting. This movie is …
reviewed Lost In The Labyrinth. July 03, 2008
Lost In The Labyrinth
Pros: Compelling narrative, wonderful adaptation of the myth of the Minotaur.     Cons: None at all.     The Bottom Line: Wonderful narrative retelling of a classic …
reviewed The Longest Way Home. July 01, 2008
The Longest Way Home
Pros: Engaging story, well described, fully fleshed characters.     Cons: Ends somewhat abruptly, the story could have gone on for much longer.     The Bottom Line: …
Avery 24071 Hi-Liter Glidestik Fluorescent
Pros: Lighter, brighter color. Really stands out visually.     Cons: Takes a little longer to dry.     The Bottom Line: This is a quality product that lasts longer …
Avery 25833 Big Barrel Highlighters Yellow Ink
Pros: Long lasting, durable product.     Cons: None that I know of.     The Bottom Line: This is a valuable tool to help students mark pertinent text. It is light …
Darkly Dreaming Dexter (Vintage Crime/Black
Pros: Enriches the story told by the Showtime series.     Cons: I thought the description of Deborah Morgan was a bit pale.     The Bottom Line: Although the basic …
reviewed Jagged Little Pill. June 20, 2008
posted in Music Matters
Jagged Little Pill
Pros: Great songs, moving rhythms, nice tunes.     Cons: Not any at all.     The Bottom Line: This has got to be my favorite driving music since Boz Skagg's Lido …
reviewed Cat Fancy Magazine. June 17, 2008
Cat Fancy Magazine
Pros: Great color photos. Pertinent articles, interesting features.     Cons: Might not be interesting if you hate cats.     The Bottom Line: I've really enjoyed …
The Lost Painting
Pros: One of the best books about a specific artwork I've ever read. Fast moving.     Cons: Not one, seriously.     The Bottom Line: I read a lot of books about …
reviewed IonizAir AR3397 Air Purifier. June 14, 2008
IonizAir AR3397 Air Purifier
Pros: Can improve the air quality in a room.     Cons: Has to be cleaned often or loses effectiveness.     The Bottom Line: This product is a toy version of the …
Procter & Gamble Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Pads
Pros: Easy to use, very effective for some tasks.     Cons: Doesn't appear to be really durable.     The Bottom Line: This seems like a very interesting new product …
reviewed 21 Dog Years : A Cube Dweller's Tale. June 14, 2008
21 Dog Years : A Cube Dweller's Tale
Pros: Engaging read, funny in places. Interesting look at on-line mega store.     Cons: This guy is peculiar, not always in a good way.     The Bottom Line: The …
reviewed Dexter -The Complete First Season. June 10, 2008
posted in Movie Hype
Dexter -The Complete First Season
Pros: Intriguing story, good acting, subtle twists and turns.     Cons: Occasionally graphic, not for younger viewers.     The Bottom Line: I would recommend seeing …
reviewed A Knight's Tale: Original Soundtrack. June 09, 2008
posted in Music Matters
A Knight's Tale
Pros: Great moving music, very appropriate to the mood of the movie.     Cons: Hades negative.     The Bottom Line: This is an amazing compilation of moving and …
reviewed 20 Million Miles to Earth. June 08, 2008
posted in Movie Hype
20 Million Miles To Earth
Pros: Great monster movie from the 1950's. Some excellent stop motion animation.     Cons: Cheesy, bad script, often silly.     The Bottom Line: This is a great …
reviewed Sumo Bizarro (P). June 08, 2008
Sumo Bizarro (P)
Pros: Clever and well done illustrations.     Cons: Not as funny as later works.     The Bottom Line: This would be something for a purist collector to have. I …
reviewed Under the Tuscan Sun. June 08, 2008
Under the Tuscan Sun
Pros: Absolutely gorgeous description of food, sights, sounds and smells.     Cons: No big story here, it's not about a story.     The Bottom Line: This is the …
reviewed Hot Tamales 9.5oz Theater Box. June 05, 2008
Hot Tamales 9.5oz Theater Box
Pros: Fat free candy with cinnamon flavor.     Cons: Well, sugar causes cavities.     The Bottom Line: Hot Tamales is a classic candy. It's good to wolf down at …
Geisha, a Life: A Life Books
Pros: Well told story, many interesting events.     Cons: It took me a little while to warm up to the material.     The Bottom Line: This book was well done and …
reviewed Nandina Asian Tapas. June 02, 2008
Nandina Asian Tapas
