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reviewed Trader Joe's. April 27, 2011
Trader Joe's
Trader Joes had great, affordable quality products. There is no question about it. They also have a seemingly great, straightforward return policy: if you don't like it, we will take it back, no questions …
reviewed Chipotle. April 12, 2011
I have been a longtime fan of Chipotle, and their massive, two meal burritos. Lately though, I have not been able to handle a whole mass that is the Chipotle Burrito. I have sometimes tried it in a bowl, …
reviewed Manhattan Stitching. March 28, 2011
posted in MBlocal
Manhattan Stiching
I have been working with Corey at Manhattan Stitching for 4 years now.     We started working together when our organization, ASLMU contacted them to get a deal worked out for a great …
reviewed Grand Hyatt Regency Kauai. March 08, 2011
Grand Hyatt Regency Kauai
Location      The Hyatt is located on the south shore of Kauai. This side of the island is known for sunny weather and warm temperatures, a summer calm summer swell and a large population …
reviewed [Homeboy] Industries Chips and Salsa. February 25, 2011
[Homeboy] Industries Chips and Salsa
[Homeboy] Industries recently launched a line of tortilla chips and salsas to be sold in southern California Ralphs supermarkets. I learned about it in this article by the LA Times.    …
reviewed Envelope.com. December 07, 2010
I have used over 20 different printers in the past year. In my search for a reliable, quality printer, who doesn't't charge insane princes, I have found that on-line printers are the most affordable, …
reviewed Starbucks Double Shot. November 10, 2010
Starbucks Double Shot
This is my number one favorite drink at Starbucks. I have tried to have them re-create it in store, thinking that fresh would be better...but the combination of skim milk and cream and perfect amount …
reviewed Mercedes. November 10, 2010
Of all the talented people on the show, I think it would be hard to find a standout, but I believe Amber Riley is a shining star. She has a KILLER voice and the attitude to go along with it.   …
reviewed The Sun Comes Out World Tour. November 09, 2010
The Sun Comes Out World Tour
It's pretty hard not to like Shakira, with her worldy music songs and hip shaking. Great voice, obviously amazing dance skills. But I was never over the top, in love, as I was with other female pop …
reviewed Glee GQ Photoshoot Controversy. October 22, 2010
Glee GQ Controversy
   If you are an avid follower of Glee, you may have noticed the outrage and headlines in the news the past few days. Parent and Family organizations are OUTRAGED over a photo spread published …
reviewed Mermaids Cafe. September 13, 2010
Mermaids Cafe
Mermaids is one of my top choices to eat on Kauai anytime I am home for a vacation.       It is located on the east side of Kauai in Kapaa, right on the highway.    …
reviewed LMU Basketball. July 23, 2010
posted in The Bluff
LMU Lions
Since becoming a faithful Lion in 2005, I have had a love/hate relationship with our basketball team. I attended more games then the majority of the student body, mostly because I was an active member …
reviewed Queen's Bath. July 14, 2010
Queen's Bath
When people ask me what to do, where to go on Kauai, I always suggest Queen’s Bath, a tidepool located in the back of the neighborhood Princeville.      It offers everything …
reviewed Animals Riding on Top of Other Animals. May 14, 2010
posted in Awesomeness
Animals Riding on Top of Other Animals
See Spot. See Spot run. See Spot and his buddy ride a horse!    source   One size for any occasion.     source   Yeah, bend down. What issss that?    …
reviewed Beaches (Manhattan Beach restaurant). April 30, 2010
posted in MBlocal
     I've been to Beaches twice now. I hated Beaches before I had even been there.      I know plenty of college age folk frequent this bar, and I knew it was …
reviewed Phil Dunphy. April 26, 2010
posted in Modern Family Fans
Phil Dunphy
1/2 Michael Bluth from Arrested Development, and 1/2 everybody's real life (embarrassing) dad, Phil Dunphy (played by Ty Burrell) is quickly becoming my absolute favorite TV character. And the reason …
reviewed Coachella 2010. April 23, 2010
Coachella 2010
I had the most amazing time at Coachella. I tried to write a real review but the amount of things i need to process to get there is wayyyy too much. I am still recovering from my three days in the desert. …
reviewed Glee Season Finale Taping. April 22, 2010
Glee Season Finale Taping
So, I won two tickets to be in the audience for the Glee Finale taping on April 21, by immideently relpying to a tweet I saw . I was very excited, especially after a fabulous episode (The Power of Madonna) …
reviewed Review Prompts in Communities on Lunch. April 14, 2010
Review Prompts in Communities on Lunch.
