Babies, Babies, Babies All about them cute little Babies! <![CDATA[ Groove-y Groundhog Day]]>

    Will he or won't he, will he or won't he...

Hmm, I know I wrote this before. Just like the movie GroundHog Day, where Bill Murray is forced to re-live his day over and over.






Only last time, I was talking about the Joovy Kooper, and whether Selena Gomez would sing. (She did.)

This time, I'm talking about the Joovy Groove, and whether Punxatawy Phil will see his shadow. (He did.)

We don't have Punxatawney Phil here, but we do have the Pinewood Derby. 

 And the all new and improved Joovy Groove.

It's pretty snazzy for an umbrella stroller. There are two cupholders on the back, edged in reflective piping.

Underneath is a big zippered pocket. The ergo foam handles are really comfy to push.

The basket is a pretty good size. And there is an automatic lock on the side, to keep it closed when folded.

There is a long extended footrest, and a good recline.

A side carry strap makes it convenient for travel.

Other well thought-out details include reflective, padded harness straps, and inside net pockets.

The seat on the Groove is generous.

Surpassed only by  it's giant canopy.

And guess what? Sealed bearings on the wheels means no rattles on the StrollerQueen Obstacle Course!

  Joovy Groove

Weight: 18 pds.

Width: 20.5"

Length: 24"(wheels inward)

Height: 42"

Seat Width: 14 "

Seat Depth: 9"-13"

Seat Height: 19"

Seat to Canopy: 26"

Drop to Footrest: 10"

Seat to Floor: 15.5"

Folded: 40" x 13" x 15"  

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<![CDATA[ Combi Cabria Review]]>

Combi, Thanks

I've long been a Combi fan. Readers of my "2012 BIG Stroller Roll-Out" know that I took a circa '98 Jungle Savvy Z to the Expo this year. It's always a tricky choice, because no matter what I take, people will say, "Why aren't you pushing mine?" So I figure if I take an old classic, then they will think I am just eccentric, and not playing favorites.

But it was a great choice, anyway. Ultra light, carry strap, great one-handed push.

And the new Cabria has a lot more features than the Savvy Z, like this peekaboo mesh window,

Snack tray,

Bigger wheels,

And bigger basket.

In fact, why don't I do a more thorough comparison to an older Ultra Savvy--yes, I have that one, too!

Actually,  I have three older Combis, and two newer ones. So I guess it's time to say thanks, for all the great strolls we've had together.

And enjoy the beautiful fall leaves!

Combi Comparison


 At first glance, they look quite a bit alike. But take a closer look.

The Cabria is quite a bit bigger, as you can see more clearly from the rear.  

 The basket is not only larger, but more accessible.


 The frame is longer, and the wheels are bigger. And the handlebar on the Cabria is higher, to accommodate taller parents.

The most obvious huge difference, is the huge canopy. I'm so happy manufacturers have finally become so responsive to our "Please keep the sun off my baby" pleas. The canopy on the Ultra Savvy used to be about the best on the market!

 Both have thick padded seats, with headrests and shoulder pads. Both have breathable air mesh fabric. The frame color is black on the Cabria and silver on the Ultra. Although it is also black on my "Z's".

The recline is a bit less on the Cabrio. The mechanism is different, too. The Cabrio uses a drawstring, while the Ultra Savvy uses a push button. But both have this wonderful enclosure feature, to make a sort of kind of bassinette.

And both have snack trays, carry straps, and cupholders; albeit of a different type.

The Cabrio retains one of the best features ever. A single bar handle, that still folds flat into a "Tri-Fold", rather than a "Book fold." It stands folded, and the wheels stay on the ground, so they don't make your 

canopy dirty!

Combi Cabria

Weight: 14 pounds

Width: 21.25"

Length: 26"

Height: 41"

Seat Width: 12"

Seat Depth: 9.5"

Seat Back: 18.5"

Seat to Canopy: 25"

Drop to Footrest: 7"

Seat to Floor: 16"

Folded: 41" x 21" x  11"

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<![CDATA[ Cybex Ruby Review]]> Eclipse Ruby

If you have smaller children, and you probably do because you are reading this, you know that Halloween has become BUSY. There are so many preparations involved, that it is becoming like the scary Christmas. Scarecrow and ghost and witch making, card buying and sending, party planning, decorations, haunted houses, cookie and cupcake baking, and costumes. The dreaded costumes. If you have a teen-age girl, you know what I mean. This year we had to go to five, yes, five different Halloween stores to find her perfect outfit. It was a lucky thing I had my new Ruby Cybex in Twilight to navigate the animated aisles.


It was also handy on our pre-Halloween visits. Yeah, see, I'm not kidding that it has become the spooky Christmas. 


 The stellar thing about the 2012 Ruby is, as you can see, this amazing canopy.

You would be  hard-pressed to find a stroller this small and light, with this kind of coverage.


 It can ratchet forward

Slide up and down for more headroom,

And unzip for even more coverage!

Cybex calls it the "Super canopy."

It is a great stroller for big kids, since the canopy height gives you an astonishing 30" of headroom!

It has squishy foam handles, which, at 42" tall, also makes it terrific for tall parents.

The side mesh keeps your child from sweating to death in the summer,and is easy to clean.


But the seat is still decently padded for comfort.

There is a carry strap in the back, so you can sling it over your shoulder.

Has a great little cup holder, that you can purchase separately.


It has an easy fold,


and an automatic lock to keep it closed.


Then it folds down into a nice little umbrella, so you have lots more room in your car for all that candy you have to go buy. 

Cybex Ruby

Weight: 12 pounds

Width: 19.75"

Length: 23.5"

Height: 42"

Seat Width: 13"

Seat Depth: 9"

Seat Back: 21"

Seat to Canopy: 30"

Drop to Footrest: 9"

Seat to Floor: 13"

Folded: 41" x 12" x  14.5" (rear to front) 

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<![CDATA[Bottled Water Quick Tip by BaronSamedi3]]> Sat, 28 May 2011 15:20:56 +0000 <![CDATA[ Lacking in Helpful Advice]]> Mon, 12 Jul 2010 21:20:27 +0000 <![CDATA[The Breastfeeding Mother's Guide to Making More Milk: Foreword by Martha Sears, RN (Breastfeeding Mothers Guide) [Paperback] Quick Tip by Honeybunny]]> Fri, 9 Jul 2010 07:58:37 +0000 <![CDATA[The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers: The Most Comprehensive Problem-Solving Guide to Breastfeeding from the Foremost Expert in North America, Revised & Updated Edition [Paperback] Quick Tip by Honeybunny]]> Fri, 9 Jul 2010 07:34:08 +0000 <![CDATA[ The ideal food that 'grows' with your baby!]]> comfortably breastfeed. 

