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Some of the Worst Video Game sequels ever

  • Sep 30, 2010

A bad video game sequel is one where the gameplay suffers, graphics are lackluster or the soundtrack isn't as good or the creators are lazy among other reasons. Not all of the games on this list are bad mind you, just don't measure up to what came before is all. One other note. I would have loved to put another Final Fantasy game on here, one from it's Playstation era, but since I really haven't played them enough, only watched them and seen them for they're cornyness and hipper and trendyier attitude over the games of old, I have excluded them from he list.
Double Dragon II
This is the EPITOME of bad sequels. The graphics by NES standards are flat and boring with crummy looking sprites. The controls are stiff and unresponsive making the already difficult game harder. No extra lives and only one continue if you happen to reach the last two levels, a continue you don't get otherwise. It would be one thing if the gameplay was better so it wasn't even such a chore to punch you enemies out rather then continually input button commands for attacks that only work when they feel like working. Double Dragon never recovered after this one.
See the full review, "Grasshopper, the quest is frought with peril and sticky controls.".
Final Fantasy II
I've played the origins version of this and if it's any indication of what the Japanese Famicom version was, then I really didn't miss much when they didn't port it over here. Your 4 party team is in constant change up between your three original members, leveling up is done in an absurd way where you get tougher and gain more hit points the more you are attacked in battles and your magic power can decrease if you don't use it enough. You can power up your characters using certain weapons but some monsters, in particular bosses can only be affected by certain weapons and spells and you have areal uphill climb to make if you don't know that ONE spell, even on a weaker level. Yes it's realistic but it's one of those points where too much realism in a game can make it bad or not fun.
See the full review, "The great adventure of 93 was the quest of a lifetime.".
This isn't so much a BAD game as it's really just more of the same for Jack. The Celebrity Guest Host question is alright though it's mainly made up of older TV stars aside from Tim Allen who was big at the time. Buzz wasn't a great host and it just didn't add enough over the first, in fact the Fiber Optic Field Trip which I hated was still here too. Still, a decent game.
A sequel to perhaps one of my most favorite games ever gets the royal kick in the teeth on this game. Originally going to be it's own game, and had a couple of Wing Commander style elements thrown on at the last minute. An all star cast of great actors for a FMV, with a nice story but the game play is lousy and the game when played on other discs is buggy and makes it hard to get through. Simply bringing up to date the older game with another story just wasn't good enough and for all of their great additions, most of them sucked.
See the full review, "A great cast of actors doesn't do programming or playtesting.".
mario kart 64 box cover
This is a choice that wasn't made lightly but I know enough people who have played this game (myself included) and agree with me that the original 16 bit version is more playable, more fun and just plain better. Battle Mode is slower, the weight classes are uneven with 3 heavies, 2 mids and 3 lights and nothing really rocked the boat. It was great to have a Mario Kart game on the 64, don't get me wrong but it is a case of not enough to rock the boat, er kart.
Another Japanese game that I'm not too keen on and after playing wasn't too bothered that we didn't get in the states as late as we did. Yes it IS a fun game, but gimmicked additions like super springboards and power ups impossible to get to under most circumstances and going to the well too often with the hiddeen pathes in Bowser's castle device got old quick. There is some challenge in this one, don't get me wrong, but it's not a great sequel.
This is much in the same vein of Super Mario Bros 2 on the list except that game at least was made by Nintendo, whereas this game was put together by fans and presented to ID who distributed it. It's got the tell tale signs of EXTREME written all over it with more monsters and put into tight situations and needing luck and dumb luck to survive. When you put one of the most powerful monsters in the game in level 1 and expect a gamer to know how to move around to avoid it with care, thats not good design since it's harder to build up to something that way. If you liked Doom and wanted a challenge, then here it is but it's nothing new.
Mega Man 5 (NES)
The first three Mega Man games were great classics. The fourth one does have it's fans and an increased challenge but by the time this one came out there wasn't much left to do. Mega Man NES games were now at this point, play one, played em' all. It's not a bad game, just didn't add enough to make worthwhile, and that includes the challenge. Mega Man 4 may have skirted by in my book with having a high challenge and story twist, but 5 is more of the same.
Twisted Metal 3
Awful controls and awful level designs hurt this sequel. To be fair it was a new company that made it and Twisted Metal 4 isn't AS bad but we are talking a head first dive.
WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008
The create a wrestler system in this one really stunk and the way you up they're stats was also bad. Bad commentary from the announcers and other quirks made this one pale in comparison to other games that came before it. If I remember correctly they even started cheaping out on the Legends wrestlers too. It's not a bad wrestling game but it isn't great.

What did you think of this list?

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