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reviewed The In-Car Turntable: An Appreciation. September 02, 2010
posted in Music Matters
The In-Car Turntable: An Appreciation
And we thought distracted driving only meant texting and web browsing. In a foreshadowing of the abject stupidity that almost brought down the entire US auto industry, the "foward …
reviewed Aston Martin DB5. August 16, 2010
posted in Bond, James Bond
Aston Martin DB5
In Goldfinger, Q reveals the Aston Martin DB5, "with modifications." Its windows are bulletproof, and the number plates, as they're known in England, are revolving. Then there are the controls …
reviewed 2008 Cadillac CTS. August 15, 2010
2008 Cadillac CTS
Pros: Powerful engine; excellent handling, beautiful cockpit, cutting edge exterior design; extremely fun to drive.   Cons: Side mirrors too small; lack of storage space   …
reviewed Earthmate GPS BT-20 2010. July 24, 2010
Earthmate GPS BT-20 2010
I've had it with DeLorme. I'll continue buying the occasional update to their topographic maps because they are the only reasonably priced solution out there and my needs are not critical.     But …
reviewed Mattel Hot Wheels 2009-003 Models Cor.... June 13, 2010
Mattel Hot Wheels 2009-003 Models Corvette C6 164
Pros: Your average Hot Wheel.  Relatively durable and is a reflection of a Corvette.     Cons: Average for a Hot Wheel.  Nothing special about it.     …
reviewed 2011 Nissan Leaf. April 01, 2010
2011 Nissan Leaf
Modern electric cars are neat alternatives for people who want to be environmentally responsible and don't mind keeping fairly close to home, but they do have one significant drawback: they're either …
reviewed Alfa Romeo 8C Competezione. March 27, 2010
      "What's your favorite car?" is a question I hear more often than Larry King hears "Is he breathing?" I understand why the question gets asked, but people …
reviewed Porsche 918 Spyder. March 09, 2010
Porsche 918 Spyder HYBRID Concept
      It's only a concept car, but every time I think about the Porsche 918 Spyder Concept, the only thought is, "It's the only sports car I'd ever need." And I'm serious. …
reviewed 2010 BMW 135i. February 26, 2010
2010 BMW 135i
If you are shopping for a new car, and want something fast, comfortable, well-equipped, handles well and is priced around $40,000, go test-drive a BMW 135i.       Starting at $36,000, …
reviewed 2010 Honda Civic SI with HFP. February 26, 2010
2010 Honda Civic SI with HFP
      Blending performance and practicality is something all automakers are trying to do nowadays. The term "Sport-tuned suspension" is in ads for minivans and Evos alike, …
reviewed Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari, and Thei.... February 26, 2010
Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari, and Their Battle for
I first heard about this book on the Adam Carolla Carcast.   I was a really big fan of the GT40 race car from playing Gran Turismo 3 on the Playstation due to the car's aggressive styling, impressive …
reviewed 2011 Toyota FT-86. February 25, 2010
2010 Honda Civic SI with HFP
   So, you like cars, but don't have enough money to buy something from Italy or some Swedish super-car that has 254 letters in it's name. What do you do? Well there's lots of cars available …
reviewed 2010 Nissan 370Z Convertible. February 24, 2010
2010 Nissan 370Z Convertible
Right now we are seeing a renaissance of sports cars. Every company is making something fast, sleek, agile and beautiful (or trying to). So if you're in the market for a sports car, you've basically wandered …
reviewed The Economics of Integrity: From Dair.... February 23, 2010
The Economics of Integrity: From Dairy Farmers to
As Anna Bernasek suggests in the Introduction, "If we ignore the important ways that people cooperate to create wealth, we miss the most valuable source of wealth creation imaginable. Recognizing the …
reviewed Volkswagen Transporter The First 60 Y.... February 20, 2010
Volkswagen Transporter The First 60 Years
This is another one of those "new books at the library" selections that just happened to strike my fancy when I saw it... Volkswagen Transporter The First 60 Years by Richard Copping and Brian Screaton. …
reviewed 2008 Chrysler Pt Cruiser. February 14, 2010
Pros: Dependable, Safe, Good For Touring   Cons: Middling Gas Mileage, Dated Concept, Mediocre Interior   The Bottom Line: If they still made these--I'd buy another …
reviewed 2010 Toyota Vehicle Recalls. February 03, 2010
2010 Toyota Vehicle Recalls
First, I think Toyota have done absolutely the right thing in recalling vehicles and ceasing sales - this underlines their commitment to safety and desire to maintain their reputation. Clearly, it's an …
reviewed Toyota Prius. January 25, 2010
Toyota Prius
I had the opportunity to drive a rental Toyota Pious, er, I mean Prius in Los Angeles over Christmas weekend as part of my Holiday Inn package.  After all the hoopla over this particular hybrid, …
reviewed Buick Rivera. January 13, 2010
Buick Rivera
Miljenko Jergovi je dobro poznat hrvatskoj javnosti po svojim kolumnama i inim analizama politikih i kulturnih svakodnevnih zbivanja. Po mnogoemu te analize imaju kontroverzne odjeke, i neosporno je …
reviewed Buick Rivera. January 13, 2010
Buick Rivera
Miljenko Jergovi je dobro poznat hrvatskoj javnosti po svojim kolumnama i inim analizama politikih i kulturnih svakodnevnih zbivanja. Po mnogoemu te analize imaju kontroverzne odjeke, i neosporno je …
reviewed The Red Red Car. December 23, 2009
The Red Red Car
Given his anger at himself and the world, using the double red is an appropriate way to describe the main character. Expressing his anger through ignoring all the rules of the road, the red, red car was …
reviewed San Diego BMW Service Center - EuroAu.... December 19, 2009
   Review for:      Euroautospot San Diego BMW Service Center   8680 Miralani Dr. Suite 124   San Diego, CA 92126   (858)635-9063   …
reviewed Honda Fit. November 25, 2009
Honda Fit
I got my 07 Fit in college and it has been nothing but fantastic memories. My roommates and I drove from Chicago to LA, 2000 miles, with 5 of us and all of our gear for a week in LA and a week …
reviewed Audi A3. October 27, 2009
Audi A3
Buying a new car can be intimidating, especially when you don’t know much about cars or the process. It’s a big investment and you have to do your homework before making a decision. Two years …
reviewed Chevrolet HHR. September 18, 2009
   I'll admit, the HHR is a decent looking car.  I was not embarrassed at all to end up in one on a recent trip to the car rental counter.  The rental fleet special was the base LS …
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