I have read that it isn't exactly a walk in the park the first time around. But nobody told me it could hurt so much! The first two weeks were agonizing, but I was very determined and my husband supported me in this. Then we wound up in the hospital when our infant was two weeks old (vomit tinted with blood, no fun). After three days all they could tell us is that she cannot digest cow's milk protein in my breast milk. For five days we had to formula feed with Similac Alimentum and I went on a strict dairy free diet. The baby hated it. Thankfully the Children's Hospital in Boston was very supportive. After those five days we went back to exclusively breastfeeding and I was in heaven! Not to mention our daughter, the way she clung to me after being deprived of the breast will always be in my memory. No dry, cracked, and sore nipples could sway me any longer! It wasn't easy to go completely dairy free, but it was worth it. It actually improved my health and it was the best thing for the baby. 

Tomorrow our girl will be 14 months old. She has great eating habits and eats all the healthy food we eat. We are continuing to breastfeed despite the Western societal pressure to wean a baby after one year. I am quite opinionated on the subject. I don't think breastfeeding past one year old or even allowing self -weaning spoils a child. If anything, it makes them more independent than the average child once they actually do wean. I think it does even greater things for the mother-child bond past childhood. I'll tell you how it goes...

Why we love to breastfeed: 
  • It eases the role of becoming a mother, especially the first time around. I cannot fathom how I would be able to find the time to wash bottles and mix formula in between diaper changes, laundry, and cuddle time. ;)
  • The mother's milk is always the right temperature, consistency, clean, fresh, and comes in reusable, Eco-friendly containers!
  • Breast feeding is free! Honestly, I don't think we could afford formula (especially that she could not digest milk protein and the only formula she could have is crazy expensive).
  • You get all kinds of proven health perks both for mom and child (see Wiki).
  • Breast milk is a lot less likely to contain chemicals such as perchlorate, melamine, and BPA found in formula. I can't cite that and I have no proof. That is my own conclusion :)
  • My baby rarely gets sick, even in the winter. She had a teething fever once in October. My husband and I were both sick with a stomach bug this winter, she wasn't sick even once!
  • It is so easy to travel while breastfeeding! No need to pack any formula, clean water, bottles, gadgets. I can feed her anytime, anywhere I want (I just use a cover). If I was formula feeding I think I would be stuck at home for the first 6 months because of dreading packing everything with me. If you are not comfortable breastfeeding in public you can always pump some to take with you.
  • I lost all my baby weight just a couple of months after giving birth. No diets, just breastfeeding. Now I am trying to gain some!
  • Breast milk adjusts to the baby's needs as he/she grows. Did you know that the anti-viral agents increase as the baby grows into a toddler? How perfect! Just in time for all the world exploration they do on the floor, in your closet, and outdoors. 
What I love most about breastfeeding though is just the amazing feeling of nurturing my baby with everything I have. Those are priceless moments that I treasure amid my sometimes hectic days as a Work-at-Home mom. I love that it forces me to stop, relax, contemplate, and enjoy my baby's company. I would not change it for anything!

I encourage all mothers and moms-to-be to read the facts and choose to breastfeed. Make sure to feed within the first hour of birth, or things might go downhill if you don't. Stick to it the first few painful weeks! I don't think any baby should be deprived of being breastfed unless certain circumstances leave no other choice. Seriously, if you gave birth, breastfeeding the first days isn't even one quarter as painful. There really is nothing more you can do for the optimum health of your child, both now and for years to come. ]]> Sat, 27 Mar 2010 21:21:54 +0000
<![CDATA[ I Am So Tired, When Will My Baby Sleep Through The Night?]]>
Most new mothers face the unpleasant reality that their baby will not sleep through the night. Dealing with round the clock feedings means many weary parents would do just about anything to get their baby to sleep through the night. But please reconsider, there are no healthy solutions to sleeping through the night. All we ask is one year of your life, things will get a lot better after that, just one year of patience and love and adaptability.
It is very healthy for your baby to sleep with you, or at least in the same room as you for the first one year of life, and no you are not spoiling your child.  Trust me, this too shall pass.

Why is baby awake?

There are many reasons why your baby is waking up. The first reason is hunger. Their little tummies are just too small to eat very much at once and they are growing so fast. After the first few weeks they will get bigger and as they are able to eat more at one setting they will be able to sleep longer. It does not matter if you are breast or bottle feeding, baby still needs to eat frequently.

Another reason your baby wakes often is dreaming. Babies do not sleep the same way adults do. Adults fall into a deeper state of sleep first and then they enter the dream state on and off for short periods of time. Babies enter the dreaming stage first and then slowly move into deeper sleep. This dreaming is vital to their brain’s development, but it is easier for your baby to be woken up during this dream state. When your baby is dreaming, their eyes will flutter and their bodies will twitch. It is very noticeable when this stops and they enter a deeper sleep; wait until they reach this deeper sleep to lay them down. By the age of four months babies are sleeping more like their parents and entering the deeper dream state when they fall asleep. You should notice and improvement in their sleeping by this time and they should be sleeping through the night by six to nine months.

Babies also wake up to stay safe. Newborns have just come into this world with new legs, arms, lungs and brains. If they were to sleep too deeply they would not wake when they needed to move their muscles or find a position where they can breathe a little better. After your babies first six weeks they should settle into a pattern of sleeping three or four hours at a time and as they get older, this time will increase.

But What About Me?

This can be a very difficult time for new moms and dads, but take heart in the fact that you are doing what is best for your little one. This time will pass by more quickly than you can ever imagine. One day you will look back and wonder how your baby got so big so fast. The early years fly by in a heartbeat. There are things that you can do to help alleviate some of the difficulty during these first weeks. The most important thing to do is sleep when your baby sleeps. You may be tempted to get up and get things done, but you need your rest and everything else can wait. When people offer to help you, you should say yes. You should welcome help from family and friends whenever it is offered, even if it is just for an hour so that you can take a nap.

It is very important that you get help if you start to feel overwhelmed. Being constantly woken up can lead people to not think clearly. If you find yourself feeling angry at your baby for waking you take the time to wake up fully before you pick up the baby. Get a drink or wash your face; you will be much better at handling the stress when you are fully awake. If it gets to a point where you cannot handle it anymore, and this can happen to anyone, call someone immediately. Get your mother, sister or a friend to come help you. Consider hiring a postpartum doula, go to and search for a postpartum doula near you. Many cities have a crisis nursery for people who do not have a support system. If all else fails go outside until you calm down. As long as your baby is in a safe place it will not hurt them to cry for a few minutes while you take a break, hand him over to your partner and take a shower or warm bath.  Keep remind yourself that this too shall pass.