Pros: Outstanding food, charming and attentive service.     Cons: I didn't know about this place sooner!     The Bottom Line: Wonderful place to get on your sushi …
reviewed Lady in the Water. June 01, 2008
Lady in the Water
Pros: Original and well acted.     Cons: Hard to see at times because of the low light.     The Bottom Line: Well, I want to see it again soon. I think that this …
reviewed Rome - The Complete First Season. May 31, 2008
posted in Movie Hype
Rome - The Complete First Season
Pros: Superb acting, incredible sets, very well written.     Cons: It only went for two seasons. DANG.     The Bottom Line: One of the best history shows I've ever …
Gardner's Art Through the Ages Books
Pros: Comprehensive content, consistently organized study tool.     Cons: Some sections are REALLY long.      The Bottom Line: This study guide is a very helpful …
reviewed The Angry Red Planet. May 29, 2008
posted in Movie Hype
Pros: Decent acting, interesting story, FUN visuals.     Cons: Cheesy dialog and effects. (Possibly a pro, depending on point of view)     The Bottom Line: This …
reviewed Tipperary Inn. May 25, 2008
Tipperary Inn
Pros: Great Queso Dip, good draft beer and cider selection.     Cons: Food quality is not always consistent.     The Bottom Line: This is a great place to go with …
reviewed The Sparrow. May 25, 2008
The Sparrow
Pros: Riveting story, vivid characters, unusual premise.     Cons: There are some adult situations that could be disturbing for a younger reader.     The Bottom …
Gardner's Art Through the Ages With Infotrac
Pros: Excellent color reproductions, companion online resources.     Cons: Need to take up weightlifting to carry this book around.     The Bottom Line: This is …
reviewed The Forest House. May 24, 2008
The Forest House
Pros: Descriptive language, good dialog, interesting treatment of history.     Cons: Often tragic.     The Bottom Line: This novel is a good back story for the …
reviewed The Princess Bride (1987 film). May 22, 2008
posted in Movie Hype
DVD front
Pros: Epic tale, great adventures, no bad language     Cons: Well, it's silly and some folks don't have a sense of humor     The Bottom Line: I would recommend …
reviewed Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. May 17, 2008
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Pros: Great songs, wonderful acting, tremendous dancing,      Cons: Some of the female singing seems canned.     The Bottom Line: This movie features some of the …
reviewed Priestess of Avalon. May 17, 2008
Priestess of Avalon
Pros: Engaging story, believable dialog, presents some historic facts.     Cons: Sometimes descriptions are superficial.      The Bottom Line: I'd recommend this …
reviewed Bargainville. May 13, 2008
posted in Music Matters
Pros: Stunning harmonies, biting political satire.     Cons: Offensive if one is insecure or doesn't have a sense of humor.     The Bottom Line: Moxy Fruvous is …
Schismatrix Plus: Includes Schismatrix and
Pros: Engaging characters, good dialog, interesting concepts.     Cons: Story is convoluted at times.     The Bottom Line: There is original content. The author …
reviewed Naked. May 09, 2008
Pros: Naked will make you laugh out loud.     Cons: There are some adult situations that would not be recommended for the younger reader.     The Bottom Line: I …
Merle's Door: Lessons from a Freethinking Dog
Pros: Interesting research, great writing, touching story.     Cons: Not a single one.     The Bottom Line: This is a heartwarming story that is guaranteed to give …
Figures of Speech: Sixty Ways to Turn a Phrase
Pros: Good collection of quotations that use literary devices.     Cons: A soul-sucking devastatingly dry read.     The Bottom Line: Great if you need to prop up …
reviewed Little Miss Sunshine. May 05, 2008
Little Miss Sunshine
Pros: Wonderful ensemble cast. Well acted. Alan Arkin's lines.     Cons: Drags in a couple of spots. Alan Arkin's lines.     The Bottom Line: Strange and wonderful, …
reviewed Pride & Prejudice (2005 film). May 05, 2008
posted in Movie Hype
Pride & Prejudice
Pros: True to the spirit of the text, gorgeous scenes, well acted.     Cons: Minimizes some of the minor characters.     The Bottom Line: This is a beautifully …
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