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reviewed The Counter. February 20, 2011
Menu photo
I had a coupon for a "buy one, get one" burger dealio so I called my friend for lunch. She drove to my place and we walked up to Sunset and over to The Counter to have a burger. …
reviewed Valentine's Day. February 15, 2011
Valentine's Day
*taken from my blog at www.dalydose.com      Valentine’s Day gets a bad rap as a corporate holiday, but in reality it is…well, it’s so much worse. It’s …
reviewed Honesty. October 05, 2010
“Honesty is the best policy. If I lose mine honor, I lose myself.” – William Shakespeare Who doesn’t understand the most basic virtue of honesty?  It has been taught to …
reviewed Groupon LA. August 29, 2010
Groupon LA
As many of you know, I **love** Groupon.com.  It is one of the sites that I look forward to seeing on a consistent basis.  Other deal-a-day sites I love are Woot.com and LivingSocial.com.  …
reviewed Popcorn. August 29, 2010
posted in Awesomeness
Sometimes reviews are not just about communicating one's opinion to whomever will read it.  Sometimes it's about giving back and sharing something learned. This isn’t just a good …
reviewed Double Down Sandwich (KFC). April 21, 2010
posted in That's Beat
Double Down Sandwich (KFC)
 America is fat.   America is getting fatter.     It seems if KFC gets its way, America will get there in record time.     Ladies and gentleman let me present to …
reviewed Reading. April 12, 2010
   What? Men read OUTSIDE of the bathroom?? __________________________________________________________________________ I have a lot of quippy answers for when people ask me about my favorite …
reviewed SportyPal. April 05, 2010
“I am NOT an 18-year-old Marine in bootcamp anymore.”   I was reminded of that today by a phone app.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------  …
reviewed 82nd Academy Awards. March 08, 2010
82nd Academy Awards
OK, I can’t really “review” the Oscar’s b/c I don’t watch that stuff.  It is long, boring and I really don’t care what people are wearing or what political comments …
reviewed Valentine's Day (movie). February 24, 2010
Valentine's Day
Note: This is an experimental review that will intertwine the movie, the holiday and my own love life.  Let's just hope it makes sense.  Here goes...   ------------------------------------------------ …
reviewed Man's Last Stand. February 12, 2010
I was watching the Super Bowl this year and among the all commercials, one stood out.  Yes, there were funnier ones and more touching ones and arguably even more clever ones.  (see …
reviewed OpnMarket. February 07, 2010
   Let's be clear upfront; OpnMarket is *not* the official application store on Windows Mobile.      Microsoft finally jumped on the app store trail this past year and …
reviewed Craigslist. February 05, 2010
Craigslist Office
Yes, I know Craigslist is more than just buying and selling "stuff".  I haven't found much use for Craigslist outside of selling stuff, though.  I haven't even purchased …
reviewed Stuck. February 01, 2010
Stuck Title Logo
I can't really write a "review" of my own work, so I'll take this chance to write up a little behind the scenes and say some good stuff about the making of Stuck.      I'll …
reviewed iPad. January 27, 2010
posted in Ubergizmo
I'm underwhelmed by this iPad thing, especially with all of the hype surrounding it.  It's no secret that I'm a well documented iPhobe, but I've tried to put that aside and be objective here.   …
reviewed Southern California Winter. January 19, 2010
A clear bonus of living in Southern California is simply January. It so happens that a week long forecast of rain is upon us, but the first half of January was lovely.  I had the fortune of enjoying …
reviewed Martin Luther King, Jr.. January 19, 2010
Martin Luther King Jr.
