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Films I Have Loved

  • May 14, 2009
We all have them. Favorites, I mean. Movies that we simply cannot live without or would rather not try to live without. I am no exception to this rule & I am thankful that most of them were granted decent DVD releases. Having said that, I can re-visit them anytime I so desire or pop them out when I wish to introduce these treasures to close friends or family. Well, sometimes we do that. There are always those films that you probably love to death but wouldn't dare share with anyone also, right? I thought so.

So what makes a good movie really good & how do we truly distinguish the great stuff from mere wall-to-wall crap? Hmm, that's anyone guess. We could even debate that films we saw many moons ago are still deeply embedded in our hearts & we will most likely remain impartial to them for some unknown reason. Perhaps the timing was right when we first saw such film or even the stars were aligned a certain way. It's anyones guess as to why we like what we like of course & who can say for sure what will stick inside our minds for the longest time? I could list a ton of favs that I love today but I may give you a completely flip side list tomorrow. Isn't life curious?

There are so  many films in different genres through the years which have amazed me & I'm thankful to have seen them in any medium. I'm even more happy when I find that others out there share the same interests or are interested in exploring those uncharted territories. Thus, the gift of lunch is certainly a blessing in many ways. I hope you find something here of interest & please feel free to contact me with questions or comments. Much love to you all!

1. The Hunger-I actually saw this one when I was just a young tike in shorts. I didn't much care for it back then but it would grow on me over the years. Hell, the box art on the old MGM videotape was cool enough to have me re-consider.  Needless to say, I absolutely love this film & proudly own this on DVD & VHS. I have watched it many times & it actually gets better with each viewing as I find something new every time I play it. Tres chic!
2.  Dawn Of The Dead-I don't know. There is something very cool about being trapped in a mall somewhere surrounding by zombies & this one has always fascinated me for some reason. Just give me plenty of good food & ammunition so I can survive. I've owned both VHS tapes & DVDs of this one. One day I hope to visit the mall in which this was filmed & purchase a DVD with the mall's info on the receipt. How cool is that? Even better, I would like the chance to get an autograph from Romero.
3.  Company Of Wolves-More than just about any other film, I rented this one at least a zillion times in my early teens. I loved it from the beginning. It had me at hello as they say. I have purchased videotapes of this & own a DVD also. Good stuff! My friends & family members who don't usually like Horror LOVE this one also if that helps. Read my review on it if you wish.
4.  Rocky Horror Picture Show-OK, I know it's deemed as one of the worst films ever made right up there with something Ed Wood might have constructed but it's sooo good. In fact, I have never considered this to be a guilty pleasure. I am not ashamed to admit this is one freakin' fun movie. I have owned several videotapes, bootlegs, & DVDs of this one. Yep, it's even better on the big screen at Midnight Movie marathons.
5.  Amelie-When I think of international films, I guess you would call me a sell-out for loving this one but who didn't? I saw several times in the multiplex during it's initial run & then proceeded to purchase it when it was finally released on DVD in North America. I watched it 20 times during the first week of purchase. Amelie rules!
6.  Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me- No, this one didn't fair too well with the critics but I do like a lot. Again, owned it on VHS for years before upgrading to DVD. Saw it once in the theaters. David Lynch is a cinematic God! 
7.  Gothic-This one was just plain weird when I first rented it on VHS in my early teens. I wanted to like it but somehow couldn't cared less. Through repeated viewings on cable TV & videotape rentals, it grew on my. I do own this on DVD & VHS tape now. Easily one of my favorite Ken Russell movies. Great box art too!!
8.  Cannibal Holocaust-I had heard about this one for years online & even went so far as to purchase a bootleg copy before Grind house released this one in the states. I've seen it many, many times even though it's not the most cheerful film in the world. Deodato constructed a true masterpiece which deserved all the recognition it's received through the years. Thumbs up!
9.  At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul-This was one awesome flick & perhaps the first known Horror film in Brazil. Coffin Joe is truly one evil undertaker. I bought the limited edition box set & have viewed it many, many times. Friends & friends of the family have also spoken pretty highly of this one. Recommended.
10. Eating Raoul-Although the DVD quality was nothing to write home about, I bought it anyway as the old VHS tape was getting kinda worn & the audio wasn't so hot anymore. Great film. Check out my review if you're interested.

There you have it folks. Films I have viewed numerous times & will re-visit again. Perhaps this is stranded island list for you & those are the ten films I would have to carry with me. Now just watch me make a list tomorrow of 10 completely different films. HA HA!  Only kidding. 
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December 22, 2009
Don't laugh...I haven't seen Amelie but it is great to know that it may be worth the watch. Nice write up you have here, bro, and I agree, there is nothing better than during a zombie attack to be trapped in a mall! Imagine, you can live there for years! You rule!
December 22, 2009
I still think I need to do something else with this list. I don't know. It just seems to be lacking. Maybe some photos? I haven't quite got the hang of that yet but might give it a whirl sometime after the holidays. DOTD had the perfect backdrop for a refuge from zombies & where else could you possibly consider being than in your favorite mall. I could easily spend years in that mall. Hehe You're pretty darned awesome urself.
May 20, 2009
I love making lists and I think any real film fan's list really would change on an almost daily basis if they were told to quickly grab 10 films.
May 20, 2009
See, there I disagree with you. My all-time favorites never change, unless of course I see a new film that totally blows me away.
May 20, 2009
If you had to go somewhere on the spur of the moment you would ALWAYS grab the same 10 movies?
May 20, 2009
My all-time favs may not necessarily change but I might always grab different ones if I'm on the go or it's a spur of the moment deal. :-0
May 16, 2009
I'm genuinely surprised that there are no "classic" horror films on this list. By classic I mean vintage. Where are the F.W. Murnau, Tod Browning, James Whale, and Mario Bava films? Though, I commend you on your impeccable tastes, I think this list could do with some fleshing out. Also, why Amelie? Although I was kind of drunk when I saw it, I don't recall anything in it that would be considered scary. Except for the lawn gnome, that is. :)
May 16, 2009
I will probably do a compilation of classic horror at some point. Most of these are more or less cult classics I'm afraid although I would love them even if they weren't deemed as such. The classic horror list requires a bit more thought on my part & I can't really crank that one out when I'm drunk either. ;-)~ Oh, Amelie. Haha. Yeah, I think it must've been the lawn gnome perhaps. Or the freak accident that happened to poor Amelie's mom at the beginning of the film. Very disturbing indeed. LOL
May 16, 2009
But you posted this review on the "scary movies" data point... ? As for "Amelie" I do recall that I liked it, but truthfully I don't recall much about the plot. The thing I remembered the most was the traveling gnome and the piggy lamp (wonder where you can buy one of those). :)
May 16, 2009
Yeah, I seemed to have forgotten that when I wrote the review. Oh well, just shoot me. I am done for. I'm depleted & everyone here knows it. LOL Yeah, it's a great film but I must've smoked something before I wrote the review. I liked the lamp too. Wouldn't mind having one of those either. I do have a orange lamp that has the Chinese symbol for happiness on the side. It's essentially a box shaped like a Chinese carry out container which even came with the chopsticks. I love it!
May 20, 2009
You can always change the title of the review and make it a desert island (or what did I just smoke?) list. =)
May 20, 2009
That's a pretty spiffy idea. I should've called this desrt island instead of scary movies. ThnX Queen!!
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