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Posted to cdbaker's profile September 07, 2010
your dog is getting bigger...nice profile pic!
September 07, 2010
Thanks, yes she is 25 pounds now! She should not get any bigger, if I can keep my wife from over feeding her.
Posted to cdbaker's profile August 20, 2010
Congrats on the new moderator position, Doug! :)
August 21, 2010
Thanks, hopefully I can make myself useful :)
August 21, 2010
Oh yeah, I'm sure you will be able to! There's always tons of work that need to be done in the communities. You'll find a niche and do really well. :)
Posted to cdbaker's profile July 19, 2010
Hey Doug! I hope you are trying to earn that Sparks badge with your Nicholas Sparks reviews. Since you've read quite a few of his books, you'll be able to earn it in no time! Good luck and keep me informed when you get it!
July 20, 2010
i don't think I'll get it because I just posted quick tips instead of reviews.
July 20, 2010
Aw, well, if you ever feel compelled to write longer reviews you'll get it. I had read one of your longer Sparks reviews that I thought was well-written, so I assumed you were writing QTs and longer reviews at the same time, lol. I know I'm not going that badge anytime soon. I've only read one of his books (which I didn't write a review for back in the day). Now, I'm reading "Dear John." I'll probably write a review for that at least.
July 21, 2010
I will be interested to see reviews on that -- will let me know if I want to read it. I have TWO of his books on my TBR pile and haven't got around to them yet.
July 21, 2010
I'll shoot you a comment when I finish "Dear John," if you like, that way you can come over and read the review I write. It might be a while, though. With my cold, I haven't felt like doing too much. What are the two books in your TBR pile? If you write longer reviews on those, you'll be that much closer to the Sparks badge!
Posted to cdbaker's profile April 15, 2010
Thanks so much for joining the Cafe Libri Lunch Community. Hopefully, you will be inspired to write reviews or quick tips. Otherwise, feel free to sit back, relax, and enjoy others' reviews. Don't feel shy about rating or commenting on them either. The writers really appreciate the feedback! Let me know if you have any questions! 
Posted to cdbaker's profile March 15, 2010
Thanks for joining the 'HYPE' community, Doug!
Posted to cdbaker's profile September 06, 2009
Happy Labor Day, cdbaker!
Posted to cdbaker's profile July 20, 2009
I just read all about your dog issues in your comment to @LisaLisa.  Onyx is such a cutie though! :P  On a sidenote, since you're one of the top book contributors of Lunch, I wanted to let you know about the new New York Times Bestsellers tag thats been spruced up.  Check it out when you have the chance.  It will be updated weekly.  It's much easier to rate data points now, and you can get inspiration for reviews (if Miss Onyx hasn't already chewed through all your books yet! :P).
July 21, 2009
Thanks, I will check it out. Ms. Onyx is a cute little thing and indeed, she has gotten a hold of a few books! She also chewed my montly train pass. do you think the conductor would have bought the excuse "my dog ate it?" had I not caught her in time? I don't even know how she got it...she finds clever ways to get into things.
July 21, 2009
Uh oh, those are the worst kinds of troublemakers... the smart ones! And something tells me that your "my dog ate it" excuse wouldn't fly with a train conductor, because who hasn't heard that one? :P
July 23, 2009
Yeah, she seems to get into more and more things every day...RESCUE DOG! :) Just kidding...
Posted to cdbaker's profile July 10, 2009
Just wanted to stop in to say hi and see how the new puppy is! Hopefully she is on her way to being potty training :) I'm fostering a stray puppy right now and they sure are a handful! I recently wrote some pet reviews on Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies and also Hartz Flea Drops that may be helpful for you and your wife.

Is she a boston terrier??

