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reviewed Microsoft Xbox 360. July 28, 2009
Xbox 360
The XBOX 360, is another console within this gaming generation that's turning heads.  It so far trails in second place to Wii but manages to do better than the PS3.  The system launched in 2005... …
reviewed Eternal Sonata [Xbox360]. September 20, 2009
posted in The Gaming Hub
There aren't a lot of JRPGs on the XBOX360 and what ones there are aren't as special as promised. Eternal Sonata is a different story. It's a grand game that hits all the right notes. It has a few minor …
reviewed Warriors Orochi [PS2]. September 27, 2009
posted in The Gaming Hub
If you're a fan of Dynasty Warriors and of Samurai Warriors, then Warriors Orochi is probably a gift from God.  It seems like an obvious idea, actually.  Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors …
reviewed Super Mario Bros. [Wii]. October 21, 2009
posted in The Gaming Hub
Almost everyone knows what Super Mario Bros is.  I feel like a fool just writing about it, but I couldn't resist writing about it.  Super Mario Bros is the game which single-handedly saved gaming. …
reviewed Resident Evil 4 [GameCube]. December 20, 2009
posted in The Gaming Hub
In 1996 the gaming world was taken for a spin with the original Resident Evil.  It began a genre and a legacy unlike any other.  Resident Evil 2 followed in 1998 and then Resident Evil 3 followed …
reviewed Legend of Mana. March 15, 2010
posted in The Gaming Hub
Legend of Mana
In 1993, Squaresoft (now Square-Enix) released a game called Secret of Mana that became a big hit for them.  It introduced what we came to know as the Mana series in America (in Japan it is referred …
reviewed Tales of Symphonia [GameCube]. April 25, 2010
posted in The Gaming Hub
The Gamecube dropped down at the end of 2001.  It didn't exactly start off as a big hit.  It didn't even end as a big hit, for that matter.  When it first dropped, however, there were several …
reviewed Final Fantasy Tactics. September 08, 2009
posted in The Gaming Hub
Final Fantasy Tactics
Final Fantasy Tactics first dropped down in January of 1998.  Shortly after the huge success of Final Fantasy VII on the original Playstation.  It seemed as though Final Fantasy Tactics would …
reviewed Burnout Revenge for Xbox 360. April 01, 2008
posted in The Gaming Hub
Burn Out Box Cover
Gone are the days of the indestructible cars.  In Burnout Revenge you can race faster than reasonably safe, and then crash spectacularly into a busy intersection.  The game starts out with relatively …
reviewed The Lovely Bones (2009 movie). April 30, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
The Lovely Bones (2009)
   Mainstream fans would remember Pater Jackson for his critically acclaimed “Lord of the Rings Trilogy” and “King Kong” while old-school horror fans may remember him …
reviewed Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. October 06, 2009
posted in The Gaming Hub
Uncharted_Drake's Fortune
About a year after the Playstation 3 launched, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune landed down and became one of the first games to really take advantage of what the PS3 could do. But beyond that, however, Naughty …
reviewed Halo 3: ODST. October 12, 2009
posted in The Gaming Hub
Halo 3: ODST [Xbox 360]
When it comes to the Halo games, there are always those who really love them and those who really hate them.  The people who really love Halo are quite passionate about it.  Those who hate Halo …
reviewed Left 4 Dead 2. November 23, 2009
posted in The Gaming Hub
Left 4 Dead 2
The first Left 4 Dead game was actually pretty incredible.  It was released last year, and as a result, the second one coming started quite a controversy.  It's nice to know that for once the …
reviewed Sony PlayStation 2. December 08, 2009
PlayStation 2 Console
The original Playstation debuted in 1995 and ushered in a whole new era for gaming.  In the first place there was this idea of going to a disc based format instead of cartridges.  Sony didn't …
reviewed The Legend of Dragoon. January 06, 2010
posted in The Gaming Hub
The Legend of Dragoon
Legend of Dragoon was a game that really came out during the Playstations RPG renaissance. It came out after Final Fantasy VII, but then we discovered that development of the game started shortly after …
reviewed Mario Kart Wii. February 07, 2010
Nearly two decades after the original Super Mario Kart for the SNES, with Mario Kart Wii it seems that the venerable kart racer showing its age. It doesn't help that its console predecessor, Mario Kart: …
reviewed Bioshock 2. February 14, 2010
posted in The Gaming Hub
Bioshock 2
In 2007, Bioshock came out and took the entire gaming world by storm.  What you ended up getting was an exploration through a dystopian world that was at one point run by a madman.  The games …
reviewed Lost Odyssey. February 26, 2010
posted in The Gaming Hub
Lost Odyssey
It's no secret that the Final Fantasy series in and of itself is one of the most popular game series's out there.  Amazingly enough, the games have thrived and survived the test of time.  In …
reviewed Final Fantasy V Advance [Game Boy Adv.... April 16, 2010
posted in The Gaming Hub
Final Fantasy V Advance
In the days before Final Fantasy VII, the earlier Final Fantasy titles hadn't really made their way stateside.  In 1992, many of us were actually still playing what we thought was Final Fantasy II …
reviewed Lunar: Silver Star Harmony. May 11, 2010
posted in The Gaming Hub
Lunar: Silver Star Harmony
In 1992 Working Designs released a game called Lunar: The Silver Star.  It was on the Sega CD and became one of the bestselling and most popular games on the system.  Unfortunately, thanks …
reviewed BioShock (Xbox 360). April 01, 2008
posted in The Gaming Hub
Bioshock BoxArt
Bioshock is a first-person shooter that takes place in an underwater "Utopia" where things have gone very wrong.  In addition to the typical arsenal of weapons (guns, wrenches, grenades), you are …
reviewed Nintendo DS. September 04, 2008
Nintendo DS
My 7-year-old son has one of these and he's fascinated by it (ok, addicted to it). There are lots of terrific games for kids  of all types, from Nintendogs (train your dogs by speaking to them, petting …
reviewed Mass Effect. April 01, 2008
posted in The Gaming Hub
Mass Effect
Mass Effect is the first of a planned trilogy from Bioware, the master of RPGs.  And it starts out the series with a bang, you play as commander Shepard, the first human ever to be selected as "Spectre", …
reviewed Final Fantasy X. August 19, 2008
In terms of storyline, I would say this was one of the best in the series.  I felt part 9 was a bit childish and you didn't care much for the main character.  FFX was the total opposite because …
reviewed Brutal Legend [Xbox 360]. October 13, 2009
posted in The Gaming Hub
Brutal Legend [Xbox 360]
A year or so ago, I was reading a copy of Game Informer and came across an article that talked about a game called Brutal Legend.  The article itself talked primarily about Jack Black's contributions …
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