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posted ""You touched me. Nobody touches me."" about Brazil (movie).   September 16, 2012
"You touched me. Nobody touches me."
**** out of ****    Apparently, some people actually doubt the genius of Terry Gilliam. Here we have one of the most obviously ima
posted "Not overly impressed by this slasher-thriller, but Rutger Hauer was great." about The Hitcher (1986 movie).   August 17, 2012
Not overly impressed by this slasher-thr
** out of ****    Robert Harmon's "The Hitcher" is a crowd-pleaser slasher movie. The original script that didn't make it to the s
posted "Strange world." about Blue Velvet.   August 17, 2012
Strange world.
**** out of ****    In the fictional logging town of Lumberton, writer-director David Lynch has created an urban landscape pretty
posted "Advertised as a B-monster movie; emerges something much more." about Godzilla (Gojira).   August 17, 2012
Advertised as a B-monster movie; emerges
**** out of ****    The original 1954 version of "Godzilla" - AKA "Gojira" - evades the implications of its B-movie exteriors. Her
posted "Gonzo entertainment! So very very fun." about Dead Alive.   August 17, 2012
Gonzo entertainment! So very
**** out of ****    I love blood. I love guts. I love gore. I love anything (artificial) that flows in large amounts, even if we a
posted "Murder as art; mystery as romance. Deep Red is the pinnacle of Dario Argento's directing career." about Deep Red.   July 26, 2012
Murder as art; mystery as romance. Deep
**** out of ****    This is the quintessential Dario Argento thriller. Examine the director's entire career - down to every last f
posted "Come out and play-ay." about The Warriors.   July 26, 2012
Come out and play-ay.
*** out of ****    "The Warriors" begins with a particularly stylish opening montage that depicts several gangs - each supposedly
posted "I REMEMBER...DOING THE TIME WARP!" about The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975 movie).   June 24, 2012
**** out of ****    Characterized by its signature catchy lyrics, dancing trannies, midnight movie stylistics, and blood-red pouty
posted "You've got red on you." about Shaun of the Dead.   April 11, 2012
You've got red on you.
**** out of ****    Edgar Wright is the kind of guy who I would best describe as nice. A director of comedy films - always has, al
posted "Once again, Coscarelli shows that he has a beating heart and soul." about Bubba Ho-Tep.   April 02, 2012
Once again, Coscarelli shows that he has
***1/2 out of ****    The charm of a Don Coscarelli film is the way in which he treats his characters and the sparks that fly betw
posted "There are good zombie movies, and Fido is not one of them." about Fido.   April 02, 2012
There are good zombie movies, and Fido i
** out of ****    I have seen my share of zombie films both good and bad; and the Canadian-made "Fido" isn't either. It's a satiri
posted "I've got it ! Let's kill a dog! Let's scare a baby! That'll creep 'em out!" about Paranormal Activity 2.   February 18, 2012
I've got it ! Let's kill a dog! Let's sc
*1/2 out of ****    I don't blame director Tod Williams for the failure of "Paranormal Activity 2". I blame the studio for wanting
posted "Disturbed without seeing." about The Ordeal (Calvaire).   January 28, 2012
Disturbed without seeing.
*** out of ****    It may not have the best story, or the best characters, or the best of anything; but I still found myself admir
posted "Creepy flick; best seen in its newest restoration." about The House by the Cemetery.   January 28, 2012
Creepy flick; best seen in its newest re
*** out of ****    "The House by the Cemetery" is an exceptional example of a movie so bad that it's actually pretty good; perhaps
posted "Weak chopper." about Hatchet II.   January 28, 2012
Weak chopper.
** out of ****    Making "Hatchet II" work wasn't much of a task. I was almost sure that Adam Green - returning for the sequel as
posted "Excellent, faithful, loving homage." about Hatchet.   January 28, 2012
Excellent, faithful, loving homage.
***1/2 out of ****    "Hatchet" belongs to a long list of movies where a giant, hulking humanoid monster pops out of nowhere and s
posted "A fun little blood-drenched, low-budget B-movie." about Piranha.   January 19, 2012
A fun little blood-drenched, low-budget
*** out of ****    It takes a truly inspired filmmaker to channel tongue-in-cheek horror, in-jokes and references, comedic and ple
posted "A bloody boring time." about My Bloody Valentine.   December 24, 2011
A bloody boring time.
*1/2 out of ****    If my idea of fun consisted of corny dialogue, choppy plotting, and mediocre editing; then "My Bloody Valentin
posted "Emotionally charged, devistating film; acts as a thriller, a horror movie, and a drama all at once." about Frailty.   December 05, 2011
Emotionally charged, devistating film; a
**** out of ****    A strange and ominous man (Matthew McConaughey) is seated in an FBI office. He introduces himself as Fenton Me
posted "Whacky, weird, and incredibly fun horror film based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft!" about From Beyond.   December 05, 2011
Whacky, weird, and incredibly fun horror
*** out of ****    If there's one reason to know the name of Stuart Gordon, it's because of his early masterwork of trash "Re-Anim
commented on review of May, "May There Be More Flicks Like This".   December 04, 2011
commented on review of Cemetery Man, "The Dead Walk Among Us".   October 31, 2011
posted "The story of a man devoted to the dead; distracted by love and those hidden, human desires." about Cemetery Man.   October 31, 2011
The story of a man devoted to the dead;
**** out of ****     "Cemetery Man" is another one of those horror flicks where you either love it or you hate it. I've heard some
posted "Effective, creepy, and intelligent; Darabont's "The Mist" is a delightfully scary thrill-ride." about The Mist.   October 25, 2011
Effective, creepy, and intelligent; Dara
*** out of ****     "The Mist" is a deceptive horror film; based on a Stephen King novella, and directed by Frank Darabont, who ha
posted "Masterful Halloween classic-in-the-making." about Trick 'r Treat.   October 19, 2011
Masterful Halloween classic-in-the-makin
**** out of ****     Halloween movies are Halloween movies because they care about the popular holiday and choose to often exploit
posted "Funny, effectionate "must" in vampire entertainment!" about Fright Night (1985 film).   October 19, 2011
Funny, effectionate "must" in vampire en
***1/2 out of ****     "Fright Night" is what 80's horror cinema was all about; having fun without being overly dumb. To impress a
posted "Thrill me." about Night of the Creeps.   October 19, 2011
Thrill me.
***1/2 out of ****     Now here's a peculiar little horror flick; bloody, violent, grotesque, and actually pretty funny as well. T
posted "Brilliant, original, visionary, frightening zombie classic." about Night of the Living Dead.   October 15, 2011
Brilliant, original, visionary, frighten
**** out of ****     Two siblings, a brother and a sister, visit a cemetery to place a cross and flowers at their father's grave.
posted "Shockingly solid slasher satire sequel." about Scream 2.   October 09, 2011
Shockingly solid slasher satire sequel.
*** out of ****     "Scream 2" is all whimsy, all wit, and all entertainment. I don't find it quite as funny, scary, or unforgetta
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