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Wii Fit [Wii]

The 2008 Wii sports video game.

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Very fun, but only part of the "fitness" answer

  • Nov 9, 2008
My wife and I are in our *early* 30's and we have found that the Wii Fit is the game that we use the most on or Wii. I have delayed writing this review by about 2 months to make sure that we continued our use - and I am happy to report that we are still enjoying using it on regular basis.

One thing to note is that the Wii fit alone will not turn you into lean-mean-fitness-machine but it can be a helpful part of the process. Many of the games are marginal in calorie burning (like the penguin fish game), but are designed to help you with "balance" - which seems to be a bit of a reach. Other activities such as "stepping" , "hoola-hoop twirl" and "rhythm boxing" can help you shed a few calories. My wife really enjoys the yoga selections that are offered.

One complaint is that your fitness age and the size of your character is determined strictly by your BMI. I understand that this is recommended method, however people who have spent time in the gym strength training will generally be recognized as being overweight. For example, every linebacker in the NFL will be labeled as obese. It wouldn't be that big of a deal except that your Wii Fit character looks like a walking beachball!

One noce feature is that the Wii Fit offers additional activity logs and a fitness tips. This helps remind us that additional exercise and proper nutrition are components to a healthy lifestyle.


- The daily checking of BMI and weight can help keep people motivated to maintain their exercise regimen.
- Most of the games are pretty fun - Top 10 performances are kept to help you compare to other users within your household.
- Everything seems to be very well thought out. The games have an authentic athletic feel (even the ones that are not rigorous).
- Appropriate for all ages - in all honesty this is the rare game that is good for 3 three to 93.
- Price - Nintendo could have charged well over $100.

Areas for improvement -

- It would be nice if more than one person could be "logged in" at a time. If my wife wants to challenge my score I must exit out of all of the menus. She would then select her figure - get weighed - read a fitness tip and so on.
- BMI is leaned on a little to heavily (no pun intended) this may alienate people who are more muscular than fat.
- It is a little unkind to people who are bigger. I guess it is meant to serve as a motivating factor, but some people may see it as being insensitive.

Overall, I highly recommend the Wii Fit - in fact, it is the one game that should motivate you to buy a Wii. While it is not the answer to total fitness it can be a useful voice in making fitness a part of your daily life.

5 stars

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YEAH for Wiifit .. Making Activity FUN
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I don't have problems motivating myself to exercise, but variety is essential to keep yourself engaged in the process and striving for continual improvement. This is an excellent way to do just that - the exercises are fun, the graphics are engaging (albeit rather low-rent looking and oftentimes too "cutsy" for my taste) and the routines are effective. I've been very happy to have added this to my work out routine.
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Fun to play, my stomach muscles hurt for days after the hulahoop game.  
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I hate exercising. I have never enjoyed spending an hour of my day sweating. Just never was fun to me. I greatly admire those who enjoy it, but for me, I have about 100 different things I'd rather be doing, and cleaning my bathroom is one of them. So needless to say, I like things that will encourage me to actually workout without reminding me of the 100 other things I could be accomplishing.    I can't comment on the long term use of Wii fit, though the prospect does look good. …
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Wii Fit is a video game developed by Nintendo for the Wii console. It is an exercise game consisting of activities utilizing the Wii Balance Board peripheral.

The Wii Fit package includes a Wii Balance Board and a Wii Fit game disk for the Wii console containing 48 fitness training-related games and activities. The Wii Balance Board is a wireless peripheral for the Wii console and communicates with the console in the same manner as the Wii Remote. The sensors on the board can measure players up to 150KG (330lbs) in mass. The balance board measures a user's mass and center of balance. The software can then calculate the user's body mass index when told of his or her height.

Wii Fit was released in Japan on December 1, 2007, and in other regions in April-May 2008. As of December 2008, Wii Fit is the Wii's third best-selling game, with 14 million copies sold. At a retail price of $89.99 USD (and equivalent in other regions), Wii Fit has generated over $1.26 billion in revenue for Nintendo.


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Number of Players: 1-2
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Console: Wii
Genre: Sports Action
Release Date: May 19, 2008
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