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Guinness Record Setting Animals of 2011

  • Nov 3, 2010
With the 2011 Guinness Book of World Records soon to be released, let's get acquainted with some of the most astounding, and sometimes furry and adorable subjects in the book -- the animals!  These are ten animals who made the cut and set a record through their size or talent.  Get ready to be amazed.
Giant George
World's Tallest Dog
Measuring in at 43 inches tall at the withers, Giant George is currently the world's tallest dog, as well as the tallest dog ever.  He sleeps on a queen size bed and whenever he flies, he takes up a row of three spaces.  Talk about a pricy pooch -- not only does he eat a ton to support his 245 pound frame, but he also needs three plane seats when flying!  Another piece of random trivia about Giant George is that he has appeared on Oprah.

Darius (rabbit)
World's Largest Rabbit
About as tall as the average toddler at 4 foot 3, British rabbit Darius is currently the world's largest rabbit.  Each day, Darius eats a bowl of rabbit chow, two apples, a dozen carrots with their leafy tops and half a cabbage.  Fortunately for his owner, model Annette Edwards, she's able to grow her own veggies to keep down the cost of feeding this fifty pound rabbit.

Milan (horse)
Longest Distance By a Horse On Hind Legs
Doc, a literal Italian stallion, is noted for being a horse that has traveled the furthest distance on just its hind legs.  Trained by equestrian Gregory Ancelotti, Doc ran a staggering 95 feet 5 inches, amazing for a horse his size.  You can catch Doc setting the record in this video starting at 2:03.

Tubby (dog)
Most Bottles Recycled By a Dog
If there was an award for world's greenest dog, Tubby from South Wales would surely earn it.  Over the past six years, Tubby has helped his owner recycle more than 26,000 bottles.  He apparently has a very keen sense of smell for bottles and will seek them out in the most random of places.  If only more people out there would do what Tubby does so well!

Anastasia (dog)
Fastest Time To Pop 100 Balloons By A Dog
If you're throwing a party and want to have your balloons intact, you may want to keep Anastasia off your guess list -- this pooch can pop 100 balloons in just a cool 44.49 seconds.  You can catch Anastasia in action in this video.  Not only is she nuts for balloons, but she goes crazy over blimps, too.

Puggy (dog)
Longest Tongue on a Dog
For such a little fella, he sure does have a long tongue!  This nine year old, pint-size Pekingese's tongue measures 4.5 inches long and is fully functional, which is why Puggy's human decided that medical intervention was not necessary.  Puggy comes from very humble beginnings and you can read all about his interesting history on his official webpage

Swallow (cow)
World's Smallest Cow
Measuring 33.5 inches tall, Swallow is the world's smallest cow.  Despite her diminutive size, Swallow is 11 years old and mother to nine normal sized Dexter cows and is currently pregnant with her tenth.  And don't be fooled by her barn life; Swallow is a cultured cow who enjoys listening to contemporary music on BBC radio in her cowshed over grazing with her herd.

Boo Boo
World's Smallest Dog
Standing at only four inches (that's right, four inches!) tall, Boo Boo takes the cake for world's smallest dog.  Though she has grown considerably since her birth weight of under an ounce, she's still a tiny pooch at 6.5 inches (a slice of NYC pizza is longer than that).  Guinness Records did the math and figured that it would take 3750 Boo Boos stacked up to reach the top of the Empire State Building.  Oh, and have you noticed that she's standing next to a box of matches in this photo?

Einstein (horse)
World's Smallest Horse
Einstein is currently the world's tiniest horse.  Unlike his predecessor, Thumbelina, Einstein has no signs of dwarfism -- he's just tiny!  He was born on April 22, 2010 at just 14 inches and six pounds, about the size of human babies.

Fluffy (snake)
World's Longest Snake in Captivity (deceased)
It's with a heavy heart that I report that Fluffy, set to be in the 2011 Guinness Book of World Records as the world's longest snake in captivity, has passed away at the age of 18 at the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium in Ohio on October 26, 2010.  Measuring at 24 feet and 300 pounds, Fluffy was very well-loved by the zoo staff and was considered its gentle giant.

What did you think of this list?

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November 09, 2010
These are the nature of the world
November 09, 2010
They're pretty extraordinary wonders :) Thanks for checking out my list, Teluu!
November 07, 2010
Einstein is so darn adorable! Love this list!
November 08, 2010
Thanks, Bethany! Isn't he? :D
November 06, 2010
Well done, Debbie! Einstein looks like the type of pet I'd love to keep. It'll certainly be cool to have one at home, isn't it?
November 08, 2010
Thanks, Sharrie! You and me both! ;P
November 06, 2010
What a fantastic list!! Where do you find this amazing stuff? Boo Boo is adorable and Einstein too - I want them both!!
November 08, 2010
Thanks, Brenda! I find this amazing stuff on the interwebs ;D And I want Boo Boo and Einstein, too!!!!
November 08, 2010
I'd be afraid I'd accidentally step on Boo Boo, but would kill to have a little dog like that!! LOL
November 08, 2010
I'd be afraid I'd accidentally step on Boo Boo, but would kill to have a little dog like that!! LOL
November 05, 2010
A snake named Fluffy? Now, that is ironic. LOL! And for the record, I want that tiny little horse. It's like the size of a terrier. Amazing list Deb! : )
November 05, 2010
Thanks, Count! I love that the huge snake is named Fluffy! By all accounts, he's fluffy at heart :) And I want Einstein, too!
November 05, 2010
Love this list- I want Tubby as a pet! I'd take him to the beach with me to help clean up our shorelines ;p And I love the horse that travels on his hind legs, that's just cool! I want to ride Giant George lol.....
November 05, 2010
Haha, yes! We could use more Tubbys around here! I want all of the animals that are the smallest in their species.... ;D
November 04, 2010
November 04, 2010
Believe it, I've been wanting a mini horse, especially that one!!!!! Unless you're referring to the horse who walks on its hind legs :P
November 04, 2010
i want to hold that rabbit!! :D
November 04, 2010
I know!!!!!  Check out #6 on this list.  I bet you wanna hold that one, too! :P
November 03, 2010
Wow, a dog named Anastasia?! That's a first! :) I wouldn't want to meet Fluffy in person for sure ;)
November 04, 2010
Yup!  What a cool name ;)  And even if you wanted to meet Fluffy, he's, unfortunately, gone to... Snakey Heaven, hopefully having fun with his snake friends.
November 03, 2010
whoa. This is awesome! I dunno about # 4 though. Hey where's the largest shark ever caught? 23 ft record!
November 03, 2010
I think #4 is a swell fella! Except I think his motives are not as green as we may have been led to believe... His owner says he's probably motivated to hunt down bottles because he likes the crunchy sound they make when he bites down onto them :P And largest shark? Sounds like list #2!
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