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Strongest Drinks at the Bar

  • Nov 8, 2010
This is a list of the strongest drinks you would normally order at a bar. Strength is roughly calculated per ounce of a typical serving. Results will very from bar to bar. Each shot is 1.5 ounces and each drink is calculated with a standard proof per liquor unless noted.
Long Island Iced Tea
This cocktail is the classic choice for anyone needing to play catch up, or who wants the most bang for their buck. Onc shot of every basic type of alcohol, topped with coke to slightly mask the flavor. This tastes exactly how is sounds but somehow people manage to get these down quickly. 

1 Shot Tequila
1 Shot Gin
1 Shot Vodka
1 Shot Rum
1 Shot Triple Sec
Lemon Juice

There is 38% Alcohol in a standard 8 oz of this drink. 

A slightly sweeter take on the Long Island, an AMF (also known as Adios MotherF*cker.) packs slightly more punch per pound. The addition of the sweet liquor Blue Curacao, adds a ting more alcohol to the mix, and does a much better job of hiding the harsh sting of the rum vodka gin and tequila. 

1 Shot Tequila
1 Shot Gin
1 Shot Vodka
1 Shot Rum
1 Shot Blue Curacao
Lemon Juice
Sprite or 7Up

There is 40% Alcohol in a standard 8 oz of this drink. 

The Zombie Cocktail
The Zombie is a dangerous yet delicious rum concoction from the classic Tiki Bar era. There are many versions, usually changing up the ratio of juices in the mix. 

1 shot dark rum
1 shot light rum
1 shot 151 rum
1/2 shot Marashino Liquer
Lime Juice
Grapefruit Juice
Pinapple Juice

There is 27% alcohol in a standard 10 oz of this drink. 

Ever wonder why Brazillians are always so happy? It is the cachaça, a rum like liquor made from sugar cane, which is drank almost exclusively in Brazil. The caipirinha is the national cocktail of the land, made with cachaça, sugar, and lime juice. And thats it. Normally these drinks are miniature at most bars, like the drink shown below, but if you ever find yourself in a Brazillian bar, be far warned, they can come in large 10 oz cups, and yes, all that liquid is cachaça. 

2.5 shot of cachaca

There is 50% alcohol in a standard 5 oz of this drink. 

Mind Eraser
The Mind Eraser is the quintessential 21st birthday drink. A large drink, but meant to be drank like a shot, these were made to hit you fast and hard. You are supposed to drink with a wide straw all at once, sucking in the vodka and Kahlua instantly, and then letting the soda water wash it away. 

2 shots Vodka
2 shots Kahlua
soda water


There is 20% alcohol in a standard 8 oz of this drink. 

Caribu Lou
The dangers of the Caribou Lou lies in the sweetness. You cannot taste a drop of alcohol, since the coconut rum is so sweet, and the pineapple juice masks the burn very well. And yes, this is the drink popularized by Tech 9.
I have actually ordered this at a bar and got laughed at, but was served, and it was delicious. 

1 1/2 shot 151 rum
1 shot coconut rum
pineapple juice


There is 35% alcohol in a standard 10 oz of this drink. 

Rockstar 151
Before there was Four Loko, there was Redbull Vodkas and Rockstar 151. I can't stand either, but if you really feel its necessary to mix energy drinks and alcohol, do your taste buds a favor and and go with a Rockstar 151. The extra sweet and sour will help mask the "children's vitamins" taste (you noticed it too??)

3 shots 151 rum
2 shots sweet and sour mix
energy drink


There is 32% alcohol in a standard 10 oz of this drink. 

Greatful Dead
So far, this is the yummiest of all the deadly 4 shot drinks on the list that I have had. Be careful, since this one isn't made with a mixer, if your thirsty, you will be in trouble. 

1 shot vodka
1 shot rum
1 shot gin
1 shot tequila
1 shot raspberry liquer

There is 40% Alcohol in a standard 8 oz of this drink. 


What did you think of this list?

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November 11, 2010
This is a cool list. One question, though. Is the AMF a relative of what we down here on the bayou refer to as Smurf P!ss? Just wondering. Thanks for the list!
November 09, 2010
Bars should post this list.
November 09, 2010
Oooh...what about Pisco Sour (at about 40% alc)? Great list! Thanks for inspiring my review ;p
November 09, 2010
I am drunk already because of your list LOL!
November 08, 2010
Ooooh, all of these sound good, yet... painful :P I love Malibu, so I'll have to try that Caribou Lou. Thanks for sharing this awesome list, Aria!
November 08, 2010
You notice how much sugar there is in these power drinks ... just about guaranteed to give you a mind-blowing hangover!! Have a care if you're drinking these babies! Great list.
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