Your baby is changing rapidly in the first few weeks of his or her young life. Things will continue to get better everyday, so try and keep your spirits up. Pretty soon your little one will be sleeping through the night.

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<![CDATA[ Baby Food]]> Client’s often ask me when is best to start their baby on solids, and, which ones? Best is to observe your baby’s interest and his developmental characteristics. Every baby is different so go on intuition and clear sign of interests rather what a book or an ‘expert’ has told you.   We now know that is recommended not to feed solids before six months and some pediatricians even suggest we can wait till nine month. If your baby displays great interest in your food I’d go ahead and dip a finger in and let her try and taste what you are eating. Start slowly; your breast milk is still the best source of nutrition for your child.

When I speak of developmental characteristics I mean your baby’s ability to swallow. Babies are born with a tongue thrust reflex. When their lips are touched, their tongue moves out of their mouth. This reflex helps them to be able to suck from a breast. They also have a gag reflex that pushes any objects from the back of the mouth back out. At about four to six months of age, both of these reflexes begin to diminish.

Typically between seven and nine months, the appearance of her first tooth, signals her physiological readiness for food. Continuing to breastfeed, you can slowly introduce other foods, one at a time. Babies do not need complicated gourmet meals, one food at the time is the best path to the introduction of solids and will helps you identify any allergic reaction to a particular food.

Thus far the food your baby has been eating everyday (your milk) is protein-rich and high in both fats and easy to digest carbohydrates., not to mention  it is fresh, unprocessed and additive-free. Please don’t believe that the overtly advertised rice cereal is indeed the best food.  In fact to my knowledge is one of the least nutritious and quite filled with empty calories;

Ideally, your baby’s food should be like your milk—utterly unsullied, with easily-to-assimilate carbohydrates, protein and fat.

So what is baby’s best food? Avocado, yams, pears, potato, green beans, winter squash, carrots applesauce, peaches, apricots, pears, nectarines, & plums. Start with cooked fruit. Once cooked fruit is accepted try raw mashed fruit. . Somewhere between 9-12 months add grains. Try to use whole grains versus refined baby cereals, brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa, barley, millet. Buy commercial whole grain cereals or make your own by toasting the grains and grinding in a mill. Twelve months and after add protein either from egg yolk or beans and, if you must, from lean meat. A note on animal flesh, you do not need to feed meat to your baby for protein intake, there are plenty alternatives and your milk is rich in protein already.  Animal products are hard to digest and live in the stomach for a long time before they are processed, versus fruit and vegetables which are quickly absorbed. High omega-3 egg yolk provides protein and essential fatty acids

Do not offer honey, spinach and soy products during the first year as they’re potentially toxic. Avoid the common allergens in her first year which are wheat, milk, corn, egg white, citrus fruits, kiwi, strawberries and nuts and nut butters.

I used to place a cooked egg yolk in a food processor with some banana and mother’s milk for added moisture or water and offer it to my baby in a sippy cup.

Do not give fish the first year. Because the very young are most vulnerable to chemicals and toxins in food, limit your consumption of fish while pregnant and breastfeeding.

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<![CDATA[ Nice peace of mind product for newborns]]>
We weren't very informed about co-sleeping before having our baby, and it took a while to get used to the idea - and to determine if it worked for us, our baby, and our parenting style. During that window of time, this really helped to ease us into things and to balance our remaining concerns. (ps - wound up that we co-slept for her first year, as it happened - and HIGHLY recommend. but like I said, another review).

Some points about the Snuggle Nest:
  • It's not super soft, and we wondered a bit about how firm it was, though baby didn't seem to mind.
  • The little nite lite attachement is quite handy when fumbling in the dark to re-swaddle and such.
  • It's super portable, which is nice for travel.
  • The sleep positioner doubles by itself in the crib, which is convenient.
  • It doesn't take up too much space in the bed (though we have a Cal King, so we had a lot of room to work with).
  • The incline is better in theory than practice - we took it out and used the flat version.  Baby winds up sliding down the little slope, especially when all bundled in a swaddle.
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<![CDATA[ It may be time to re-evaluate how we use bottled water.]]> When I was growing up the idea that one day most of us would pay for bottled water at the supermarket seemed positively preposterous.  Yet, as I write this in 2009 it is estimated that consumers worldwide spend between $50 and $100 billion dollars per year on the stuff.  I have always been skeptical about the claims that the bottlers make about the quality of the water that they are peddling and rarely buy it.   Recently,  I decided to take a closer look at this issue.  Chris Baskind writes on Environmental issues and is the Publisher of Vida Verde Media, a green lifestyle media company.  I came across an article he has written entitled "Five Reasons Not To Drink Bottled Water".   Mr. Baskind makes a very compelling case for his position.
In this article,  Chris Baskind offers five good reasons why people should avoid the use of bottled water whenever possible.  I will summarize them briefly:
1)  Bottled water is not a good value.   This is certainly true.  The fact of the matter is that people pay much more per gallon for bottled water than they do for gasoline. 
2)  Bottled water is no healthier than tap water.    This is a point that I am sure can be the subject of intense debate.  But a good deal of the evidence that I have looked at seems to indicate that this is largely true.
3)  Bottled water means garbage.   On this point there can be no debate.  The evidence is incontrovertible.  According to Mr. Baskind's article "Bottled water produces up to 1.5 million tons of plastic each year.    
4)  Bottled water means less attention to public systems.  In my view this is one of Mr. Baskind's most cogent points and something I had never really considered.  To quote Mr. Baskind from his article:  "Only the very affluent can afford to switch their water consumption to bottled sources.  Once distanced from public systems, these consumers have little incentive to support bind issues and other methods of upgrading municipal water treatment".   So once again,  lower class working stiffs and the poor are forced to make deal with the consequences of poorly maintained infrastructure.
5)   The corporatization of water.   In order to raise funds to address immediate budgetary shortfalls municipalities all over the world are selling off their water works to private companies.   This might solve the immediate financial problems but in the long-run this idea is extremely short-sighted. 

So there you have it.  A very compelling case why we should limit our use of bottled water.  Now am I saying that people should never use bottled water?  Certainly not.  For one thing everyone should have a stash of bottled water at home in case of an emergency.  Furthermore, each one of us has our own particular set of circumstances that may make the use of bottled water a necessity at times. Perhaps the water in your neck of the woods is of poor quality and you have no other choice right now.  What I am trying to accomplish here is to make everyone aware of the fact that there are consequences to our use of this product. Think of all the fuel that is wasted hauling this stuff around the country. Think of all the waste that is being created. If we all take the time to consider this perhaps we can begin to reduce the wasteful and unnecessary consumption of this product.

