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The Last "true Resident Evil game" before Resident Evil 4!

  • Jun 5, 2010
Resident Evil Code: Veronica X was a good way was a good way to end the series, if it has truly died out because of Resident Evil 4 and RE 5. The game feels like all of it's predecessors, except that it has less of that horror survival "feel, but more of an adrenaline rush. The game keeps true to the games controls and actions, using the tank controls of the previous games. The game also has item boxes to keep all your goods in. The only thing I miss from this game is one enemy they took out, to be replaced by another, new enemy. Code: Veronica X features the enemy called the Bandersnatch. Bandersnatches replace Lickers in this game. Although the enemies are similar in look and both treat women characters worse than male ones. They have the same color of Lickers, but they have long stretchy arms, instead of a lance-like tongue. They can smack Claire around, hug her to death, snap her neck with their arms, or pierce her torso with their arms. Other than Lickers missing from the scene, there really are no other problems with this game. The voice acting is okay, and the graphics were really good. The story goes back to the history of Umbrella. The game is a really good one, I would try the game if you want to know all of the story of the series. Or if you have never played a resident evil game, this would be a good one to start out with. I give this a game a 5 out of 5.

  • Have a few new enemies, the Bandersnatch, for example
  • Game keeps the formula of previous games in the series
  • PS2 version has new Wesker cut-scenes that help move the story along
  • Graphics and voice acting is not as bad as it could have been
  • Fun and addictive Battle Game, where you have the choice to slay zombies in a first person perspective
  • Last good Resident Evil game before RE 4
  • Lickers are no where to be found
  • Steve's voice could be better, but It is not much to complain about
  • no weapon unlockables by beating the game, other than the Linear Launcher
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June 05, 2010
I enjoy Code Veronica a great deal, but to be honest, by the time we got here the formula Resident Evil had been touting was beginning to grow boring and stale.  Code Veronica was still young enough that it was fine.  But the remake on the Gamecube, Resident Evil Zero etc. were games in which the tank controls and the like were actually done so much that Resident Evil sort of began to lose a lot of progressive force that it had been so popular for in the first place.

I'm a gamer who cares more about execution and design, however.  And whether or not I'm having fun.  I had fun with Code Veronica, but there are two things about it which bother me.  The first is that Steve Burnside is one of the most annoying characters the franchise has.  The second is that the game is just too long to sustain the typical Resident Evil fare.  Ten hours is a bit long for all the backtracking, and virtually playing through the first half a second time as Chris instead of Claire.  It makes the length more inflated.  I LOVE Code Veronica for it's story but am particularly annoyed by the fact that on the PS2 and Dreamcast it was afraid to truly take a step forward.  It's not that I don't like the puzzles... it's actually that the absurd backtracking, the limited inventory, the constant running back to a chest and the clunky controls were things that... by the time they got to Code Veronica should've been worked out.  By the time that remake of the first came around and Resident Evil Zero, however... CAPCOM should've REALLY fixed all that
June 06, 2010
Yeah, but other than all that, the game was fun. Resident Evil was a game known for backtracking. I know over the years the backtracking became more tedious and tiresome, Code: Veronica being the perfect example. I just mean that for a game that stayed to the series roots before RE 4 changed all that, the game is decent. I totally agree with you on your opinion of Steve. The least annoying role he took is when you controlled him, and got to use the sub-machine guns. I also thought it was funny when he killed his father. "He was like, FATHER!!!" and started tearing him up. It LMAO of that one.
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ESRB: Mature
Number of Players: 1 Player
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Console: PS2
Genre: Action Adventure
Release Date: August 21, 2001
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