Wanted (Single-Disc Widescreen Edition) (2008)

A movie directed by Timur Bekmambetov

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  • Mar 26, 2009
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Come on now really? Don't get me wrong, this film was very good for what it was but a lot of it served absolutely no purpose than to give the action junkie in all of us a quick thrill. Given the cast at the helm, you would be forgiven for believing that this film could be a bit more than a shallow attempt at a dramatic but action packed film. Seriously, the fact that Morgan Freeman was involved should have given this film a 5 star rating from the get-go but even he couldn't save this shallow travesty. I found myself being both annoyed and confused by this film and hopefully, I'll be able to share in my annoyance and confusion towards this film with readers of my review.

Wanted is a story about the definitive nobody named Wesley Gibson (Macavoy). His life is repetitive, tedious, monotonous and every other word in the English dictionary that describes it as a bit dull and uneventful. He works in a job he hates for a boss who's the most annoying person in the world, did I mention she's fat? Well that's apparently pretty important for this bitch of a boss stereotype. He has a girlfriend who's cheating on him with his apparent best friend (brief sex scene with this, woo hoo) and his life just seems to be going nowhere. One day while picking up his prescription of anxiety pills, Gibson is confronted by a sexy vixen (a bit too tough for my liking but there you go) we come to know as Fox (Jolie). She tells him that he's the son of one of the greatest assassins that ever lived and the man that killed him is now trying to kill Wesley. Wesley learns that his Father belonged to a fraternity of expert assassins lead by Sloan (Freeman, I know awesome right? Wrong) and it's now Wesley's fate to join and kill the man who killed his father. He is then trained by the fraternity to make him good enough to take the man down.

The whole plot in itself is generally that straight forward; it creates an excuse to have a whole lot of blood and bullets, while struggling to instil a sense of depth in our characters. It is straight forward but as is with most films these days, there has to be a "clever" twist at the end to make you think like enduring the whole painful movie was worth it. The big name actors were cool. Morgan Freeman presented his usual casual authoritative character who will take guff from nobody. Angelina Jolie, although I hate to say it as I do think she's a really good actress. Her only obvious purpose in this movie was to look a bit pretty and arouse the horny teenagers watching this. James Macavoy annoyed the hell out of me, for the first part of the film as he just came across as depressing and his annoying screaming did nothing to quash my hatred.

The only genuinely redeeming part of this film tends to be the action and the special effects which are involved in such action sequences as are featured within the film. However, even the action gets to a point at times where I just find it a bit exhausting as a lot of it doesn't make sense. A few examples of it not making sense are in the car chase scene in which a Dodge Viper is trying desperately to escape what I remember to be a Dog Food delivery truck.  Now at this point Wesley has become pretty freaked out by all the shooting so makes a run for it. Fox, all angered and sexy jumps in her equally sexy and mechanical Dodge Viper and gets Wesley in the car without stopping and travelling over more than 60 MPH without breaking his legs or some part of his spine. The other part is simply how the Dodge struggles to get away from the truck. I guess this can be explained away by just saying it's a movie, but surely the makers could have done a terminator type chase. They could have had the enemy in a big bad and destructive truck and the victims in a sexy, but not too powerful vehicle.

Personally, if you're looking for a movie that isn't a waste of real acting talent, then you should seriously look elsewhere. If you're a pre-pubescent child who doesn't like to think too much and likes to look at pretty women who don't think whilst acting, then this is genuinely the movie for you. It's violent, it's a bit sexy and it's cool in some ways, but for the film fan that likes to think and enjoys