To read Chris Baskind's entire article click on the link below:


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<![CDATA[ Jack's Granny]]> Wed, 14 Jan 2009 12:00:00 +0000 <![CDATA[ It's the snack that smiles back!]]>
Anyways, there are a variety of different type of goldfish crackers out there but my favorite will always be the original cheddar kind. There are rainbow colored fishes and pretzel ones. I'll admit, the pretzel fishes and the rainbow ones are delicious. I've seen whole grain Goldfish crackers at the stores but never actually consumed any. There also was a "Flavor Blast!" trend or something like that; but never got too into the taste. I know that there are the packages that are 100 calories; something I should get into. But not sure how the lessened calories effect the actual taste. For me, It's all about the original cheddar Goldfishes!
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<![CDATA[ Bad, Little Green Grinding Machine.]]> Pros: Price an idea, not bad.

Cons: Leaks no matter what you do, and is a two-man operation.

The Bottom Line: Stay away from this like the plague if you opt put $10 in your pocket and not in the big companies pocket.

If you like going shopping and spending lots of money then throwing the product away. Then go ahead and spend $10 and purchase one of these. These are very hard to use even though the idea and concept a very good. We always like to feed our children the best that we can usually by grinding up their food when they are at that certain age. You can save a lot of money by not purchasing all of those store-bought processed food. We have seen other people use these, but they warned us that they were hard to use and they would leak. But we thought maybe it was just them. So we decided to forgo for the money, and I know this is not the first time that we will just throw money away, but we decided to try it anyway just to see what the problem is.

This is not a very large food grinder. It is ideal for the children anywhere from six months old and older. There are no batteries needed to operate this just a lot of strength from you arm at wrist. The idea is excellent about trying to replace the commercial baby food that you purchase and give them some more healthy people food. This is approximately 9" x 6" x 4" and weighs a little over half of a pound. This is a fluorescent green in color with a blue handle and blue bottom.

You would think, being that this is not a very large grinder and made mostly of plastic parts that it would come completely assembled but that is not to be. There are several metal parts along with the plastic ones that when put together resemble an actual food grinder. The parts that are metal are; a blade, a bolt, and a metal grate that attach to some plastic sleeves and a handle. It can be a little confusing when you have all of these mixtures of plastic parts with metal parts. So make sure you read the instructions thoroughly.

We gave this and honest to goodness try several times by trying to grind up different types of food to see what it would be better at. All you have to do is supposedly put the food in the top and turn the handle and with the pressure on the food. It should proceed through the blades come out of the bottom. We have tried carrots, apples, meat (chicken, turkey, beef, etc.). But to no avail. We have had problems with this thing leaking, and it usually takes two people to operate it. But just like all of the people that told us don't waste our money; this thing was a waste of time. We have found that it was easier to shut up the hard stuff with a knife then use a fork to mash it up. At least this way it was just a one-man operation, and it did not leak all over the place. And a lot of our friends that have purchased this had the same problem. No matter what we did and what speed we ground up the food at, it still leaked. We also found out that this works a little bit better on the dry food, rather than wet food.

As far as durability goes for this unit it can take it beating. You can drop it and kick it and it will not break. But, not to worry, this will still leak letter no matter what you do to it. But, when it comes to clean up that's a different story. You cannot just take the whole thing and throw it in the dish washer; you will have to take it apart and reassembled it because the food gets caught in all of the little crevices.

After going through all the trouble with this one, we are a little bit leery to even purchase another one. But, after doing a little bit of research we found that there are a few other ones on the market for just a little bit more money. These include the Magic Bullet, Kidd Co., and one by Cuisinart the Smart Stick. If you are going to purchase one, and the one that sounds the best is the Smart Stick and we also found out that the best thing to do was if you are going to grind, do it in mass quantities and then you are able to freeze the excess. This way, you will still get all of the fresh goodness of the fresh food that you desire for your children. I would not recommend anyone purchasing one of these. You may as well stick to doing it the old-fashioned way or purchasing it in jars instead of purchasing these.

No]]> Mon, 28 Jul 2008 12:00:00 +0000
<![CDATA[ A GOOD BOOK TO SHARE WITH YOUR CHILD]]> Fri, 2 Mar 2007 12:00:00 +0000 <![CDATA[ A Review of "Baby Food"]]>
First it didn't have a story, and second, 3 and 5 year olds are not as attracted by 'cute' pictures as older children and adults. We looked at the book once and then put it in the 'back to the library' stack.

It might be better for older babies and toddlers who could learn something about identifying fruit, but there is plenty of competition that will keep their attention longer.

Two Stars. Cute concept, but it didn't make the cut to become a permanent member of our bookshelves. There are just too many other better choices (ones with a story or educational value) on which to spend our money.]]> Wed, 30 Nov 2005 12:00:00 +0000
<![CDATA[ Causing diaper rashes everywhere to spread like the plague...]]> Pros: relatively inexpensive, fragrance free

Cons: NOT for those with supersensitive skin, caused our rash to get worse.

The Bottom Line: The Bottom Line now has a sore bottom from Aveeno Diaper Rash Cream.

Remember your parents telling you when you were younger, “Use what you’ve got before we buy you any more”? Well, this is how I came upon Aveeno Diaper Rash Cream. My mother in law had several tubes in the house for some skin reaction she had ages ago, but since they were unopened and not expired, she passed them off to me when Munchie came home from the hospital. My first choice would have been Desitin, as that was what my mom had used on me, my aunt used on my cousins, and so on, but this was here, and Desitin is expensive, so we used what was handy.

About Aveeno Diaper Rash Cream
This is a very soft, smooshy cream, making it easier to apply than many others. This is good because, of course, anything to make application easier when you are holding kicking baby feet in one hand is a good thing. It comes in a soft plastic beige tube with a blue flip-top cover. This is another advantage, as it can be opened with one hand. Aveeno Diaper Rash Cream is fragrance-free, so there are no perfumes to irritate the skin. Bear in mind, however, that it does NOT mean hypoallergenic (more on this later).

Active ingredients:Zinc Oxide & Dimethicone
Inactive Ingredients:
Purified Water, Mineral Oil, Glycerin, Lanolin, Petrolatum, Sorbitan Isostearate, Panthenol, Oat Flour, Synthetic Beeswax, Microcrystalline Wax, Sodium Lactate, Magnesium Sulfate, Lactic Acid, DMDM Hydantoin, Iodopropynyl and Butylcarbamate.

