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1 review about Blogger Templates Converted From WordPress

Is it worth it to use a Blogger template that has been converted from a WordPress theme?

  • Sep 22, 2010
My answer is hell no.  Wordpress has beautiful themes for download but the best ones are for the hosted WordPress blogs, not the templates from - and I was tickled to see great looking themes that had been converted to Blogger templates.  Here was my experience after spending hours (literally) trying to get the damned things to work on my Blogger.

I opened a new blog specifically for the use of a Design Gallery and I wanted a magazine type template that had lots of nice columns, added features such as integrated feeds and Twitter icons.  I also wanted one that had a nice clean look so as not to distract viewers from the actual designs I was posting, but without looking boring.  I was attracted to templates that have a slide at the top of the page, and with Homepage posts that only displayed a little information so you can click "Read More" and go with a new page that shows only that post.  Something about a template that has lots of partial posts on the Homepage appealed to me.  Now here was my God-awful experience.

The templates I chose to download to try out usually had directions included that explained how to edit the HTML section to make the template's features work.  The directions seemed clear enough, and I am no dummy to HTML, so I thought "What the heck, let's do it!" - it would be worth the time and effort to have a great looking magazine gallery blog.  To make a novel into a short story, editing the HTML was not as easy as it appeared to be.  For instance, in order to integrate my feed counter into the template, I just had to place the code in a particular place - sounds easy right?  Wrong!! The Feedburner counter code was simple to get from Feedburner, but the code had extra symbols and text that did not work in the template html.  So after thinking it was simple to add the link into HTML in the correct space, I click on Preview to make sure it works.  It says it is not well formed and let me tell you, I did this so many times, I was getting sick of seeing the big red letters that tell you that a mistake has been made.  I tinkered around with the link and codes until I finally got it right.  By this time I had already smoked a pack of cigarettes - I'm gonna get cancer from a Blogger template. Also what was difficult was getting the direct links to images from Photobucket, getting the text added in order for the viewer to identify the image and all the information needed to place in the HTML for the slide.  It was easy  to place the direct image link in; the rest was a pain in the patooty.  It was well formed after previewing before I saved, but the final product on the blog looked like crap.  Image slides are fixed width, with your pics being longer than higher, and my wonderful designs looked distorted.

Not to mention that the text in my posts were bunched together and made it appear as though I don't know how to type and add spaces.  I tried my favorite widget Link Within, which shows 3 images side by side below each post, and they were all messed up. According to the Design portion of my editing page, the gadgets looked all in place - until I saw it on the blog.  The right sidebar had nothing except empty space, and all my labels/categories were at the bottom - nothing like the Page Element showed.  Who wants to look at a blog where it's empty on the whole right side, and you have to go to the bottom of the page to see your Categories?  I was furious at this.  Not only did it look unprofessional, distorted and just plain dumb, I decided to just upload another template. But alas, it would not let me go back to edit anything!  There was an error so I could not even delete the template and download another.  (Please keep in mind this was after the SECOND template I attempted) so I had to start another blog, export my original blog (I was able to get on Settings to do this) and import that into the new one I just started, delete the first one and start a new feed for the new one.  Whew!!  After attempting 2 times with 2 wonderful looking templates, I finally just picked out a great regular Blogger template and with no problem whatsoever; even editing HTML is simpler with an original Blogger template, even with extra added features.

Would I recommend using a more complex theme converted from WP?  Only if you want to waste hours of your life getting frustrated and belligerent.  Nope, I'm not getting near a converted template again - I'll just stick to the many beautiful Blogger themes available!


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September 22, 2010
Thanks for the cautionary tale. You're braver than I am. I admire your courage in editing html. (My wife told me that recently Blogger's charging for some template tweaks; they revised and expanded their editing features a couple of weeks ago.)
September 23, 2010
I love working with the HTML codes - it's a challenge! I had not heard about the new editing features and tweaks -- I wonder what that's all about? By the way, I wrote a review about Search Engine Optimization with Meta Tags if you are interested. Thank you for the comment.
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Blogger Templates Converted From WordPress
Blogger Templates Converted From WordPress
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