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April 06, 2009
wow, this was a godawful movie...just watched it. Wish I'd spent my time doing something else.
April 05, 2009
dang, I have rented this film from Netflix. Now, I am not pre-pubescent, and I sometimes like to not think too much, so watching Angelina Jolie for a few hours could just salvage this for me. But now I feel like sending it back without wathing it! :)
March 27, 2009
If the writing was better, and they concentrated a bit more on the skill of these people being a bit more placed in reality, then I would say it could have been a Dark Knight level film in terms of success given the names involved.
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review by . April 07, 2009
Angelina Jolie in Wanted
Wanted is a Matrix rip-off without a decent plot or any redeeming qualities other than high octane action, great special effects, and Angelina Jolie.  If that's what you are looking for, this is for you.  The plot – a wimpy nerd finds out his father was an assassin with special powers is whisked away by the fraternity of assassins his father belonged to, and trained to be an assassin himself.  And eventually go after the guy that killed his dad. Basically this is just a thin plot …
review by . August 13, 2008
I loved the first Matrix, and I went into Wanted with the idea that it would be like the Matrix, but maybe even better because it had Angelina Jolie.   I should have expected much, much less -- I haven't been this disappointed in a movie for months.  Wanted seems like a series of admittedly cool action sequences, with an excuse for a plot thrown in to connect them together.   Just a brief warning -- there are some spoilers below, but nothing significant.  To enjoy …
review by . April 14, 2009
The online and TV trailers for this movie promised a gun-toting, kick-ass action flick with some skin of Angelina Jolie. And the movie delivers. The premise of the movie is simple; there is an organization of assassins called "The Fraternity". Induction is by personal selection and the ensuing grueling training process. Somewhere along the way, the leader of this Fraternity, played by Morgan Freeman, gives into greed and uses the talents of his organization to kill for hire. One of his subordinates, …
review by . March 26, 2009
Come on now really? Don't get me wrong, this film was very good for what it was but a lot of it served absolutely no purpose than to give the action junkie in all of us a quick thrill. Given the cast at the helm, you would be forgiven for believing that this film could be a bit more than a shallow attempt at a dramatic but action packed film. Seriously, the fact that Morgan Freeman was involved should have given this film a 5 star rating from the get-go but even he couldn't save this shallow travesty. …
review by . February 10, 2009
Wanted is a fun an entertaining movie. It is full of action, excellent fight scenes and overall great pace. The movie is about an average guy, or so he thinks, who is recruited into a legendary secret fraternity of assassins. The performances by all the actors were superb and the story played itself well. I just wish that the story would have delved a bit more into the background of the fraternity. I also wished that Wesley's training (James McAvoy) would have taken a bit longer (and thus more believable …
review by . December 11, 2008
Premise of the movie: Wesley Gibson is a young professional who has grown up without a father, and never learned to stand up for himself. His girlfriend is cheating on him with his best friend, his boss constantly berates him, and Wesley goes through life bored and complacent. While picking up his anxiety medication, Wesley is approached by Fox (Angelia Jolie), who tells him that his father has been killed, and that his assassin is now after Wesley. This is where the action begins - Wesley is introduced …
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As the impresario behind gravity-defying Russian blockbusterNight Watch, it's inevitable that Hollywood would come calling for Timur Bekmambetov. With a studio budget and an international cast, including two Oscar winners, Timur cooks up a Hong Kong-styled actioner bursting with fast cars and big guns. Our unlikely hero is mild-mannered Chicago accountant Wesley Gibson (Atonement'sJames McAvoy), whose father died when he was a tot. Wesley never learned to stand up for himself, and his girlfriend, boss, and best buddy all take advantage until the seductive Fox (Angelina Jolie) rescues him from a sharpshooter named Cross (The Pianist’sThomas Kretschmann). After which, she whisks him away to a mansion on the edge of town to meet the other members of the Fraternity, where leader Sloan (Morgan Freeman) informs Wesley that Cross, a rogue agent, executed his father. Sloan believes Wesley has the goods to take him out, so he undergoes the Fraternity's brutal training regimen (Marc Warren and Common dish up some of the abuse). When he's ready, Sloan sends him out to fulfill his duty, but matters become complicated when Wesley finds out someone isn't telling the truth, leading our former milquetoast to exact an elaborate revenge. For those who've been following McAvoy's career to date, Wanted will surely come as a surprise. In adapting Mark Millar's comic series, Timur offers buckets of blood and a smidgen of depth, but fans ofThe MatrixandMr. and ...
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Director: Timur Bekmambetov
DVD Release Date: December 2, 2008
Runtime: 110 minutes
Studio: Universal Studios
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