Price and availability
Aveeno Diaper Rash Cream - and other Aveeno products - can be found at pretty much any drugstore, supermarket, department store and baby store. The average price is about $5.00 - mid-range as far as diaper rash ointment goes, with Desitin topping $7.00 and Johnson’s falling under $4.00.

So what happened?
When Munchie was about three weeks old, he started to show the teeny-tiniest bit of diaper rash. So I, being a ridiculously paranoid and overprotective new mommy, slathered on the Aveeno cream. A few hours later, when he needed to be changed, I noticed that the rash had spread. I, in turn, applied even more diaper rash cream. Then I started to notice that my hands were itchy. I didn’t think much of this at the time, because my skin reacts to anything and everything - if I even touch something with peppers in it, I break out. If I touch spilled shampoo at the store, I can break out. So, on I went with the day, my itching increasing and Munchie’s diaper rash spreading like the plague - it was all over his tooshie and a bit on his back as well. By the next day, it occurred to me that something wasn’t quite right. So, on a whim, I switched to the Johnson’s diaper rash cream since I had a sample pack. Within hours, the diaper rash was gone. By the day after that, my itching had stopped as well. And so, the Aveeno Diaper Rash Cream and all other Aveeno products have been banished from our house. Now, I am not saying this would happen to anyone, because obviously this product has gotten plenty of other stunning reviews. I caution those who are hypersensitive though, as a negative reaction may occur.

My final thoughts
This may be a good diaper rash cream for some people, but it definitely isn’t for me and Munchie. Try at your own risk, and I advise those who have had skin reactions before to save yourself the headache and go straight to Johnson’s or Desitin instead.

Other baby products
Johnson's Baby Bar

No]]> Tue, 14 Sep 2004 12:00:00 +0000
<![CDATA[ A+D Zinc Oxide Diaper Rash Cream]]> Pros: easy to open flip-top lid plus a pleasing scent

Cons: tube does not last very long and it is expensive

The Bottom Line: A very good combination of ingredients to combat diaper rashes in record time

When my son changed medications recently he started to develop a diaper rash. Baby powder was not working alone and I did not feel the need to spend almost twelve dollars for a tub of the A+D Original Ointment. While looking around at the items sold at Rite Aid I spotted the A+D Zinc Oxide Diaper Rash Cream with Aloe and decided to make the purchase.

Over the years I have purchased the Rite Aid brand of zinc oxide for my skin condition and a few times tried this out on my son when a rash was evident. The A+D Zinc Oxide Diaper Rash Cream with Aloe has a mild pleasing scent to it with no greasy feeling after usage. I was very happy when I noticed the top is not a regular twist off cap, but a flip-top lid that makes opening and closing a breeze when attending to a quick child during the diaper changing process. This also helps in not clogging the opening or having left over cream around the edges. Located beneath the twist off section is a cap for removing should the need arise.

A+D Zinc Oxide Diaper Rash Cream with Aloe contains no lanolin, which I am allergic to and will break out in more rashes from my eczema skin condition. I always have to read the ingredients on all items I will be applying to my children as well as myself since I end up touching the product at some point. Since the A+D Ointment does contain lanolin, and I have utilized the ointment successfully over the years for my son by placing a Huggies wipe directly into the jar to avoid an allergic reaction, I decided another product in this line was worthwhile.

The A+D Zinc Oxide Diaper Rash Cream with Aloe is used for the treatment and prevention of diaper rashes as well as soothing red irritated skin. It works as a skin protectant that is also hypoallergenic with the aloe and Vitamins A and D. I do not use the cream each diaper change, but do try to apply a liberal coating at bedtime. I have applied the cream in two variations, one onto the palm of my hand to spread over my son’s bottom and a few times I have squeezed out a small amount onto a wipe to smooth over his skin.

It is important to allow a bottom to dry after having a wet soiled diaper on and to use a wipe that does not leave a lot of wetness behind or residue. When you get to the end of some brands of wipes they are almost soaking wet and need to be twisted for excess liquid. After applying the A+D Zinc Oxide Diaper Rash Cream with Aloe my hands are not itchy or dry and it does rinse off easily with soap and water. With some items I feel the need to have it removed instantly, but not so with this cream.
It is not cold when applied either, which helps so the child having this A+D Zinc Oxide Diaper Rash Cream with Aloe will not flinch or move due to the sudden coldness on their behind. The scent is light, but reminds me of the newborn baby smell and not at all like medicine. When you open the flip-top the cream comes out in an even thick and creamy formation that glides onto the skin quickly and can either be rubbed in or spread over the affected area loosely. My son does not really tolerate me rubbing anything into the skin for a long period of time, plus a light film left on the skin works better on his rashes.

The diaper is easy to place on the skin over the A+D Zinc Oxide Diaper Rash Cream with Aloe and with the next change it is always apparent that the cream has been working its magic on the area. Many times I shake some baby powder over the area as well. When I remove the diaper the cream has been absorbed into the skin and the redness has faded over time. This can be applied daily with as many applications as needed, but if a rash is still present in the same consistency it would be advised to consult a doctor and discontinue use. Also if the rash were to get worse or another one develop this could indicate a more serious problem that needs to be checked and stop using immediately.

The active ingredients found in the A+D Zinc Oxide Diaper Rash Cream with Aloe consist of 1% Dimethicone along with 10% zinc oxide. The inactive ingredients are aloe barbadensis extract, benzyl alcohol, coconut oil (probably what makes the scent so pleasing), cod liver oil (contains Vit A&D), fragrance, glyceryl oleate, light mineral oil, ozokerite (no idea what this is!), paraffin, propylene glycol, sorbitol, synthetic beeswax and water.

This A+D Zinc Oxide Diaper Rash Cream with Aloe is also marketed in a pump style, although I am not sure I would find that easier to manage. This should be stored at room temperature (meaning not the bathroom) and out of reach of children. In case of any accidental ingestion contact the poison control immediately, the number is located in phone books front section and should be placed on refrigerator and near phone.

The A+D Zinc Oxide Diaper Rash Cream with Aloe will help seal out wetness and is to be used externally only. Zinc oxide and aloe are a good combination for this delicate part of skin. The most important aspect of the product is that it works and quickly I might add. Diaper rashes can appear when there is a change in medication or diet so this is worth making the purchase for when the need may arise in the future.

Other products mentioned worth pursuing are:

Huggies Natural Care baby Wipes
Rite Aid unscented baby wipes
Gerber Baby Powder
A+D Original Ointment
Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Yes]]> Tue, 30 Dec 2003 12:00:00 +0000
<![CDATA[ Where Everyone is Sleeping **Lean-n-Mean-Two**]]> Pros: Beautiful illustrations (as usual), cute, simple story

Cons: Absolutely nothing

The Bottom Line: Let this book aid you and your child in a nap, or read it during storytime.

