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We took a flight from HK to Bangkok last month and I was looking forward to the trip. Guess what!? No movies on board the 2 1/2 hour flight!!! There was only TV programs, no new movies. That's unforgivable on a top airliner! I asked and the answer I got was the flight was too short a duration for a movie! BS!]]>
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<![CDATA[ American Airlines Could Learn a Thing or Two or Three....]]>
In a Travel and Leisure 2009 of Best and Worst Airlines, American was rated second last with on-time performance and was rated last in 2008. Based on US News America's Meanest Airlines, American was the fifth worst in total customer complaints (I wonder where we're supposed to register them because from what I've seen on the web, this number should be higher on the list) with 1.44 reported for every 100,000 passengers. identified AA as the seventh worst company in America and cited several reasons, including high baggage fees and service cutbacks. So, now that the experts have spoken, I'm sure you're dying to hear my version.

The day before we were to leave, I had a full day of relaxation, beach, bodysurfing and margaritas planned. I had been so active in Puerto Rico that I didn't look as tan as I had hoped. First, I thought we'd print out our boarding passes. It's 10:30am and I thought we'd be done to go to breakfast and then, indulge in a day of sunshine, all in all, it should've taken 10 minutes.

Seat Assignments: When we printed the boarding passes, we noticed something interesting, I wasn't sitting next to my husband, though I had reserved the seats at the same time. In fact, I was in the back of the plane. The seat that was originally mine was now listed as Premiere and would cost an additional $14 (these seats were no different from the rest of the Coach seats as I'd see later so I'm really not sure why the extra $14).

Customer Service: Well, this should be an easy fix. I go online. There wasn't an online chat session, just a phone number. Great. Now, at 10:45am, I get to stay on the phone and deal with customer service (uggggggh). Of course, since I'm in PR, I have to dial some other number and when I get a rep, she tells me I have to talk to Orbitz.. "You didn't reserve the seats on aa.com." "Yes, yes I did. Why on Earth would I not want to sit next to my husband and why does he get his seats when I reserved them at the same time?" After more arguing, I finally decide to say, as calmly as possible, "You know, I know you're just doing your job and you neither have the power nor desire to help me solve my issue. Let me talk to your manager." "Well, he's busy." "Well, aren't we all? I don't want to yell at you since you are only doing your job..." "It might be a while"

And so I hold...and hold...and hold...should we go get breakfast? And hold...then, she comes on the line to say he'll be right with me, it's 11:30a. And I wait...and wait...wow, I'm hungry, let's walk to the local spot and get breakfast and wait...and wait. At 11:45a, we're almost to the breakfast spot and she comes on again, he'll be right with me. I say, "Listen, he damn well better be on his way to this phone. My husband and I are now walking to the airport because you can't solve a simple issue over the phone and if we get there before he gets on this phone, you guys are in big, BIG trouble." (Yes, I pulled a mom line) At this point, I'm pissed off. It's now noon, yes, NOON and no, he's not on the phone. We get to the cafe and I decide to hang up, I'm not going to yell in the middle of this cafe when people are trying to enjoy their breakfasts. But, maybe I should've yelled outside....

We finish breakfast and wait for the bus to take us to the airport so we can deal with this NOW. Bus times are on Puerto Rico time and I'm not sure anything is on a set schedule. We get to the airport and they have a section specifically for special assistance with ticketing (I thought that this was for handicapped passengers, kids and the elderly but, no, apparently, they're such screw-ups that this is actually a section for people just like us). It takes a few minutes but, at 2p (!) we get up to the counter and Stuart gets us seated next to each other. The whole thing takes 5 minutes. I'm still pissed though- they should've at least given us better seats (he put us in the back) or coupons for food or SOMETHING. No apologies, crappy seats and the last day of vacation pretty much ruined. We didn't get back to the hotel until 3:30p, thankfully, we didn't have anything planned.