July 11, 2009
This is a long story but since you asked... Onyx is a French Bulldog. She is now three months old. She has finally learned to poop outside, but she thinks she can pee anywhere she pleases, unfortunately. Onyx was an impulse buy at a pet store. My wife wanted to go into a store to look at shoes and there is an independently owned pet store next to it so I said, "you want to go look at the animals?" Well, an hour later we are walking out of the store with a dog! Now I know you should not buy a dog from a pet store because they come from puppy mills most often. Since this was an independently owned pet store and the owner and her daughter were there, with their own dogs, I didn't view it the same way as a chain pet store. Plus, the owner was a GREAT salesperson. So we end up walking out of the store with a puppy. On the way home I said "what in the hell did we just do?!!" When I got her home my wife, against my wishes, basically gives her the run of the house, while I'm thinking how dumb we were to get her. Then the fun part comes. She has had diarrhea since we've had her, although it seems to be getting better now. The pet store owner said it was the change in environment. Well, she is an active and loving dog (when she is not biting me, which she does constantly, but she thinks they are LOVE bites). Once we had her for a few weeks and she is still having stomach problems, but she is eating, she is active, she enjoys our company (too much!) I am convinced something is wrong with her. Then one day she gets sick and is vomiting all night and we take her to the animal hospital, and they give her subcutaneous fluids but aren't sure what is wrong. Now she has been dewormed before and after the hospital visit, and she has another vet appointment and I am going to have her stools sent off for closer examination for parasites. But I digress. We bring her home from the hospital and feed her rice and boiled chicken for two days and start to mix in her old food. Once she is on her old food again her bowels are once again loose. Keep in mind that I feed her very expensive organic dog food which is mostly lamb and chicken, not crappy Purina Puppy Chow or something like that. I try to gradually switch her to Eukanuba at the vet's suggestion but she won't eat it. Now my wife is feeding her mostly rice and boiled chicken with a little bit of her other food in it. I think she needs to keep switching her to her regular food because I can't see how rice and boiled chicken all the time will be good, but I am tired of arguing with her about it. But, the rice and chicken with a little of her regular food in it has definitely regulated her bowels. And she is extremely active in the afternoons, so much so it's a little scary. I thought French Bulldogs were supposed to be more sedentary but she is a holy demon from seven to about nine at night, and likes to literally chew on my hands and arms until she draws blood, along with books, shoes, table legs, dust pans, and anything else I haven't gotten up that she can get to. Then she gets tired and wants to sleep in my lap. Plus, if I am at home and she is not confined, she will not leave me alone for five seconds. She is constantly underfoot. I can't get her to chew any chew toys I get her for very long, instead she chews my feet and shoes and everything else in the house. One other thing I discovered after getting Onyx, shame on me for not doing my research but hey, it was an impulsive buy, is about French Bulldogs generally. First, they can only be bred by artificial insemination and born by caesarian section. To top it off, they have congenital health problems because of a narrow throat and breathing passages and their body shape can lead to spinal and hip deformities. Now I know there are a lot of people out there, having read the internet and even meeting someone with a French Bulldog, that love the breed. But how unnatural and bizarre is it to breed a dog that can't be conceived or born naturally and has generic predispositions to health problems? Yes, I know in general that all pure bred dogs are somewhat unnatural. I mean look at the horse show and racing industry and what they do to those poor creatures. But still, this breed is very unnatural. I also did a bit more research and while I got the USDA inspection of the kennel she comes from, which is clean with no violations, and confirmed I can register her with AKA, this kennel has five different breeds of dogs, which is not a good sign. It's a puppy mill for pet stores. Maybe not as nefarious as those that abuse animals, but still, probably not the best conditions either. Plus we got her at eight weeks old. I've read in multiple places now that you should never get this breed of dog before they are at least ten weeks old. And how long did the pet store have her? Now I am going on vacation at the end of the month and either I have to take her with us, which will be hard, or board her. The pet store owner will board her as she boards dogs. And Onyx definitely likes her. I have taken her in there twice and she loves the people in there and is very happy and friendly with them. But it will break my heart to leave her for a week. I have talked to the pet store owner about her health but she keeps chalking it up to being a puppy and I don't argue with her. Now, my wife is letting Onyx sleep with us in the bed because of her bowel problems (because she acts funny and we can take her out before she goes), even though they seem resolved at this point, at least for a time. Well Ms. Onyx, and it breaks my wife's heart, seems to prefer my company to hers, and she nuzzles and snuggles up into me, literally putting her little head in the crook of my arm or in the crook of my neck and snores away. If I try to move her, she just comes right back. I woke up one night and she was sleeping on my chest. If my wife brings her to her and tries to snuggle her she moves right back to snuggle me. I get no rest! If I kiss my wife, the dog wants to jump between us. If I am home she won't leave me alone. The first time I heard her bark is when I came home from work and she was a bit too excited to see me. I have now spent a ton of money on the little monster. But we both love her and soon are taking her to training and obedience lessons. I hope it helps.
