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created a list. September 01, 2009
posted in The Gaming Hub
These may not all be the best games, but they'll suck you in for hours at a time. These are the games that ruin marriages, endanger hygiene, and blister …
Tetris [PC Game] Diablo II [PC Game] World of WarCraft [PC] Doom Collector's Edition [PC Game] Gran Turismo 3 A-spec [PlayStation 2]
created a list. December 07, 2009
posted in The Gaming Hub
As a frugal gamer, I don't have many of the newer systems, but I do have a pile of classic PC games that I occasionally have the urge to play again. In …
Civilization IV [PC Game] Jagged Alliance 2 [PC Game] Rome: Total War [PC Game] Deus Ex [PC Game] Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords
created a list. June 02, 2010
posted in The Gaming Hub
To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Empire Strikes Back (and more specifically, the Star Wars Universe), here are my top Star Wars Video Games over the …
star wars arcade game - one key LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Star Wars Dark Forces [PC Game] Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader Star Wars: The Force Unleashed [Xbox360]
created a list. June 05, 2010
posted in The Gaming Hub
This is just a list of what I thought was a great leap in the Strategy/Tactical RPG just for consoles. If the games ever showed up on a PC, it is mere …
Tactics Ogre Disgaea: Hour of Darkness Final Fantasy Tactics Gemfire Valkyria Chronicles
created a list. June 28, 2010
posted in The Gaming Hub
Love 'em or hate 'em there are some games that totally set the framework or show us something about gamers or the industry as a whole.  From 2000-2009 …
Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 3 World of WarCraft [PC] Halo: Combat Evolved Wii Sports Resident Evil 4 [GameCube]
created a list. September 27, 2010
posted in The Gaming Hub
      The SNES has got to be my favorite system. It was back when games were games, where you got a little realism but not too much …
Super Mario Kart Sim City (SNES) Final Fantasy II The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
created a list. September 28, 2010
posted in The Gaming Hub
      "It's impossible" said many. "It's too tough" said some. "ALMOST" is most commonly heard. …
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES) Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels [Wii] Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse [Wii] Legacy of the Wizard (NES) Mega Man (NES)
created a list. September 29, 2010
posted in The Gaming Hub
      The best sequels perfectly replicate what made the originals good, add they're own elements and make the game even more …
You Don't Know Jack Volume 4: The Ride [PC Game] Super Mario Bros. 3 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest The Godfather 2 [PS3]
created a list. September 30, 2010
posted in The Gaming Hub
      A bad video game sequel is one where the gameplay suffers, graphics are lackluster or the soundtrack isn't as good or the …
Double Dragon III The Sacred Stones (NES) Final Fantasy II You Don't Know Jack Volume 2 [PC Game] Privateer 2: The Darkening [PC Game] Mario Kart 64
created a list. October 08, 2010
posted in The Gaming Hub
      Well, heres another list of SNES games that I like. I can't post a "best" list since it would look like almost …
Doom (SNES) Super Empire Strikes Back (Snes/Wii) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time Wing Commander (SNES) Chrono Trigger
created a list. October 14, 2010
posted in The Gaming Hub
Going in order of all the game systems that our family or I myself owned, I started gaming at an early age. The games were fun and made for hours of enjoyment …
Super Nintendo Entertainment System Sony Playstation 3 Sony PlayStation 2 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
created a list. October 31, 2010
posted in The Gaming Hub
River City Ransom Mega Man 3 Gumshoe (NES) Faxanadu (NES) Legacy of the Wizard (NES)
created a list. November 09, 2010
posted in The Gaming Hub
Yes this is the Sequel to my list "WIKIS WIKIS WIKIS and more WIKIS" Im just gonna share with you lunchers all the video game related Wikis I visit. Enjoy. …
created a list. May 06, 2011
posted in The Gaming Hub
I was on the bus on my way to work when I overheard two gamers talking.  They were discussing the 3DS and whether or not it was worth getting one.  …
Super Mario Bros. Sonic the Hedgehog Wii Sports Final Fantasy VII Halo
created a list. July 07, 2011
posted in The Gaming Hub
Privateer (PC) Saints Row 2 The Godfather 2 [PS3] Grand Theft Auto IV Red Dead Redemption
created a list. October 10, 2011
posted in The Gaming Hub
SPOILERS AHEAD!      The game may be great with great levels and hard challenges and loads of memorable levels or castles to explore, …
Super Empire Strikes Back (Snes/Wii) Dragon Quest VIII [PS2] Zelda II: The Adventure of Link [Wii] Wing Commander [PC Game] X Men vs Street Fighter (arcade)
created a list. January 24, 2012
posted in The Gaming Hub
The PS3 is full of awesome with it's big engine, colorful visuals, bluray and more. Here are some of my favorite games.
LA Noire Saints The Third Super Street Fighter IV (PlayStation 3) Mortal Kombat (2011) You Don't Know Jack (PS3)
created a list. January 29, 2012
posted in The Gaming Hub
We all have them, that one fictional character weather they be bad guy or good that you just cant stand. They make your blood boils and your teeth clench. …
Razor Makarov Anton Girdeux Shinobu Ruyji
created a list. March 07, 2012
posted in The Gaming Hub
Video games are becoming the #1 Source of entertainment around. Every year they get bigger and better, not only the games but the trailers too. Nowadays …
Aliens Colonial Marines - Wii U Far Cry 3 Transformers Fall of Cybertron PS3 Long Live Play Call of Duty
created a list. May 09, 2012
posted in The Gaming Hub
Over the years, I have noticed many Live action Video game vids on youtube. Today I decided to take the ones I really liked (mostly ones i could remmber) …
Portal: No Escape (Live Action Short Film by Dan Trachtenberg) MW3: Find Makarov - Project Kingfish Short Film from CoD XP Official Pokémon Apokélypse - Live Action Trailer Official Prototype 2 Film - The Power of Revenge
created a list. May 05, 2010
posted in The Gaming Hub
After being invited to join fellow Luncher Sean (the other, other Sean) Rhodes' community The Gaming Hub, I began writing up a list of some of my favorite …
Pong Breakout Pitfall! Keystone Kapers Stampede
created a list. April 07, 2010
posted in The Gaming Hub
Although is a new site there are a bunch of professional blog articles for our viewing pleasure. Here are a few.
The Eco-Box. Good or bad? The Definition of Insanity The Biggest Problem with the Gaming Industry Gaming Licenses To Kill Gaming vs. Girlfriend
created a list. May 09, 2010
posted in The Gaming Hub
As with movies, video games have superstars that made a mark in the world of controllers and gamers. I figured I'd make a list before I make a list on …
Lara Croft Cloud Strife Solid Snake Ryu Tifa Lockhart
created a list. June 05, 2010
posted in The Gaming Hub
Ah, gaming.  The medium is still a little young (compared to Hollywood movies and EXTREMELY young compared to the long exhausting life of literature).  …
Metal Gear Solid Metroid [Wii] Final Fantasy VII Super Metroid [Wii] BioShock (Xbox 360)
created a list. October 05, 2010
posted in The Gaming Hub
Xcom: UFO Defense Master of Magic [PC Game] Final Fantasy VII Twisted Metal SimAnts
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