Domestic Baggage Fees:
  • 1st Bag: $25
  • 2nd Bag: $35
  • 3rd Bag: $100
Overweight/Oversized Bags:
  • 51-70 lbs: $60 (up $10 from last year)
  • 71-100 lbs: $100
  • 62-125 inches: $150
Remember the good ol' days, when regular bags were free and you only had to pay if it was over 55 pounds? When you got a meal on flights over an hour and a half? When you got free pillows and blankets for red eye flights? When flying was affordable and fun and comfy? No longer. If you want a pillow and blanket, it's $9.50 with ear plugs and an eye mask. Hungry? I was STARVING and the only thing that looked mildly appetizing was a small pretzel and hummus dip for $4.49.

Suffice to say, I will never be flying American Airlines again. I just wish that Virgin America flew more places. I'd much rather give my hard earned money to any other airline. I suggest that you save your money, time, sanity and vacation for something much more worthy of your efforts.]]>
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<![CDATA[ Epic Sound!]]>
Having been wanting a pair for a while, I was expecting brilliant sound and man was I blown away. I put on a track from the Transformers Score to test the bass and I actually teared up. Hearing the music in this new way was astonishing. With the Solo Beats, you don't miss anything; it's like listening to truly loss-less audio.  Not to mention the bass which quite literarily rocks the headphones.  The noise cancellation feature the Beats have is also fantastic; if you're listening to a track and have these on, you really can't hear any outside noise.  If you are in a high traffic area, you might hear some big cars go by, but other than that, the feature is fantastic.  I'm looking forward to testing these out on a plane because that is where the true test is.  I have purchased "noise cancellation" headphones before, but they have really never gotten the job done when on board a plane.

Despite the fact that these are on the larger side, the Solo Beats HD are actually quite light, making them more portable than some of the other larger headphones on the market right now.  Being able to fold them up and put them in your pocket is perfect and if you don't want them just sitting in there, the headphones come with a pretty decent carrying case.  I did hear from a couple of people that with the older version of the Solo Beats HD, the band was snapping where they folded in.  This is no longer the case as these have been reinforced.  Again, mobility is great with these, and if you like going to the gym, they are great for working out.

These limited edition Solo Beats HD are exclusively sold from Apple for $199.99.  I highly recommend them for any music lover who doesn't want to miss a beat of music.  5/5]]>
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<![CDATA[American Airlines Bankruptcy Filing Quick Tip by devora]]> see my review), but it's still sad to see a business struggling.  Hope that with this filing, they'll come back better and stronger, but in this economy, it's hard to tell what's going to happen.]]> http://www.lunch.com/airtravel/reviews/d/UserReview-American_Airlines_Bankruptcy_Filing-129-1784905-215858.html http://www.lunch.com/airtravel/reviews/d/UserReview-American_Airlines_Bankruptcy_Filing-129-1784905-215858.html Wed, 30 Nov 2011 00:57:31 +0000 <![CDATA[Hurricane Irene (2011) Quick Tip by BaronSamedi3]]> http://www.lunch.com/reviews/d/UserReview-Hurricane_Irene_2011_-1759878-212858.html http://www.lunch.com/reviews/d/UserReview-Hurricane_Irene_2011_-1759878-212858.html Thu, 1 Sep 2011 17:38:38 +0000 <![CDATA[Hurricane Irene (2011) Quick Tip by Count_Orlok_22]]>
Well, after a lot of wind and a lot of rain, the trees are still standing, the power never went out, and everything's already gone pretty much back to normal. The storm just kind of fizzled out. How anticlimactic.]]>
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<![CDATA[Hurricane Irene (2011) Quick Tip by Sharrie]]>
Stay safe, Americans!]]>
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<![CDATA[2011 Eruptions of Grímsvötn Volcano in Iceland Quick Tip by Sharrie]]>

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<![CDATA[KLM Quick Tip by Sharrie]]>

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<![CDATA[Singapore Airlines Quick Tip by Sharrie]]>

