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reviewed July 04, 2009
   Well, I'm not going to lie to you. Other than logging out for 15 minute coffee breaks at work or signing off for the end of the day, lunch is what I look forward to. Considering …
reviewed Google Wave. October 21, 2009
Google Wave
In an earlier review of Getting Productive with Google Apps, I wrote about how great working on the cloud can be and how revolutionary the concept of the cloud was for smaller businesses.  Well, …
reviewed Walmart. December 15, 2008
After taking all those sociology courses that taught me to hate Walmart in college, I should know better than to shop at one, but darn it, I was really close to one, PMS-ing and intensely craving some …
reviewed The Cool Hunter. April 22, 2009
posted in City Lifestyle
The Cool Hunter
I invite you to explore & be amazed at how beautiful this world of ours is! I'm still speechless! Well done, Bill Tikos! Your site (& blog) is certainly the cooooooooolest I've …
reviewed April 23, 2009
posted in City Lifestyle
I blogged about on my personal blog (Sharrie.TV) 2 days ago.   Here it is:   As some of you might have know, I was into travelogues many years ago. Spent majority of my waking …
reviewed Vimeo. April 24, 2009
YouTube is overrated. Oops, don't quote me! I want to live!!!   I blog about a video by the amazing Jonathan Jarvis (he's fast becoming my idol!) on The Crisis of Credit Crunch about …
reviewed Web Widget. May 04, 2009
posted in Business Matters
Web Widget
World of Widgets; Something new, something fun, something chic, something for keeps...    It was more than 2 years ago when I first came across widgets and had a couple installed on my personal …
reviewed Newsmap. May 05, 2009
posted in Business Matters
The beauty of technology is that it opens up the whole new world right in your living room, bedroom or even bathroom! I've a friend in Dhaka (yes, that is Bangladash!) who chats with me on Skype from …
reviewed Robin Li. May 06, 2009
posted in Business Matters
Robin Li
The very best of both worlds can be found in Robin Li (李彦宏) alone. Other than Lang Lang (郎朗), Robin Li is the latest hot icon in China. Many of the readers here may not be familiar with who he is unless …
reviewed Moo Business Cards. August 10, 2009
posted in Business Matters
Moo Business Cards
I read about this business through Lunch member TaniaGail and decided it's a good idea and exactly what I needed. That was back then in May. I then made an order in early June and all things seem …
reviewed Subprime. August 11, 2009
posted in Business Matters
I wish all major and complex issues can be so entertainingly explained with innovative designs & ideas by the media designers. It certainly helps in educating the public and individuals about anything …
reviewed The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Underst.... August 13, 2009
posted in Business Matters
The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding
The Lexus and the Olive Tree is a book published just before the turn of the Millennia. It is a book that generally try to explain the globalization and its effects; a concept which was very popular in …
reviewed The World is Flat. August 13, 2009
posted in Business Matters
The World is Flat
I created another data point for this as this is not really (not quite) a review about the book, but rather what's available and out there after the book has been published. It's more about a …
reviewed Thomas Friedman. August 13, 2009
posted in Business Matters
The author
Mr. Thomas Friedman is one of a kind. He has the knack for making complicated issues simple and boring issues interesting. One of the most intelligent and informed person around, he’s surprisingly …
reviewed The Extreme Future: The Top Trends Th.... September 04, 2009
posted in Business Matters
The Extreme Future: The Top Trends That Will Reshape the World for the Next 5, 10, and 20 Years
The Top Trends that will reshape the world in the next 20 years!      Alas, I don't even know about my own future in the next 20 months, let alone 20 years! James Canton is convincingly …
reviewed Mobile Broadband. September 05, 2009
mobile broadband dongle
 Mobile Broadband, ie. having the internet on the go on your PC. No more cables, no more tables and no more staying home or in the office to access the internet or working indoors. That's what …
reviewed Skype. September 05, 2009
posted in Business Matters
Instant Messenger Service
 I love Skype for what it can do and potentially do. I also love Skype for keeping me in touch with loved ones across the entire globe. It is something I 'need' when I'm on the go. It's …
reviewed Citibank. September 08, 2009
posted in Business Matters
When it comes to American banks, it's NOT at the forefront of invention and innovation. Yes, perhaps the last financial crisis (which then extended to a global level) was created and invented by the …
reviewed Nanotech. September 14, 2009
posted in Business Matters
       It's in the field of Science and I'm no Scientist. It's not a topic I should be reviewing. However it's THE buzzword of the century and the forefront of …
reviewed CTrip. October 01, 2009
posted in Go China
Wish to travel to China and not know how to make the arrangement yourself? Well, it's simply a click away.      I hate travel on a group tour. And I often feel the packaged tours …
reviewed Richard Branson. October 18, 2009
posted in Business Matters
Richard Branson
His 1st name is Adventure & his last name is Enterprise. His middle name is Fun.   He dreams & he turns them into reality. He is enterprising and he lives an exciting lifestyle.    …
reviewed China. January 09, 2010
posted in Business Matters
China is coming out of its shell like a snail is. What it is not is moving at a slow pace.     My first entry into China was back then in August 1993. We were in Hong Kong for a short …
reviewed Google and China 2010 Controversy. January 16, 2010
posted in Business Matters
Google and China Controversy
Surprise, surprise! No one here on Lunch writing a review on Google after such a big piece of news hits the market?!    Let’s face it, Google challenging China on its censorship policy… …
reviewed Credit (finance). January 22, 2010
posted in Business Matters
Credit (finance)
   Risk Management: Investing & Credit & The World of Finance     Risk Risk is inherent in the act of living. It is something we take as soon as we arrived on this …
reviewed Time. February 28, 2010
posted in Inspirations
They say time is money and anyone who helps others save time has the potential to earn the currencies of the world. Totally true though how significant that is is up to each individuals. We cannot control …
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