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reviewed Bush Tax Cuts. November 23, 2010
Bush Tax Cuts
The extension of the Bush Tax Cuts is an issue that may be decided by the Lame Duck session of Congress.  President Obama was initially against extending the cuts for anyone making more than $200 …
reviewed Transportation Security Administration. November 21, 2010
Transportation Security Administration
I am mad as hell.  Do I still live in America?  I feel like I woke up in a Stalinist country.  When did we (collectively) decide that security trumped liberty?  I fly quite a bit, …
reviewed Health Care Bill Lawsuit. September 14, 2010
Health Care Bill Lawsuit
   A confused Obama Administration appears incapable of deciding when a tax is a tax.  One year ago next week, President Obama sat down with George Stephanopoulos for an interview.  …
reviewed Israeli Raid on Floatilla. June 02, 2010
Israeli Raid on Floatilla
Israel has maintained a military blockade off its coast.  It is a measure to help prevent the import of weapons to the region.  Israel, which is known for their incredible ability to gather …
reviewed AIG. May 31, 2010
We all know about AIG's exploits on the taxpayer.  After receiving huge bailout funds, it was learned that AIG executives made vomit-inducing bonuses (on the taxpayer) and went on a lavish vacation, …
reviewed BP Gulf Oil Spill. May 29, 2010
Deepwater Horizon Drilling Rig Explosion
This article pertains to the response following the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  The majority of the blame for the spill itself rests with BP and possibly other contractors involved with the …
reviewed Sestak Controversy. May 29, 2010
Sestak Controversy
Joe Sestak does not have a reputation as a liar.  But something definitely stinks here.  I remain against impeachment, but am beginning to wonder why the White House has been in spin mode and …
1,200 National Guard Troops Deployed to Arizona Border
After meeting with Republican lawmakers, President Obama has agreed to send 1,200 National Guard troops to the Arizona border.  Senator John McCain would like to see an additional 3,000 troops deployed, …
reviewed Impeachment. May 25, 2010
I am going on the record today to clearly state my opposition to the politicization of the Impeachment Process.  When Nixon was pardoned by Ford, many people saw it as a quid pro quo situation.  …
reviewed Rand Paul. May 24, 2010
Rand Paul
Over the weekend, I listened to the talking heads creating controversy around a statement made by Rand Paul regarding the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  When you are listening to an opposing party, you …
reviewed Arizona Immigration Law SB1070. May 23, 2010
Arizona Immigration Law SB1070
Okay.  It is my turn to weigh in on Arizona Senate Bill 1070.  I am tired of cops getting the bum rap as the target of the opposition to Arizona SB 1070.  It seems that cops, whom …
reviewed Keynesian Economics. May 19, 2010
keynesian economics
I am not an economist, so take my uneducated (but researched) opinion for what it is worth.  I have been hearing the term Keynesian Economics a lot in relation to the stimulus package and decided …
reviewed Father's Day. May 16, 2010
Father's Day
Father's Day is fast approaching and the topic of what to get Dad for Father's Day can be a tough one.  Dads are just over-sized boys.  They like their toys.  But not all of them have the …
reviewed Deficit Spending. May 10, 2010
Deficit Spending
 In our current budget year (FY10), the United States is borrowing 43 cents of every dollar we spend.  I am going to shoot a bunch of numbers out there to put things into perspective and then …
reviewed Inflation. May 09, 2010
Taxation has a lot of names.  It can be called a Tariff, Licensing Expense, Fee, Government Surcharge and more.  Whether you are buying a fishing license or licensing a business, you are paying …
reviewed Assurance Wireless. May 05, 2010
Assurance Wireless
I first heard about "Obama phones" a few months ago when a man provided me his cell phone number and referred to his phone as an Obamaphone.  I pressed him for details and he stated he …
reviewed The First Amendment. May 02, 2010
First Amendment
The First Amendment guarantees Free Speech. It is a Natural (or God-given) right that is guaranteed to every American.  The Supreme Court of the United States has been all over the place with this …
reviewed General Motors (GM). April 27, 2010
General Motors (GM)
Have you seen the recent commercial from General Motors?  In it, the CEO brags about how GM has paid back its government loans with interest, five years ahead of schedule.  My first …
reviewed Drunk Driving. April 25, 2010
Drunk Driving
The following video is graphic...don't watch if you have a weak stomach.      This video is a Christmas Commercial from Canada to remind people not to drink and drive.  But it …
reviewed Tea Party. April 15, 2010
Tea Party
I am not a member of the Tea Party Movement, but have debated reaching out to them.  When the movement was in its infancy last year, I stumbled upon a rally.  I was returning to work from my …