Enjoy your day off, if you have it. I would implore you to take 17 minutes out of your day to have a listen to Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech. We have the day off in rememberance …
reviewed Tiger Woods Car Accident & Affairs. December 03, 2009
Tiger Woods Sex Scandal
reviewed PowerSMS. November 30, 2009
PowerSMS is like texting on steroids...or Viagra for the purposes of this review.        PowerSMS is from Trinket Software and made for Windows Mobile Phones.  It is available …
reviewed I Love Lunch! The Musical. November 22, 2009
Don't we all love Lunch?  I know I do.  When I saw the title of this video, I had to click on it. I mean, I love Lunch.com for writing and reading reviews on just about everything.      …
reviewed FlipSwap. November 19, 2009
Motivation...   Get your Motivation here...   Moti...moti...mo-ti-va-tion      What will motivate you?  Stay tuned and I'll introduce you to the four R's of …
reviewed HTC/AT&T Tilt 2. November 16, 2009
posted in Ubergizmo
HTC/AT&T Tilt 2
I'm a busy guy and I've got to have an assistant, but I can't afford payroll or benefits for a real human being.  I have to use a smartphone to get the job done.  My trusty HTC/AT&T Tilt …
reviewed Bottom Line Personal. November 15, 2009
Isn't it great when you're at a social gathering and you can drop in little tidbits of information?  It's like a super power.  People come to expect your wisdom and dissemination of knowledge. …
reviewed moTweets. November 10, 2009
 I've had a Twitter account since before it was "cool".  I have to admit that I didn't see the usefulness or even the recreation at first.  Then something happened and people …
reviewed threadsy. November 09, 2009
Communication overload!      "I didn't get your message!  Did you send it on Twitter or write it on my Facebook wall or send me a Facebook message?  Did you send it …
reviewed Michael Jackson's "This Is It". November 07, 2009
Michael Jackson's
Love him or hate him or even just not understand him, Michael Jackson might have been the most popular name in the world.  The man behind the name, his own 'Man In The Mirror', embodied great talent …
reviewed LetsTalk. November 06, 2009
You want that new phone.        You crave that new phone.        You've seen the commercials and played with it in the store and dreamed of having that …
reviewed Glympse. November 06, 2009
Scenario 1 - you are on the road to visit some family or good friends and they can't wait to see you.  They are anxiously waiting for your arrival so they call and text and constantly …
reviewed Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat. October 26, 2009
I have been known to partake in the consumption of adult beverages and it is my (not so) humble opinion that The Boston Brewery Company (aka Sam Adams) makes some good brew.  Their Cherry Wheat beer …
reviewed Purex Complete 3-In-One Laundry Sheets. October 26, 2009
Purex Complete 3-In-One Laundry Sheet
  I am going to start out by telling you that I *hate* laundry.  I am the guy who will buy new underwear and socks to delay having to do laundry.  Heck, I’ve bought jeans …
reviewed (500) Days of Summer. August 24, 2009
(500) Days of Summer
Much like the complicated relationship on display in this film, I had things that I loved and things that I could do without.  I liked the movie...I thought it was pretty good.  It might be …
reviewed YouMail. August 17, 2009
The voicemail roll in.  There's one from my mom.  There's that telemarketer or is that a bill collector?  My boss want something and WOAH, that girl is calling me back.  Do I really …
reviewed Air Wick FreshMatic. August 17, 2009
Air Wick FreshMatic
   I can't argue with freshness and the Air Witch Freshmatic delivers that.  I put this one in my bathroom and it delivers as promised.      You can set …
reviewed The Cove. August 14, 2009
The Cove - Movie Poster
Let's get something straight.  I am not the knee-jerk reaction, activist type.  This movie made its case and I plan to write my first "activist" letter.      Most …
reviewed Inglourious Basterds. August 12, 2009
Inglorious Poster
   I'll save you time.  You don't have to read the rest of this review to know how I feel.  I loved this movie.      There is so much to love about this movie and …
reviewed Sapphire Jewel. August 07, 2009
Sapphire Jewel
Once upon a time, Jeff was a bartender.  He searched 'round and round for new drinks to offer his clientele.  One weekend spent in the city of Ventura, which is yet another story all together, …
reviewed LastPass. August 07, 2009
Unfortunately life isn't like the TV Show "24".  In real life we have to eat, sleep, "bio-recycle", deal with traffic and...remember passwords to get to our email and banking …
reviewed hunch.com. August 06, 2009
Being a single man has it's ups and downs.  I am left to making my own decisions that are never second guessed by a woman.   (You can decide it this is an up or down)        …
reviewed Cafe Martarano's - Rio Hotel - Las Ve.... August 05, 2009
Cafe Martarano's - Rio Hotel - Las Vegas, NV
I had to walk by the Rio Hotel's Chippendale show waiting area to get to Cafe Martarano's and I somehow managed to keep my appetite and I'm so glad that I did.      When you enter …
reviewed Disneyland Club 33. August 05, 2009
Disneyland Club 33
Disneyland is often referred to as the "Happiest Place on Earth".  I am certain that this slogan was first uttered by one of the 487 members of the "Club 33" or one of their guests.   …
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