We're all familiar with those days; those rainy days when you want nothing more than to take a nice, cozy nap. Audrey and Don Wood have once again produced a fantastic book, The Napping House, perfect for those days as it will entice you and your children, too, to take a warm, cuddly nap. Even when it isn't a "napping day," this book is a perfect, short read.

There is a house,
a napping house,
where everyone is sleeping.

On this rainy day, in this napping house, there is a granny, sleeping comfortably on the bed (though it looks a bit small for her) and little by little, Granny is joined by a child, a dog, and a few other sleepy fellows. Of course, all naps must end, as well as all rainy days...

The Woods have kindly given us The Napping House; another wonderfully written, fascinatingly illustrated book to pore (happily) over. This story is very simple, yet interesting and fun, too. This story is a build-up story, and the first page starts very simply, stating that there is a napping house, where everyone is sleeping. Each page adds another line and increases your curiosity... "What is this all leading to?" The Napping House is perfect to read to your child, letting them repeat you to help pronunciation and reading skills. It also is important to introduce to children to different writing styles, like the flow-ey, poetic style in this book. This style can help lull your child to sleep, but can also help aid in reading comprehension (as the beautiful illustrations will!).

The illustrations are fun, detailed, and life-like to keep the child's eyes busy, and I could spend hours with these pictures by myself. Each picture features the bed with its current sleepers (often in new positions), and the rest of Granny's room with the other soon-to-be -or- former bed-occupants. I remember trying to figure out who was going to creep into the bed next as a child; I'd scanning each page to see which sleepy-head it would be. On each page, the lighting grows subtly brighter, making you wonder what is going to come next. At the end of the book, the brilliant sunshine emerges from the rainy day and you will enjoy the vibrant colors in the last illustrations.

The Napping House is wonderful for a bedtime/naptime story, or just for a fun, short anytime story. I loved having my mother read it to me at night, building suspense with her voice, and I later learned to enjoy reading it for myself as I grew a bit older. Let your children enjoy this book with you... or sneak it for yourself :)

**This review was written for Sleeper54's Lean-n-Mean-Two write-off, where you keep your review less than 666 words. Get moving, and join in! (Check it out here!)

View my other Lean, Mean reviews:
Netflix=convenience, fun, ease
Simply Fabulous, Dahhling
My Stars!!! Another great "Wood" book

If you like this book, you'll really like Heckedy Peg.

Yes]]> Fri, 5 Dec 2003 12:00:00 +0000
<![CDATA[ Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz................]]> Fri, 20 Sep 2002 12:00:00 +0000 <![CDATA[ Balmex® is okay but I hate the commercials]]> Pros: Contains Zinc Oxide, has no lanolin, pleasing scent

Cons: Hard to get off my fingers, stuck around the top opening

The Bottom Line: A thick white rash ointment that will eventually control the rash area

For a long time I used the Rite-Aid brand of zinc oxide for diaper rashes. I finally realized that it was costing me more in purchasing the small tubes this way and decided to read labels on the brands to find one with no lanolin. I have seen the annoying commercials that show women at a baby shower giving praise to Balmex® Diaper Rash Ointment for many years now and just passed it by in the aisle without a second thought.

Some weeks ago I checked all the brands on stock at Rite-Aid looking through the ingredients. Even though there were other ointments and creams selling for less, I chose Balmex® Rash Ointment because the ingredients did not contain lanolin and I knew basically what each of them were. The box notes Pediatrician Recommended and sold for $5.69. I wonder who is the Pediatrician that originally recommended this and does not get credit for it.

This is a product to keep out of reach of children especially since this tube is white and looks very similar to toothpaste. They claim to soothe the rash and promote healing and I would agree with that as the rash did not disappear but healed. This also contains aloe and Vitamin E, beeswax and purified water. Balmex® Diaper Rash Ointment provides moisture to the diaper area and can be used for sunburns, cuts, scrapes and everyday first aid. I use Neosporin so cannot agree with this claim.

A week later I found at Rite-Aid Balmex® Diaper Rash Ointment on sale for $3.99 so picked up another tube to keep in my preschooler’s backpack so the same brand would be used consistently on all his diaper changes. Sometimes my son moves too quickly and I have put the ointment on the diaper and his bottom with ease. It would be a good idea to wipe the flip top opening after dispensing because it clogs the area and makes keeping the top sealed safely so nothing comes out if keeping this in a diaper bag. I placed this inside a baggie for the backpack so as not to get on clothing inside. If your able to use plastic gloves this would be a good way to apply ointment and then toss out the gloves. It is essential to wash hands before and after changing of a diaper. I place newspaper down on the rug prior to each change and wrap the soiled diaper inside that. You can than place this in a plastic bag and carry it to the outside trash and goodbye smell!

There is no set limit on how much can be used, liberal use is encouraged by the makers, Block Drug Company. After changing the diaper, air out the bottom of the infant/child by keeping the area dry before applying the ointment. The last diaper change of the evening will mean being in a diaper for a longer time with prolonged exposure to wetness so this time needs ointment when there is a rash or even to use as a barrier to protect overnight. By the beginning of the second week it was apparent that I needed a stronger type of rash buster for my son and found one that has since cleared it up. A one pound jar of A&D Ointment for $12.99 did the impossible by managing to clear up the rash and erase the smell of dirty diapers from my house

I still have a small amount left in the tube of Balmex® Diaper Rash Ointment and will consider making a purchase in the future when the need arises.

Yes]]> Fri, 7 Dec 2001 12:00:00 +0000
<![CDATA[ Desitin Is Designed To Work!]]> Pros: It protects and reduces skin irritations! Economical.

Cons: Moderate odor

I have a fourteen month old granddaughter, Brooklyn, who gets diaper rash occasionally. When she comes in to see us, she has to travel in a car seat for seven hours. Even though her mother stops and changes her during the trip, she still suffers from a heat rash by the time she gets here. I was surprised that whenever I used Desitin on her irritated skin, how quickly the area improved! We use this ointment on Brooklyn whenever we see the first signs of skin irritation, which is usually redness or chafing.

