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Sean A. Rhodes (Sean_Rhodes)
posted "Prepare to Die!" about Dark Souls.   November 17, 2011
Prepare to Die!
A couple of years ago a game called Demon's Souls came around and was met with surprising praise. The reputation of Demon's Souls was that it
posted "The Dark Knight Returns" about Batman: Arkham City.   November 17, 2011
The Dark Knight Returns
When the original Arkham Asylum came out in 2009 it more or less took the gaming world by storm. It did so for two reasons. The first was that before
posted "An Amazing Addition to a Fantastic Series" about Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.   November 17, 2011
An Amazing Addition to a Fantastic Serie
Uncharted 2 ended up being a smash hit. Perhaps one of the best video games sequels ever produced. It was better than the first game in almost every c
posted "Mario's Amazing Jump Into 3D" about Super Mario 3D Land.   November 17, 2011
Mario's Amazing Jump Into 3D
   Back in the days of the original Gameboy, the Super Mario Lands were hailed for being relatively different from the usual Mario experienc
posted "Much More Than Just a Revamped Version" about BlazBlue: Continuum Shift.   September 22, 2011
Much More Than Just a Revamped Version
There is one thing the fighter suffers from by not having the Arcade as a staple anymore.  That's the fact that when developers create new up
posted "Intensely Interesting" about Blazblue: Calamity Trigger.   September 21, 2011
Intensely Interesting
2008 was definitely the year of the fighter.  With games such as Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Street Fighter IV and Soul Calibur IV (among others) hi
posted "Hands Down: The Best Game of 2011" about Portal 2.   September 03, 2011
Hands Down: The Best Game of 2011
When the original Portal was released in The Orange Box it was quite a surprise that of all the games in it... Portal was the one that stuck out the m
posted "Extremely Basic Modes... but Depth to the Gameplay" about Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds: Special Edition.   August 10, 2011
Extremely Basic Modes... but Depth to th
For some people, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is perhaps the greatest arcade fighter ever made.  It had such a strong following that finding a used copy o
posted "Surviving a Nightmare" about Catherine.   August 09, 2011
Surviving a Nightmare
Catherine has been a game that several fans of ATLUS have been waiting for... and nervous about for some time.  It is quite a unique experience i
commented on review of Super Metroid, "Eat hot plasma you slimy suckers".   July 03, 2011
posted "How a Remake Should Be Done" about Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.   May 16, 2011
How a Remake Should Be Done
For those of you not caught up to speed on your video game history: Tactics Ogre is pretty much the game that established the Tactical Strategy RPG (o
posted ""Do a Barrel Roll!"" about Star Fox 64.   May 15, 2011
"Do a Barrel Roll!"
The Nintendo 64 launched with Super Mario 64 by it's side, but for the longest time it seemed like that was the only game worth getting on the sys
created a list "Ten Video Games That Helped Sell Their Systems".   May 06, 2011
posted "Donkey Kong Country Returns: Not Intended for Weenies" about Donkey Kong Country Returns.   April 27, 2011
Donkey Kong Country Returns: Not Intende
Donkey Kong has always been one of Nintendo's staples.  He was, along with Mario, one of the first characters Nintendo ever brought out the d
took a poll "The best of the Mario Bros"   April 21, 2011
posted "One of the Definitive Games of the 16-Bit Era" about Sonic the Hedgehog.   April 21, 2011
One of the Definitive Games of the 16-Bi
When gaming fist got off the ground again Nintendo pretty much dominated the world of gaming and Mario had become a more recognizable icon than Mickey
answered the question 'What do you think is the greatest video game system ever?'   April 19, 2011
posted "Test Your Might" about Mortal Kombat.   April 19, 2011
Test Your Might
Reviewing the first Mortal Kombat game is pretty challenging.  Especially in a day and age where it hasn't aged quite as well as people would
posted "Fun and Challenging" about Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia.   February 23, 2011
Fun and Challenging
Casltevania has survived primarily because of a good handheld market for it.  The console titles, for the most part, are usually more of a letdow
posted "Why the Success of the Kinect is Important... and Why Hardcore Gamers Shouldn't Be Bashing It" about Kinect.   February 19, 2011
Why the Success of the Kinect is Importa
I was recently cruising the internet and reading the video game forums.  For those who don't know me, I enjoy reading the threads but I never
commented on review of Donkey Kong Country Returns, "Fun and frustrating".   February 07, 2011
posted "Little Sack Boys Return with a BIG Heart" about LittleBigPlanet 2.   January 24, 2011
Little Sack Boys Return with a BIG Heart
Just over two years ago, the first LittleBigPlanet came out and blew some of our minds.  It first showed that the platformer wasn't dead.  Ma
posted a comment on list, "More of my favorite SNES games".   November 06, 2010
posted a comment on list, "My favorite NES games".   November 06, 2010
posted "(4.5) Short on Story, Big on Gameplay" about Valkyria Chronicles II.   September 03, 2010
(4.5) Short on Story, Big on Gameplay
When the first Valkyria Chronicles came out in 2008 it was largely ignored because that just happened to be a year where several other games were comi
posted "An Epic Game of Epic Epicness" about Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Video Game.   August 31, 2010
An Epic Game of Epic Epicness
In the world of gaming, a video game coming out shortly after a movie is usually one of the seven signs of the apocalypse.  They're often ter
posted ""You Just Headbutted My Boyfriend so Hard He Burst!"" about Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.   August 17, 2010
"You Just Headbutted My Boyfriend so Har
Just imagine for a second that your life is a video game.  One where the potential exist for you to beat up bad guys, live each new day of your l
posted "Surprisingly Addictive" about Castlevania Harmony of Despair.   August 11, 2010
Surprisingly Addictive
When Castlevania Symphony of the Night debuted in 1997, it was hailed as one of the best Playstation games out there and one of the best 2D side scrol
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