reviewed New Taxes. April 15, 2010
New Taxes
I can make a firm pledge. Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increases,” the President told a crowd in Dover, N.H. on Sept. 12, 2008. “Not your …
reviewed Liberal Agenda. April 14, 2010
Liberal Agenda
I live in the most liberal Congressional Districts in the South.  It is one of those gerry-mandered Districts that has slowly slid into the far left agenda.  To put this District into perspective, …
reviewed Bibimbap. April 10, 2010
posted in The Rice Table
Rice does not get any better than a searing hot stone pot filled with (Dolsot) Bibimbap.  Yes, I like good fried rice, which is hard to find in my area.  I like steamed rice which I fix …
reviewed Vladimir Putin. April 09, 2010
Vladimir Putin
Energy.  Plain and simple.  When Putin left the Russian Presidency to become Prime Minister, he moved much of the Presidential power to his new position.  Putin is a former KBG agent that …
reviewed Salvador Dali. April 01, 2010
Salvador Dali
Salvador Dali is my favorite artist.  Some in the art community consider him a sell out because of his commericalization.  Dali has a unique style that combines different elements together. …
reviewed Pell Grant Reform. March 30, 2010
Pell Grant Reform
Listening to President Obama speak today about the Education Reform within the Health Care (Law), I had an epiphany.  I was erroneously viewing the addition of that Legislation as a vote purchase.  …
reviewed Sitmulus Spending. March 30, 2010
Winston Churchill summed up the stimulus package better than I ever could when he claimed "Will the shutting out of foreign goods increase the total amount of wealth in this country? Can …
reviewed Taxes. March 28, 2010
“I can make a firm pledge. Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increases,” the President told a crowd in Dover, N.H. on Sept. 12, 2008. “Not …
reviewed Student Loan Reform 2010. March 25, 2010
Student Loan Reform 2010
Let me begin by answering my own question.  Education Reform was one of many "carrots" that were used to purchase votes for the contrived Health Care Legislation.  The problem …
reviewed Mulch. March 24, 2010
posted in Green Living
I like mulch.  It dresses up my beds and ties my landscaping together nicely.  I purchase my mulch locally.  It traveled about three miles to get to my house and was made from locally …
reviewed The Underlying Cost of Health Care. March 23, 2010
The Underlying Cost of Health Care
The problem with wealth reistribution is that it rewards poor planning and punishes discipline.  Not in all cases, but in too many.  President Obama stated that wealth redistribution was among …
reviewed Nikko Blue Hydrangea. March 22, 2010
posted in Green Living
Nikko Blue hydrangea
When I first saw Blue Hydrangeas at Home Depot, I was immediately impressed with the large colorful flowers.  I had a wall on the side of my house that I wanted to cover with some big splashes of …
reviewed 2010 Health Care Reform Bill. March 22, 2010
2010 Health Care Reform Bill
Although I have been watching today's events like a freight train running toward a brick wall, the finality of the vote still leaves me speechless.  For the first time in my lifetime, I have …
reviewed Egypt. February 02, 2010
   Before traveling to Egypt, I checked the State Department website to ascertain any travel advisories and to find out any other pertinent information I might to need, such as Visa regulations.  …
reviewed Cairo. February 01, 2010
Pros: Great historic attractions.     Cons: Everything costs money...nickles and dimes you to death.     The Bottom Line: I would highly recommend a trip to Cairo, …
reviewed Cairo, Egypt. January 26, 2010
Cairo is the capital of Egypt.  The population is around twenty million in the greater Cairo area, dwarfing the population of New York City.  It is the largest city in North Africa.  The …
reviewed Egyptian Cuisine. January 25, 2010
Egyptian Food
My wife and I recently returned from a week-long trip to Egypt.  I want to share some of our experiences, beginning with this review describing the culinary experiences we had.  It seems that …
reviewed Tortilla Soup. January 14, 2010
During the cold Winter months I tend to eat plenty of soup.  I eat the canned variety when I have to, but prefer creating a pot of the homemade stuff.  Making enough for at least two meals …
reviewed Gilbert Arenas Gun Incident and Suspe.... January 07, 2010
Gilbert Arenas Gun Incident and Suspension from NBA
I am a gun owner.  I am an advocate of the Second Amendment.  I believe that all Americans should have the right to keep and bear arms.  I also believe that an armed citizenry runs …
reviewed Bucket List. December 29, 2009
Preparing Your Own Bucket List
fter watching the film The Bucket List with perennial stars Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, I took time to evaluate my own goals in life and decided it was time to create a list of my own.  …
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