Desitin is a product that comes in three different forms; an ointment, a cream and a cornstarch baby powder. It is used to promote healing, protect the skin and relieves irritation and chafing. You can purchase Desitin ointment in one ounce(28g)tube, two ounces(57g)tube, four ounces(113g)tube, nine ounces(225g)jar and sixteen ounces(454g)jar. When I worked in the operating room, we would use zinc oxide around the "good skin area" of a wound or burn to help seal out the wetness of the drainage. Desitin ointment formula is forty percent zinc oxide, it has Norwegian cod liver oil which is rich in natural vitamins A and D, plus lanolin and petrolatum. This protective barrier works fast in just hours by sealing the wetness and germs from the rash. Desitin can also be used for superficial non-infected wounds and burns.

Desitin ointment is a thick white texture with a moderate smell that does subside after it is applied. I like this pasty mixture because it allows you to apply the ointment directly to the affected area without it coming off easily. Whenever a baby is teething or dehydrated, their urine can be more acidic, so you can use this ointment as a protective layer! It will neutralize the acidity of the urine or stools.

How to use Desitin ointment

First you must clean the affected area gently with warm water and a mild soap. Allow the skin to dry thoroughly, then apply a thin layer of the ointment to the irritated area whenever there is a diaper change or at bedtime if using preventively. I prefer not to apply baby powder if I am using the ointment on Brooklyn but you may use baby powder if you need it. Desitin should only be used externally. Avoid contact with eyes. If you have any questions about the type of rash that your baby has or if the rash does not improve, you should contact your pediatrician. Although I see an improvement in Brooklyn's skin within hours, you should not use this ointment over seven days without noticing any improvement!

So whenever you are restocking your diaper bag or bathroom shelf, I would recommend Desitin ointment as a reliable treatment for diaper rash, minor burns and irritations. My granddaughter's comfort is one of my top priorities! I usually purchase the two ounce tube and it costs about $4.50 at my local Walmarts.

Yes]]> Wed, 3 Jan 2001 12:00:00 +0000
<![CDATA[ Veggie Crackers are Yuckies!]]> Pros: The idea of sneaking veggies in a cracker

Cons: beets and sweet potatoes, kids do not like them

Gerber Graduates for Toddlers Veggie Crackers come in a four ounce box selling at $1.79 and up. They are shaped with six edges the size of a quarter. The color is a nice mixture of tomato and celery with eight little holes in each cracker.

The box says that they now have Iron and Zinc. I have been purchasing these for several years now and never realized these two were not included. You will not find any source of protein, calcium, fiber, cholesterol or saturated fats in these crackers.

What is inside the Veggie Crackers is a variety of dehydrated vegetables. They consist of the following:

1. Beets
2. Sweet Potatoes
3. Carrots
4. Red and Green Bell Peppers
5. Onions
6. Tomatoes
7. Celery
8. Parsley

Sugar, salt, enriched flour, folic acid and riboflavin are also part of the ingredients. A serving size consists of 10 crackers with 20% of the daily value for these vitamins:

1. Zinc
2. Vitamin E
3. Iron

There is 10% of Vitamin A and 15 mg of Potassium. These nutrition facts are what I consider beneficial and why I continued making this a selection for a snack food for two kids. The texture makes for easy chewing and swallowing. Each box contains approximately 16 servings. I pick up a box each month when I do our food shopping with food stamps. There are no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives in the crackers.

Gerber Graduates has coupons in the red smart source machines at the super market, in parenting magazines as well as in the Sunday inserts to the newspapers. If you save the universal product code (UPC) usually on the bottom flap with the name of the item, you can turn them in for refunds when available, or purchase with them as points towards items by Gerber Graduates .

I have received a t-shirt for each child with their name on it and the logo for Gerber Graduates . On some of the boxes can be found an offer for a growth chart too. I purchased the current box in September with a better if used by date stamped on top of June, 2001. The price was $1.85 and found in the baby food aisle. On top of the box is a taped certificate to submit for a sweepstakes for a dream playroom for your child. This expires on December 31, 2000. For further details and to enter check out the web site at You can join My Gerber and get up to $50 in coupons on Gerber products at the web site. You have the opportunity of ordering products online and using I have seen many of the products in the Gerber Graduates for Toddlers line for sale at Toys “R” Us, K-mart, Rite-Aid and grocery stores.

I have used the Veggie Crackers as a party mix with pretzels and ritz crackers. I see the result with all the other items consumed leaving the Veggie Crackers sitting alone in the bottom of the bowl.

The Gerber Graduates for Toddlers products are all just the right size for little hands. The products will have a yellow just right for circle noting either just right for picking up, sippy cup or spooning. These crackers have the picking up displayed. These are good for toddlers who are growing and learning to feed themselves. Each child who is consuming these crackers should be seated and accustomed to chewing solid foods.

I started purchasing these products when my children were twelve months of age. We have tried the animal crackers, pretzels, diced vegetables, microwavable dinners, fruit juice snacks and boxed juices. Most of the items were a one time deal only, like the banana cookies and meat sticks. I can now add the Veggie Crackers as an item we will no longer be purchasing since no one will eat them.

I certainly was not interested in trying one in aiding in this review so therefore I have come to realize they must be yucky like my son said. Also it should be noted that a few years ago in the Los Angeles Times I read an article in the Food Section that listed the years worst new food items. The Gerber Graduates for Toddlers Veggie Crackers made that list.

No]]> Wed, 13 Sep 2000 12:00:00 +0000
<![CDATA[ not just for toddlers]]> Pros: great taste

Cons: none

Well even though we are not a big fan of the Gerber baby foods the graduates are a big winner. Not to mention they put out some great buy 1 get 1 free coupons.

First the microwavable meals. First we tried this brand and my daughter ate it with no problem. It is the most expensive of the brands though so we tried Beechnut (since this is our preferred baby food brand), NOONE would eat it, it didn't even smell good. We also tried Kids Kitchen which we actually like better and they have great giveaway offers but there is no section for Kids Kitchen. Now that my daughter is 4 though we buy the usual junk food types, spaghetti O's, etc. I had a coupon for Gerber though so bought some and my 6 mo old went crazy over the leftovers of the chicken noodle/vegetable one.

Next come our favorites, the snacks. My daughter used to inhale the banana or apple cinnamon cookies. Now my baby loves the animal crackers and arrowroot cookies (if she eats them before mom, dad or sister gets them). Our current aboslute favorite though are the new cereal bites. They dissolve so quickly and are not too small to be hard to pick up but are small enough to be perfect for practicing the pincer grasp. They taste great too, in my opinion they taste kind of like Cinnamon Life cereal.

We are not big juice drinkers so we haven't had the juices and my daughter refusses hot cereals so the oatmeals are out. I highly recommend the snacks though, not just for baby.

