Anime101 Everything that is the world of Japanese animation <![CDATA[Death Note anime Quick Tip by second2None]]> Tue, 8 Jun 2010 00:52:27 +0000 <![CDATA[ Second half didn't live up to the classic first half]]> Death Note was a totally different anime compared to the ones I usually watch.  I usually watched the action packed ones or the the comedy ones or a combination of both.  But Death Note did not fit in any of those categories.  Death Note was a crime thriller.
Death Note starts out about a kid, Yagami Light, who doesn't socialize with any of the other students and tends to look down on everyone else.  He's got the classic conceited attitude that comes with his intelligence.  Looking down on everyone who's not as smart as he is.  One day at school, he finds a notebook that was dropped by a Death god.  He eventually finds out the true nature of the book, which was anyones name he writes on the book will die, by testing it out on some hoodlums.  After realizing the great power he's stumbled upon, he decides to play god and punish everyone that he sees fit.  Soon after everyone realizes that criminals are mysteriously dying out of nowhere, they hired a special crime solver, codenamed "L", to help them with the case.  L, like Light, was a genius himself.  He kept his identity secret from everyone else, even the cops he worked with in the case of the mysterious deaths.  This of course saved him since Light couldn't figure out his real name and hence, he couldn't use the death note book on him.  And so L and Light have a battle of wits and intelligence in trying to figure each other out through out the anime.
I loved the first half of Death Note.  Death Note kept you guessing on how L was gonna survive and keep Light from figuring him out and how he came up with some of his theories which turns out to be correct.  This game of chess between the 2 kept you entertained through out the whole anime.  But the one problem I had with this anime was that they gave Light too much of an advantage in my opinion.  Light himself was a genius so the advantages he had over L was too much of an obstacle for L to overcome.  Because of this problem, something happens half way through the anime that I felt was where it started going somewhat downhill.  I'll admit, 2nd half was still acceptable but it was nowhere close to how great and creative the first half was.  When you watch it, you'll know exactly what I mean but I don't wanna spoil it all for you.

If I could rate the 1st and second half of this series separately, 1st half would be 5 stars and 2nd would be 3 stars.  Overall, this anime is still a must watch for any true anime fan out there.  Maybe you'll appreciate the 2nd half more than I did.

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