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My New Year's Resolutions...A Funny List!

  • Dec 24, 2009
  • by
I didn't really plan on making this list but why not. I've got a few moments on my hand & it's time to reflect on the closing year before the new one rolls in. We haven't but a week & some change folks so now is a good time to think about what we want to be doing all next year. Oh, the possibilities do exist...
The Twilight Saga: New Moon
I am going to try my absolute hardest to stay clear of this film. I'm not paying admission to see this film nor will I be running towards the nearest video store to rent the sucker once it drops on the streets. Sorry, I just am not THAT interested in this series.... There are, however, great vampire stories out there currently or movies & TV shows worth our time or investment but this one hardly qualifies as even a good waste of time.
This would be refreshing. Eat plenty of this Ceno! If Woo flies to Hawaii for fresh pineapple, I hope he sends me one. ;-) Tiem to hit up the local salad bars too instead of buffets which are loaded with unhealthy meals that only jeopardize my health & make me feel ill. I will be somewhat more balanced next year if I can stick with a sensible diet which obviously means lotsa fruits & vegetables. Pass the fruit please.
Somehow I've got to work these badboys into my regular regimen. Making more trips to the salad bar or buying fresh produce would really make a huge difference & my body would surely thank me. I just need to hold off of excessive salad dressings, loads of cheese, & all those other fattening toppings we simply feel one cannot live without on a salad bar.
I have some pretty excting projects or reviews for the upcoming 2010 year & I think my readers will be pleasantly surprised. I will follow my pattern of reviewing films which are somwhat off the beaten path but I will also write some reviews that have absolutely nothing to do with the world of cinema. This should prove to be fun & hopefully I will make some progress on those planned projects I've in my mind as the new year rolls in. Wish me luck?
See the full review, "Favorite Meal Of The Day".
Takashi Miike
This is perhaps the most prolific film-maker in the world that I'm aware of & it's almost impossible to catch-up on his films as he cranks them out so damned quickly. I do need to re-visit a few of his oldies but I am planning on adding a few of his titles to my library as well such as Audition, Ichi The Killer, & definitely Gozu. Miike rules!
Fast Food
With the exception of late nite Taco Bell meals & those yummy Subway sandwiches, I'm really trying to aovid frequenting the fast food places during 2010. It's time to start taking my diet thing-y a bit more serious.
I would love to make my own. Instead of paying top dollar to someone else, this is something I should learn to do on my own.
Trader Joe's
The closest one of these suckers is about an hour or so away but I'm determined to make the trip on one of my days off just to do some shopping in this store. I've only been reading about this place since Jennifer Terran recorded a song about it back in 1997 so it's high time that I saw what all the hype was about. I can confidently say this will easily be one of my favorite stores right up there with Whole Foods from all that I've heard.
Gotta stop skipping breakfast. I mean, coffee is great & it might keep you going for a hot minute but that's not a balanced meal unfortunately. I'm thinking sliced oranges, bananas, & maybe grapefruits or even canteloupe. Yeah. No waffles. Orlok would be so proud of me. Hehe
KFC Kentucky Grilled Chicken
I love the grilled chicken. I should make a suggestion to them, however, to place this on their buffet if they haven't already. This is a much needed healthy alternative & I might be tempted to buy a buffet every now & then if this were part of the deal.
Make more time for friends. That means literally squaring away time to do the fun stuff with friends instead of doing it alone. This one is gonna be hard as our schedules rarely intersect but it's all about coming together on those moments when agendas are no longer parallel that's important. Hopefully, this will mean more trips to the cinema world & maybe even more live concerts. It's time to start living! Mkae the best of what's given to you & enjoy it with those buds.
See the full review, "Who Needs Friends?".

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December 26, 2009
Nice ones, Brian! So similar to Woo's, but I'm thinking that if I were to make one, mine would be pretty similar, too. More healthy foods and a good dose of Lunch time! ;P
December 29, 2009
Great minds think alike! Thnks Deb! I'm sure i could think of ten more after re-reading it but but that's just more to keep up with in 2010. Btter stick with what I have. Safe bet. ;-)
December 25, 2009
whoo-hoo! Thanks for the list, Brian!!
December 29, 2009
Let's just hope I cna stick by what I put down here. I'm alos getting ready for Christy's rebuttal. Ha!
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