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There's a New Sheriff in Town

  • Mar 5, 2011
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Gore Verbinski’s Rango is a treasure of an animated film – funny, smart, stylish, perfectly cast, and a technical achievement. Although its pratfall humor, bright colors, and usage of talking animals will almost certainly make it accessible to children, I suspect adults will find it more appealing, for they are far more likely to be familiar with the conventions of the movie western. This movie doesn’t miss a beat: It takes place in a small frontier town surrounded by unforgiving desert land; we see a saloon, a general store, and a jailhouse; it centers on a community where social order is defined not by laws, but by personal justice; it introduces us to a stranger who wanders into town and becomes the newest sheriff; it features gunslinging and clocks that strike high noon; and the story involves territorial disputes and political corruption. There’s even hard drinking. No prostitutes, though. Hey, there’s only so far a PG rating can go.
But even the most well researched cinematic homage would be nothing without an engaging plot. Rango draws you in from the very first scene – where a mariachi band of desert owls sing of how the title character passed into legend – and keeps you hooked with a compelling and highly entertaining story of a ramshackle desert community struggling to survive the harsh desert climate. The filmmakers up the ante by working in themes not normally associated with the western, namely the search for identity and discovering the hero within. This is reserved for Rango (voiced by Johnny Depp), a humble chameleon who desperately wants to blend in and doesn’t know who he is outside of the roles he plays; he’s an actor, you see, and at the start, he’s in terrarium rehearsing a play with no one other than a fake miniature palm tree, a windup fish, a dead bug, and a naked Barbie doll, which is missing one arm and a head.

His journey across the Mojave Desert in the back of someone’s car is rudely interrupted when the car suddenly swerves, causing the terrarium to fall through an open window and shatter on the open road. An encounter with a spiritual armadillo (voiced by Alfred Molina) and a hungry hawk lead him to the Old West town of Dirt, which is caught in the grip of a severe drought. Rango quickly acts his way into the hearts of the townsfolk – he adopts a thick western accent, takes on a tough demeanor, and regales them with stories of outlaws who, thanks to him, are now pushing daisies. In a lucky accident, the mean hawk is killed, and Rango is suddenly the town hero. He meets the mayor, Tortoise John (voice by Ned Beatty), who’s elderly and wheelchair bound; he appoints Rango sheriff, and he makes it clear that, with the local supply of water dwindling, the people are running out of things to believe in.
But why is the water dwindling? Is there a conspiracy at work, here? In snooping around for clues, Rango and his posse will face a militia of bat-riding moles, the catalyst for one of the most exciting and technically challenging chase scenes of any recent animated film since Disney/Pixar’s Up. Rango will also face off with the cold, heartless Rattlesnake Jake (voiced by Bill Nighy), whose tail is not a normal rattler but a series of gun barrels. If you’re going to anthropomorphize western archetypes into desert critters, a rattlesnake is by far the best choice for the villain.

Satirical touches are never in short supply, and they have been well written and placed with love and care. Consider the very brief appearances of two humans, one of whom looks uncannily like Hunter S. Thompson. Also consider the film’s single best scene, in which Rango, in a state of spiritual enlightenment, has a conversation with the Spirit of the West. I will say that he’s voiced by Timothy Olyphant, but no power on earth can make me reveal who he’s made to resemble; just know that, considering the genre and the actors who have been immortalized because of it, the filmmakers made the perfect selection. I grant you that children are unlikely to make much of this, but please keep in mind that a family movie is meant to appeal to everyone, not merely to audiences ten and under.
The simple fact is, children will like this movie. They will marvel at the colorful characters, they will laugh at the physical gags, and they will be awed by the renderings. They may even learn a thing or two about loyalty, friendship, and kindness. Adults will appreciate that too, but they will also marvel at how ingeniously the film utilizes western clichés. I personally appreciated the fact that it was released in good old fashioned 2D, a dying trend if ever there was one. For the first time in ages, we have a film that isn’t assaulting your field of vision; Verbinski and the powers that be at Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Studios clearly have held onto the belief that the real goal is to tell a story. Rango is a wonderful looking film, no question, but its greatest achievement is stimulating the imagination.


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March 11, 2011
Great review, I want to go see this.
March 11, 2011
You should go see it. It's a great animated film.
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Chris Pandolfi ()
Growing up a shy kid in a quiet suburb of Los Angeles, Chris Pandolfi knows all about the imagination. Pretend games were always the most fun for him, especially on the school playground; he and his … more
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The film was produced by Nickelodeon Movies, Gore Verbinski's production company Blind Wink, and Graham King's GK Films. The CGI animation was created by Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), marking the first feature animation done by ILM, generally a special effects company.[4]

During voice recording, the actors were given costumes and sets to "help give them the feel of the Wild West". Star Johnny Depp had a 20-day window in which he could voice his role as Rango, and the filmmakers scheduled the supporting actors so as they could do their scenes with Depp and interact with him.[5]

Verbinski said his attempt with Rango was to do a "small" film after the large-scale Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, but that he underestimated how painstaking and time-consuming animated filmmaking is.

An animated Western with a chameleon as the hero is an unlikely concept, butRangois a great film thanks to its witty mix of parody, intriguing characters, and sophisticated humor. When a common pet chameleon who's suffering from an identity crisis crashes headfirst into the stereotypically classic Western town of Dirt, he has the unique opportunity to completely reinvent himself. Dubbing himself Rango, the chameleon boasts of his own heroism and creates a spiral of deception that lands him an appointment as sheriff of a town in crisis. The question is, can one unprepared and completely unqualified chameleon possibly change this little town's future for the ...
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Director: Gore Verbinski
Genre: Action, Adventure, Animation
Release Date: 4 March 2011 (USA)
MPAA Rating: PG
Screen Writer: John Logan
Runtime: 107 minutes
Studio: Paramount Pictures
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