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These Films Deserve A Criterion Release

  • Nov 11, 2009
  • by
Don't just take my word for it. Do your homework & watch these FILMS! LOL If you seriously believe that anyone of them is not totally deserving of a Criterion DVD release, you should seriously go back to watching Twilight & Harry Potter films. Nuff said.
El Topo
Criterion should have been kicked in the @$$ for refusing to release the Jodorowsky films. Oops, did I say that out loud? I still love Criterion though believe it or not.
See the full review, "Midnite Movie Madness In May".
Cook, the Thief, His Wife, & Her Lover, The
Why is this out of print?? Criterion, we need your assistance.
Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!
Ok, why do we only get crappy copies on VHS tapes, bootlegs, & expensive yet crappy DVD releases of Russ Meyer's wonderful film. Any ideas? Something must be done about this!!
Again, why are Zulawski's films only in print for such a short period of time & usually we only get crappy editions.
See the full review, "Infidelity & Madness".
Black Sabbath
Mario Bava deserves to have atleast one film released by Criterion & why not this one? Boris Karloff anyone?
See the full review, "One of Mario Bava's Absolute Best".
The Company of Wolves
Oh, my favorite!! I watched this film so many times as a kid & I loved it! Explains a lot about me, doesn't it? Why doesn't Criterion snatch this one up too! Please help us!!!
See the full review, "Dazzling In It's Darkness".
Movie poster
Oh, come on now. Ken Russell created one of the best rock operas ever & it doesn't get a Criterion release?
Blue Velvet
Ok, Criterion. Atleast give us this one. It's David Lynch for god's sake. Here's to your f&%$ by the way!! LOL
Don't Look Now
Sheesh, you've put out I dunno how many films of Nicolas Roeg already on your label so why not Performance & Don't Look Now? Calling Criterion right now.
Movie poster
Andy Warhol & Paul Morrissey. Help me out here folks. Joe Dallesandro?? If Criterion doesn't give us this one, I'm gonna eat their brains & steal their knowledge. Hehe.
The Matador (Widescreen Edition) (2006)
Almodovar needs atleast one film to be given this supreme treatment. I choose this one!! If they want to really make me happy, give me this!!!
See the full review, "Early Almodovar Work".
Otto; Or, Up With Dead People (2009)
Don't even go there! LaBruce bequeathed his most endearing masterpiece with Otto. This one demands Criterion treatment. If any of you have anything to say about it, nowz the f'in time!
See the full review, "Interesting Take On Popular Zombie Genre".
25th Anniversary Special Edition DVD (front)
And that's all I've got to say about that! It's only the greatest cult classic ever made. Why the devil didn't Criterion snatch this up a long, long time ago? Who knows?
See the full review, "Don't Dream It....Be It!".
Poster for the movie
As my buddy told me a few nites back, Pink Flamingos got robbed of an Oscar. Barbra Streisand!!!! LOL Criterion, get a load of this now!!
See the full review, "Pink Flamingos Goes!!!".

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August 07, 2011
Matador (or perhaps Pepi, Luci, Bom and Other Girls Like Mom) is likely the best choice for a Criterion release of an Almodovar film, but you've listed The (wrong) Matador here!

Of all Nicolas Roeg's films, Don't Look Now is undoubtedly the most deserving of a good release, as its Paramount edition and Warner Blighty equivalent are of heinously poor quality.

MGM would be wise to license Blue Velvet to another distributor (Lord knows they need the cash), but Industrial Symphony No. 1 is more deserving of re-release, and might better befit their catalog.

For whatever reason, Jodorowsky seems persona non grata to Criterion, who opted not to license and release Santa Sangre, either. I've read speculation that his works might be deemed trivial by CC for their cult status, but I doubt it; Criterion also released godforsaken Michael Bay's Armageddon and Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing, differing exemplars of trite '90s fare.
August 11, 2011
Hey, thanks for the comments. Yeh, I realized it was the wrong Matador but I think they just posted the wrong information on that data point. I've written a review also for Matador. I think the quality of Paramount's Don't Look Now is watchable as I've seen much worse quality on dvd but Criterion could really spiff this one up. Hell, any David Lynch film on Criterion's label would be fine with me but I thought Blue Velvet would probably be the easiest sell. I've heard speculation that Criterion turned down every Jodorowsky film including Santa Sangre which makes absolutely no sense to me. I am still dying to either Mondo or Criterion give the enhanced treatment for Bruce LaBruce's Otto: Or Up With Dead People. It's easily one of the best movies I've seen or bought in many years.
August 12, 2011
That listing for The Matador could only be more specific to its subject if its listing info was complete; a cursory search clearly indicates that Almodovar's film has no listing here.

Most of Paramount's early DVDs are releases of solid (if dated) quality, but Don't Look Now suffers from a notoriously bad transfer of a good print, an abysmal soundtrack, subtitles transcribed in obvious haste and a horrid scene selection interface. Watch it again, and you might be surprised by how substandard it is!

