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Babies, Babies, Babies
Babies, Babies, Babies
All about them cute little Babies!
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A place where you (the parent, guardian or care-provider), can dig in and ask all the questions you may have about your new little addition or give others your experience on a certain topic, too! Topics run from After the Hospital to Toddler Years...and even though, this community is dedicated mostly to infants, I encourage you to talk about other topics also like restless nights or baby siblings or teens...whatever spikes your interest and help make our community more insightful for anyone who wants to gain knowledge about each relevant subject. Make suggestions to me, as well. Your input is very valuable and wanted, and I will be sure to try my best to make this community a good experience for all! Thank you and be sure to visit my other communities like Buen Provecho (dedicated to delicious Latin Dishes...) and remember to join! Hope to hear from you soon!


Jackie Nole =)

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Sleeping Goldfish Crackers Bottled Water If breastfeeding offends you, put a blanket over AppleCheeks™ Two-Size Washable Diapering System
reviewed Joovy Groove, New version. February 17, 2012
posted in Strollerland
Joovy Groove, New version
    Will he or won't he, will he or won't he... Hmm, I know I wrote this before. Just like the movie GroundHog Day, where Bill Murray is forced to re-live his day over and over.                                       Only last time, I …
reviewed Combi Cabria Stroller. December 09, 2011
posted in Strollerland
Combi Cabria Stroller
Combi, Thanks I've long been a Combi fan. Readers of my "2012 BIG Stroller Roll-Out" know that I took a circa '98 Jungle Savvy Z to the Expo this year. It's always a tricky choice, because no matter what I take, people will say, "Why aren't you pushing mine?" So I figure if I take an old classic, then they will think I am just eccentric, and not playing …
reviewed Cybex Ruby. November 09, 2011
posted in Strollerland
Cybex Ruby
Eclipse Ruby If you have smaller children, and you probably do because you are reading this, you know that Halloween has become BUSY. There are so many preparations involved, that it is becoming like the scary Christmas. Scarecrow and ghost and witch making, card buying and sending, party planning, decorations, haunted houses, cookie and cupcake baking, and costumes. The dreaded costumes. …
unlocked the BreastMilk Rocks! badge. May 31, 2011

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answered a question about Breastfeeding. May 31, 2011
A 2 week old baby should be breastfeeding every 1.5-3 hours and sleeping in between those feedings. If the baby is sleeping longer than that you should wake the baby (even at night) to feed at least every …
posted a Quick Tip about Bottled Water. May 28, 2011
posted in Green Living
Bottled Water
Another one of those great corporate tricks used on naive suburbanites to make them believe they're living healthier. Really, in this country we have access to the very best, cleanest tap water on the planet, and we've managed to trick ourselves into thinking we're doing ourselves good by paying three bucks a bottle. This isn't a healthy choice; it's a middle-class status symbol which, FYI, is produced …
The No-Cry Sleep Solution: Gentle Ways to Help
I found this book to be very unsatisfying and here's why: as the parent of an infant who has some sleep trouble, I want actionable suggestions, and I want them to be based on research or data of some kind.  This whole book is about what the author did with her kids- a universe of 4- and doesn't offer a lot in the way of helpful advice.  She admits that none of her kids slept well.  …
posted a Quick Tip about The Breastfeeding Mother's Guide to M.... July 09, 2010
This addresses the anatomy and physiology of milk making. If lack of supply is due to something your doing, something the baby is doing, hormones, or diet, this can help you. It teaches one how to increase their milk supply from the beginning or later in the game through a variety of means. It is quite helpful for the person who has a history of little milk supply.
posted a Quick Tip about The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of An.... July 09, 2010
If you are into helping out your fellow nursing mom friend or family as well as yourself, buy this book. It covers sooo much and is really REALLY helpful. A super gift to give a new or pregnant mama.
reviewed Breastfeeding. March 27, 2010
posted in Joy In Birthing
As a first time mother I had no doubts about breastfeeding being the right choice for me and my baby. After reading a myriad of studies, research, and the essays of other mothers, it was an easy decision. What I wasn't expecting is all the hurdles we had to overcome in the first two months of our infant's life until I could comfortably breastfeed.       I have read …
reviewed Sleep and Newborns. March 10, 2010
posted in Joy In Birthing
I Am So Tired, When Will My Baby Sleep Through The Night?
Most new mothers face the unpleasant reality that their baby will not sleep through the night. Dealing with round the clock feedings means many weary parents would do just about anything to get their baby to sleep through the night. But please reconsider, there are no healthy solutions to sleeping through the night. All we ask is one year of your life, things will get a lot better after that, just …
reviewed Baby Food. February 26, 2010
posted in Joy In Birthing
Baby Food
Client’s often ask me when is best to start their baby on solids, and, which ones? Best is to observe your baby’s interest and his developmental characteristics. Every baby is different so go on intuition and clear sign of interests rather what a book or an ‘expert’ has told you.   We now know that is recommended not to feed solids before six months and some pediatricians …
reviewed Baby Delight Supreme Snuggle Nest. August 19, 2009
Snuggle Nest
I probably should just write a review re: co-sleeping and that would get to most of the reasons I liked this product. Meantime, I'll just say that this gadget is quite useful for the first couple of months or so when baby is exceptionally small and there is reasonable risk of rolling over her ... mind you, not likely for mom since you're not sleeping at all, and even when you can you don't …
reviewed Bottled Water. June 12, 2009
posted in Green Living
Bottled Water
When I was growing up the idea that one day most of us would pay for bottled water at the supermarket seemed positively preposterous.  Yet, as I write this in 2009 it is estimated that consumers worldwide spend between $50 and $100 billion dollars per year on the stuff.  I have always been skeptical about the claims that the bottlers make about the quality of the water that they …
The Napping House: Lap-Sized Board Book
This little story is reminiscent in style to the old British nursery rhyme, "This is the House that Jack Built", both being cumulative tales. In The Napping House, all the human and animal inhabitants of Granny's house, beginning with Granny herself, pile atop one another, one at a time to take a rainy day snooze. Page by page, the reader watches the heap rise, in quirky but lovely pastel-colored …
reviewed Goldfish Crackers. December 31, 2008
Goldfish Crackers
Goldfish is a very popular snack; and it smiles back. Well, some do. I used to always eat goldfish crackers, and I still do. Goldfishes are definitely one of my main gaming munchies. There are always packets galore at my work, too; which sometimes I eat guiltily because it's a desk job and I'm eating everlasting packets of these addicting crackers...     Anyways, there are a variety …
reviewed Baby Food Grinder. July 28, 2008
Baby Food Grinder
Pros: Price an idea, not bad.     Cons: Leaks no matter what you do, and is a two-man operation.     The Bottom Line: Stay away from this like the plague if you opt put $10 in your pocket and not in the big companies pocket.     If you like going shopping and spending lots of money then throwing the product away. Then go ahead and spend $10 …
reviewed A Nap in a Lap. March 02, 2007
A Nap in a Lap
Being an expert nap taker, I certainly could relate to this one. The author has explored the various ways of napping through the use of various very cute critters. How the young of the animal world nap and their favorite places to take a nap are wonderfully illustrated by Akemi Gutierrez. This is sort of a little girls view of napping, but gender really has nothing to do with a good old nap. The text …
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