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This is The Gaming Hub... and it's about gaming.  So I'll have to take a moment to introduce you all and welcome you to The Gaming Hub.  So let us start with what's allowed and what isn't:

What Can Be Reviewed In the Gaming Hub
This is, first and foremost, a video game community.  It is an extremely broad community that is there for the sake of letting anyone who would like to review video games do so.  If it's gaming related... well, chances are you can review it here.  If it was on a gaming system it is allowed here.  This includes PC games, even.  It is not made specifically for the current console generation (The PS3, 360 and Wii) it is made for EVERY generation of gaming.  

What Other Things Can be Reviewed?
There are certain things that are gaming related that can be reviewed as well.  Accessories, news stories, strategy guides are examples of other things that are allowed in The Gaming Hub.  They're allowed because they have to do quite a bit with Gaming. 

What CAN'T Be Reviewed?
This is actually a tough one.  This community is broad.  So it would probably be easier to tell you what can't be reviewed rather than what can.  So this one I'll take by a point by point basis adding to it as new questions arise.
  • Movies Based Off of Video Games: Don't review movies based off video games.  It would be much more appropriate to review them for a movie community.  And there are a couple of communities made specifically for movies.  So for those thinking, "When Prince of Persia comes out I'm totally posting that review in the Gaming Hub..." resist temptation.  It would be better off in a community catered toward movies.  Review the Video Game here.  Not the movie based on it.
  • Anime and Manga: Some say anime, manga and gaming all go hand in hand.  Case in point, many Eastern Video Games might have a Manga or Anime series based on it (especially JRPGs).  These are not allowed here.  It's just easier this way.  The community is a bit too broad as it is.
  • Board Games... Sports... Games You Might've Played in Gym Class: This is about video games.  If you review the latest Madden game... that's fine.  But reviewing say, Football as a whole.... no, not allowed here.  Board games like Monopoly etc. are also not allowed because they're not video games.  Now, if you find a VIDEO GAME called Monopoly based off the board game... well, I can't deny that in the community.  The Gaming Hub is meant to cater more so to Video Gamers
If You're Ever Unsure About Anything
Then go ahead and send me a message.  If you're unsure whether or not something is accepted here, go ahead and ask.  If you blindly post, then I'll find it and look at it for myself (I won't be so strict on video games, but if you reviewed say... a Blue Tooth I might have to take a second to think about that one).  Gaming is a very broad and very vast thing.  I want to focus on the video games, though.  
- (Sean_Rhodes)
Community Founder
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September 27, 2010
Great community. Mostly a retro gamer from the NES and 5200 era but I've got a PS3 and I'll contribute what I can.
April 05, 2010
I'm thinking about creating a list for you man. This community wants some lists. How do you feel about "The Best of the Primitive Video Games: 1983-1999"? I'll cover my top picks from everything including the Atari 2600, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis and Playstation. After all, those are the only systems I'm really familiar with. LOL! By the way, why are there so few topics for the older games do you think?
August 12, 2010
Someone told me the other day that the ORIGINAL Nintendo game console sells for about $400 on auction sites I am having a hard time believing that. Just to think that I threw mine away a few months ago.....
August 13, 2010
Strangely enough... there's a used game store down the street from my house.  They sell the original Nintendo Console for only about 50 bucks.  Usually if they have them.  Maybe the price went up on Auction sites because the independent used game store is hard to come by these days.
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