One reason why I suggested an alternative to Blue Velvet is because it (like most of Lynch's other features) already enjoys a good release, and popular interest is usually but a secondary incentive for Criterion. Also, Lynch's lucrative profit from the Absurda releases of his early, short and online works, as well as Inland Empire and all related projects is an independent filmmaker's dream, and those movies aren't of a quality in which Criterion would take especial interest.

Mike Vraney of Something Weird wanted to acquire the rights to Otto as a means to launch a label specific to more "respectable" transgressive films, but his ambition was never realized. I'd be fascinated to see if Criterion would touch anything LaBruce has done.
August 12, 2011
I usually watch Don't Look Now atleast twice a a year. Come September or October, I will definitely be re-watching as it's a good fit for this time of year. For granted, it may not be the best copy on dvd but it's almost pristine when I look at what companies are doing with other great films I love. Have you seen the dvd of Curtains? Now that's horrendous. Even so, I would love Criterion to clean up Don't Look Now but I am not sure if that would ever happen.

Come to think of it, Mulholland Drive really needs an upgrade for sure. The actual print didn't look bad but the dvd itself was bare bones. I paid good money for it on the initial release & the dvd didn't even have chapters. If Criterion laid their hands on this, I'm sure the release would be golden. Somehow, this one would sell fairly well as it did have somewhat of a crossover appeal & even an Oscar nod. I won't hold my breath though. But true, most of Lynch's films have decent releases save Mulholland.

Hmm. I hadn't heard of Mike Vraney but that might've been pretty cool. I do enjoy some of the Something Weird catalog even though I think Otto is calibers above much of the stuff they release. Often, LaBruce gets comparisons to Waters or Morrissey but neither of which ever made anything quite as brilliant as Otto. Criterion probably wouldn't touch the vast majority of LaBruce's endeavors but I seem to think Otto would be their best contender.
August 14, 2011
[...] the dvd didn't even have chapters.

Nor should it have; Universal observed Lynch's stated predilection for home video releases of his films that haven't chapter stops or attendant scene selections. Lynch feels that his films ought be accessed as he assembled them, and I believe that his wishes should be gratified.
Optimum's special edition of Mulholland includes a second disc that contains a "making-of" featurette, interviews and a press conference at Cannes, most of which can be found on YouTube. Whether any of these are available on Universal's relatively new Blu-Ray edition, I'm unaware. To be honest, I think that Universal's Mulholland DVD is excellent, sporting a fine transfer from a pristine print and a great sound mix...but the supplemental materials of its UK equivalent should be officially available, even if only on a website.

LaBruce is underrated if only because he's unknown, but I agree that he's by far the superior of Waters (who's not made a good flick in twenty years) or Morrissey, essentially a limited - though solid - talent serving as Warhol's filmic appendage. You suggested Mondo as a potential distributor for his work, and they'd be amiss to ignore it.
August 16, 2011
I think I would like Optimum's release better. I was kinda disappointed in the Universal Release although the image was pristine and I love the film. I have no idea what the Blu-Ray might offer but that would be worth looking into. Thanks for sharing that.

LaBruce is brilliant! I've even chatted with him a few times. Yeah, Mondo or the company that releases very quality releases of Zulawski's films. I recently saw Szamanka & everything looked great. LaBruce's Otto deserves that attention to detail. Not saying that Strand dropped teh ball but I would love a very special edition of this film.
November 12, 2009
wow! Dave recommended Don't Look Now to me awhile back, I still have the dvd but unopened. I think Criterion needs to pick up more movies done by Fulci and Romero... LOL
November 12, 2009
Dave has good taste! I don't think he could sterr you wrong bro. Go & open your copy of Don't Look Now or you can box up everything at your desk by the end of business day. Just be sure to collect your pink slip on the way out the door. LOL Agreed. Atleast one from each of the Italian horror maestros for sure. Thnks bro!!!
November 12, 2009
I can damn well guarantee that Criterion will never do "Rocky Horror" or "Pink Flamingos" since the current studios that own distribution rights to both wouldn't want to give them up or share profits. However, "Blue Velvet" totally deserves a souped Criterion release. As for "Harry Potter", I like those movies, so you'd better watch out or I'll put a hex on you! ; )
November 12, 2009
There may never be a Criterion release for any of these irregardless of how badly I would love to see this manifest but one can always hope, right? I'll take your word on the Harry Potter films. Ahhh!! Thnx Sean Of The Dead! LOL
November 12, 2009
Criterion had their low points to by picking up ARMAGEDDON by Michael Bay...
November 13, 2009
That's true. They picked up a film by that hack Michael Bay yet refused to release any of the Jodorowsky films. I just don't get it!!!
November 13, 2009
The only reason they did "Armageddon" was because of the special effects, which were quite good at that time. Of all the genre films that they've done (a lot of great independent and foreign horror), I'm shocked that they haven't done a DVD for any Romero's "Dead" films. Now, that's just criminal.
November 14, 2009
A Night of the living dead criterion would just rule! They also picked up the ROCK criterion release which I own, ARMAGEDDON as a criterion collection just boggles the mind.
November 14, 2009
NOTLD is long overdue. Hmm, never seen The Rock. Did I miss anything? Can't wait for my order of Salo & El Norte.
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