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Wonder World Amusement Park

1 rating: 3.0
Action video game by Nintendo for the Nintendo Wii

All of the fun and thrills of your favorite amusement parks and carnivals are now available in your living room! In Step Right Up, you can take your customized character for a walk around a fully 3D park with five themed zones each with their own fully … see full wiki

Release Date: July, 2008
1 review about Wonder World Amusement Park

Good Variety of Mini Games

  • Oct 27, 2008
Pros: Decent graphics, variety of mini games, good use of Wii remote's capabilities

Cons: Only for those that like mini game type games, lacks real plot depth

The Bottom Line: Overall enjoyable mini games that all ages can get into playing, although it does lack a real plot.

This is a mini game style game set in a carnival/amusement park setting.  The game starts with one area unlocked and you have to play to get tickets that are redeemable for prizes including passes to open up other areas of the park.  There are a total of 45 prizes and 5 areas to play in.  Each area has a boss like game that is unlocked after you purchase all the prizes in that area’s prize shop.

There are different types of mini games.  Most of the types appear in multiple areas.  Throwing type games have you usually control where you want to throw with the nunchuck joystick and you throw by making a throwing motion with the Wii remote.  In the Drawing type games you mostly just aim at the screen and move the Wii remote around to aim in different directions depending on the type of task given, such as to keep a ring from hitting the path it is on in Ready Steady. 3D Aiming type games mean that to do the task you move the Wii remote in a 3D environment, i.e. you move it forward, back, side to side, up, and down to aim in the game.  In the shooting type games you usually only use the Wii remote to aim and the B button to fire.  The Tiling games are like slider puzzles in which the picture is all mixed up and you have to return it to normal by moving one piece at a time into the free space.  The Whacking games are my favorite and to play them you use the nunchuck to select where to whack and you do a whacking motion with the Wii remote.  In grabbing games you grab and move the Wii remote depending on the task, such as you flick it left of right after grabbing the spiders in Spin-a-Spider to make them go away.  In the pulling games you pull the WIi remote and nunchuck towards you in an alternating pattern.  In the Winching games you move the Wii remote in small circles to accomplish the game’s objective.

The first area, which starts unlocked, is the Carnival area.  Here you start with 100 tickets.  It’s a good thing, too, because I find the Coconut Topple (Throwing type game) free game for this area too hard to earn tickets from.  If you are no good at it like me, then be careful to keep enough tickets to play the games you are good at or you could end up stuck.  Other games in this area include Ready Steady (a Drawing type game that takes better steady hands and more patience than I have), Hook-a-Frog (a 3D aiming game in which you try to catch frogs), Crack Shot (a shooting game in which you aim at stationary bottles and cans), Picture Perfect! (a very challenging Tiling game), and Rodent Riot (a Whacking game like Whack-a-mole).

The second area will depend on how you decide to redeem you tickets in the Carnival area, as from the Carnival area you can get a pass to Fairytale or Spooky.  All areas after the Carnival area you start with 0 tickets and tickets are only useable in the area you got them in.  In my case I did Fairytale as my second area and came back and redeemed for Spooky as my fourth area.  The games in Fairytale are similar to the other lands, but have a fairytale like theme.  The free game in this area is Spin-A-Spider, which is a grabbing type game in which you grab and spin the spiders to keep them away from Little Miss Muffet as she eats.  The games here are Sweet Tooth (a throwing game in which you aim at moving lollypops and the witch’s teeth), Sleepy Hollow (a shooting game in which you aim at moving wisps), Bug Off (a whacking game that you whack the bugs that match the flower color), Bumble Rumble (a drawing game that you use the Wii remote to guide the bees back to the hive), and Bag-a-Bug (a 3D aiming game in which you try to collect as many bugs on your stick as you can before time runs out).

The third area for me was the Space Area, which you unlock by purchasing the pass from the Fairytale Prize shop.  The space themed games here are Air Lock Scramble (a Pulling game in which you pull the escape pod towards you), Android Attack! (a throwing type game that is this areas free game that you aim at moving robots), Tongue Tied (a shooting game that is a little complex because you have to lock on to the moving bugs before shooting them), Alien Gate (a challenging tiling game in which you have to put the tiles in the right spots), Buzzer of Doom (a Winching game in which you try to keep the thing from hitting the buzzers of each side of it), and Infestation (a whacking game in which you whack the aliens randomly moving around the screen).

The fourth area for me was Spooky, which you unlock from the Carnival prize shop.  The games here are Halloween themed.  They include Stake Out (a shooting game you shoot at vampires in), Where the Heart Is (a throwing game in which you try to put a stake through a vampire’s heart), Mummy Twist (a grabbing game in which you unravel a mummy while trying to not actually entirely unravel it), Brain Dump (a winching game in which you aim a catapult to hit zombies with brains), Shut Your Trap (a jabbing game in which you go after plants), and Bah Bah Boo (a 3D aiming game in which you herd sheep).

The fifth and final area for me was Space, which you unlock from the Spooky prize shop.  The games here are space themed.  The games include Infestation (a whacking game in which you whack aliens), Buzzer of Doom (a winching game in which you try to keep the metal rod from hitting the buzzers that slowly get closer together), Alien Gate (a tiling game that you try to tline the tiles up in the right way), Tongue Tied (a shooting game more complicated than others because you have to lock on to the targets), Android Attack! (a throwing game that you try to hit the robots in), and Airlock Scramble (a Pulling game in which you pull your spaceship back to you).

Besides the main single player mode there is also a Party mode in which you can play the games you have unlocked with up to four players.  There is also Quickplay mode in which you can as a single player play any game you have unlocked without paying with tickets, but you also do not earn any tickets.

Overall I found this game to be somewhat addicting.  The graphics are good quality.  The sound can get annoying when playing for long periods at a time, but only if you do not switch around areas and games a lot.  This game has a good amount of depth and variety to it.  My favorite aspect is that it has a good variety of ways it utilizes the Wii remotes controls for the different mini games.  If you are not into mini games and prefer more plot depth games, then this game will probably be boring from the start or after one sitting.


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Wonder World Amusement Park
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