Yes]]> Fri, 25 Aug 2000 12:00:00 +0000
<![CDATA[ good information, not so good technique]]> Pros: great information

Cons: describes bad techniques for getting children to sleep

I think I have become more lax in my parenting. When my first child was 5 months old we tried this book and it only made her more upset and never worked. It also went against all of my mothering instincts. Now with my second child I still have this book, it has great information for reference in it, but we have never used the techniques in it this time. OK my second daughter is a horrible sleeper, yet my first daughter didn't use this past the first night (we quit early in the first night) and was a great sleeper, I guess it has more to do with their temperament. What I do know is in 5 years she won't be sleeping with me or waking to eat or need to cuddle me at 2 am. When you have a 4 year old who doesn't need you anymore you get a lot more sleep, but no middle of the night cuddling. As I have had more children I have learned to appreciate what I have when I have it.

So the book? I actually do not like the technique they use to get children to sleep through the night. I believe that if you let them cry they are not learning to sleep by themselves but are learning that you will not come when they need you so they stop bothering to call. It works because kids learn to stop bothering to call when they need you or because they cry themselves to sleep. Some kids just become increasingly upset and then it takes you 200 times longer to calm them down, or they become clingy during the day. Some kids never stop crying, I know kids that use this method and have become so accustomed to it they "have to" cry to fall asleep cuddling won't work anymore.

What I do like about the book is it goes in depth into peoples sleep/wake cycles and babies sleep patterns. It covers how much time children usually sleep at different ages and how much of it is daytime vs nighttime. He also describes the technique, discourages it's use on newborns and talks about a less harsh approach for the parents who cannot go 5 min or crying without going to their child (in that approach you go in every 1, 2 then 3 minutes instead of 5,10, and 15 the first night).

All in all most of the information in the book is good. The techniqued used to get children to sleep is not very good though. I recommend the book for it's information only.

Update: I just wanted to clarify how I can find a book good yet disagree with it's techniques. I am reveiwing the book not my opinions on parenting. The book has only 1 section of 1 chapter on the actual technique commenly referred to as "crying it out", which I personally disagree with and think does not work. The book has a total of 5 chapters though that include good information on sleep associations, night feedings, medical causes of poor sleep, sleep rhythms, schedules, sleep phases, and sleep problems. All of the other information in the book I find very informative.

No]]> Tue, 22 Aug 2000 12:00:00 +0000
<![CDATA[ Brooklyn Chooses Tender Harvest!]]> Pros: Exotic dishes, great textures and aromas

Cons: a little more expensive than most baby foods.

I have an eight month old granddaughter named Brooklyn Jean. I regularly feed her Gerber's Stage 2 baby food. Recently, I discovered that Walmarts sold Gerber's Tender Harvest baby food for 69 cents per jar. This is a little higher than the regular Gerber's baby food, but it is well worth the difference!

I was first attracted to the baby food by the jar's design and the fact that the fruits and vegetables are organically grown. I am concerned over how most food is grown since the pesticides and fertilizers have an adverse effect on humans.

One of the first things I noticed when I started to feed Brooklyn Jean the Tender Harvest brand was that the texture of the food was well-blended and had more consistency! The vegetables and fruits actually smelled like grown-up food and it even tasted good.

This brand has limited varieties. One of Brooklyn's favorite meals is the spinach lasagna. I fed her the banana, oatmeal and peach, but she did not like it as well. It appeared too watery. Other varieties that I have given her are bananas and blueberries; green beans and potatoes; and the vegetable turkey and barley. I do wish that Gerber would come out with more of these wonderful exotic meals for babies.

If you heat your baby food in a dish in the microwave, please make sure you stir it well and test the temperature before you start to feed your baby. I prefer to feed Brooklyn the fruits at room temperature. I have always used the Gerber products and I feel good about their quality of baby foods.

Yes]]> Thu, 22 Jun 2000 12:00:00 +0000
<![CDATA[ They Discontinued the Strawberry Fruit Bars]]> Pros: My kids eat these - and only these


I will start out by saying that this product is a Toddler Food and not baby food as stated in the heading. Gerber Graduates are for toddlers.

My two preschoolers have been consuming this product for over two years now. The last three months they have disappeared. At the same time these coupons in the Red Smart Source machines in the aisles starting printing out these coupons showing new products that were not available here in California.

The coupons have since expired and were not for doubling. I had tons of the coupons. I drove all over Los Angeles city limits looking in the stores for this product. I spoke to Store Managers and I had to show them the banana cookies as a sample, because the coupon showed a Box selling for around $2.49 and what I was looking for, and continue to do so, is a tin for $1.69 and it is a pull out tray with cellophane and the bars are not wrapped. There are two sections to the tin and more than 20 bars that are perfectly sized for my kids.

There is a phone number listed on the package. 1-800-4-gerber. This number is staffed 24 hours. They ask for your zip code and they must of logged in mine daily for a two week period. I was informed that no this product was not being discontinued and it would arrive shortly in my State.

I was told I to give the Store Managers this number to get the phone number for their distributor. I wanted that number and was told repeatedly I could not call.

I am on many lists at onelist for various interests, and I mentioned this in the subject line to all my lists saying I was desperately seeking the Gerber Fruit Bars. I received two from someone in Colorado and I saved those pkgs and went hunting again through the streets of Los Angeles.

One manager even kept the package. The shelves had nothing and there were those coupons again. What good were they if the product was not being sold. Every manager told me it was a problem with the distributor and I asked please call the 1-800-4-gerber number. The manager who took the pkg also called and was informed a distributor problem they were out of stock.

Someone in TX found them in her store, and she picked up 12 pkgs for me. She even sent it Priority Mail. My son's 5th birthday was March 22 and we had GERBER BARS. They were gone in less than 10 days.

So we are back to square one. My last phone call to 1-800-4-gerber I was informed that they just received a memo that day saying the Bars are being discontinued. I was very upset and wanted to speak to someone but all she gave me was the web site address. Well that is how I got the ladies to send me the bars, I gave them directions to the bars on the web site.

So just the other day I found they changed the web site and now I can order through I placed my order for 7 boxes and my account was denied the next day.

So I can only hope that they continue selling the stock so I can have a supply. My cupboards are bare, can someone please tell me WHERE ARE THE STRAWBERRY FRUIT BARS.

My kids are both autistic and on limited diets, and THEY LIKE THEM. HEY Nicholas and Matthew did not get a say in this decision. I say bring them back.

I also received a package of the new ones called Strawberry Banana Fruit & Cereal Bars and there are 8 Individually Wrapped Bars for $2.69.

I put them away for an emergency and Nicholas did like them. But these still have not arrived in Los Angeles.

Does anyone know where they are?

Yes]]> Fri, 5 May 2000 12:00:00 +0000