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Diaper Bag LIFE SAVERS and Must Have's

  • May 31, 2011
You're leaving the house and have often forgotten that one useful item you needed on the road but successfully packaged everything else that wasn't quite as useful. This list is to help Mommies and Daddies remember the most important items to pack when leaving the house!
Seventh Generation Baby Wipes
Honestly, I'm a sucker for anything green, scent-free and inexpensive! Not to mention that baby wipes are useful for ANY clean-up imagineable!
Baby Bottle
A baby bottle with a cap and even better when filled with water just in case you don't have water handy.
Huggies Pure & Natural Diapers
Many parents say Huggies are stiff, dry and too hard. I love them because they don't sag like Pampers and they're made with more natural fibers and material. They stay together and give great leakeage coverage... very important for long trips out!
Favorite Toy or Item
How many times have you left the house without a backup for melt-downs?! Your trip to the store turns into a 3-hour journey of horror! But if you take it, remember to hide it well until you need it and do not forget to bring it back or you'll have sleepless nights until you find a duplicate!!! I repeat, don't loose it, folks! Take a book or a blankie... something the baby already feels comfortable with and a likes a lot, as a soothing tool. (A Pacifier can also be a favorite.)
Diaper Bag Set of Clothes
Extra clothes like a onsie, a sweater, a pair of pants, a shirt, and a bib should always be in your diaper bag for unwanted emergencies and food/diaper accidents.
Goldfish Crackers
Pack crackers, fruit, or any kind of food item to nibble on just in case your trip takes longer than expected. Bananas and Goldfish are a FAV. This will avoid any meltdowns from a hungry baby and who knows? It may even save you a minute or two until you get something in YOUR stomach, as well. Trust me. Food is a MUST for any child. They generally eat every 2-3 hours until they're 17 years old! (Crackers are generally for babies who have teeth and know how to knaw with their gums, usually older than 5 or 6 months of age.)
Bottled Water
For you or your child to drink from, rinse a binky off with, or clean dirty little hands... This is an all-in-one must have for any diaper bag!
Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer 2oz.
Keep you and your little ones germ free and illness free with an alcohol free or alcohol based sanitizer. (Please see our items in our ads in the Homepage for a nifty alcohol-free sanitizer.)
Formula/Snack Dispenser
You don't know how many times you'll be on the run and this little snack/formula dispenser will save your life. First, it saves time if used for formula. All you have to do is open the spout with the perfect amount of formula and Viola! You're seconds away from feeding a hungry baby. Two, if used for snacks, it's an easy way to keep salty crackers from non-sweetened Cherrios to Baby formula! Amazing! (We have this nifty container on our Homepage for easy purchase, as well.)
Dry Cloth or Hand Towel
Last but definitely not least, a dry cloth or hand towel. Scenario: baby vomit, baby food clean-up, liquid spills, baby nose discharge...(yes, baby snot), or to dry your pretty little eyes or forehead after a long day with baby! XOXO! You're loved and appreciated Parents and Care-givers! Chin-up and keep up the AMAZING WORK!

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