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<![CDATA[Air Force One Quick Tip by Sharrie]]>
Imagine the horror of missing connections for all party concerned!]]>
http://www.lunch.com/airtravel/reviews/d/UserReview-Air_Force_One-129-1732812-206718.html http://www.lunch.com/airtravel/reviews/d/UserReview-Air_Force_One-129-1732812-206718.html Sun, 1 May 2011 11:41:12 +0000
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SilkAir flies mostly by 737 aircrafts so it shouldn't command that premium over the other low cost airlines. The only advantage is probably because it still offer "free" meals (which are already factored into its pricing)!]]>
http://www.lunch.com/airtravel/reviews/d/UserReview-SilkAir-129-1433518-205887.html http://www.lunch.com/airtravel/reviews/d/UserReview-SilkAir-129-1433518-205887.html Thu, 14 Apr 2011 06:28:45 +0000
<![CDATA[Garuda Indonesia Quick Tip by Sharrie]]>
Clearly, the airline does not have as good a reputation as its neighboring airline, Singapore Airline. However, the pilots of Garuda are well trained in familiar terrains and navigates better than any other foreign airlines when it comes to the domestic routes. A Silk Air flight to Sumatra once crashed while on the same route less than an hour later, the Garuda flight landed safely!

I've taken Garuda Indonesia a few times in my younger days and have always been impressed with the skill of its pilots who managed to touch down the aircraft nicely without a big bang like some in the US do! Having said that, many foreigners don't have confidence in this airline though.]]>
http://www.lunch.com/airtravel/reviews/d/UserReview-Garuda_Indonesia-129-1433497-205886.html http://www.lunch.com/airtravel/reviews/d/UserReview-Garuda_Indonesia-129-1433497-205886.html Thu, 14 Apr 2011 06:23:55 +0000
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If you plan on shopping and having your meals at the airport, go at least 3 hours before departure. The post office at the airport is also great if you've excess shopping from city. Just mail them home! ;-)]]>
http://www.lunch.com/airtravel/reviews/d/UserReview-Suvarnabhumi_Airport_Bangkok_International_Airport_-129-1437422-205883.html http://www.lunch.com/airtravel/reviews/d/UserReview-Suvarnabhumi_Airport_Bangkok_International_Airport_-129-1437422-205883.html Thu, 14 Apr 2011 06:08:50 +0000
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The airport is so busy that even UFO had been sighted last year and resulted in the closure of the airport for an hour!]]>
http://www.lunch.com/airtravel/reviews/d/UserReview-Hangzhou_Xiaoshan_International_Airport-129-1728548-205881.html http://www.lunch.com/airtravel/reviews/d/UserReview-Hangzhou_Xiaoshan_International_Airport-129-1728548-205881.html Thu, 14 Apr 2011 05:58:43 +0000
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Do not walk too fast or run upon arrival as you'd be landing at some 3900+ m altitude. For some, there might be altitude sickness!]]>
http://www.lunch.com/airtravel/reviews/d/UserReview-Lhasa_Gonggar_Airport-129-1728540-205874.html http://www.lunch.com/airtravel/reviews/d/UserReview-Lhasa_Gonggar_Airport-129-1728540-205874.html Thu, 14 Apr 2011 05:14:00 +0000
<![CDATA[Jiuzhaigou Huanglong Airport Quick Tip by Sharrie]]>
If you managed to climb to the top of Huanglong without any symptoms of headaches or altitude sickness, then you can go to Tibet without much worry. Huanglong at its height is around 4000 meters! And you can get down to a lower level if you experience lack of oxygen here. In Tibet, there is no way of doing so as Lhasa (the entire city) is 3900 m at its base! So, this is a great test run!

Jiuzhaigou has some of the most colorful and beautiful sceneries where water is concerned. 2 days is ample as the water is still and can be boring after awhile.]]>
http://www.lunch.com/airtravel/reviews/d/UserReview-Jiuzhaigou_Huanglong_Airport-129-1728539-205873.html http://www.lunch.com/airtravel/reviews/d/UserReview-Jiuzhaigou_Huanglong_Airport-129-1728539-205873.html Thu, 14 Apr 2011 05:09:12 +0000
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