July 14, 2009
WOW -so you're saying Onyx is a handful :) 1) I think you should compile these wonderful thoughts and review french bulldogs or perhaps Onyx her self! 2. I can't believe all the health problems already. I can understand the pooping issues because she is a puppy but all your vet visits seem a little extreme. They say that puppies from the mills are more likely to develop health problems due to insufficient care and maybe this is a sad example? Hopefully this is just a one time thing and she'll be back to normal and healthy soon. I know it's not easy to front the money for all those unexpected vet bills but I applaud you for doing so and taking such good care of the crazy little pup. 3. Onyx certainly loves you, so that's a positive out of all the chaos. I've noticed often that dogs get closer to the males, not sure why? My cats like me better than my boyfriend but our stray puppy def. clung more to him. I would be happy to puppy sit if you lived nearby! I'm sure a friend of family member may volunteer to take her while you're away. Anyways, she's totally adorable, I appreciate the story and I hope everything works out with her.
July 15, 2009
I think I might do a review of French Bulldogs. Funny thing is as much as I am attached to Onyx, I'm not sure this is a breed that I would recommend to people. Onyx is doing a lot better now but she is mostly on a rice and a little bit of hard food diet, but I worry she is not getting enough nutrition, but it certainly seems to regulate her stomach. Plus my wife and I don't agree on how to feed her and she is the #2 boss of the house, with Onyx #1 and me #3 so I just let her do what she is going to do.
Posted to cdbaker's profile July 13, 2009
LOL! nice update on your profile...sorry that the puppy is giving you issues.
July 14, 2009
Thanks. :) She has been well the past few weeks but she still takes a lot of time! :)
Posted to cdbaker's profile July 05, 2009
Happy 4th of July, Bud!
Posted to cdbaker's profile June 14, 2009
Thanks for the comments on my reviews, cdbaker...nice new profile photo! is that your dog?
June 14, 2009
No problem. :)Yes, she is only 9 weeks old and is wearing me out!
June 15, 2009
congratulations on the new dog!
June 16, 2009
Umm, thanks, I guess :) Right now she is killing me. My wife spoils her and she thinks she's the pack leader! Now I have two bossy, stubborn women to deal with. LOL (And yes, my wife will readily admit to being both).
Posted to cdbaker's profile April 10, 2009
Thanks for the friend invite! I saw your profile over at Amazon and noticed you are reading "When March Went Mad" by Seth Davis. It's a great book. Larry Bird was my childhood hero and I will go to my grave saying that he and Magic Johnson are the only two reasons the NBA is still around these days! Looking forward to hearing more from you and reading your reviews. It appears from the little I have uploaded so far that we are 60-some percent alike! J.C.
April 10, 2009
Thanks! I noticed you on my similarity list and read your reviews and liked what I saw. I just got started on When March Went Mad and it's very interesting. I didn't realize how shy and introverted Bird was a teenager. Fascinating that he almost never went to college and was happy working in French Lick, IN. Very interesting.
April 11, 2009
Absolutely. He is a very interesting character because of his quiet nature. Reading about his interactions with the media while in college was very enlightening and I knew he behaved similarly in his pro career (although not as deeply as he did have some very emotional public comments throughout his time). He does know the value of hard work...
Posted to cdbaker's profile March 13, 2009
Thanks for the friend invite! Look forward to talking to you more in the future.
Posted to cdbaker's profile March 12, 2009
You are having a big week over here! Glad you are finding the site useful..
Posted to cdbaker's profile March 12, 2009
nice set of reviews, Cdbaker. I'm not a heavy book reader but your little write ups are quite entertaining and informative. Catch you later
Posted to cdbaker's profile March 01, 2009
Thanks, I will check them out.
Posted to cdbaker's profile March 01, 2009
Also nice to see someone who's interested in Sci fi books. I like a lot of contemporary genre novels in the New Weird vein. Thought you might also be into @Schtinky's genre film reviews as well!
Posted to cdbaker's profile February 28, 2009
Hi Doug, welcome to Lunch! I just looked through your blog and your other reviews, and I think you should totally bring some of those articles and reviews over to Lunch. I'm sure you've been able to tell that Lunch is in dire need of some sports reviews! It'd be great if you could fill out your profile and upload an avatar, as well. We'd love to get to know you better :)

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