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LA's Cool Kids in Tech - #FF With Sugar on Top

  • Jan 8, 2010
  • by
It's true, LA doesn't have quite the massive tech community that SF has, nonetheless there is a healthy size group of heavy hitters in Southern California tech that must be recognized. From music venues to events, social media gurus to online publications, L.A.'s ever-increasing population of techies knows their stuff. These are some of the people in LA Tech & social media I follow on Twitter and why!
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shiralazar (shiralazar) on Twitter
Blogger for CBSNews and all around tech gal 'On the Scene' (her blog of the same name). Shira shares my love for pop culture, and is a self-proclaimed social media maven and lives up to it. Her tweets keep me informed about trends, events around town and constantly aware of the stories she is working on. For a PR gal like myself, that's invaluable.
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J.R. Johnson (JRLunch)
J.R. Johnson (JRLunch) on Twitter
J.R. Johnson is the founder of @Lunch_com, a site I am...ahem...a BIG fan of. J.R. founded VirtualTourist.com back in the late '90s (sold to Expedia for a nice chunk of change), and knows a thing or two about startups. His vision for Lunch.com is inspiring, and his tweets are both intelligent and funny.
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Sean Percival (seanpercival)
Sean Percival (seanpercival) on Twitter
His tagline is 'Did you know that HTML stands for How To Make Love?' He founded @lalawag, a blog focused on LA Tech Culture for his wife (see #4 on my list) - so cute. If the LA Tech community had a Homecoming, Sean would be King and Laurie would be Queen.
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Laurie Percival (lauriepercival)
Laurie Percival (lauriepercival) on Twitter
Married to @percival, and writes for @lalawag. Her tweets are hilarious, and I count on her to keep me up-to-date on all the local tech events. Good stuff.
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Kyra Reed (kyrareed)
Kyra Reed (kyrareed) on Twitter
What to say about Ms. Kyra Reed? Well, she's the sh*t! Kyra (of MarKyr Media) is one of the darlings of the LA tech community, and author of 'Blog 101.' She's a good person to know.
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Nic Adler (nicadler)
Nic Adler (nicadler) on Twitter
This kid, Nic Adler, he's doing big things in Los Angeles, specifically the Sunset Strip. If you're not following what Nic and the kids over at @TheRoxy are doing with social media, you better recognize.
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Andrew Nystrom (AdNys)
Andrew Nystrom (AdNys) on Twitter
Andrew is the Digital Media Strategist for the LA Times. He has helped our hometown daily newspaper stay current and relevant through social media practices. If you live in LA, you definitely want to be listening to what Andrew has to say.
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Alissa Walker (Gelatobaby)
Alissa Walker (Gelatobaby) on Twitter
Alissa Walker, one of my favorite writers, and creator of the ever-so-fabulous deLaB (design east of La Brea) series of design & architecture events. Love her tweets, and especially love her logo. @GelatoBaby!
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brigittedale (brigittedale) on Twitter
Great video blogger and fellow lover of Audrey Hepburn. I'm pretty sure I would get along with anyone who shared the same affinity for the classiest lady to ever walk the earth.
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Andy Sternberg (andysternberg)
Andy Sternberg (andysternberg) on Twitter
Andy has such great commentary in his tweets, not only about tech, but social commentary in general. Self-proclaimed "media geek" Andy's is both clever and informative.
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Doug Campbell (projectfresh)
Doug Campbell (projectfresh) on Twitter
Doug is one of the minds behind @MindshareLA, one of the most inspiring monthly event series we have in this city. If you aren't familiar with Mindshare, pay attention to @projectfresh for the details.
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David Sarno (dsarno)
David Sarno (dsarno) on Twitter
Internet business reporter for the LA Times, and taco expert. Very consistent twitter presence, with great breaking news stories and personality-plus to boot.
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Amy Cosper (EntMagazineAmy)
Amy Cosper (EntMagazineAmy) on Twitter
Amy is the Editor-in-Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine (which is technically based in the OC, but close enough to LA). As a woman, I think is radical that there is a woman at the helm of such a reputable magazine. Amy has a fantastic online persona and balances news with her own 'voice' and opinion.
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Mark Milian (markmilian)
Mark Milian (markmilian) on Twitter
Mark is a tech + music + social media writer for the LA Times. His tweets are short, sweet and to the point with great links to additional commentary.
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Felicia Day (feliciaday)
feliciaday (Twitter Feed)
New media geek with 1,707,337 followers. Nuff said.
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Nicole Jordan (NicoleJordan)
Nicole Jordan (NicoleJordan) on Twitter
A fellow tech PR gal, Nicole's tweets are a great mixture of news and personal commentary. A recent tweep "My new tagline for LA tech biz -- LA - so much more than Hollywood." Word up.

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January 12, 2010
Thanks for the mention Aunny! You are one of my favorite people too!
January 08, 2010
Totally diggin' this, Aunny!  I may not live in LA, but I can still appreciate this.  Tweeting this out to my tweeps! :)
January 08, 2010
Radical. Thanks Debbie!
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