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WIKIS WIKIS WIKIS and more WIKIS (Video Games Edition)

  • Nov 9, 2010
Yes this is the Sequel to my list "WIKIS WIKIS WIKIS and more WIKIS" Im just gonna share with you lunchers all the video game related Wikis I visit. Enjoy.
Pyramid Head Giving you a Hard time? Cant seem to shake those Pesky Raw Shocks. Well don't worry The Silent Hill Wiki has got your back. This wiki like any decent features a complete library of the monsters found through out the Silent hill series. It even includes some of there weaknesses. Check it out.
if your like me (went out and bought Monster Hunter Tri knowing nothing of the series) then this wiki will be a major help. This Wiki features highly detailed charts on both Monsters and Armour. The Monster Charts ever show weak areas and which elements work best for each monster. If your a fan of the series check out this wiki.
So your chilling with your friends and the topic comes up "who would win in a fight Samus or Master Chief?" You and your friends get into an hours long debate over who is better in terms of Fighting style, Armour, weapons and Overall Badassness. (I'm a nerd, your a nerd you and I both know THIS HAS HAPPENED, don't deny it). Anyways Midpoint into the argument your friend says something and you have no answer what do you do? Take a twix moment and Head on over to Wikitroid. On top of all the games, and characters this wiki features articles about the weapons and different Armour upgrades found in the Metroid Universe. So when your friend brings up the fact that Master Chief took on the whole Covenant buy himself all you have to say is Omega Cannon. Look it up.
I was wondering whether or not to include this wiki (because it only has 192 pages, and the NFS series has been around a long time) but because its all about Quality over Quantity I included it. While this wiki seems to be a work in progress it features all the games and most of the cars found in them. If you have anything to add sign up for A Wikia account and help these guys out. A wiki like this has potential.
Every gun, Every Character, Every Map, Every Attachment, and Every Level found in the Call of Duty franchise is on this wiki. Like most of the stuff i know about I actually found this wiki by accident but I'm glad i did. The articles on the games are more detailed than Wikipedia and the all the games are included. From the ones on the PC to the Ones on the Wii. You a Call of Duty fan you best head on over to this Wiki and check them out. Stay Frosty.

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