What Is This Comics Community About?

Why We Love Comics:

This community is about comic books, comic-related films and web comics.  Any news or events with regards to comics conventions.
Mainstream Comics:
For decades, the mainstream industry has been the forefront of the comics industry.  Some people will put off these books, calling them "silly superhero stuff" but in fact DC Comics, Timely, Marvel and Warren have given us fans hours of great entertainment.
Did you know that before the Comics Code and Dr. Wertham's book on the "evils" of the comic book industry, the mainstream books were just are dark, twisted and creepy as they are today?  See EC Comics, Tales from the Crypt.  See Batman packing heat! 
What I love about comic books are the wide extent of this genre.  From Westerns, Humor comics, Romance comics, superhero, anti-hero, soap opera, Robert E. Howard adaptations, etc., etc. 
But fans of one genre should not be snobs and cut down other genres.  I would never call Archie Comics silly teenage humor comics and would never say Daredevil or Spider-man are just for kids or that Superman is just silly superhero stuff. 
Don't be a snob, be a reader! 
This community accepts readers of all kinds and covers topics as comic book conventions (many of which are straying from their comic book roots and becoming pop art and costume festivals, sadly), the latest "big arcs" from DC Comics and Marvel Comics, great stories and art from Dark Horse and IDW and so on. 

What I'm Trying to Do!
I will be trying to post comic book review videos from other sites to help educate the fans here.  I found Things From Another World has the best videos and do try to post them whenever I can.  They are a small outfit in Oregon, yet really know their comics stuff!
I accept suggestions and discussions on how to make the For the Love of Comics site better for everyone.  Remember it's the members that make the site.  I just set the tone.
Happy Reading!

- (Scotman)
Community Founder
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April 27, 2010
Dude, you've got to start promoting the discussion forum for your community. I've got some stuff going on that should help to boost the community's potential creativity and bring more exciting info about superhero films!
April 27, 2010
I sure will! Trying to maintain this site with work and school is tough but I can do it. Later on this week, for sure. Finals coming up in a couple of weeks, oh boy. I did add some "founder" stuff and realized you can post photos there.
April 27, 2010
What discussion topics would you like to add?
April 20, 2010
Why is the Pixar film "Cars" in this community? It has nothing to do with comics...
April 20, 2010
Interesting point. I looked at these animated films as basically moving animation, thus the placement here. I'll think about it.
April 27, 2010
I think it'd be best to stick only with comics since films like "The Lion King" have nothing to do with them. Plus, it'll mean that you'd be competeing with two other communities for the reviews of those kinds of films. There's already a Disney community and an animation community, you know? Also, there are still a lot of topics that can be added here. Lots of superheroes have yet to be brought over, plus there are some superhero films missing. Gotta beef up the community so I can give you some more lists and reviews. : )
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