Review Settings, are the most useful tool a Lunch Community Founder can use in creating a unique community.  With the aid of an introduction and review prompts, they can help add structure to the …
reviewed Manny Delgado. April 09, 2010
posted in Modern Family Fans
Manny Delgado
How can you not just love Manny? He is so outspoken and confident in himself, yet so honest as well.      For a child actor, his character is so full of personanity and tons of complexities. …
reviewed Tompkins Square. March 26, 2010
posted in The Bluff
Tompkins Square
Experience      Though Tompkins makes up only ¼ of my college experience, it holds a very significant place in my LMU history. Every single week my senior year, at least once …
reviewed History of International Film - FTVS 314. March 23, 2010
posted in The Bluff
History of International Film - FTVS 314
On a warm Friday afternoon, there is nothing a college students wants to do more then curl up to a good movie. Thank god for History of International Film, Fridays 2-4:30 PM. It was hands down the BEST …
reviewed Gary Vaynerchuk Presentation. March 15, 2010
posted in SXSW on Lunch
Gary Vaynerchuk Presentation
I always heard of the @Garyvee, but never actually checked him out before. After hearing endless hype about his secret wine party and how awesome he was, I HAD to check it out.      …
reviewed Social Search: A Little Help From My .... March 15, 2010
posted in SXSW on Lunch
   Biggest Takeaway   Social relevance and real time search. The most relevant information comes from people who you can relate to, and is current, trending, and popular.   …
reviewed Apple Magic Mouse. March 12, 2010
posted in Ubergizmo
Apple Magic Mouse
   My Magic Mouse is my magic wand that has me zooming, scrolling, and clicking incessantly. It fits perfectly in the palm of my hand. I feel like such a professional, gliding my finders over …
reviewed Salanwich (155 Grill). March 05, 2010
posted in The Bluff
Salanwich (155 Grill)
Experience      I loved loved loved the salandwich!      It is a freshly tossed ceaser salad ontop of a grilled garlic buttered french bread roll. Best/Worst …
reviewed Facilities at LMU. March 04, 2010
posted in The Bluff
Facilities at LMU
Experience   I feel as if I have a lot to say about this subject, because 1. I have a small bladder 2. I love to take “breaks” during class and 3. I frequently find myself getting …
reviewed Student Employment at LMU. February 23, 2010
posted in The Bluff
Student Employment at LMU
Don't be sucked into a hourly desk job, filing papers and dealing with student complaints.      LMU offers really amazing work opportunities that give you actual real world experience.   …
reviewed O'Malley Apartments (LMU). February 23, 2010
posted in The Bluff
O'Malley Apartments
Located on the edge of the bluff, it boosts the best views of the city, sharing the same siteline as the Jesuit residence and the new library. O’Malley Apartments have tons of space around them, …
reviewed Lion's Den. February 17, 2010
posted in The Bluff
Lion's Den
I have had a love affair with the Lion’s Den ever since I first stepped in their doors. It became a quintessential part of my LMU life my four years on campus, as good or bad as that may be. The …
reviewed Roasted Broccoli. February 03, 2010
Roasted Broccoli
This broccoli recipe literally changed my life. For years and YEARS my mother would stick broccoli in the streamer, turn the dial, and an hour later, the much forgotten broccoli, faded to grey, would …
reviewed Haagen-Dazs Rocky Road. January 28, 2010
Häagen-Dazs Rocky Road
I was never a huge fan of Rocky Road ice cream, for one reason or another. I think it was the cold marshmellows. Then one day, I sampled a mini cup of Hagen Dazs Rocky Road.      I …
reviewed Braised Bok Choy. January 28, 2010
Braised Bok Choy
Braised vegetables have been a recent revelation of mine. Probably since watching Julie and Julia four times in a row (Once at my house, twice on the airplane, and had to rewatch with momma again.) I …
reviewed Greek Yogurt. January 13, 2010
Greek Yoogurt
Greek yogurt is a total diet fad right now, for what reasons, I am unaware. But I totally love greek yogurt and you should too, if you haven’t tried it yet. Yogurt makes a great snack, part of …
reviewed Gaiam. January 12, 2010
When you are starting a yoga practice, many things seem complicated and foreign. Everyone around you seems to know what there are doing, while the teacher is speaking to you in another language and bending …
reviewed Häagen-Dazs five. January 11, 2010
Häagen-Dazs five
Well, I cannot say that it is REALLY better then homemade, but I can't imagine it getting any better then this.      Haagan Daz five is a new product from the famed ice cream makers …
reviewed Moloka'i. December 29, 2009
Over the Christmas holiday, I had a lot of free time to read, My aunt passed me this book, which has been all over the airports of Hawaii and the bookstores.      Moloka'i is the …
reviewed Trader Joes Vegan Pad Thai. December 22, 2009
Trader Joes Vegan Pad Thai
I had low expectations for Trader Joe's Vegan Pad Thai. I thought that the flavors would be off and the noodles would be soggy or something. I'm not a huge fan of frozen mirowaveable entress, …
reviewed The Buttermilk Truck. December 17, 2009
posted in The Bluff
The Buttermilk Truck
Buttermilk Truck is one of the newer food trucks that have invaded LA. Lucky for me, they are right by my office every Wednesday morning and at the Brig down the street from my house often too.   …
reviewed Lux Bus America. December 16, 2009
Lux Bus America
Living in LA, most everyone either flys to vegas, or drives.      Sometimes, thats not an option. Cars are unreliable, or unavailable. Flight prices are too high, or sold out.   …
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