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Modern Family Full House Game Systems Rock music
reviewed Video Games. February 25, 2013
Game Systems
Four words: I LOVE VIDEO GAMES!!!!! I thank you, world for having video games in our lives, because that is the greatest invention ever. I hope you all reading this feel the same and agree with me. :)
posted a Quick Tip about Facebook. June 01, 2012
posted in Business Matters
Ouch!!! 40% LOSS for investors in its first 10 days of trading on the NASDAQ! More if you bought at the height of around $45 on its listing day!!!      I wrote a review of it (I know a bubble when I see one!) on the weekend after its listing looking for a price range of $25-28! It recorded a low of $26.83 yesterday (May 31) before a technical rebound at the close!    …
posted a Quick Tip about Facebook. May 21, 2012
posted in Business Matters
It began trading on Nasdaq around $43 last friday. Today, in just a market day, over the weekend after Mark's wedding, it's trading at around $33!!! Lucky Mark who sold it at $38 with the help of Morgan Stanley! Not so lucky for the investors (retail or institutional) even if they are buying for the long term!!! They could have gotten it for $33 today or even less later!      …
reviewed Full House (TV show). April 15, 2012
posted in Pass The Remote!
Full House
If you're the kind of person who thundered and Bible-thumped through the 80's, preaching family values and evil media, and you're shocked by the ensuing popularity of such disparaging television like Seinfeld, South Park, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, or anything else of a vicious and crude nature, you have only yourself to blame for for them. It was you, after all, who helped transform a witless, …
posted a Quick Tip about Facebook. December 01, 2011
posted in Awesomeness
I'm on Facebook and I hate myself for it. The only reason I joined was because invitations from friends to events kept flying over my head, and when they asked where I was, they would always tell me it was on Facebook. Herein is the big problem I have with the site: People consider it all they need. Basic human decency and intimate, detailed conversation is being eschewed. But on the upside, I've …
posted a question about Terra Nova    September 29, 2011
posted in Pass The Remote!
reviewed Facebook. July 11, 2011
Is there anyone who is still not on Facebook by now? Yes! Many of my personal friends. Having said that, they are possibly the minority rather than the majority in the world now.      So, I'll keep this short and simple. My take on Facebook.   I had an account on it for many years but I hardly logged in. The main reason being I don't really know a great many who …
reviewed Drop Dead Diva. May 27, 2011
Drop Dead Diva
If you are a fan of Lifetime's hit show Drop Dead Diva, then I have good news for you. Season 3 of Drop Dead Diva will premiere on Sunday, June 19th, 2011 at 9pm ET/PT and it picks up right where season 2's dramatic cliffhanger left off.      In case you don't remember, season 2 of Drop Dead Diva ended with Grayson being hit by a car, then recognizing Jane as Deb before …
reviewed Modern Family. April 11, 2011
posted in Modern Family Fans
Modern Family
While growing up in a pretty conservative household, I always knew one thing even pretty early on that no one family is the same.  Circumstances arise that almost guarantee that the "Leave it to Beaver" nuclear family can be a minority in regards to how many families grow and form.  Some may be the "ideal" nuclear family but some may have adopted children or even a family …
reviewed Kinect. February 19, 2011
posted in The Gaming Hub
I was recently cruising the internet and reading the video game forums.  For those who don't know me, I enjoy reading the threads but I never participate.  Not until gamers can go beyond saying, "You suck because you don't like what I like," and go beyond swearing and cursing out anyone who disagrees.  Gamers are a finnicky lot.  The good ones never speak up and …
reviewed Gamestar Mechanic. February 12, 2011
Gamestar Mechanic
Technology is changing the face of education and video games are leading the way. There has been a great deal of evidence showing that videogame creation has become a powerful learning tool. Gamestar Mechanic, a game-based learning platform that teaches the principles of game design in an engaging and creative environment, taps into the natural passion of youth for playing and making games.   …
reviewed Terra Nova. February 07, 2011
Terra Nova
Did you see the Super Bowl commercial for the upcoming Steven Spielberg series, Terra Nova? It looked like a movie. And it looked exciting. When I saw that Terra Nova is going to be a new TV series, my first thought was, maybe we'll have a new "Lost". If you mix in Jurassic Park, and make it a weekly television series, that might describe what the promo for Terra Nova looked like.   …
reviewed Archive of American Television. February 03, 2011
Archive of American Television
   Do you love TV? I don't mean sitting down to watch some random television shows? Do you love the shows that you watch and like to know everything about the television industry. If so, you will positively love the Archive of American Television: Capturing Television History , One Voice at a Time. This website, part of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation (yes, the …
reviewed Nowhere Boy. February 02, 2011
Nowhere Boy
The year is 1957, and 16-year old Liverpool lad John Lennon (Aaron Johnson) is miserable. He hates school and his strict aunt Mimi (Kristin Scott-Thomas) and his mother who abandoned him when he was five. Then he meets his mother again and although she's a little odd, he loves having a mum again, while his auntie isn't so sure.      This little film tells the interesting …
posted a Quick Tip about Modern Family. February 02, 2011
posted in Modern Family Fans
Modern Family
A look at three connected but very different American families and they're lives. Could have been so poor and cliched but takes some chances and makes for one of the best shows in years.
reviewed Facebook. January 20, 2011
posted in Awesomeness
Global phenomenon? Yes. A scourge of every day life? Absolutely. Here's why you should follow my example and pull the plug on Zuckerberg's narcissistic ego-porn site.      So today I took the leap and unfriended myself from Facebook, which is ironic considering that I spend a major part of my time helping clients buy social media advertising - it's like being …
reviewed Figment. January 07, 2011
Do you know any teens of young adults that love to write, especially fiction? Then you must tell them about the website Figment, "a community where you can share your writing, connect with other readers, and discover new stories and authors."      It is very easy and free to sign up for Figment. Once in, members can write almost anything from short stories to fan fiction …
took a poll, Favorite TV Families. December 30, 2010
Growing Pains (TV show) Happy Days (TV show) Parenthood (TV show) Modern Family Brady Bunch, The
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reviewed Michael Jackson's VISION. December 23, 2010
Michael Jackson's VISION
   No matter what has happened in Michael Jackson's controversial short life, no one can deny the genius of his talent. Watching his music videos, or short films as Michael Jackson's VISION refers to them, reminds me of just how unique and gifted he was.      Michael Jackson's VISION includes a 2 DVD set of all 35 of his groundbreaking music videos, or short …
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