Dreading the 2011 NBA Lockout
Let's talk NBA while we can before the lockout!
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reviewed Milwaukee Bucks. October 16, 2012
Milwaukee Bucks
Poor Milwaukee. They always seem to be near the top of all those lists of tortured sports cities. It's tough to blame the pundits and prognosticators for being so tough on the place, too. The basketball …
reviewed Washington Wizards. October 17, 2012
Washington Wizards
All baseball fans who know the history of the sport are familiar with the old expression about the Washington Senators that summed up their on-field prowess: Washington - first in war, first in peace, …
reviewed Jason McElwain. February 02, 2009
Jason McElwain and President Bush
This story ran on most news broadcasts and it's one of those feel good personal stories that they typically only run on the weekend news... probably ran on a Sunday.  In a time of high paid celebrity …
reviewed 2011 NCAA Men's Basketball Final Four. March 29, 2011
2011 NCAA Men's Basketball Final Four
For the first time ever in men's Division 1 NCAA basketball championships, there are no #1 or #2 seeds remaining in the Final Four. The remaining teams are:    No 3: Connecticut  No …
reviewed Adidas Superstar. June 13, 2008
Adidas Superstar
The Adidas superstar is apparently designed for basketball players but falls short of everything I basketball player needs in a shoe.  The padding and material of the shoes are so thin you may think …
reviewed Magic Johnson. July 05, 2009
Magic Johnson
Magic is my favorite player and athlete.  Most people will say Michael Jordan is the best player ever. But, to me, it's Magic. Here, I'm going to write up why I say Magic was the best player …
reviewed Ron Artest. July 08, 2009
Ron Artest in a Lakers Jersey
If you thought the world was crazy on Feb 1st a couple of years ago when the Lakers pulled off a trade for Pau Gasol you probably were thinking good trade. Last week when you heard that Ron Artest would …
reviewed NBA Hoop Shots: Classic Moments from .... July 02, 2010
Before Earvin "Magic" Johnson and Larry Bird entered the NBA it was a very second-tier sport. Attendance was low and the play was often boring, I knew few people that watched regular season games. As …
reviewed Let Me Tell You a Story: A Lifetime i.... January 05, 2005
Let Me Tell You a Story: A Lifetime in the Game
This is one of two books which I have recently read, the other being Jeff Davis' Papa Bear: The Life and Legacy of George Halas. Both Auerbach and Halas were obviously great coaches but also outstanding …
reviewed Baron Davis. September 07, 2010
Baron Davis
Baron Davis is the type of player that is either loved or hated and one's opinion may change from day to day depending on how his current play and or motivation level is.      …
reviewed Phil Jackson. September 13, 2010
   I know the headline might sound absurd but I don't believe that more championships = better coach or player. I would have to give to give that title to the late Red Auerbach because not …
reviewed The Book of Basketball: The NBA Accor.... September 13, 2010
I was excited to read this book once I heard about it, even though it is nearly 700 pages but I enjoyed every page of it. I found myself being unable to put the book down as I learned about some of the …
reviewed NBA. September 16, 2010
So I started reading Terry Pluto's 1995 NBA book titled Falling From Grace, and there's a chapter called, "Why Johnny Can't Shoot" which talks about why NBA players in the mid-90's …
reviewed Let Me Tell You a Story: A Lifetime i.... September 30, 2010
Let Me Tell You a Story: A Lifetime in the Game
I felt extremely fortunate that I was able to find this at a used book store for only 1 dollar. I have always admired Red Auerbach for what he was able to accomplish and what he has done for the game …
reviewed Donald Sterling. December 24, 2010
posted in Clipper Nation
Donald Sterling
   I don't even know where to begin. On one hand, I'm thankful for Donald Sterling, he was the one who brought the team to Los Angeles. On the other hand, I despise him because he's …
reviewed Scorecasting: The Hidden Influences B.... February 13, 2011
Scorecasting: The Hidden Influences Behind How
All of the major professional sports have been played for well over a century. This has led to a long and hallowed tradition of how things are done. Unfortunately, in many cases the traditional way of …
reviewed Loose Balls. November 14, 2011
Loose Balls
No one can accuse Jayson Williams of not holding himself to a high standard about his book, Loose Balls. Admittedly I’m probably the wrong person to interpret Williams’s claim that Loose Balls …
reviewed Shaq Uncut: My Story. February 11, 2012
Shaq Uncut: My Story
   When I told someone I was reading Shaquille O'Neal's new autobiography they laughed and said: "Why? His life has been an open book." I had to chuckle. While it is true there …
reviewed Shawn Kemp. December 15, 2008
Here comes a dunk!
Probably as much as anyone, I have followed Shawn Kemp's career with extreme interest. Originally from Indiana, basketball runs through my veins, but it was Kemp who baptized me and made me a zealot of …
reviewed Boston Celtics. November 04, 2009
Boston Celtics
It is amazing how the paradigm has shifted around here.  Prior to the arrival of a new ownership group led by Wyc Grousbeck and the subsequent hiring of Danny Ainge as President of Basketball …
reviewed Blake Griffin. November 23, 2010
Blake Griffin
   I really can't believe that as a Clipper fan (perhaps the only one here on Lunch) that I haven't written a review on Blake Griffin. He's tearing down rims on a nightly basis and …
reviewed Philadelphia 76ers. August 17, 2012
Philadelphia 76ers
All the flash and big personality flying around in today's National Basketball Association kind of robs us of the realization of it, but basketball is more of a true ruffian game than any other sport …
reviewed 2009 NBA playoffs. April 28, 2009
NBA Playoffs
Well people the Cleveland Cavs are for real...........You know they just spanked the Detroit Pistons 4 games in a row for a sweep of round 1 in the playoffs.  Believe  it my friends they …
reviewed Los Angeles Lakers. June 04, 2009
Los Angeles Lakers
The NBA Finals start tonight and I am cautiously optimistic. They have had quite a run through the playoffs, losing games when they should have won and there are several external issues that have added …
reviewed Charles Barkley. June 26, 2009
Charles Barkley
I just read Valsviews' review of Charles Barkley. As soon as I read it, I couldn't help but think of the  NBA Superstar's video (see bottom of review).  I was a huge fan of Barkley …
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